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Is there really a “fuller picture” or are y’all just twisting yourselves into knots trying to sugarcoat blatant racism and White rage per usual?
Here’s a novel suggestion: if you don’t want your life ruined by public vilification because you behaved like a fucking racist in public, DON’T behave like a fucking racist in public.
Y’all elected this racist farce, it’s way too fucking late in the game for you to be too ashamed of yourselves to face the inevitable consequences.
These people live and breathe racism every damn day but have the nerve and fucking gall to be offended by simply being labeled as such. If you can’t take the inevitable heat remove the red hat, motherfuckers.
We don’t feel sorry for you that your privileged future is potentially going to be hurled off course due to YOUR bigoted worldview and behavior in the public square. Break out your fucking bootstraps and deal with it.
Just because you feel righteous in your bigotry doesn’t mean you aren’t inviting righteous indignation against it. If you choose to own MAGA, you choose to identify yourself as not only an enabler of bigots but a bigot too. Let the chips fall where they may and stop crying foul.
Folk still think they can “opt out” of the most heinously racist, sexist, and xenophobic aspects of Trump/MAGA and for the umpteenth time it simply cannot fucking be done. Y’all own every ugly morsel of this disaster and these racist children belong to the entire GOP, @secupp.
No one on the right wing is addressing the decades long radicalization of the White community because the survival of the GOP requires said radicalization to occur without scrutiny or intervention.
America as a whole is in a constant state of peril due to the rage, arrogance, entitlement, abuse, greed, corruption and violence of White male privilege. These antisocial Catholic school boys grow up to be heads of state, that’s the “fuller picture” ICYMI.
The “fuller picture” is White male rage is responsible for over 90% of the mass shootings on American soil.
The “fuller picture” is mainstream White America refusing to hold itself accountable for unleashing the fascism of Trumpism in a futile attempt to make America White again and instead trying to convince everyone else that we just took it wrong.
I don’t need extra footage to know that Republicans are teaching their children to hate, mock, fear and abuse. Trump is sufficient proof.
They sent a racist sexual predator crook to DC to staff the government with other racists, sexual predators and crooks and the rot extends all the way down to their churches, schools and children. They created this disaster in their own image. That’s the “fuller picture”.
All of this is a consequence of mainstream White America still believing its own superiority hype and being too fragile and irresponsible to face the ugly consequences of propagating White male supremacy under the guise of mundane patriotism and spirited GOP partisanship.
Hate crimes perpetrated by predominantly White men and boys have been on the rise since 2008 so none of this shit is breaking news and neither are the mental gymnastics the MSM is undertaking to excuse and enable the radicalization of America’s most privileged demographic.
The American MSM remains negligent despite the heightened level of threat and risk because calling out and denouncing right wing extremism requires unapologetic confrontation of the ENTIRE institution of White male privilege that is etched into this country’s founding documents.
They can’t fully flush out the issue of toxic White masculinity because doing so requires an indictment of the White GOP and NRA, the White evangelical and Catholic Church, and the whitewashed history of the Civil War they’re still teaching in predominately White schools.
There are infinite layers to the shit but in general it doesn’t make White people look as innocent as they’d prefer to believe and it doesn’t fit into a nice/neat 3 minute panel discussion on cable TV so 🤐. That’s been America’s SOP for the last 3 decades and it wrought MAGA.
The discussion’s been reduced to racists screaming reverse racism & White “moderates” trying to give them the benefit of doubt for civility’s sake. Keep it real, y’all just want peace with the toxic White men in your own personal lives and feigning confusion makes you feel safe.
Y’all don’t need more footage or a “fuller picture”, you’ve already been conditioned to believe the angry conservative White man is always right & his behavior is always acceptable, no matter how blatantly abusive/oppressive he is. Also you aren’t fooling anyone but yourselves.
From now on when you hear these people defending the indefensible behavior of Trump, his GOP peers and MAGA youth, understand that they are simultaneously defending the privilege of their fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, pastors and friends too. This is a collective CYA moment.
They believe in White supremacy but don’t want to fess up to it, they want to exude racism but never be called racists, and they want to abuse people without being ostracized or prosecuted for their oppression. Don’t ever expect them to be honest brokers b/c they don’t know how.
White-Washing White Supremacy: Media Rushes to Excuse Covington Catholic Students rewirenews.link/2MpYAwC via @jljacobson
White House that cages kids whines about MAGA teens' treatment shareblue.com/white-house-sa… via @owillis
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Covington Catholic Teen on ‘Fox & Friends’: Blackface Is ‘School Spirit’ thedailybeast.com/covington-cath… via @thedailybeast GTFOH.
Racism, misogyny and White male privilege aside (not really) the other offensive thing about this fiasco is how an alleged “school” chose MLK holiday weekend to go to DC to protest abortion rather than honor MLK or engage in public service. That alone is suspicious/illustrative.
If this is included in their extra-curricular activities I seriously question how the graduates of this institution are even knowledgeable or personable enough to be employable outside the realm of nepotism and White privilege. What are they teaching besides GOP politics? 🧐
I wanna see the actual Covington Catholic curriculum, off top I bet the history and science classes are complete horse shit.
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