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Hello Bonjour!
juste un petit passage pour dire bonjour aux copains et vous souhaiter à tous un tres tres bon week end!
Quick message to friends out there : Have a good week end you all!
i'll come back tomorrow with a full report...
until then, enjoy your life my friends!
2/ just a little sneak peek of what we are witnessing right now about the situation in #Bakhmut :
NB: everywhere there is a little arrow is a geoloc recent vid that are all over TG right now.
but about the "real" frontline it's sometimes a bit more complicated my friends. anyway
3/ i'll explain tomorrow with the entire recap.
so for now the situation in #Bakhmut is really not easy, to say the least, but the flanks are still well preserved/under control and #UAarmy is doing quite a "number" on Wagner/Mobiks conscript.
but they are still advancing a bit.
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Hello there!
have a great week end you all.
Bon week end à tous!

2/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 18, 2023
#RussianArmy are blocked almost everywhere. no real changes were recorded lately, only in the area of #Bakhmut, some minor progress have been noticed.
but nothing as real danger for now
3/ "Day 388 of the russian full-scale invasion has begun.
yesterday night Ru launched 34x air strikes. 11x of them employed Shahed-136 UAVs. 10x of these UAVs were destroyed by Ukrainian air defense units, but unfortunately, 1x hit an industrial infrastructure facility. (Per Gen
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Hello there!
take care you all!
2/ i'm not going to make a full report. just passing by to adress the lack of infos i had yesterday to talk about the #Avdiivka situation.
As ru r progressing i've gathered some more infos.. about the gen situation there.
i'll wait the end of the week for proper topo map though
3/ per report : #UAarmy pushed back at least 12 attacks by the Ru on #Mariinka.

Also, Ru attacks on direction of #Stepove, #Kamyanka, #Avdiivka , #Syeverne, #Netaylove, #Pervomayske, #Nevelske etc but they are not progressing so far. the situation is stalling in some places.
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Hello there!
grosse semaine pour moi, impossible d'être avec vous...
mais regardez ce qui suit... je vous montre la voie j'ai fait la reco ;-)
Have a good week end you all take care friends!
доброго ранку та успіхів усім моїм українським друзям!
2/ First of all the situation even w lots of difficulties, is quite "good" for Ukrainians right now despite a lots of noises, still a ton of highly motivated ppl out there and an entire country behind it's army ! so if WE, in other countries give them all they need, it'll fine.
3/ Russia is still perfectly -on point- about totally losing it's army, they are losing the equivalent of a BTG every 2 (days) and it's even worse with manpower..
#Prigozhin as i explained weeks ago is now clearly kind of a pariah w Ru regular army & his "forces" r going down.
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Hello there!
Bonjour les amis! belle journée à tous!
Enjoy your day you all!
2/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 8, 2023
The situation is better and better each day for #Ukraine (for the last 3 days) around #Bakhmut!
good news about the global area too.
let's dive in :
3/ "In the Bakhmut direction, the opponent, despite significant losses, continues to storm the city of Bakhmut. He also led unsuccessful offensive actions in the areas of #Berhívka (fck yeah!), #DubovoVasylivka #OrihovoVasilivka, #Bogdanívka, #Ivanívske and #Klishchiyvika.
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!Part 2
1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 5, 2023
#RussianArmy this week tried to push their tiny advantages here & there as said earlier.
But as we speak, out of #Bakhmut, nothing is really going on "well" for them anywhere.

2/ first of, about the north #Kupiansk #Svatove area
General FEBA line remained quite the same for the last couple months even if extremely small yet violent combats are happening everywhere & Ru trying to push back #UAarmy everywhere & vice versa. no real gain. Ru are trying to
3/ to push to 2 main directions, as they clearly want to push the #UAarmy out of #Dvorichna, #Hryanykivka (first) but also to the south in the outskirts of the forest near #Synkivka then they would push through by P79 and try to take into a pincer movement the city of #Koupiansk
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 3, 2023
Situation is still evolving in North & East #Bakhmut
even if it's quite difficult to assess the "true" FEBA line we still can draw some lines...
#UAarmy is behaving according to plan
2/ Ukr repelled Ru attacks in the areas of #Bilohorivka in Luhansk region and #Spirne, #OrikhovoVasylivka, #DubovoVasylivka, #Hryhorivka, #Bohdanivka and #Bakhmut (several directions except the one where they Voluntarily decided to withdraw) in Donetsk region.
situation is ok
3/ Also Ru shelled the area or directly : #Rozdolivka, #Vasyukivka, #Zaliznyanske, #OrikhovoVasylivka, #DubovoVasylivka,#Ivanivske, #ChasivYar Yar, #Klishchiyivka, #Kurdyumivka, #Ozaryanivka, #Dyliyivka, #Mayorsk
& #NiuYork (like forever & ever with zero success)
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 1, 2023
Situation is still evolving in North & East #Bakhmut
but it's really difficult to assess the exact limits Ru have reached & several reports call for a "relative" momentary "stall".
#UkraineMap Image
2/ so i'll resume try to resume tomorrow with more infos. only 3 geoloc today and does not change any of the FEBA as we previously assessed it.
#UAarmy is also supposed (and proven by certain units) to be coming in for last support.
but we don't know for now, if it's only
3/ to help to stabilize the situation in order to prepare a "clean withdrawal" (as it is potentially one of the most difficult act to perform to cross your own lines of fire, when being in this situation).
or if it's for serious reinforcements because for example, mil intel have
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1/ Quick Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on Feb 24, 2023
Situation is still very difficult On North and East #Bakhmut but still under control. no worries yet.
#Berkhivka is indeed lost but #Yahidne is not Ru
2/ #UAarmy repelled attacks by the Russian invaders in the areas of #Verkhnokamyanske, #Rozdolivka, #Zaliznyanske, #DubovoVasylivka and #Berkhivka (meaning here that Ru were not able to go further, also direct infos confirms it)
#Yahidne as not been taken yet contrary, one more
3/ time this is due to the specific guy on Tg that contrary to what he claims simply sucks Wagner balls (err sorry propaganda) & then published at 01 AM Today. then all the rats followers just picked up the info from 6 AM & that's the whole story. (i'll explain in detail one day)
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on Feb 23, 2023
Situation is very difficult in north and East #Bakhmut but under control almost everywhere else except on the North where the situation is degrading like in #Berkhivka
Ongoing hard fights
2/ Russians are not able to capitalize at all in the directions of #Ivaniske or #TchassivYar #ChassivYar #ЧасівЯр
As i explained earlier this week, ru are kind of "trap" there in a giant "kill box" and they really don't realize it. so every day is #GroundhogDay
Good for Ukr
3/ So basically it is quite interesting because right now, like a rabid dog, #WagnerPMC are enjoying their progress on the north of #Bakhmut but at the same time they clearly still don't understand that they are wasting thousands of men in an area they can't control! dumb.
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Hello there!
Bonne journée à tous!

the situation si quite under control everywhere.
The Ru dynamic is stalling now.
2/ Quick Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on Feb 21, 2023
Situation is still very difficult in several directions all around #Bakhmut but under control almost everywhere.
last day/night Ru attacks failed. All!
3/ #UAarmy repelled Ru attacks in the areas of #Vasyukivka, #DubovoVasylivka, #Berkhivka and #Bakhmut in absolutely all directions!
Apparently a counterattack (Ru r even talking abt it) pushed them further out the #Yahidne direct perimeter.
So it's another day for nothing for Ru
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1/ Quick Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on February 13, 2023
Situation seems to be quite clear this morning as Ru have zero success almost everywhere..
Alas only ONE single area is under Ru constant pressure & they are gaining ground : North #Bakhmut
2/ this drives me mad actually
(the map is quite "conservative" regarding the extent of Russian control over #Paraskoviivka #Парасковіївка , and i think as stated last night that they #UAarmy is just withdrawing from the city, but this was the "state" of my knowledge last night.
3/ i'm waiting for new infos today, & also maybe we'll have better geoloc of the area. who knows.
So it seems now that (as usual i should say) #Bakhmut will fall not because of 95% of it's defensive line, but only because commanding leaders did not sent (as i explained back then)
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Hello there!
of course we are going to celebrate ! 😂😂💥
have a good day you all!
bonne journée les amis!
Всім гарного дня!
2/ by the way the situation is 99% under control EVERYWHERE.
it's really hard in some "hot spot" as for days like N-E #Bakhmut or in direction to #Adiivka #Mariinka or #Kreminna area, but #UAarmy is still holding . So No needs for drama...
Ru are "auto-depleting" their rank...
3/ i might resume later on, but my week/work is not over yet... so stay Frosty you all! we are not facing The Aliens... just some alien Orcs... 😄😉
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Hello There!
everything is ok today, nothing to worry about - to much- right now...
have a good day you all!
so i'm gonna a very quick recap today... maybe more this week as you'll see why.
2/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on February 12, 2023
#Russian is NO MORE moving forward in about all the directions they intended to force their way in, during the last couple of weeks.
#Bakhmut & #Kreminna area one of them.
#AFU resist.
3/ I invite you to check previous reports for gen maps & explanations. For the North areas around #Kupiansk where nothing has really changed...
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1/ Quick thread - about #GLSDB
as i was watching all day long (and witnessing maintenant sur @LCI) few things that are not true or approximate and or "disturbing" because implying false conclusions.
Here for some explanations & some more thoughts about the subject
here we go...
2/ First of all you certainly all know by now the material we are talking about and it will certainly be officially given to #Ukraine by Friday as explained by US officials.
but here to start with the subject a good (visual & specs) reminder from Chuck
3/ So today i've seen (i should say as usual...) some maps representations showing the "limits" that the famous #GLSDB could reach and that one below was showed by a lot of "good" account out there.

- So first of all and as explained several times, it is quite disturbing to see
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Hello there!
Have a good day my friends!

1/ small recap from this night and this morning actions (only where it has make a diff) :
2/ In the #Bakhmut surroundings, #UAarmy has repelleed some direct attacks by the Ru in the areas of #Rozdolivka, #Vasyukivka, #Paraskoviyivka, #Bakhmut south /west
indicating that now, and for certain, Ru troops have globally crosser the river & are directly moving on.
3/ seems to me from the raports i have checked and reports i've read from diff units that Ukr in the area have greatly suffered from having lots of losses in past months of direct battle & young soldiers with no much experiences except from 4 months, r not entirely up to the task
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on January 29, 2022
#RussianArmy is still moving forward in a dozen of different areas & put maximum pressure but these are still very minor success. North #Bakhmut area one of them.
#AFU not in #Kreminna
2/ Quick recap.
first, about #Kupiansk #Svatove area
the general FEBA line remained quite the same for the last couple months even if extremely violent combats are happening everywhere & Ru trying to push back #UAarmy everywhere & vice versa. no real gain. only attrition for both
3/ the only thing that is quite "annoying" imo is that #UAarmy had to defend & destroyed (digesting) a very important "mass" of Vatniks there, & they r still enable to secure a famous natural line of defense that would have give them some "air" before Spring & next Ru offensives
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1/ Hello @ServiceSsu !
just scrolling through Ginger monofoot Ru pos Pegov TG and discovered he was bragging about "top notch" DNR "exec" participating in destruction of UKR positions.. making massive casualties.
He loves being "out there" with them in building that can be ImageImageImage
2/ identified...
would be a good opportunity to track him down and send all them a nice "cotton" love message...
to "Bars kaskad"
: Andrey #Bayevsky, Alexander #Bykadorov, Andrey
#Voroshilov, Alexey #Zhigulin

they really all deserve some "warm love" this winter.
#AFU #UAarmy
3/ Actually the "colonel" of bars "kaskad" just showed a video and reported destruction of S-300 UKR complex defense system :
the vid is too long but very clear :
(need some love from #geolocation here @NLwartracker @neonhandrail !-)
#MoreGunsToUkraine ImageImageImage
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on January 24, 2023
No major changes today. No Ru breakthrough whatsoever. Basically, They were contained or even pushed back... all day long
& one good news
2/ Ru shelled and bombed #Spirne, #Vyimka, #Berestove (area), Bilohorivka, #Vesele, #Rozdolivka, #KrasnaHora, #Paraskoviyivka, #Bakhmut & were pushed back in some villages.
The dyn is quite down from last couple of weeks
(sorry had no time for fancy map tonight-had a long day)
3/ In the Bakhmut direction, Ukrainian defenders repelled attacks by the Russian fascist invaders in the areas of #Klishchiyivka
Also Ru shelled #ChasivYar, #Klishchiyivka, #Kurdyumivka, #Ozaryanivka, #Mayorsk #Majorsk & #NiuYork
so it confirms the real UKR dyn recorded yesterday
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on January 23, 2023
Globally the situation is still under the control of #Ukrainians everywhere. no major Ru breakthrough whatsoever. but always some relentless attacks
in lots of direction today - recap
2/ As explained yesterday some actions are still taking places all around #Bilohorivka in #Luhansk and Ru are trying to find a way to defeat defenses there, but globally they are just failing because they are bad Tango dancers & are far less good soldiers in that specific area
3/ #Ukrainian defenders repelled enemy attacks in the areas of #Vyimka where Ru were asked this morning to launch another deep attack. but lack of materials, training & really planning against very well prepared #UAarmy failed one more time in the area..
They can't attack from
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❗️Результати восьмої зустрічі у форматі «Рамштайн»
👉Сьогодні на авіабазі Рамштайн в Німеччині відбулася чергова зустріч Контактної групи з питань оборони України, де зокрема було погоджено надання Україні нового пакета військової допомоги для боротьби з російськими окупантами.
📌Під час підсумкової пресконференції міністра оборони США Ллойда Остіна та голови Об’єднаного комітету начальників штабів США генерала Марка Міллі було підбито підсумки.
☝️Ллойд Остін подякував представникам Міністерства оборони України, зокрема «своєму гарному другові, міністру оборони України Олексію Резнікову».
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The everyday life of Ukraine territorial defense forces @TDF_UA in the #Kharkiv region.
📸 Oksana Ivanets.
1/ Image
2/ Image
3/ Image
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on January 17, 2023
Just a quick update on #RussiaUkraineWar about #Bakhmut area.
several reports / pics/vid geoloc from today seems to clearly indicates the progress of Ru in some areas.
first N-E
2/ so #Russian are progressing near #krasnopolivka and are close to control the area around #KrasnaHora and closing in on #Blahodatne, but some resistance is still ongoing
we just don't know if #UAarmy is fighting "forward" or "backward" for better position in villages/past river
3/ the other news, but i still need to see real evidence about it is that Ru would have advanced around the village of #Klishchiivka and if true it kind of "sucks" to be honest.
because for sure there is a trully heavy defensive structure on the top of the hill and much more than
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on January 16, 2022
Dumb war of #RussianArmy is still on its way..
Several areas are under maximum pressure but Ru are having some minor success only in #Bakhmut area.
#AFU still at it around #Kreminna
2/ Quick recap here, & maybe come back later on, if needed.
first, about #Kupiansk #Svatove area
the general FEBA line have remain almost the same for the last couple months even if extremely violent combats happened in several areas & Ru trying to push back #UAarmy everywhere
3/ Rushits shelled again more than 10 settlements today indicating direction of actions, including #Vilshana ! (again in 3 days), #Kotlyarivka, #Krokhmalne & #Berestove-Kharkiv region & of course #novoselivske #Stelmakhivka, #Makiivka #Nevske in Luhansk region.
sadly AFU did not
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