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Sondland says the content of a text he wrote denying a quid pro quo w/ UKR was relayed (dictated) to him directly by Trump in a phone call.

Perry, Sondland & Volker met with a “buzz saw” in the OO. Trump blamed opponents in UKR for attempting to undermine his elex.

“Trump said UKR ‘tried to do me in.’

They surmised that Giuliani had filled Trump’s head w/ a number of baseless conspiracy theories, inc’g that the hacked DNC server was spirited away to Ukraine.

Trump: “If you want to do something you have to talk to Rudy.”

Giuliani acknowledged that he and his associates worked with (corrupt) Ukrainian prosecutors to collect potentially damaging information about Amb Yovanovitch and other targets of Trump and his allies including Biden & Hunter Biden.

(Firtash hates Biden)
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Firtash finances Fruity’s henchmen, who work to benefit Trump’s personal interests.

Does Firtash bankroll Fruity & Trump as they do indeed serve & promote his financial interests in UKR.

RU mafia kingpin Semyon Mogilevich is the real power behind Firtash.

Get it?

Indicted Giuliani assoc Parnas worked as a ‘translator’ for Firtash;

Who is rep’d by FoxNews propagandists Toensing & diGenova, long time pals of Trump & Barr;

Polls tanking, so Barr haz a chat w/ Murdoch;

Truth teller Shep Smith resigned.

It’s a mob Family Affair.

Turkey Bombs US Special Forces in Syria Attack - not an oops...

Congress Can Seek Trump’s Tax Returns

We, former members of the Watergate special prosecutor force, believe there exists compelling prima facie evidence that Trump has committed impeachable offenses
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Trump/Giuliai’s henchmen Parnas & Fruman arrested.

Giuliani under investigation

Parnas & Furman funneled donations into gop coffers #DeSantis #McCarthy

TX Rep Pete Sessions is “Congressman 1” in indictment; asked Pompeo to remove the UKR Amb.

At least four NatSec officials raised alarms about URN policy before and after Trump call w/ Zelensky

Parnas said he told Sessions that Amb Yovanovitch had been disloyal to Trump & soon after that meeting, Sessions contacted Pompeo to recommend firing her.

Fiona Hill, who was until recently Trump’s top aide on Russia and Europe, plans to tell Congress that Giuliani and E.U. amb Sondland circumvented the NSC & the normal WH process to pursue a shadow foreign policy on Ukraine

Barr met privately with Rupert Murdoch
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Trump & Giuliani pressured Zelensky to hire Lutsenko to go after Biden’s son

Lutsenko engineered Konstin Klimnik’s escape to RU to avoid Mueller’s charges.& quashed the Manafort inv’n.

Pompeo’s DOS knew all about it.

Did TeamTrump facilitate the escape?

5/12/18 UKN Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Inv’n

2018 UKR Pres Poroshenko sought favor with the Trump adm.

Ukrainian officials had shut down four Manafort-related potential cases—each one having been “effectively frozen” by Lutsenko.

Trump pressed Ukraine’s new president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to reinstate Lutsenko after Zelensky had fired him.

🔑Zelensky fired Lutsenko in JULY after parliamentary elections had reinforced his mandate.

🔑Giuliani found Lutsenko accommodating of Trump’s wishes
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Russia’s having a pretty good Oct, thanks in no small part to Trump

Trump Endorses Turkish Military Op in Syria & hands the Kurds, our loyal ally. into the hands of murderous Erdogan & instantly bombing raids start killing Kurds.

Putin must be so proud of Trump

This Trump move shouldn’t be a suprise.

Trump & Giuliani are running a shadow foreign policy op in support of Putin’s EEU vs EU/NATO

📌Erdogan = Putin’s puppet.
📌Flynn’s Fethullah Gülen op
📌Giuliani Reps Zarrab who has dirt on Erdogan.
📌Distraction from UKRgate

Official Who Heard Call Says Trump Got 'Rolled' By Turkey and 'Has No Spine'

Esper sent out a tweet on Monday afternoon in which he emphasized that the United States Department of Defense “does not endorse a Turkish operation in Northern Syria.” Later deleted it.
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💣 Naftogaz💣

Their aims were profit, not politics.

This circle of businessmen & GOP touted connex to Giuliani & Trump while trying to install new mgmt at the top of Naftogaz.

Their plan was to then steer lucrative contracts to companies controlled by Trump allies.
💣 Naftogaz2💣

Favorov said Parnas told him Trump planned to remove U.S. Amb Marie Yovanovitch (three mos b/4) & replace her with someone more open to aiding their business interests.

“The ambassador to Ukraine was replaced,” Giuliani said. “I did play a role in that.”
💣 Naftogaz3💣

Perry made clear that the Trump administration wanted to see the entire Naftogaz supervisory board replaced.

Perry w/ Volker & Sondland in attendance in mtg w/ Zekensky, again referenced the list of advisers (Trump donor/allies) that he had given Zelenskiy.
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We have a # of delightfully smoking guns - Pence too

Another WB!

Trump’s phone calls w/ world leaders are beyond cray, absolutely frightening WH officials say.

More details emerge re Veselnitskaya’s lobbying to repeal Magnitsky Act re DonJr’s TT Meeting.

UKR will review probes into owner of gas company linked to Biden's son

2nd Official Is abt to Blow the Whistle on Trump’s UKR Dealings

WH Floats Potential DOJ Investigation Into ‘Joe Biden and His Family’

Pompeo and decency do not mix. He needs to resign

In one of his first calls with a head of state, Trump fawned over Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling the man who ordered the attack on/interference in America’s 2016 election that he was a great leader & apologizing profusely for not calling him sooner.
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Schiff: Trump asking China & UKN to investigate his pol opponents, is a "fundamental breach" of presidential decorum & a threat to our NatSec.

Napolitano: Trump’s Behavior is ‘Criminal & Impeachable’ — & His ‘Allusions to Violence are Palpably Dangerous’

'Drowning in his lies,' Trump lashes out on Wed.

“Just to be clear, Trump is currently, this morning, calling on foreign leaders to investigate Biden in the midst of an impeachment proceeding about whether he has encouraged foreign leaders to investigate Biden”

Don’t forget:

Trump told RU FM Sergey Lavrov & then–RU Amb Sergey Kislyak that Trump was unconcerned about Moscow’s attack on the 2016 presidential elex.

Trump noted the RU that their assault on the US electorate was no big deal & by the way can you do again?
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The directive to freeze UKR aid came in June.

6/5/19: Zelenskiy spoke with Kushner & Rick Perry at a dinner in Brussels.

Trump used Pence to tell Zelensky that U.S. aid was still being withheld while demanding more aggressive ‘action on corruption’

Rick Perry says he'll cooperate with Congress on Ukraine questions

The Ukrainians likely understood Pence’s ‘action on corruption’ code to include the inv’n of the Bidens.

Trump's erratic foreign policy is diminishing the US's standing on the world stage.

Pence’s NatSec advisor was on the 7/25 call & the VP should have had access to the transcript w/in hours

Trump’s use of Pence is part of a broader pattern of using both exec authority & high-ranking officials in his adm to advance his personal/political interests
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House attys say they have “grounds to believe” Mueller’s GJ info shows Trump lied under oath about his knowledge of his campaign’s contacts w/ WikiLeaks.

“While driving to La Guardia ...Candidate Trump told Gates more releases of damaging info will be coming.”

The House argued that Mueller’s GJ materials can be useful for House Intel’s ongoing Ukraine inv’n — specifically, Trump pushing for prosecution of Ukrainians who testified against Manafort.

McConnell says Senate will put Trump on trial if House votes to impeach

Pompeo Took Part in Trump-Zelensky Phone Call, Official Says

Several House Cmtes subpoena Trump lawyer Fruity G, in impeachment probe

Trump asked AU to help Barr discredit the Mueller Inv’n—Barr is not gonna like what he gets. 😎 #Rainfall

Pence is next.🤗
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The fear of a return to tyranny post-Revolution and “what sort may come afterwards” motivated the framers to limit the president’s power (i.e., no absolute veto) and to include an impeachment clause.

Trump’s Ukraine Intervention May Violate FCPA, Arms Export Laws

Trump’s personal intervention was "highly improper," one arms export expert says, concluding that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act "appears to have been criminally violated here."

The FCPA forbids “any offer, payment, promise to pay, or authorization of the ...

Payment of money or anything of value to any person, while knowing that all or a portion of such money or thing of value will be offered, given or promised, directly or indirectly, to a foreign official to influence the foreign official in his/her official capacity,
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Trump told Lavrov & Kislyak in the infamous May 2017 Oval Office meeting that he was unconcerned about Moscow’s interference in the U.S. election because the United States did the same in other countries, an assertion that prompted alarmed White House officials.

The same meeting in which Trump revealed highly classified information that exposed a source of intelligence on the Islamic State.

He also said during the meeting that firing FBI Director James B. Comey the day before had relieved “great pressure” on him.

A memorandum summarizing the meeting was limited to all but a few officials with the highest security clearances in an attempt to keep the president’s comments from being disclosed publicly.

It is not clear if the memo was placed into the secret system.
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WBC Is released.

McGuire testifies, hems/haws re cover-up, refers matter to FBI

Barr has some s’plaining to do, Pompeo/Pence too.

Rudy is having a mega meltdown, DOS meet bus —incoming. #VeryNaughtyFruity

In UKN, Rudy/Trump’s allies are corrupt oligarchs & RU stooges

Trump is facing a firestorm largely because his own staffers blew the whistle on him

Barr is exposed not as America’s highest LEO, but as Trump’s political lacky & consigliere.

Effort to shield Trump’s call with Ukrainian leader was part of broader secrecy effort

All the president’s lawyers.

4 gov’t attorneys find themselves embroiled in Trump's Ukraine mess.

Sanctions constrain Putin’s credit rating & hamper its efforts to achieve economic growth,

Senate again rebukes Trump on national emergency declaration
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DNI provides Congress with WBC

“Deeply disturbing" and "extraordinarily detailed"

Schiff: WBC "well-written" and called it a "travesty" that the complaint was withheld for so long.

"I found the allegations deeply disturbing. I also found them very credible.”

The tran’t of the call reads like a classic mob shakedown:

– We do a lot for UKR
– There’s not much reciprocity
– I have a favor to ask
– Investigate my opponent
– My people will be in touch

Nice country u got there.

It would be a shame if something happened to her.

Transcript of Trump’s call with Zelensky shows him offering US assistance for Biden inv’n

Ukrainians understood Biden probe was condition for Trump-Zelensky phone call:

Serhiy Leshchenko:”This issue was raised many times. I know that UKN officials understood."
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Speaker Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry against Trump:

“No one is above the law."

Senate unanimously passes reso calling for the WBC to be transmitted to the House and Senate Intel Cmtes.

WH drops objection to release the WBC to Congress

Giuliani pursued shadow Ukraine agenda as key foreign policy officials were sidelined

The Senate will vote TOMORROW at 12:15 PM ET on a reso to terminate the president’s nat’l emergency dec’n for a border wall.

Senate Intel panel seeks interview with whistleblower

Trump allegedly sought to use the very security assistance dollars appropriated by Congress to create stability in the world, to help root out corruption and to protect our national security interests, for his own personal gain & to subvert the 2020 election.
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Giuliani didn’t rule out the possibility that Trump threatened to cut off aid to Ukraine over calls for an investigation into the discredited allegations against & his son.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy to make a working visit to the US to attend the 74th session of the UN
Two Soviet-born (Sunny Isles) Florida businessmen (Fruman & Parnas) — one linked to a Ukrainian tycoon with reputed mafia ties — are key hidden operatives behind a plan spear headed by Giuliani to investigate the president’s rivals

Allegations that Semyon Mogilevich had covert interests in Swiss-registered RUE, which distributes gas from central Asia.

Dmitry Firtash, nominally owns nearly half the company

📌Barr & Trump pals Victoria Toensing & Joe DiGenova Join Firtash’s Legal Team
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Traitor Sunflower (Pompeo) endorses Giuliani’s efforts to seek help from a foreign gov’ts to investigate Trump’s political opponent

Trump threatens to release IS captives at European borders

Under Trump arms deal, high-tech US bombs to be built in Saudi Arabia

Iran warns foreign forces to stay out of Gulf, amid new US deployment

Schiff: ‘We very well may have crossed the Rubicon’

Schiff said that impeachment "may be the only remedy" to Trump's refusal to make public the complaint & phone call transcript.


If the Adm persists in blocking this whistleblower from disclosing to Congress a serious possible breach of constitutional duties by the President, they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of inv’n.
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5/16/19: URN Prosecutor Says No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Bidens—inv’n focused on Ukrainian

9/9/19: 3 House cmtes inv Trump, Giuliani pressure on URN to hurt Biden's campaign

9/18/19 WBC broke

9/19/19 Biden op broke = disinfo, sources = GRU/TeamTrump

Get it?

Anyone who ran with the Biden aspect re WBC was dupped by TeamTrump front-facing much worse scandals.

The Biden disinfo is not an ‘urgent’ NatSec issue, duh! It’s old news.

@nyt @washingtonpost @wsj @cnn @msnbc: You just aided GRU/Trump’s Biden smear campaign.

Biden aspect of the WBC disinfo — meant to smear Biden. RT hyped fake vid.

WBC may not be about URN, but cd re URN PP #Crimea #Sanctions

Did Trump pass doxxing info re US spies, Smolenkov & more key intel related to 2016 elex to Putin? #IO #Helsinki #G20 #G7
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Remember the Cohen, Sater, Flynn, Manafort & Artemenko “Ukrainian Peace Plan” Feb 2017?

Does the WBC deemed a “credible & urgent” NatSec issue center in a version of the above to cede the Crimea & republics of Donetsk & Luhansk to RU & lift sanctions?

9/6/19: Trump Cuts “Muscle” from European Defense to Fund Border Wall

9/10/19: RU state TV says that Trump volunteered to act as a mediator, negotiating peace between Russia and Ukraine”

9/12/19 White House releases $250 million in Ukraine military aid

9/18/19 Ukraine’s troops prepare for mutual withdrawal along Donbas frontline

9/16/19 Zelensky Hints At Peace With Russia

Zelensky, Trump may meet in New York next week Sept 25, 2019

Ergo WBC = urgent & credible NatSec issue — not the Biden issue per se.
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Trump Lawyers claim that any criminal inv’n of Trump is unconstitutional.🙄

Chief of the Major Economic Crimes Bureau is involved in the Mazars Subpoena, not Vance

WB Complaint Is Said to Involve Multiple Acts by Trump —Not just a phone call or single convo.

The WBC goes beyond a commitment that Trump was said to have made to world leader(s), one such instance involves Ukraine.

Giuliani traveled to Ukraine to pressure that gov’t outside of formal diplo channels to effectively help the Trump reelection effort

By investigating Hunter Biden about his time on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company.

8/28/19 Trump holds up Ukraine military aid meant to confront Russia

9/5/19: Trump tries to strong arm Ukraine to meddle in the 2020 election.
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😎B.O O O M😎

Trump’s interaction with the foreign leader included a “promise” that was regarded as so troubling that it prompted an official in the U.S. intelligence community to file a formal whistleblower complaint with the inspector general for the intelligence community

It raises new questions about the president’s handling of sensitive information and may further strain his relationship with U.S. spy agencies

IC IG determined that the complaint was credible & troubling enough to be considered a matter of “urgent concern.”

The Acting DNI will testify publicly 9/26 re ithe whistleblower complaint.

The IC IG will testify in closed session tomorrow.

The WC involves secretive back-channel maneuvering, a possible threat to NarSec, & potential lawbreaking by Trump himself
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Thuggish Corey lied & obstructed.

Trump says he is awaiting orders from Saudi gov’t to deploy the U.S. military to retaliate. WTF?

Trump adm cuts legal funding for victims of human trafficking

RU Confirms Explosion At Bio-Lab Storing Ebola, Smallpox & Plague

Corey confirms Mueller Report is accurate.

Schiff:”DNI Maguire has refused to turn over the contents of an "urgent" whistleblower complaint that could involve wrongdoing by the president or his advisers.

He now says Maguire must testify by Thursday”

Acting DNI McGuire Refuses to Testify. Expect incoming.

Netanyahu falls behind in Israeli election: exit polls

The HiC voted tonight to release a tranche of transcripts from the GOP-led Russia investigation in 2017-2018.

We could see them in a day or two.
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July 2010, the FBI opened a new inv’n into a group of NY-based undercover RU intel officers.

These RU spies were attempting to recruit a ring of US assets — including Carter Page, who would later act as an unpaid FP adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign.


'Extremely alarming': RCMP charge head of intel unit with allegedly leaking gov’t secrets

RU spies in the US collected encrypted FBI radio traffic in huge op.

Russian agents gained insight into the activities of secret FBI teams tracking RU operatives in the U.S.

Crude prices jump 12% after drone strikes halve Saudi oil output; Trump says US to tap strategic reserves

Saudi officials are discussing delaying plans for Aramco’s initial public offering

Nearly 50k General Motors employees go on strike after union talks break down
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1/6/17: Comey meets w/ TeamTrump at TT re Steele Dossier

📌In response TeamTrump demanded to know whether any votes had been manipulated to delegitimize Trump's victory🤔

Zero concern over the news that the Russians had brazenly attempted to subvert a US election.

9/12/19 Trump considers a $15B lifeline to Iran, if they comply with the Iran nuclear deal, he tore up.

Oil Prices May Slump Heavily In 2020

Saudi explosions happened hours later that day

As predicted, Today: Crude Prices Soar After Saudi Oil Disruption.💰💰💰

Iran Rejects U.S. Accusations Over Saudi Oil-Facility Attacks

9/3: Saudi Aramco's BOD shake-up brings an IPO one step closer

9/8: Saudi Arabia names Prince Abdulaziz oil minister

9/11: Goldman, BofA join JP Morgan on growing list of underwriters for Aramco's IPO
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