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Racist white dude: <says racist things>
White women scientists: <silence>
Racist white dude: science and feminism don’t mix.
White women scientists: OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!!!

#WhiteFeminism TM never fails to white feminism
I just received an email about the following tweet from its author, and I would like to offer some comments, as a minoritized woman professor in physics about having a graduate student in physics speak to me like this:
1. I don’t believe that professors are more important than graduate students, but I also recognize that people who are faculty have worked hard to attain their positions — especially people who are minoritized. As such, I think professors are owed a certain amount of respect.
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(1) I was one of the young women who turned their backs on Trudeau yesterday in the House of Commons. It was a difficult decision, but I have absolutely no regrets.…
(2) I love my country, and I deeply respect the office of PM. However, I feel that one of the most important things I can do as somebody who loves this country, and who respects our political institutions, is to recognize where we need to do better, and to protest when needed.
(3) Our nation has failed Indigenous peoples. This is their land, stolen land, and yet many First Peoples who reside in Canada have repeatedly seen their basic rights ignored and erased, and their presence erased from our institutions. This failure needs to be recognized.
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It’s so funny and ironic how #liberals call #RadicalFeminism#WhiteFeminism”, yet, I’ve come across so much actual #racism directed at me and other #GenderCritical black women from self-righteous #trans activists/allies and libfems. 🙄
I’ve gotten more racism from that crowd in the past two weeks than I’ve gotten from any #RadicalFeminists in two months. Or any amount of time. Liberals routinely erase the radical #WomenOfColor from history who either called themselves #radfems or influenced radical feminism so
that they can call radical feminism “white”, misappropriate #Intersectionality from #BlackFeminism to try and justify including males in #feminism, argue that “transwomen are women the same way Black women are women”, (racist and dehumanizing comparison of black women to males),
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Let's talk #ThreeBillboards and why Sam Rockwell's character, Dixon, has a trash ass character arc that ruins the whole movie. It's basically the prime example of the problem with the white perspective when making films
I did that rant as part of a review I was doing for The Commuter. But i got on the topic of Three Billboards because there's this theme of making trash ass white cops seem like they're still "good people"
just a warning, there will be some spoilers here for #ThreeBillboards
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