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📌Mueller Delivers Report on RU to AG

📌Barr will meet RR & Mueller this weekend on how to proceed.
📌’No further indictments’ are the key operative words. Means Mueller will not file additional Indictments.

📌However, he likely filed many SEALED INDICTMENTS.

This is not an end but rather a new beginning.

OSC is a contractor to DOJ; his office will be wrapping up; but if he secured any indictments under seal, they could be handed off to other divisions of the DOJ.

Ex: handed off to DC, EDVA, SDNY & other jurisdictions

Michael Beschloss suggests, Mueller waited for the 46th anniversary of the Watergate tape where President Nixon tells John Mitchell, ‘I want you all to stonewall it, let them plead the Fifth Amendment, cover-up or anything else, if it’ll save it – save the plan.’
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"Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will manage this process."
Sater email to Cohen

Mueller knows how much foreign 💰 was 💦 thru RNC/NRA/GOP & Trump campaign coffers via straw donors

Photo op arranged by Cindy Yang at a fundraiser hosted by the RNC in NYC w/ Trump charged $50k per photo, benefiting Trump’s re-elex campaign.

But Ryan Xu & Lucas Lu did not pay.

A search of a fed DB showed no record of either man giving to Trump Victory,

Yang isn’t saying — but she & three associates with an Asian-American political group donated a total of $135.5k to Trump Victory in the weeks leading up to the event.

📌One of them said she could not recall making a $25k donation listed in her name & address.
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📌New Mueller investigation revelations explain Trump's rage

📌Salwell: Indictments are coming...

We're working to extend the statute of limitations, so that NO ONE is above the law.

Schiff: Real question is if Trump is under the influence of a foreign power

Trump refuses to hand over docs to HOC. Nixon lost.

Watergate’s Judge Sirica granted the GJ’s request that otherwise secret materials should be sent to the House & sent the Road Map to Congress. He relied heavily on the fact that the GJ itself had made the req

This Watergate Road Map precedent gives Mueller & the current GJ a way to proceed if they conclude that the evidence supports impeachable offenses or criminal charges against Trump for conspiracy with Russia to interfere with the 2016 elex or for O of J v
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Multiple 💣incoming.

All signs point to v.1 go based on the rising hysteria on the R.

RR is still hanging out.

Cohen redactions = ongoing inv’s + subpoenas

Barr won’t risk possible charges for TT

If buried, Mueller’s rpt w/b told via 100s of indictments.🤗

Trump's Shady Scheme to Keep Jon Bon Jovi from Buying the Buffalo Bills

The plan involved a covert political operative who worked with Putin, a double amputee, a settlement w/ TX A&M, & a failed bid that opened up the opportunity Trump's presidential run.

Nunes files suit b/c his fee fees are hurt to silence oppo in vio of 1A.

Yet “RW are being silenced" Op is in full swing (projection) &

“TRANSLATION: The feds have uncovered the vast criminal GOP internet-enabled cybercrime enterprise.”

#Kavanaugh op exposed ^^
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Trump tweeting insanely; the drumbeat of counter-narratives building

Mueller Rpt v.1 at end of week?

Broidy Indictment imminent? It would be an excellent example to illustrate TeamTreason’s utter corruption & fuqqery.

Trump Kids & Kush-leverage?

We’ll see.

The TT Moscow project is significant because it shows Trump was chasing a lucrative business deal in Russia at the same time that the Kremlin was conducting a hacking & propaganda campaign to boost his candidacy and harm/suppress HRC’s appeal to voters.

The project also coincided w/ Trump’s glowing comments about Putin & his questioning of US sanctions against Russia.

If the project was completed, TrumpOrg could have received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian sources in licensing fees & other revenues.
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Trump is freaking out tweeting attacks on McCain, Steele Dossier, DEMs & RT’g ludicrous conspiracy theories.

Get this, Rudy alledges Cohen lied to Congress therefore Flynn’s indictment should be dismissed.🙄

Something is in the pipeline that has them terrified...

FYI: McCain gave dossier to FBI in 12/9/2016.

Trump cannot pardon co-conspirators involved in the same criminal act(s) in which he is involved.

Trump’s SDNY legal probs are massive. Trump Org, & Foundation are under a forensic microscope.

50 dead: NZ

📌Trump Budget Includes $10M Funding for Mueller If Probe Remains Open

📌Mueller is believed to be wrapping up the Russia investigation

The funding won’t be needed if probe closes before Sept. 30

South FL priest jailed, accused of drugging & raping a parishioner
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📌TJ:”A high amount of MSM speculation & mistakes over the past two weeks means they are being fed disinfo about a report & where Mueller's inv’n is going.

📌What we did learn is Peter Strzok referred to classified crimes that are horrific in his House transcript.”

📌TJ:”Mueller is keeping Trump/RU conspiracy info secret for a reason- it’s a NatSec issue.

It’s not just a/b jeopardizing ongoing investigations.

📌The problem he faces is how to tell the country Trump is a traitor, installed by Putin, while he’s still in office”

📌TJ:”It would be treason to hide or change evidence so the Trump/Kush crime wave & Putin's control of Trump cont’s.

📌Barr may have thought he could give Rs a soft landing.

📌Not now.

📌He has to help remove a traitor in the context of our legal structure.”
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Trump is raging! He knows something is in the pipeline!

Haven’t heard anything new.

Mueller asked to delay sentencing for Rick Gates, amid "ongoing investigations"

Federal court holds 1stA does not protect Trump Campaign in alleged conspiracy with RU-Wikileaks

Kogan, the Academic Behind Cambridge Analytica Data Mining Sues FB for Defamation

Joint Chiefs Chair says Google refuses to work with US military but provides “direct benefit” to China’s military

Mnuchin Vows to Protect Trump’s Privacy if Tax Returns Sought

📌US bars entry of ICC investigators

📌Pompeo, making good on a threat delivered by John Bolton, said the U.S. had already moved against some employees of The Hague-based court, but declined to say how many or what cases they may have been investigating.
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FB’s Data Deals Are Under Criminal Inv’n.

The CO’s were among more than 150, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft & Sony, that had cut sharing deals w/ FB re user data scraped w/o user’s consent

House Votes, 420-to-0, to Demand Public Release of Mueller Report.

Trump has issued what seems to be a warning of armed attack against his political opponents, telling Breitbart that “it would be very bad, very bad” if his supporters in the military, police & a motorcycle group were provoked into getting “tough.” #TrumpIsScared

NXIVM leader Keith Raniere, awaiting trial on racketeering, sex slavery & other charges, now faces addt'l charges: Possession of child pornography, and sexual exploitation of a child--engaging in sex acts with her to produce visual depictions
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NYAG 16 New Charges for Manafort. If Convicted, Trump Can’t Pardon.

Res’l Mortgage Fraud
Attempted Mortgage Fraud
Falsifying Biz Records
Scheme to Defraud

📌Ct 1: 60 mos, w/ 30 mos concurrent
📌Ct 2: 13 mos, to run consecutive to ct 1 & the EDVA sentence

📌”U.S. gov’t now has a condo in Trump Tower. (It was Paul Manafort's.)”

📌Probe into whether Russia lent money to Trump through Deutsche Bank

📌📌DOJ inv’g Jho Low’s (fugitive at the center of the global #1MDB scandal) $100k donation to Trump Victory super pac.

At issue ia 100K payment from Jho Low via Larry Davis ➡️filled RNC/Trump’s coffers.

Davis’ parents in law pleaded guilty during a Clinton-era financing scandal.

B/c Low is not a US citizen, he is barred from making direct or indirect donations to US pols or to PACs.
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📌Schiff: Evidence Already Shows That Trump Should Be Indicted

Mueller’s end-game

This week: Manafort sentencing, Stone trial date set, Flynn & Gates status conf’s & Barr could confirm Mueller Report complete & summary eminent

Speaker Pelosi: master chess player

#OperationVarsityBlues #TipOfTheIceBerg

📌Mar-a-Lago seems to attract a constellation of shady figures from Russia & China, including Russian Sergey Danilochkin, a wanted man who fled his home country after accusations of massive $170B tax fraud ‘Magnitsky Affair’

📌EG:”It's not possible to overstate how important this is. Corruption of the financial system is at the heart of so many of our worst problems.”

📌A mysterious $125k payment to Paul Manafort's lawyer reveals a hidden chapter of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign
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📌Federal court moves to unseal Jeffrey Epstein docs #SexTrafficking

📌DOJ announcement in Aiken in am-#MOX

📌Mar-A-Lago at center of Chinese intel & sex trafficking op?

📌Erik Prince did not disclose 2016 TT meeting during testimony

📌Chess pieces moving

What’s up w/ Manafort’s $125k payment to MMSC, owned by m, a longtime Manafort pal & the chief pollster on Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Russian trolls can be surprisingly subtle, and insidious.

The EPA staffers destroyed files under audit

Boeing's 737 MAX back in spotlight after second fatal crash, black box found.

The U.S. has told Germany it would limit intel sharing with Berlin if it allows Huawei to help build Germany’s 5G mobile network

GA’s Stacey Abrams says '2020 is definitely on the table
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Mueller vs Barr: the battle to indict Trump

Mueller Y, Barr N = delay.

Both agree the Trump kids & Kush should be indicted for financial crimes.

Trump = obstruction of Justice.

There is a strange silence around DC.

Like the weird calm before a major hurricane.

At this time the charges will not be about ‘Russia collusion’.

Theory: Mueller will deliver an interim report (fini). ‘Russia collusion’ would be saved for another day.

Mueller could pass evidence/accusations to the House.

Up to the House to charge or impeach

DOJ policy says you can’t indict a sitting POTUS—that’s policy, not law—there is no Constitutional prohibition.

📌No one is above the law.

Could use the courts or a grand jury.

The coming weeks will be a testing time in the history of the Republic.

Buckle up!
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Rumor haz it Barr has Mueller Report, at issue can POTUS be indicted—no one is above the law.

If any indictments unsealed re Trump kids, etc, perhaps opportunity to surrender?

Gonna be a long weekend, lots going on, expect distrsction ops.

Buckle up.

📌Cindy Li Yang GOP Chinese Gangsta sex trafficking Brothel Mistress?

📌Yang,Founder of Spa Chain Where Kraft Was Busted Has Mingled With Trump and GOP Allies

📌She’s posted numerous photos with Trump & prominent GOP & attended WH Meetings On Behalf of Trump

📌Trump inauguration took money from shell companies tied to foreigners.

Chelsea Manning Jailed for Refusing to Testify Before Grand Jury in WikiLeaks Case

US households see biggest decline in net worth since the financial crisis
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📌Beware the Ides of Trump

📌Rumor haz it SC may drop report on Fri & it will make the case for collusion & unseal indictments for DonJr, Ivanka, Eric &/OR Kush

📌Manafort Gets a 47-Month Taste of What’s Coming for #TeamTreason.

📌Kush blackmailed Qatar & SA.

📌Global Extortion Racket: Kush changed US foreign policy to benefit himself, punishing Qatar (refused bribe) & rewarding SS (paid bribe)

📌SAudi slapped down by 36 countries over human rights violations.

📌Kush ditched embassy staff while trysting w/ MoBoneSaw

📌LB:”What if Paul Manafort is the one who helped escort Marcos' billions out of Philippines, & then handed it to J. Epstein to "manage" (aka, hide in offshores to grow the global mob's blood money pot)?”

Trump May Have Committed Multiple Campaign Finance Crimes
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📌Friday is the day the grand jury indictments come down!

📌Investigators looking into lawyers’ contacts with Cohen after FBI raids

📌Brennan Predicts Mueller Report, & More Indictments On Friday & added, if a DonJr is indicted Trump would likely fire him.

“This Fri is better than next Friday b/c next Fri is the 3/15, which is the Ides of March,"

“& I don't think Mueller will want to have that dramatic flair when he delivers what I think are going to be are his indictments, the final indictments as well the report."

The Trump administration’s efforts to fast track transfer of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia enjoyed the assistance of a lobbying firm Prime Policy Group (PPG), that represented Ukraine’s then pro-Russian government. #Manafort #Stone #Black
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📌’They were planning on stealing the election’:

📌Explosive new tapes reveal Cambridge Analytica CEO’s boasts of voter suppression, manipulation and bribery

📌Previously unknown recording reveals extraordinary ‘black ops’ on three continents.

#2016Elex #Brexit

Donald Tusk claims anti-EU forces meddled in Brexit vote

European council president echoes Emmanuel Macron’s warning of malign influences

Tusk’s intervention echoed fears RU sought to foment anti-EU sentiment during the 2016 EU referendum campaign in the UK.

📌Following an inquiry into the dissemination of disinfo, a select committee of the British parliament last month called for the government to urgently

📌EXAMINE THE IMPACT of foreign powers on the RESULT OF THAT VOTE.

#2016Elex + #Brexit = #CambridgeAnalytica
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📌Schiff says there is 'direct evidence' of collusion between the Trump campaign & RU

📌Warner: ‘Enormous amounts of evidence’ of possible RU collusion

📌Nadler demands docs w/in 2 wks from all aspects of Trump world.

📌81 letters request a broad array of info.

📌HJC got greenlight from SDNY & Mueller; expect public hearings!

📌Also signals completion of their probes.

Mueller notifies judge that Stone posted Instagram image that cd violate gag order

Kush filed a motion to dismiss the DNC vs RU Federation case re him.

HR 1 Is Enormous & Necessary
The House DEMs’ gargantuan effort to bolster the basic functions of US democracy

📌Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis shows @AriMelber a February 2017 $70k check signed by Weisselberg & DonJr from, that was not included in the Cohen hearing.
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📌It is as if they created this new world of terror...

📌Giuliani Co. Cleaning Up Anthrax

📌”It will be a symbol that we can deal with these new risks that we live with in our new world," Giuliani said. 2004

📌Target AMI treasure trove of Kompromat.

Warner: 'Enormous evidence' of contacts between Trump campaign and Russia

The top Democrat on Senate Intelligence Committee says Trump campaign's contact with Russians during 2016 was historically unprecedented.

"... there's no one who can factually say there isn't plenty of evidence of collaboration or comms between the Trump Org & RUs,”.

“I have never seen a presidential campaign, from a person of either party, have this much outreach to a foreign country.” Warner said.
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1997Jared’s dad Charles Kushner donated $1.5M to McGreevy campaign & $3.1M to other politicians.

McGreevy was elected as NJ Gov in 2002 & he appt’d C. Kush as Chair to the PANYNJ board, which controls the development of NY NJ airports, tunnels, bridges & WTC site.

“40 Wall street [Trump Building] actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually before the WTC the tallest, and and then when they built the WTC it became known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest,”

📌In June 2001, Trump sold the 45th floor of Trump World Tower with direct view of the WTC to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for $4.5M

📌Giuliani contract w/ Manafort Bros to help with the clean up & Trump looked forward to rebuilding, as it was a job worth billions.
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📌Rep. Himes: “There are at least 4 or 5 areas where there is very credible evidence that Trump committed very serious crimes."

📌Roger Stone’s criminal trial would likely last 5 to 8 days

📌Kushner’s overseas contacts raise concerns as foreign officials seek leverage

When NSC EEs use words like “crazy,” “nausea” & “fear.”

Some liken the experience to surviving a traumatic event.

“It was so shocking to see TeamTrump come in a blur of chaos, disregarding legality & ethics & showing a deep hostility to the career professionals,”

📌Wikileaks Veteran: I ‘Cooperated’ With Feds ‘in Exchange for Immunity’

📌Disclosing Subpoena for GJ Testimony, Chelsea Manning files motion to quash.

📌Ocasio-Cortez campaign may have funneled money to her boyfriend: complaint
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GCHQ alerted US agencies after becoming aware of TeamTrump’s contacts w/ RUs in 2015

NSA:”By mid-July 2016, ‘We knew we had a RU agent on our hands,’”

Comey in NZ in March 2016, & Queensland in April 2017 to meet with AU intel Chiefs & FVEYs respectively. #PineGap

“The FBI had a highly important intel source in or near the Trump campaign. The FBI had a mole.

Protecting that source was deemed more important in the summer of 2016 than stopping the Trump campaign, which the FBI knew or at least strongly suspected was in bed with Putin”

“But what if the mole wasn’t a person?

The FBI has long protected super-secret technical intelligence programs, above all signals intelligence, by masquerading their information as coming from (non-existent) human sources.”

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Buckle up folks!


The real scandal here is the gross imbalance of power involving women who were held in a form of human bondage to serve as objects of gratification for powerful men intoxicated by their belief they can get away with anything.

📌Manafort is a “hardened” criminal who “repeatedly & brazenly violated the law,”

📌Trump’s Mouthpiece? Pompeo Is Tested by NK, Iran & US Allies

📌All of Mueller's files will be handed over to Congress whether the Justice Department likes it or not.

Why did Trump’s Labor Sec Acosta give a Sweetheart Deal to Epstein

Kilimnik Is The Enigmatic Figure at the Heart of Mueller’s Inquiry

He pops up repeatedly as a possible connection to #TeamTrump & RU, w/ ties to both sides that are as enigmatic as they are deep
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I took screen shots of Spicy's blog to share here. You can visit the post directly in the link below.…
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