Who funds the IEA, the TPA, the ASI &co?
You know, the RW 'free trade' thick tanks advocating tax havens, "freedom" (no regulations like workers' rights or environmental protection), no welfare (no tax & no free healthcare).
Basically, "Only the wealthier survive" philosophy?
*Could it be* that it has something to do with defending their funders' interests?
Today, I'm going to tell you the Thick Tanks' Hydra tale.
Featuring Atlas, huge piles of money, tradition, "free speech", useful idiots and a very clear agenda that Brexit/Trump are a part of.
Take a seat: It's a long story, with a lot of players, including politicians, pretty ladies squatting your TV, the climate change denial's network, the global fascist movement, Silicon Valley/multiname data-stealing/misusing company & private companies' involved in elections.
Before to know who funds the Thick Tank Hydra you need to understand what it is.
It looks they are like a lot of different entities (officially "charities" 🤦‍♀️) doing some thinking.
It's not.
They are the united voice of their funders.
Just like this 👇
Say hello to the Thick Tank Hydra:
Yes, it's big. Really big.
Featuring all UK 'Free trade' think tanks.
And in case you wonder, yes, they do coordinate their efforts.
Grover Norquist here: Giving tips for coalition meetings of RW "free trade" think tanks, to "tea-party" the debate by coordinated action. Like 55 Tufton Street Meetings disclosed by @shahmiruk.
Note: the Atlas network also offers formations to make sure the member think tanks are effective -and meet each other.
BTW, who knew that Vote Leave's CEO Matthew Elliott's career in think tanks started in the USA, when he met Grover Norquist and his Trump's team wife? (2:45)

But it doesn't necessarily means that Grover Norquist was instrumental in setting up the TPA's, right?
Well, here's Matthew Elliott explaining that he was.
Although "apprenticeship in the United States" seems to be a common point amongst think tanks fouder.
So, basically, US and UK think tanks were linked from the very beginning.
The Atlas Network -funded solely by "voluntary gifts from those who cherish the principles of a free society" (and have a few million to spare)- was founded by IEA's founder Anthony Fisher.
His project: "litter the world with free-market think tanks"
And the US side of the Think Tank Hydra has been linked to the Tea party from the very beginning as well.
Linking (Trump/Brexit fans) Climate Change Denial/Free market think tanks.
Same funders/strategy.
Astroturfing/pretend to be a grassroot movement
"Those at the grassroots level who support the tea party agenda have been playing the role of "useful idiots" working on behalf of the corporate, capitalist agenda, as they stand behind policies serving bourgeois &corporate interests that run counter to their own class interests"
Funded by "those who cherish the principles of limited govts, no welfare, no environment, animal or people's protection so nothing goes in the way of making more profits than they could spend in a thousand lives"
In the name of "Will of the People/Fighting the establishment"
Atlas is funded by conservative foundations, including the Carthage/Scaife Foundation (financed by the Mellon industrial, oil and banking fortune, financing the Islamophobia network), (right wing/neoliberal) Earhart Foundation... and ExxonMobil
Say hello to Atlas' main supporters (FTR that is until 2014)
(Shall you want to dig deeper into the US side of this entangled web, take a look at the amazing work done by seeshell.)

Note: One of these supporters has very tight link with Atlas: Namely the John Templeton Foundations (two in the USA, one in Nassau).
As in the former head and the ex-number 2/new head of the Atlas Research Fund both are on the board of the three foundations (funding Atlas).
Atlas is -of course- funding some of its members -aside from offering meetings and formations.
Here you can see entities it supported (up to 2014).
Please note that now, Atlas is now (much more conveniently) giving (undisclosed) grants to (undisclosed) recipients.
(As in it could have funded the CRC/DUP Brexit ads -not saying it did, just saying if it had there'd be no way to know. It could fund the TPA as well)
And Atlas is not the only one getting money: Its member thick tanks also get funding individually (often from the same funders), which we will now explore.
Some even have US Friends -entities created to support them.
Note: US friends of the IEA's head is Atlas' Templeton's head.
So we will now focus on the IEA's funding.
As it's quite hard to get info on TPA's other funders (ironic for an entity calling for "more transparency") and the ASI is an American think tank since 1991, almost exclusively funded by the Templeton Foundation-Yet saying it's British.
Say hello to the American Friends of the Institute of Economic Affairs.
(This info comes from the IRS files + Shanker Singham himself, apparently). Kudos to @DeSmogBlog @desmogUK for the amazing job they did sorting this information).
Please note: It's not exhaustive.
Among the IEA other funders, tobacco firms, US farmers (check @UE's amazing work as well), casinos (), a tax haven...
You might remember this: A report paid by Jersey?
Just to help you grasp how closely intricated all these think tanks are, and how the "Atlantic connection" is still live and kicking:
This report, praised here by IEA's Republicans Overseas in the UK's board member/spokesperson was written by a (US) Cato Institute Fellow...
...that also happens to be the new president of the European think tank of the IEA, Epicenter, that has three Parliamentary passes -and seems to be as transparent as its parent entities.
Oh, I'm sorry, were you not aware that ex-ASI/now-IEA "squatting your media" Kate Andrews was a board member/spokesperson of Trump's team in the UK? (You can see her w/former/new chair here 👇)
It's not secret though, she (and the BBC) were quite open about it a while ago.
The BBC that (when not providing a platform to Bannon of Leave campaigns law-breakers), also funds the IEA -for undisclosed reasons.

Anyway, back to think tank funding (and Kate Andrews), in the category: A dedicating grant so the think tank thinks about ways to deliver the outcome that was ordered.
So, "the NHS needs to be abolished", eh?
Also another grant from Templeton Foundation (let me remember you here, w/the global free trade think tanks' head on board) to "make a lasting impact on the UK's social and economic landscape by influencing policy makers, journalists and young people"
From a non-partisan charity.
Oh, in case you wonder with the Templeton foundation gave that much money to the Adam Smith Institute, here's the grant.
Please note: A part of this grant was given to WagTV. (You know, the partly funded by LeaveEU/Better for the country "Brexit: The movie" donor WagTV?)
Now about the link btw the Templeton Foundation & data-mining: Straight from the Templeton Bahamas foundation.
Although please note that, even if Templeton trust funds the other foundations, "they operate as separate entities" (w/ same board members?)
I trust that the staff has no idea what the other foundations are doing -since that what they say here.
But Atlas' former and current head Chafuen and Lips, who are on the board of the 3 Templeton foundations -surely they would know?
That matters because that grant was given to Singham to push for a hard Brexit -not sure it was when he worked for Legatum as the head of the STC or for the IEA as the head of the ITCU-both implying a lot of non-UK people affiliated w/think tanks (now in "advisory council")
2 last notes on the Templeton Foundations:
-There is app. a 4th -except it doesn't exist for the IRS (???)
-Templeton funds science, and there are some fears it could take advantage of its prominent position to bias it/push commercial interests (of its partners/funders?)
And the fact that it is involved with Christian fundamentalists hard-right and climate change denial funders in "The Gathering" may not be taken lightly either.
Probably the reason why it funds Russian orthodox fighting secularity.
Yes, the very same foundation that is funding think tanks in the UK to push for the abolition of the NHS (not quite consistant with Christian values?) and to change people's mind.
Maybe not comforting.
Now the question is: How are these various think tanks/foundations backing them involved in Brexit -and what do they want out of it?
From Templeton-funded Legatum/IEA Singham's Special Trade Commission's report (now erased), in a nutshell:
If that's 👆 too long a read, just read this about OpenEurope -another Atlas' think tank-, it sums up Free trade think tanks' agenda quite well.
Just check what all these think tanks say:
Basically the same thing.
And surely, it would be alright -freedom of speech, you know, people are allowed to advocate the "right to be selfish a*****es"...

(Even if they are conveniently trying to make you forget that all wealth is created thanks to the exploitation of other people/*our* environment, and that what their part of the cake would look like without people working for them/buying their stuff isn't that great...)
The problem starts when the media get involved and start promoting this quite specific stance. (From @GeorgeMonbiot).
That's not just freedom of speech anymore.
The point is to manipulate the people so they buy a narrative -contrary to their own interests.
In that same article, you can see a mention of the Free Enterprise Group (hosted/staffed by the IEA).
This group is still there.
And today, many of its members are in government.
From @AdamRamsay & @PeterKGeoghegan's article:
"Will voters start to pay more attention to the private interests secretly funding this ubiquitous think tank, seeking to quietly steer political debate in our country? Let’s hope so."
All are pushing for a hard brexit that -FTR- would decimate the UK manufacturing/farming sector, as acknowledged here by think tank alumni (Atlantic Bridge/Bruges Group/Centre for Policy Studies/Reform/TPA) "Economists for Free Trade" Patrick Minford.
Basically, it means that many people voted to lose their jobs. Govt is now talking about food&medecine shortage and the army in the streets, hiring people to mitigate riots...
How could this happen?
Who made it happen?
Anything to do with think tanks/their staff?
I'm going to shut up now and let Matthew Elliott talk.
Topic one: Infiltration of the government by think tanks' alumni.
Topic two:
Brexit happened thanks to "a coalition of people"...
“One key aspect of our success was working out the right messages to convince those swing voters we needed to win over (and these weren't always the messages that resonated most with our core supporters);
So, basically, tell everyone what he/she wanted to hear.
(FTR: lies.)
But who was this "coalition of people working for 20 years"?
Let's ask Matthew's wife (Remember her? Koch think tanks' alumni/now the chair of the Republicans Overseas in the UK, met Matthew in 2003?)
Wow-are these people implying there could be a link between #Trump and #Brexit?
(These people maybe sort of linked to Eastern Europe countries' government one way or another? Let's not forget Matthew Elliott was part of the Conservatives Friends of Russia, now Westminster Russia Forum, with a former Kremlin advisor on board -Alexander Nekrassov)
+Let's not forget that Republicans Overseas have a NRA member on board -probably not the reason spokesperson K.Andrews is advocating guns in the UK though?
BTW- The IEA seems to have endorsed that -any money trail here?
(I'll take a closer look at BrexiTrumpRussia later.)
As I'm not finished with think tanks' involvement in BrexiTrump.
Here's another think tank (part of the "coalition that worked for 20 years to make Brexit happen" then?) claiming credit for Brexit.
Note: FTR, The Heritage Foundation is also claiming credit for Trump's decisions.
A claim that seems to be corroborated with other sources.
Note that it also claims to be influencing policies in a wider way.
"Our bold stance against confirming any of Barack Obama’s judicial nominees in 2016 paved the way for Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court in 2017". (Excuse me?)
A foundation funded by the Mercer
Like the Cato Institute (getting $300,000 a year -see IRS files) that, as you can see here 👇, participated in drafting the hard Brexit plan/US-UK future trade deal with a lot of the current most prominent hardbrexiters in... 2014.
So, just so we're clear: The US/UK trade deal that Singham, Davis&Paterson went to "negotiate" with Trump administration (=the Heritage Foundation) was drafted before Brexit. Together w/the rest of the RW think tanks alliance's "Plan A".
(Say hello to Vote Leave/Hard Brexit team)
And here what Singham's comment means here: The problem is not that the withdrawal agreement is flawed (it is), but that there is one.
As explained here more clearly by Singham -still to the Heritage Foundation👇
"Almost as if" Brexit wasn't about what *UK people* or the *UK economy* could gain.
But let's keep an open mind here.
It's not all about what the USA could gain from Brexit.
Let's listen to Sergei Averin (from Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry) explaining how out of SM would mean "more business for us" (12:40).
And shall everyone think -come on, it's very unlikely that the Kremlin and the RW think tanks' network could coordinate their efforts to reach a common goal (deprive ppl of their rights/environment of any protection), let's remember they've been in contact for quite a while.
There's also (now denied) business links.
And, again, let's keep an open mind, as the USA and the Kremlin are not the only countries who could gain from a good, hard Brexit, as you can see here -from the composition of the Special Trade Commission.
Can't say there are that many UK people (sovereignty?), but there's a former Climate change denial columnist for Murdoch (Oxley) and a Heritage Foundation's fellow that is now the General Counsel of the Federal Trade Commission.
All very enthusiastic about Hard Brexit.
Please note: As you might have noticed, Legatum was nailed for being too close to the government (Singham's undisclosed meetings, for instance) and too openly pro-Brexit (by the Charity commission). So it had to step down, and the STC was dissolved.
(Maybe it also had something to do with the main activity of the Legatum group that, aside from Kremlin connections, is specialised in disaster capitalism: "We invest in markets&companies out of favour, misunderstood or going through a time of crisis." It was too obvious.)
But, here is the thing when you are all part of a giant network: The STC was reborn the second she was dissolved, under a new name (ITCU) and hosted by another (partner) think tank, the IEA. with the same people.
Tho this time, "forigners" are hidden in the advisory council.
Guess that's going to make organising undisclosed meetings with the government much easier for Mark Littlewood?
Although it must be said Legatum's access to government already didn't sucked. You saw the links to May, Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg aso in tweet 67. But it didn't stop there. Legatum also had ERG MPs drafting reports for them, like "the Road to Brexit" (that didn't age well).
And of course, there was the Brexit Blueprint conference, with undisclosed ministers and government officials. So a lot of contact btw Legatum and the govt. Honestly not sure who wins, as the IEA hosts Tories' Free Enterprise Group.
Doesn't matter anyway: They are one team.
That's all for tonight.
Tomorrow, European political arm of the RW think tanks' hydra, Putin's disinfo/plan for us, Global fascism at our door, LeaveEU/SCLAIQCA/VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw, private provider in charge of saying which votes can be counted...
And all that is linked.
(Through the ERG.)
So we go on. First stop, a Heritage Foundation/Cato Institute regular contributor, director of its own think tank, the IFT, Mr Daniel Hannan.
Here is Mr Hannan's stance in a nutshell.
(Brought to you by @DeSmogUK's great team/great source of information. desmog.co.uk/daniel-hannan)
(Please note the unofficial talks about the good for US US/UK trade deal have been going on for quite a while)
"What is legal in one country could be legal in the other".
(Hello American standards -as you might have heard of already).
Which is not exactly surprising from chlorinated chicken and hormone beef fan -not my opinion on him, what *he* says here 👉 atlasnetwork.org/video/daniel-h…
And yes, Mr Hannan "may" be sort of a prominent figure of the Atlas Network.
How come?
As he's far from being the only one pushing for the UK to become the 51st state of the USA: There's also IEA's director Mark Littlewood -the IEA which is at the same time the origin & the best friend of the Atlas Network...
So what makes Hannan so special?
There you go: Hannan happens to have a much more important role than his UK MEP job.
He has been, for a long while, the secretary of the ACRE.
(The "what now"? No worries, I'm taking you for a tour.)
So, what is the ACRE?
An Alliance of Conservative parties.
A broad alliance -with many affiliate organisations.
Sometimes with the same people in it -Look at that, here is Hannan again.
And, "maybe", a few links to the think tank's hydra. Like 3 Templeton foundation board member/Atlas former president A. Chafuen, or Trump Team/NRA/IEA's Kate Andrews... and well (of course), Daniel Hannan himself.
Now let's take a look a this ACRE ideology.
1st stop: Backing Czarnecki removed for "exercising freedom of speech" aka describing MEP Róża Thun as a “shmaltsovnik” (deeply offensive Polish term for someone who blackmailed Jews or Poles protecting Jews during Nazi occupation).
2nd stop:
Discussing the future of the EU with -oh, look at that, the Heritage Foundation- and Trump's Republican party.
"The EU doesn't know what to do, let's have our future decided by Trump's think tank's team instead!"
(Sounds familiar?)
Now let's take five minutes to look back at this wikipedia page,mentioning the former name of the ACRE, the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists Europarty.
Why is that interesting?
Because that is a link to, er, Vladimir Putin.
Now let's talk a little bit about the link between Brexit, Trump and the Kremlin.
For a start, you all know trolls/bots were supplied to influence people's mind (like the infamous DavidJoBrexit) in favour of Brexit.
In USA: "2.12 m automated, election-related tweets from Russian-linked accounts that collectively received about 455 m impression" (US population: 323 m)
"Accounts masquerading as local American news sources collectively garnered more than 1/2 m followers"
And in the UK?
Well, in the UK, no investigation showed that nothing significant had been found.
*Maybe* as this is more often than not the result of no investigation.
(Let's remember that it was claimed at first that there had been no interference of any kind in the USA.)
Money trail now: for more details, just check the investigations of @carolecadwalla, @peterjukes & @opendemocracy.
To sum up, a British patriot went to a dozen meetings with the Russian Ambassador (*at the request of the FSB*, he said while pretending there was just 1 meeting)
He would then have been offered deals in RUssian goldmines -which is "kind of" interesting, given the fact that he was a broke millionaire at the time with empty diamond mines that somehow managed to fuel 8m -biggest political donation ever- into Brexit. (Anything weird?)
IMO, the fact he keeps lying about everything while trying to undermine everyone investigating him doesn't exactly scream "I did nothing wrong". And the fact that Farage was involved in all this "might" draw suspicions as well -coming back to this person of interest later.
As there is another aspect of Kremlin interference in Brexit.
That is undeniable.
That is called Sputnik/RT.
Disinformation used as a weapon to sow chaos among our societies, in the interest of the Kremlin.
Don't take my word for it. Let's listen to Margarita Simonian, Editor-in-Chief of Sputnik/RT instead.
"It's a weapon like any other. Do you understand"?
(Hello, @Ofcom?)
Providing an "alternative truth".
Not information: a message. Deliberately.
"Opinions are facts, facts are opinions".
Now is there any chance that #fakenews played/are still playing a "tiny" role in the Brexit vote/process, and that making them mainstream kind of helped?
(I wont comment on that last point, it speaks for itself.)
But I will stretch that Margarita here is calling Julian Assange a "beacon of alternative information" -aka disinformation. You know, Assange, Farage's good friend?
Please note that the Kremlin's *disinfo weapon* *knighted* Nigel Farage.
Remember, the point of RT -acc. to its Editor-in-Chief- is to build on audience by offering them an "alternative truth". Nigel was one of their champion in bringing it to the UK. And ATST, they allowed him to build his audience -as acknowledged here.
One might wonder what would have been "Will to Leave"'s reach without RT.
Anyway: It's now time to answer the unavoidable question:
"Why 'blame the Russians'? Putin said he didn't interfere in Brexit or Trump (although he recognises "Patriotic hackers" might have hacked some stuff out of his knowledge) and says he's not hostile to the West?
1/ Please let's not confuse the Kremlin and its first victims, its citizens, aka "the Russians".
2/ Saying we are "satanists" and "pro-pedophilia" does sound kind of hostile to me. (Although I get the point is for his autocracy to look nice in comparision)
To make autocracy look like the best thing you can get, you need to convince people that the alternative is even worse. That the ideology of a fair, sharing society is rotten. (Which "weirdly" meets oligarchs' aims.)
As explained by Hannan here.
To sum up, the problem is not that people betrayed the ideology they were standing for for selfish, corrupted interest: the problem is the ideology itself, that can't lead anywhere.
Coincidentially, that's exactly what the Atlas network has been advocating in Brazil.
And that's why recently revealed Bannon's deep association with the Leave campaign shouldn't surprise anyone. Pro-Trump/Brexit RW think tanks are natural allies of the far right.
They want the same thing: a feodal society, w/a "natural elite" ruling serfs.
(& if you doubt that such RW think tanks could be pushing for "anti-leftards" rhetoric in the UK to open the door to the far right as the only alternative to current chaotic government, let me introduce you to the think tanks members' administrated "Leftards are Evil" webmuseum.)
About the links between Putin and the hard right, I invite you to read that article to understand how a common ideology can make supposed-to-be enemies much closer than they officially seem to be.
How does that relate to think tanks ruling Trump&pushing for a world ruled not by the rule of law, but by the powerful corps&individuals funding them (e.g. oil corps in dire need of climate change disinfo)?
Here it is in a nutshell. This is what they want, and they're getting it.
But let's get back to "RT's knight" Nigel Farage -as when Article 50 was triggered, he didn't thank RT's platform for disinfo, but another platform for disinfo (largely inspired from RT's alternative truth): Breitbart- and Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon, whose close links to the Leave campaign have just been exposed, was not just involved in Breitbart, but also in Cambridge Analytica, the data-stealing company of Heritage Foundation/Cato Institute's funder Bob Mercer, that closed to stop investigations.
It's a small world really, as it turns out that Cambridge Analytica was in fact the Canadian office of SCL, better known as AIQ -that handled Vote Leave's campaign.
Here is the adress of SCL's Canadian office...
Here is what happens if you click on that link...
"Funny that", it opens a Cambridge Analytica webpage.
So SCL Canadian office (as both US office, FTR) were Cambridge Analytica.
And here is AIQ's address -not the one they gave, but the one that can be found on this govdataca document.
Seems familiar?
Yes, it is: It's SCL's Canadian office's address.
("Funny that")
(FTR, link is now broken.)
Tho it's far from being the only thing showing those 3 compagnies were 1&only company: @chrisinsilico's testimony, CA Plmt's inquiry or this 👇(phone number then listed on SCL Group webpage was answered by AIQ's CEO)
Why does it matter that much?
Well, all these companies had a "kind of nasty, not exactly open" way to get access to personal information. And not just by stealing them thanks to Facebook. Also thanks to very small lines on contracts unrelated w/ data use.
And to come back to the Brexit campaign, the thing is, if AIQ was Cambridge Analytica, it's not unreasonable to think it used AIQ & Cambridge Analytica's data. So everything gathered by Vote Leave, incl. 50m contest and all the contacts in your phone if you used the App...
But also every single data owned by any of Banks company (Eldon included), as they gave themselves the right to share it all, knowing that Eldon -as per its privacy policy- gave itself the right to aggregate them with third party/Social Media information.
Let that sink in.
+1 might wonder if the "tracking your Internet general usage" cookie cld have been used on people who were not supporting Leave, but were curious enough to check a website. Anonymous info, sure. But could it have been handed over to SCLAIQCA and aggregated w/ non-anonymous info?
The one thing that I know for sure is that all the data (from Eldon personal info to Vote Leave/LeaveEU electoral rolls data) could -for whatever reason- be sent abroad, ie out of the EEA.
As all privacy policies clearly stated back in 2016.
So, both LeaveEU and Vote Leave sent data out of the EEA -knowing the LeaveEU gave itself the capacity to gather, and to aggregate, way much more data than expected, not subject to electoral deletion law, and that both were working w/2 providers that were in fact the same.
And of course, one could be tempted to believe them when they claim (to sum up) that they never did anything wrong, weren't it for the fact that they both broke the law (and are now trying to get away with it by claiming that the law/watchdogs should be blamed, not them.)
I'm going to take a few tweets here to investigate the numerous time Vote Leave &Darren Grimes did *not* work together, as he was busy running his independant campaign, as Brexit Central Jonathan Isaby states here: it was "new and different" and not an emanation from Vote Leave.
(Why not write "New and independent campaign BeLeave" on these condoms then, instead of Vote Leave? Honestly, there's a good chance they were especially made for the new and independent campaign targeting the young people.)
And here is Darren campaigning for its new and independent campaign that was not an emanation of Vote Leave, he was clearly campaigning for BeLeave, not Vote Leave...
(Er... Wait...)
Anyway, not like anyone could have been noticing he was there.
For sure, no one, not Gove, not Priti Patel, not "I have a cunning plan to screw the spending limits" Steve Baker, not Boris Johnson, not Matthew Elliott... No one could have noticed.
Everyone thought he was running his own independent campaign, with convincing blog and social media accounts...
A convincing blog that, to get even more convincing, was gifted an article from Vote Leave's head of social media, Chloe Westley -but please let's remember they weren't working together, at all, never happened...
And well, Darren was doing such an impressive job that, when they saw the Twitter account of this young man they barely knew who was running a new&independent campaign, Vote Leave thought: "Gee, let's give him £675,000 that we'll send directly to AIQ as this is so new&convincing"
No, really, nothing weird here, and there was no way anyone could have noticed anything anyway.
Anyway, I'm not sure Vote Leave "understood" very well what "not working together" meant -as BeLeave wasn't the only group closely working with them, as in, with their material at their premices.
Please note Vote Leave also got the support of the "Make Britain Great Again" team, in charge of the... university students?
(Yes, the sweet group with so nice members, some of which attacked a "communist bookshop".)
Which is not exactly surprising, given for instance the hero of the head of Vote Leave social media...
(Please note: She has now deleting the tweet, claiming it was mistake due to the fact she actually didn't know who her hero was.)
So maybe she didn't exactly know what "populism" meant either when during this FoxNews interview, as she wasn't shocked even a bit when Douglas Carswell explains it's "good thing" that need to be "defended".
Know who else loves populism, especially when his national bank bought back the loan that was made to the party, which means he litteraly owns it now?
Or has new friends in Italy -thriving on disinfo- who want the sanctions lifted?
So many funny coincidences, eh?
(Please note that, beside Bannon's good friend Farage and Breitbart Raheem Kassam, the UK can count on "Make Britain Great Again" Janice Atkinson to push the "We are the only solution to fight the establishment and 'recycled communist'!" rhetoric from the US to Russia.)
So there "may" be a practical reason for Dugin to call "Wear you racism as a badge of honor","I'd rather reign in hell than serve in heaven", Cambridge Analytica, Trump/Leave/Boris Johnson/Jacob Rees-Mogg's advisor Bannon his "ideological soul mate".
Another common point between those two men: They are both crazy. As in really, worringly crazy.
“The 'aristocratic Washington class' &the media are in league w/the entire religion of Islam &an expansionist China to undermine Judeo-Christian America."
And here is Dugin explaining that: "Russia must work with all the extremists (jihadists included) to free the world from Parliamentary Democracy and Human Rights" to achieve, er...
The guy is clearly mental, &it almost could be kind of fun, if some other things he suggested years ago hadn't "sort of kind of" happened. Here he explains how Brexit is a "victory of the Russian project and another step in the war against the West"
So we cannot dismiss the crazy ideology behind oligarchs & wanna-be oligarchs' will. Because the push for a deregulated, "free" of human rights and environment protections' world is real. By various people, for various reasons. But it's real -& effective.
It might be branded a "conspiracy theory" -but it's not.
And it plays on the "It's the USA" "No, it's the Kremlin!" "No, it's the USA!" opposition.
Once and for all -it's both.
(And other billionaires/autocrats/wanna-be both from other countries.)
OK, I'll be back tomorrow.
What comes next?
Bannon&Breitbart's UK friends -that happens to also be "Tommy Robinson", Trump & Vote Leave close friends
How the DUP Brexit ads funder, the CRC, could have been discreetly funded
The ERG (&friends)
The Australian connection
So, what can possibly link Bannon, UK Breitbart, Veterans for Britain, Vote Leave, Atlas-speaker-secretary-general-of-a-Conservative-political-group-discussing-the-EU's-future-w/US-think-tanks Hannan, but also Tommy Robinson, LeaveEU & Labour Leave?
The Gatestone Institute.
(Note: The Gatestone Institute is fiercely denying they are islamophobic.)
Link to Bannon:
Here is Bannon speaking at a luncheon sponsored by the Gatestone Institute in November 2017 to explain why Trump's impeachment had to be avoided at all cost.
(Yes, after he left.)
Link to UK Breitbart and Veterans for Britain
Say hello to:
-(Breitbart UK, UKIP; ex-Young Briton's Foundation, TPA, Bow Group, Henry Jackson Society) "No Go Zones" Raheem Kassam
-(Veterans for Britain) Richard Kemp.
Now let's take a look at the Chairman of the Gatestone Institute.
John Bolton.
Here comes the links with Vote Leave, LeaveEU and Labour Leave.
(And well, Trump.)
First stop, Vote Leave.
So the USA Ambassador/Chairman of the Gatestone Institute was at the Vote Leave HQ the night of the result?
How come?
Why was "One of Hannan's Chlorinated Britain's Best Friend" so interested in the Leave campaign? (And happy about the result?)
Now here's a funny story: Like the Atlas network, the Gatestone Institute sends money abroad. No info to who exactly, or what for. Cld that have been used to bankroll Brexit? No evidence it did,no evidence it didn't.
It could have been given to a shell company like the CRC.
Another funny story- Bolton also was in contact with LeaveEU and LabourLeave. As Arron Banks paid Kate Hoey's trip to Washington, to meet officials, think tank (What a coincidence! Mercer's Heritage Foundation!) and... John Bolton.
To discuss the benefits of Brexit *for the USA*.
Link to Tommy Robinson now. If you know anyone scammed into giving him money, show them this. (They probably won't want to believe it, but it's worth the try.)
Meet the $22m worth Middle East Forum, funding ALL TR's legal fees. And -look at that!- the Gatestone Institute.
Note: Middle East Forum, as RW disinfo outlet the Daily Caller &pro-hard Brexit (intertwined w/UK govt thrgh the Free Enterprise Group) IEA all get funding from Climate change denial funders Donors Trust/Donors Capital Fund.
(as others: desmogblog.com/who-donors-tru…)
"Funny that"
It's also interesting to note that, after providing #fakenews that were very useful to both Leave campaign, the Gatestone Institute/MEF (w/ many links to the UK/RT) and friends are now using disinfo (and political pressure) to sow unrest in the UK thanks to "Tommy Robinson" tool.
All that in the name of patriotism, like this "make Conservatives cool again" youth wing project by the Bow group, that D. Bannerman is a member of, explaining young people that "Donald Trump should be in charge of Brexit" -while talking abt "bringing up to date" the Treason Act.
It's now time to take a look at the ERG.
You know, the private, unaccountable organisation that *you fund* (please note the TPA apparently couldn't care less) whose full member list must remain a secret, and that is apparently ruling the UK now.
A private first party that apparently would have +100 members -according to one of its former chair.
It must be noted it used to have a lot less members not that long ago.
So it would now cost the taxpayer more than £200,000?
Well, turns out it costs more. (From @JohnFinagin)

Which means the rule must have changed, as the annual subscription fee used to be £2,000. (From *your* pocket.)
(Let me remind you here @Opendemocracy found evidence of a second bank account -opendemocracy.net/uk/james-cusic…).
All that to pay *one* member of staff, a "senior researcher".
£331,550 -from *your* pocket- for the work of that 👇researcher.
(Again, why is the TPA not investigating this waste of public money?)
(You got to wonder what was provided to @ipsaUK for them to write that "ERG materials proved comprehensive and highly detailed information")
Now let's take a look at the links between the ERG and the RW think tanks' network I started this thread with.
First stop, senior "researcher".
"Funny coincidence"! A think tank alumni -from eurosceptic/linked to "media must be patriotic" Leadsom Open Europe.
Open Europe, a very influential eurosceptic think tank praised by Leave campaigner Boris Johnson, and...
Wait a second, is that Remainer-in-Chief David Cameron?
(So the campaign wasn't great, eh?)
Anyway, let's get back to the ERG many links to the "scrap human rights&environmental protection" think tank hydra.
Where Legatum disaster capitalists, pushing for Russia/Global UK deal Westminster Russia Forum &the ONLY "economists" claiming Hard Brexit will be great meet.
(And I'll be back tomorrow)
167/I really don't know what "n" will be, I'm far from finished.
Oh, right!
Sorry, jumping back in time -re: The Gatestone Institute, something I forgot to tell you.
So I'll call this one 146/n bis.
Back to the ERG.
1st stop, Rees-Mogg favourite economits, Minford's "Economists for Free Trade".
Rees-Mogg listens to the ERG.
That itself listens to Rees-Mogg, as he's one of their advisor.
So basically ERG Brexiters trust authentic non-experts in economy: themselves.
But but but -that is the advisory board. economistsforfreetrade.com/who-we-are/
(Clearly super-representative of all the Leave voters whose vote for Brexit was "a victory against the establishment).
And there are economists in the EFT -led by widely broadcasted P. Minford.
(Atlantic Bridge/Bruges Group/Centre for Policy Studies/Reform/TPA = Atlas Network alumni Minford.)
Now how reliable can economists who need advice from non-economist advisors be?
In a nutshell: Maybe their major wasn't Economy, but Gaslighting.
(&JRM tweet is still there)
And even if you want to trust what they say, here is the plan:
Eradicate the manufacturing industry (oh, and farming as well).
So a lot of Leave voters' job.
But it's OK: They'll just all have to get jobs in design, marketing and high-tech.
And it's not like the UK wasn't already self-sufficient foodwise, &Climate Change could make things worse really quickly.
Oh, wait...

Well. Let's Believe in Britain &survive bubonic WWIII Brexit patriotically.
You'll just eat design, marketing & high-tech.
Note to the people thinking this is project fear: No, that is the actual plan.
The one that goes with food and medecine shortage, the army in the street to control riots & the UK govt hiring people to help them doing that.
"Your Brexit"- exactly what was written on the bus.
(Remember, all that was written on the bus?)
(Note: To be precise, Brexit doesn't necessarily mean FoM with any country. Just the ones the UK will want to negotiate a trade deal with, as that happens one of their requirement.)
FTR, as outlined here in this Atlas Network's article exposing the IEA&co "plan A" "Liberal migration" is the plan.
Just not "liberal migration" from UK neighbours that have "undemocratic institutions" shamelessly protecting the rights of their "jumping the queue" citizens.
Now let's take two seconds for closer scrutiny of a the current ERG chair, Jacob Rees-Mogg.
In what personal convictions is his stance that "Hard Brexit is a good thing" rooted?
#1: "If it's good enough for India, it's good enough for the UK".
"Profits trump ethics"
Not only is JRM's company doing business in Singapore instead of the UK -because of the weather, surely, not to patriotically avoid to contribute to UK's budget=wealth=public services funding...

... but it's also very clearly stating that, unless the client insists ethics actually matter to him, ethical considerations -of any kind- can f*** off.
From the guy lecturing people about, well, ethics.
It gets better: JRM's firm is making sure its key investors are happy and have their say...
Is Sberbank a key investor?
And in case anyone thinks: "Well, maybe you shouldn't mix JRM's business and his ERG chair position, those are two different things..."
It was his idea, not mine.
I'll give it to him thought, he's far from being the only brexiter/ERG member patriotically taking his assets/himself out of Britain while advocating a hard Brexit...
(Next stop: John Redwood, the guy with a special relationship with Trump)
Why do I say Redwood has a special relationship with Trump?
Here's why.
(So Trump is against sanctions against Russia? "Funny that")
(What do you mean "He told us *as he signed it*"? As in, you were there? How come?)
App. the term I used here is not the right one (French girl mistake, I guess?) so let's clarify: By "fundamentalists", I meant "Extremists misusing religion to assert their power over other people while disrespecting the core values of the religion they misrepresent."
But let's get back to Rees-Mogg -A few more things here. Remember the think tanks' hydra funders also funding Climate Change denial?
Here's a funny coincidence.
"A firm w/ multimillion-pound investments in tobacco, mining and oil and gas industries".
So (like the people funding Climate Change denial) JRM's pockets would benefit from not doing anything about it. But it doesn't mean that, like the think tanks paid by above-mentionned funders, he claims Climate Change shouldn't be fought...
Oh wait.
Another thing to know about Rees-Mogg, he may be quite close to disaster capitalists-funded Legatum Institute -or it's just that, sometimes, he likes to invite random groups of people he barely knows for breakfast.. (Was that in his rescued by £7.6m wife ancestral's house?)
I mean, he ended up dining with Nazis admirers -and gave them a speech- and realised only *afterward* what they stood for. A little bit like C. Westley who said AMW was her hero, but only because she didn't know that many things about AMW -I mean, she was her hero is all.
A man that Russian bots used to *love* -for whatever reason.
And who, when not lecturing raped girls about ethics (yes, the guy whose firm says ethics is dispensable) also met with Bannon at a London hotel before to say he wasn't interested in such a meeting.
The ERG's chair, Ladies & Gentlemen-aka #PoshTrump.
Let's take 2s here to note JRM is not the only politician Bannon wanted to be in touch w/: he said he was in contact w/Gove, but finally decided #TrumpClone was the way to go as he's the one he endorsed after their meeting. Together w/TR.
(Be proud, Boris)
&right afterwards comes Eldon asking: Brown-haired guy endorsed by RW think tanks/Kremlin w/fascists friends/no ethics/who was involved in #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw or Blond guy endorsed by RW think tanks/Kremlin w/fascists friends/no ethics/who was involved in #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw?
Oops-Correction! I typed "Eldon", it's (ofc) *Better for the Country Ltd acting for LeaveEU*.
(Sorry, as they had the same staff &shared their data together with all other Banks' companies -or gave themselves the right to do so not to use it (120/n)- I tend to mix them up)
Anyway, back to the ERG, it's now time to take a closer look at another very interesting man -ERG's former Chair, "I want the EU disrupted" / RT guest / "I have a plan to break the spending limits" / Think Tank Network BFF / Asbestos, Arms Trade & Bitcoin lover Steve Baker.
1st stop: Libertarian Alliance event in 2010
Baker said: “Ukip &Better Off Out campaign lack ambition. I think the EU needs to be wholly torn down.”
The biggest free trade block in the world is an “obstacle” to peace and free trade across Europe’s nations.
Baker on RT, not selling "Let's Break the EU so we can replace it with freed of Human Rights EU (Eurasian Alliance)" Kremlin propaganda at all (144/n).
My favourite comment:
"This guy will not last in politics, he's too honest and tells no lies."

FTR I agree with that headline 👇
I think all businesses (&wealthy individuals) discreetly lobbying for their selfish sake throught the think tanks aka "charities" they fund/their staff are unhealthy.
(Propaganda 1.0.1: Accuse who/what you want to bring down of what you're doing)
So here's Baker praying Legatum Inst., funded by disaster capitalists openly stating they thrive on disaster..
Also please note Steve is making a difference between poverty & abject poverty, showing how little he knows on the subject.
(Sorry, messed up a little here: now at 197/n
Baker's plan to break the spending limits, brought to you by @SamCoatesTimes ...

Baker on Asbestos:
Basically sounding like: "Bloody EU regulations keeping us from poisoning workers! Phew! UK's out!"
And here's a common point between Steve Baker and Trump: They're both Asbestos fans.
Also a good practical example of what "cut red tape" truly means: Give corporations the freedom to give you cancer.
(ATST, public healthcare "must be abolished"...)

About arms trade, and well, quite a few other things, eg Brexit shadowy funding, here's an @openDemocracy article from @AdamRamsay and @PeterKGeoghegan (that I encourage you to follow -and fund, if you can)
And here comes the Bitcoin bit -especially interesting since it relates to the Atlas Network Funder, and Antigua.
So, Antigua Forum is where the think tanks' network, their funders, Google, Facebook/Trump's funder Thiel Foundation, bitcoin & pro-"no rules" politicians meet. (Oh, & an ex-advisor of Putin.)
Basically all the players I mentionned in this giant thread.
+Donors Trust/Templeton are on the advisory board.
Templeton funds Atlas, the ASI, the IEA for campaigns to abolish the NHS/influence young ppl's mind + the TPA&prob. Singham through First Trust Bank in Nassau...
Donors Trust funds Atlas, IEA &MEF funding Gatestone/TR..
OK, I'll be back tomorrow.
To come: Hancock &very interesting AI/private healthcare companies (DeepMind/Babylon) linked to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ashcroft... +Thiel, Westminster Russia Forum, WESS&co, the Australian connection..
So still far from being finished.
Night night.
(Oh, just 1 last thing-let's call that 205/n.
I encouraged you to support @PeterKGeoghegan, @adamramsay & @opendemocracy, but @DialMueller, @WendySiegelman, @J_amesp, @byline for instance also deserve support. We're not wealthy tax avoiders, but dozens of £5 make a difference...)
(Oh, & * @DeSmogUK* -and @textifire, not sure how to support, but definitively worth the check, as are "citizen investigators" like @brexit_sham & @cockneycampaign & @RealBristolNews & @NarcAware & @BrexitInspecto1 &.. add who I have forgotten when I shouldn't have here 👇)
BTW -I realised this is missing.
This 👇religious trust funding the TPA -recognise it? Yes, it's the Templeton trust/3rd fdn that has Atlas CEOs on its board, whose CEO advises the Antigua Forum, and that funds PA Templeton Fdn funding the IEA/ASI...
So, to finish with Baker, let's talk a little about Brexit the Movie -that he extensively promoted. *Maybe* not only because he was in it. Oh, look who's there next to him? Wouldn't that be NRA/Trump's team Kate? (was she working for ASI or IEA ATT? Anyway, potato, potato)
Brexi the movie is quite interesting. As (as you can see here), it couldn't have happened without LeaveEU.
Oh, and two Leave backers. A "join project". Not joint spending though, as it was solely funded by individual, according to producer David Shipley. (Although he then admitted it was a blatant lie.)
It was very important for Mr Shipley to make clear that LeaveEU actually wasn't LeaveEU, and that the fact it was credited in the credits (and on the website) was a mistake. Note the "Of course one could argue how meaningful the distinction is between the two" bit.)
Quite confusing indeed, as a little while earlier, he was calling LeaveEU LeaveEU and saying they had paid around 1/6 of the movie. I'm not sure how "they" can be understood as the "totally-independent-from-a-campaign contribution of a sole individual".
Anyway, the fact LeaveEU paid for that movie doesn't necessarily makes it campaign material, as for it to be campaign material, they would have need to us...
Oh, they used it.
(Well, an extract).
In case you need evidence it is indeed an extract from the movie, here is it -from geopolika-dot-ru, and I don't know about you, but I can't help wondering 1/ How the movie ended up here 2/ How many views come from here ?
The thing is, this movie paid by individuals (including prominent Vote Leave backers), Templeton/ASI partner WagTV and *LeaveEU* was much more used by VoteLeave than by LeaveEU. In picture 👇:
(The "Vote Leave campaign featured-length documentary"?)
Oh, and here's Hoey again!
Could someone explain me how promoting a movie at least partially paid by the other campaign you never "joined forces with" is "never joining forces with it"?
I struggle to get that.
I'm also not quite sure about how allowed it was for LeaveEU-funded Brexit the Movie to provide services to Vote Leave like, well, the movie, or flyers to distribute? Was it officially part of the spending? Could VL use material at least partially funded by the other campaign?
Another interesting thing abt this movie is who's starring in it.
Say hi to think tank staff/climate change denier... Oh, funny coincidence, Eamonn Butler's ASI got more than $1.2m from the Templeton Foundation a while ago to do a movie with WagTV/Brexit the Movie director
Among think tank staff starring in the movie, coming to the premiere or funding it, let's note Victoria Hewson, Singham's reports co-drafter in Legatum/IEA special trade commissions &Lawyers4Britain member (you know, the 1 who told TM she could trigger A50 w/o a Plmt vote).
And let's notice that, when the film clearly stating it had got funding/cldn't have existed w/o LeaveEU was aired, co-funder/starring-in-it/heavily-promoting-it Steve Baker MP suddenly lost his MP quality -but probably not to keep ppl from realising he was that Steve Baker?
Also note that, when Shipley said that LeaveEU had "loathed the film" because it "didn't talk about migration", that may be as true than when its website stated the movie was entirely crowdfunded. As LeaveEU "kind of" promoted it on SM, forgetting to say they "loathed it".
Less often &not on the ground like VL, sure -but still.
Last thing for tonight, please note Steve Baker here using his promotion of Leave-EU funded movie to promote the infamous 50m prize (the one that no one ever won for what we know of,but allowed to gather precious data)
Oh, I almost forgot. Possible beautiful advantage of the crowd-funding: It might have allowed people who didn't want their donations to be reported to give less than £7,500 more than one time -as multiple mentions of a same person on the website suggests?
Could be different people w/the same name, but couldn't find double in the credits at the end of the movie... (Fill free to correct me if I'm wrong). Actually, these people -that donated twice?- are not even credited at all -and neither is IEA member Christopher Snowdon..
Oh, and one last interesting thing: Here is how I met David Shipley (at that time, I had no idea who he was.)
He popped up one day in my notifications, as I was tweeting about the Templeton Foundation and its grant to the IEA to push for the eradication of the NHS.
(FTR, will get back to the ERG/its Westminster Russia Forum member&WRF later)
I'm now going to take a few tweets to talk about Babylon Healthcare/Deepmind/Free Enterprise Group (hosted/staff by got-a-grant-to-abolish-the-NHS IEA) Matt Hancock, UK current *Health Secretary*.
Although he does kind of sound like Babylon Healthcare/Google DeepMind Rep.
Like, regularly.
(May I recommand you check @DrMurphy11 with the hashtag #healthtech to get a maybe "slightly" different opinion on that matter -you know, for the sake of balance.)
Oh, there -I found the tweet.

227 bis/n
(May I add that Dr Murphy is not the only doctor "slightly" less enthusiastic about BabylonHealth than the current Health Secretary.)
BTW @drmurphy11 @doctor_oxford @drbenwhite, everyone knows about this, right?
"Capitalizing on UK's leading AI ecosystem"
Tho Matt Hancock is not only pulling for Babylon Healthcare, but also for Google Deepmind (funny how that logo looks like SCL, BTW -for no reason at all, probably. Just like Cambridga Analytica matched SCL elections perfectly.)
Anyway. So pulling for 2 firms.
Oh -wait...
Now what were the odds? Turns out DeepMind founders are Babylon Health shareholders! And DeepMind CEO/Babylon Health shareholder is now advising govt -the same govt that promotes its AI! While other people say private sh
"Funny that", eh, @doctor_oxford?
But but but, other people are praising DeepMind/Babylon Healthcare AI, like in this article written by... oh, right, DeepMind's co-founder and head of applied AI. Not exactly surprising then.
It must be noted that the NHS, that experienced DeepMind AI as well, didn't sound that enthusiastic, according to these articles by @janewakefield.
But hey, "regulations free" post-brexit era should "solve the problem", right?
As underfunded, understaffed&unable to get the drugs it needs post-Brexit NHS shouldn't be much of a pickle here, let's take a closer look at non-DeepMind Babylon's investors -Who'll get Brexit dividends when UK people will have to turn to them as *they* will have drugs.
Vostok: "identify and invest in assets with considerable potential for value appreciation"-well, guess most people care about them&their love ones not dying
-which makes healthcare a valuable market!
+UK isn't an emerging market -but it'll soon be a re-emerging market, so..
Next stop, NNC Holding: "Dedicated to adding value to clients' businesses".
Very "healthcary".
Oh, NNC's been bought by a...
Nuclear company?
So, Nuclear and Healthcare -er... complementary activities? (oh, pharmaceuticals)
Oh but wait Amec has been bought too!
Wood group?
Holy s***
People, meet the CEO -& two partners- of these shareholders of Babylon Healthcare, a company praised by UK Healthcare Secretary and advising UK's government.
And a few Babylone partners: Capita, Peter Thiel's Palantir -& many other.
All very "will of the sovereign ppl"
And thanks to all these nice people who care so much about your (and the plante) well-being, soon you'll be able to go see your Babylon Health doctor in pretty premices since *they* are not underfunded. (Although if you are, and you're really sick, not sure how you'll fare)
Tho if you can only afford US-imported junk food (or exercise your freedom to smoke&drink "won" by the IEA), you may be in deep s***
&Matt Hancock will say it's *your fault*.
Also expect more expensive (Banks?) health insurance for the “guilty ones”

But but but -If you do no want to pay Hancock's Google friends for your healthcare once Brexit/IEA funders manage to bring down the NHS, you will have another choice: This wonderful American private clinic, with patriotic Brexiter Ashcroft on board.
Now who's happy?
Now that's interesting.
Zuck will not come to answer (quite a few) Parliaments' representatives' question...
But he came for Matt Hancock.

And so did Peter Thiel a while ago. An interesting character linking Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Alphabet (Google+Youtube), Atlas Network "Free Trade" think tanks &libertarianists' (deregulated) values
More on that later (sorry, guys, gotta work)

• • •

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