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Oct 2, 2022, 10 tweets

⚓The flagship of #UAnavy corvette "Hetman Ivan Mazepa" was built in Turkey.

🚢At the same time this ship will be the best security guarantee for freedom of navigation in #BlackSea and #AzovSea

And #CrimeaIsUkraine

@UA_NAVY @ZelenskaUA

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#fleet #Ukraine #UAarmy #Turkiye






Vice Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa.
"Today's extremely important event for 🇺🇦and its #navy proves once again that during a decisive war for our independence and territorial integrity, for the will of the multinational 🇺🇦 people, for freedom and dignity, we have a great friend-🇹🇷.

It's one of future flagships of #UAnavy. Ukraine is forming a navy on a new basis along with the help of partners.

Our cooperation gets another dimension - a beautiful #corvette that will soon protect #Ukraine, free navigation, which is definitely a common goal of our countries."

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