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🔥Manic Monday🔥

Trump is rage tweeting delusions - believes he is omnipotent.🙄

SCOTUS is likely ready to weigh in on whether POTUS can be indicted.

Manafort caught tampering with witnesses - Gates?

Fall 16, @ TT DonJr met with Zeneca, CEO of an Intelligence Firm - Wikistrat
🔥Manic Monday2🔥

Remember Manafort picked Pence.

SM deems 162 items of almost 300,000 netted in the Cohen raid non privileged. 💣

Is Trumps obsession re building a Southern Wall a distraction from the tons of stuff the mob is smuggling into the US via Canada? #WhiteFish MT
🔥Manic Monday3🔥

#BananaRepublic Cruz speechless re legal opine re Trump’s opine, but wrote a 52 pg screed falsely acusing PBO.🙄

Trump owes Puerto Rico $33m after golf club bankruptcy

Trump dev’ing propaganda news distributing agency. Alt R trolls threaten to ‘brick’ Journos
🔥Manic Monday4🔥

Koch brothers' promise millions to oppose Trump's tariffs!🤔

Bolton sidelined as Trump readies for North Korea

Please read the transcript of the convo amongst GOP leaders discussing Trump & Russia. #RICO

Novartis is busy bribing Greek officials too? Oh, my!
🔥Manic Monday5🔥

Recently NK’s Kim Jong-un held meetings with RUs Lavrov, China’s Xi Jinping, SK’s Moon Jae-in & plans to meet withJapan’s Abe, Syria’s Assad & of course Trump.

Something is afoot...😱😱

Bannon is busy poisoning minds & blackening souls in the EU.

Buckle Up!

In the fall of 2016, Donald Trump Jr. and other key aides to the future president reportedly met in Trump Tower with Joel Zamel, the founder of an Intelligence Firm called Wikistrat.…
“Mueller moves to rescind Manafort’s release conditions over alleged witness tampering”
Oh! You don’t say? But of course the mob is gonna mob.

An initial review of items seized during an FBI raid on the Cohen yielded only a few items that may not be reviewed by prosecutors. A retired judge found 162 items of almost 300,000 that were reviewed should be designated privileged or partially privileged…
Rep. Adam Schiff

The odds are high that the Trump administration may hinge on a Supreme Court decision


(You can bet they have been ready for this issue for well over a year)…
Analysis: Trump’s Lawyers Say He Is the Law

The public may be forced to choose whether they favor a presidency without limits.😱😱😱

Nope! Our Constitution decides!

“The Founders and the Supreme Court have been clear for 230 years, no one is above the law.”


Trump Says He Has Power to Pardon Himself but Has ‘Done Nothing Wrong’🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

President Trump said on Monday that he has the power to pardon himself, though that assertion is heavily disputed among constitutional scholars and is untested by the courts.…
weighs in with the Starr Report:

#TeamPatriot #Vindication

Brilliant @ninaandtito explains:


Important read by brilliant @LincolnsBible re the Trump family’s long history of connections to the mob. @cnn @msnbc please read.


@saysdana’s update re TeamTrump’s mob ties:

‼️Huge News‼️

#Deferredprosecution case preparation. 🤗 Stay tuned!


#Fighting to perserve and protect our great Republic.

‼️Important thread‼️

Why a mobster ended up in WH

“Trump made a big deal out of the Southern Wall to obscure the Mob using the Canadian border. See Whitefish, MT.”

‼️Mind Biowing Thread‼️

Fernand Amandi flew in to defend Joy Reid, which revealed so many connections to Roger Stone & even weirder to Weiner.

Oh & BTW Amandi’s father was awarded a 50M+ contract by Trump to build a school at Guantanamo. 😱

‼️Mind Blowing Thread 2‼️

Kasich on alt R/L CounterSocial along with some surprising friends. Horseshoe.
#BananaRepublican TedCruz fails to protect the Rule of Law
Yet check out #BananaRepublican @tedcruz’s absurd screed falsely accusing PBO of 52 pages worth of dreamed up crimes. Funny he clearly wasn’t so silent about expressing a legal opine about PBO.…
Trump echos Nixon’s circular reasoning

“If a President does something illegal ... it’s not illegal if the president does it”

SC Robert Mueller's office is denying a Russian company's claim that prosecutors are improperly trying to make it easier to win a case charging that Russian businesses and individuals illegally interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.…
Donald Trump accused of 'owing' Puerto Rico $33m after golf club bankruptcy

Accusations come after US President blames Atlantic ocean for lack of aid to island…
Why is Trump so afraid of Sater?
Trump developing propaganda news distributing agency.

Hmmm didn’t Hitler do something like this in the 30/40s⁉️😱

Trump nominating conservative filmmaker to lead news-distributing agency

Billionaire Koch brothers' political network will spend millions to oppose Trump's tariffs – the group's biggest split with the president so far…


H/t @911corlebra777…
Bolton sidelined as Trump readies for North Korea…
Greek PM Alexis Tsipras spoke during a parliamentary debate re demand that an investigation be launched into whether nearly a dozen senior politicians received bribes from or helped to promote Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis during their term in office…
But of course NK’s Kim Jong-un meets with Russia’s Lavrov before he meets with Trump. 🙄🙄🙄

It’s all theater folks as Trump plays for their team....not TeamAmerica.…
🔥Oh looky here🔥

Assad is about to visit NK’s Kim Jong-un too!

👉🏼Will Duarte, Abe, Bibi & Erdogan visit NK soon as well? 😱😱😱

H/T @anathymadevice…
Recently NK’s Kim Jong-un held meetings with RUs Lavrov, China’s Xi Jinping, SK’s Moon Jae-in & plans to meet withJapan’s Abe, Syria’s Assad & of course Trump.

Something is afoot...😱😱

H/T @anathymadevice…
Bannon poisoning minds and blackening souls around the world.

Bannon called himself a Leninist, but he's more like Trotsky, wandering EU whipping up revolutionary fervor for his global populist move’t. In Italy, he found the perfect set of conditions…
“Biggest data protection investigation ever” re FB/CA/SCL
Searching for a Stronghold in the Fight Against Disinformation…
Jordan’s Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki has resigned.
‼️Huge News‼️

Labor Rate manipulation case resolved. 860M in criminal penalties so ordered.
Cambridge Analytica failed to respond to request to recover @profcarroll’s data as required by UK/EU law.

breaks down the SCOTUS narrow ruling re Baker V LBGTQ ruling:

“Listen to both sides of the argument sans bias. Both sides deserve equal impartiality & decisions based on law vs emotion.”
NK’s top three military officials have been removed from their posts, a senior U.S. official said, a move analysts said on Monday could support efforts by the North's young leader to jump-start economic development and engage with the world.…
‼️Important ICYMI‼️

👉🏼Read the transcript of the conversation among GOP leaders obtained by The Post


H/t @Dale116dot7…
Snippets of transcripts 1
Snippets of transcripts 2


Social media and mid terms


Beware of Kremlin sponsored fake resistance accounts attempting to control the narratives spewing divisive hair on fire disinfo with the goal of polarizing DEMs

Divide & Conquor is their game.

🌿BE SMART don’t fall for it!🌿

Reboot your routers!



Those people who spew hate & divisiveness are hopeless should be shunned & despised.

We must #TakeOurCountryBack from those divisive hate mongers.

Seek out good & reasonable people on all sides of the aisle & seek agreement on issues that affect us all.

I can’t thank @dwinfrey72 @leesgirl9 @mikes_booh @anathymadevice and several other fantastic Patriots for pointing me to breaking news & interesting threads.

I could not do the nightly #NutShellReport without you!

Buckle & rest up #TeamPatriot as rough waters are ahead of us


#PAM #PAMFAM #MaxfieldParrish
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Under 🔥Manic Monday2🔥

This is (the reverse) is true:

SM deems 162 items of almost 300,000 netted in the Cohen raid privileged. 💣
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