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16 Nov 18, 68 tweets, 46 min read
Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) #performative #activism #whitefeminism t.co/TRRC7sd3ez
Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) openly supports an online fashion boutique that has a racist slur against Native/Indigenous Americans, in their name. #performative #activism

Alison Brettschneider (25Park) on Instagram, defending the use of a racist slur. Referring to people standing up against racism as a, “pack of rabid animals”. Similar to the way Alison called a black person, “roach” during her dispute with Rachel Cargle. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) during the dispute with Rachel Cargle. Alison the “Anti bully”, displayed racist tendencies and white fragility.

Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park, “anti bully” and friend of Vicky Cornell) #whitesaviorcomplex

Alison Brettschneider — fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” and friend of Vicky Cornell. ImageImage
.@talkspace @AddictionPolicy @nyspcc

#TuesdayThoughts from Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) the “anti bully” and friend Vicky Cornell.

#AntiBullyingWeek ImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider “anti bully” (fka 25Park) tackling a “troll” who has allegedly been stalking her for some weeks. Alison invites followers to go after the troll person, including commenting on the troll’s father’s (Canadian member of Parliament) Instagram account. ImageImageImage
.@talkspace please remind Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) the “anti bully” and “Thought Leader”, of your recommendations on ways to deal with cyberbullying.

.@talkspace this is an excellent article, thank you. ImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) the “anti bully” and friend of Vicky Cornell; in the midst of dealing with abusive comments (on Instagram) aimed at her. After inviting followers to go after the harasser, Alison then criticizes one of her own followers... ImageImageImageImage
The irony of Alison Brettschneider’s (fka 25Park) words to this person...see screenshots in previous tweets. Vicky Cornell and Alison, please read these tips on how best to deal with cyberbullying (trolls) on social media @talkspace ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider — fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” and friend of Vicky Cornell, announces that she plans to go to the US border...continued.
It’s unclear what Alison Brettschneider (Vicky Cornell’s friend fka @25Park) plans to do at the US border or how her presence there, will help the people who are seeking asylum but Alison uses *this* as an opportunity to sell her “statement” jackets, hats and sweatshirts. ImageImage
5 days ago, Alison Brettschneider — fka @25Park “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” and friend of Vicky Cornell, announced that she plans to go to the US border. She posted video footage taken near border in Tijuana. No mention of the name of the person who filmed it...
[Alison claimed, that person wanted to remain anonymous, this wasn’t true] Alison uses the caption on the post to call out yet another person who was arguing with her. Multiple people ask what they can donate (for the asylum seekers at the border) and where to send items... ImageImageImageImage
[continued] Instagram user avancekitty claims that Alison Brettschneider is a “deadbeat”, “doesn’t pay her bills” and that her shop/s 25Park, have been shut down due to this. After that, it seems avancekitty was blocked by Alison. ImageImageImage
[continued re. Alison Brettschneider] People kept asking what items, where + how to donate, for asylum seekers at the US border. Instead of posting a list of instructions, Alison tells people to dm her. Negative feedback from someone who tried to contact her... ImageImage
[see previous tweets] Meanwhile, Alison Brettschneider’s Instagram story posts (past 3 days) have been focused, predominantly, on selling clothing as part of a sample sale. ImageImageImage
Currently, Alison has shared information (on her Instagram story only) about a donation drive for asylum seekers at the US border, organized by another Instagram user. Owner of
@coronadocupcakery in San Diego, California @rosasalvaje202, who has made trips to the refugee camps. ImageImage
[continued] If you want to send supplies see @rosasalvaje202 on Instagram. You can make a donation to help asylum seekers in Tijuana at the US port of entry, here at Families Belong Together. Follow @paolamendoza on Twitter + Instagram for more updates.

secure.actblue.com/donate/refugee… ImageImageImageImage
Over 5 days since, Alison Brettschneider — fka 25Park “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” and friend of Vicky Cornell, announced that she plans to go to the US border, first to “raise all hell...plan on getting arrested” then a few days later, asked people to donate items.
Alison didn’t make it clear what items were most in need, by the people at the refugee camps at the border or how/where to send the items. Instead she repeatedly asked people to dm her for details, which were in fact a donation drive being organized by another person...
[continued] Alison didn’t let people know that they could also donate to Families Belong Together and RAICES, if sending items wasn’t convenient. Instead she said Amazon Gift Cards were an option; meanwhile, it seems Alison was still nowhere near the US border, this weekend. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider — fka 25Park “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” and friend of Vicky Cornell. ImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park // “When Feminism Is White Supremacy in Heels: From tone policing to whitesplaining, the liberal white women's feminism is more toxic than they realize, explains Rachel Cargle.” #toxic

.@talkspace please remind your associate, Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) the “anti bully”, “activist” + “Thought Leader”, of your recommendations for effective ways to deal with cyberbullying. See link below for ‘7 Ways to Deal with Cyberbullying’. ImageImageImageImage

[See previous tweets] Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) “anti bully”.

From Talkspace online therapy service: 7 Ways to Deal with Cyberbullying — “Don’t retaliate and write a nasty post in response. It will only make the situation worse.”
Over a week now since Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) “anti bully”, “activist” and “philanthropist”, announced that she’s heading to the US border to “raise all hell”. Today Alison posted a video clip where she mentioned (shouted) in passing that she’s going to the border... ImageImage
Also today, Alison Brettschneider (formerly known as the owner of 25 Park, fashion boutique, see Yelp reviews) promoted another Instagram account selling clothes. There are approximately 10 Instagram accounts associated with Alison + the 25 Park name, most appear to be inactive. ImageImageImageImage
See previous tweets. ImageImageImage
Continued...Alison Brettschneider formerly the owner of 25 Park fashion boutique. Yelp reviews.

m.yelp.com/biz/25-park-ma… ImageImageImage
Update: Alison Brettschneider/25Park “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist”. It’s been over 2 weeks now, Alison seems to have forgotten her plans to go to the US border, to “raise all hell” and deliver supplies to the people seeking asylum...
...Over the past week (besides listing more clothes online for sale) Alison/25Park appears to have been carrying out a smear campaign against various well known and widely respected activists, on Instagram.
Alison Brettschneider fka @25Park “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist”, continues her smear campaign, attacking and trying to discredit a number of well known + respected activists (mainly black women) on Instagram...
^ 12.19.18 Alison Brettschneider (25Park) published an article on @Medium it has received multiple feedback comments, general consensus — it’s a hateful, racist attack and that Alison is once again displaying ignorance, white fragility and using bully tactics. ImageImageImage
I recommed reading this article again: by Aja Barber @etoilee8 on @Medium medium.com/@ajabarber/25p…
@Medium @etoilee8
photo credit/by artist @br00bs
Ruben Guadalupe Marquez Image
See previous tweets. @Medium removed the inflammatory post written by Alison Brettschneider but they also removed Aja Barber’s essay, which wasn’t harmful or hateful in anyway. Alison’s piece was a racist attack, full of threats, with an indication of more to come.
Alison (fka 25Park) said Medium contacted her and told her that the post violated their policies because it mentioned someone by name. Alison also claims that she never complained about Aja’s essay. In another comment she says her family had received death threats after. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) allegedly, threatened to bring legal action against Medium. She is still failing to take accountability for her harmful words and behavior. Claiming that “very ugly lies” have been said about her by some “very confused women”. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) “anti-bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” — if you look at her Instagram stories, a common theme is her going after other IG users who have a difference of opinion with her. Posting their photos, naming calling and insulting them. ImageImageImage
Quote from Alison Brettschneider (fka 25Park) the “anti-bully”: “I am always blown away by the audacity of people.” Meanwhile if people say something to Alison that she disagrees with, they’re dismissed and labeled as “trolls”, she often jokes about their mental health...
Alison Brettschneider intimidates people via Instagram messages. On her Instagram stories she shares screenshots of people’s photos, mocking them... ImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park “anti bully” + “activist”, doesn’t appear to understand that so-called “PC” is simply about treating all people with respect. Notice how she shows a lot more restraint towards LeBron than she has for several women of color writers and activists...
Alison admits, “I’m embarrassed I don’t know what “blackface” is” — this from someone who calls herself a “SJW” and ally. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park, “anti-bully” “activist” “philanthropist”: once again tokenizes and objectifies the Black children she has had in her care, tries too hard to deny her white fragility and white privilege. #whitesaviorcomplex is real. ImageImageImageImage
Meanwhile, Alison Brettschneider offers payment for a screenshot, while harassing and ridiculing a person on Instagram. @ nastywomengetloud is one of Alison’s multiple Instagram accounts. ImageImageImage
Cartoon (it’s satire, not bullying or racist) illustration by artist Andrea Roussos. Image
Post from 12.22.2018 written by Aja Barber @etoilee8 shared from Instagram, a summary of events that took place last week, that resulted in Aja’s essay from July 26, 2018 on Medium, being removed. ‘25Park (Alison Brettschneider) And Why White Women Are So Hard To Trust’. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider — fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” and friend of Vicky Cornell. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider — fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” and friend of Vicky Cornell and mother, Toni Karayiannis. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider, fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” — new year, same attitude. Alison refuses to listen (and learn) to women of color. ImageImageImageImage
See previous tweets...Alison Brettschneider — fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist”. ImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist”. Two days ago Alison posted about an opinion piece written by Robin Abcarian (Los Angeles Times). In the comments she took the opportunity to mock + make disdainful comments about Rachel Cargle. ImageImageImageImage
^ Notice that Alison pulls in a Black woman pastor into this comment exchange...then continues with her disparaging statements aimed at Rachel Cargle. ImageImageImageImage
This thread was long, please refer to the original post on Instagram for full context. Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park... Image
The following is the caption from an Instagram post by Rachel Cargle (six days ago). Image
‘How White People Silence Black Voices — The Rise of Threats on Social Media: Social media makes it easy for those who don’t want to hear the truth.’ By Rachel Elizabeth Cargle @harpersbazaarus

Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park “anti bully” + “activist” has been known to intimidate people via direct messages on Instagram. Today Alison targeted an artist named Andrea Roussos. ImageImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park “anti bully”, “activist” + “philanthropist” direct messages on Instagram, to artist, Andrea Roussos. Claims to be taking legal action. ImageImageImage
Repost from artist Andrea Roussos on Instagram regarding harassment by Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park. ImageImage
Alison Brettschneider — fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” and racist friend of Vicky Cornell. If you are friends with a racist person, it means that you are OK with racism. #WhitePrivilege ImageImage
Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist” “social justice warrior” and friend of Vicky Cornell. @ alison on Instagram. #theirony ImageImageImage
Alison Brettschneider fka 25Park, “anti bully”, “activist”, “philanthropist”, “social justice warrior”, “girl power” @ alison on Instagram. #whitesavior ImageImageImage

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