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Who is Sean Feucht @seanfeucht
White Supremacist
Evangelical Christian
Grifter taking in millions asking for donations everywhere
Bobos Lover?
Anti-LGBTQ, anti-vaccine, anti-Black Lives Matter
Forgiven Covid loan
He’s a fraud
#Anonymous #ExpectUs…
#FAFO mother fucker
Did we mention we are suing you for your documentary film, “SUPERSPREADER: THE RISE OF #LETUSWORHSIP
For misinformation leading to the deaths of many while stating it was a communist takeover
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By all means I’m a Black Texas Democrat so I could literally write the book on national D neglect of not only Texas Democrats but Democrats in EVERY “former” Confederacy, current Jim Crow, “red”/purple state. We don’t take our ball and go home, we don’t boo louder than we #VOTE.
No, this is the thing. If a Black woman descendant of Jim Crow survivors who’s well steeped in the community organizing tricks of the trade that have been passed down since slavery to the most reliable Democratic voting bloc in American history isn’t apathetic, why are y’all?
Not only that, but you don’t even have to be Black in the South to understand the 🆘 and call to action b/c @BetoORourke is out here from dusk to dawn trying to save this godforsaken state from the GOP with almost no help from the White voting majority, alt left or the DNC. 🦾🌊
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Reminder: the word abortion does not appear in the Bible.
Since we’re on the subject of Republican hypocrisy/misogyny/racism/homophobia/transphobia (and other assorted SCOTUS confirmation bullshit), here’s a throwback to the Keg Stand Kavanaugh tantrums they tolerated without uttering a single objection. 🧾 #KlanBehavior #WeBeenKnew
Black women supporting Kamala Harris’ presidential bid/VP nod, as well as Joe Biden’s early declaration of his commitment to nominating a Black woman to the SCOTUS & a woman as @VP, as well as Jim Clyburn’s 2nd guessed endorsement of Biden above ALL else, tried to tell Y’ALL.
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Except for all intents/purposes, VA *was* TX not too long ago. The 2021 Gubernatorial election set back over a decade of hard-won progress by VA Democrats. It can happen in ANY historically or recently “blue” state at the drop of a dime, if enough White voters DEFECT/vote GOP. 🥴 ImageImageImageImage
How White Women, Stockholm Syndrome, and the Southern Strategy Propelled Republicans to Victory In Virginia | via @docrocktex26 #MAGAWomen #SouthernStrategy101 #Gilead 👹
Attention Virginia Democrats and anti-fascists: Nobody’s free until EVERYBODY’S FREE.
🗣🆘⏰🔔🔥🗣 #StayReady #WeHaveYourBack #ExpectUs🌊 #GetInFormationAndStayThere Image
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Is this snark or legit “not all White people” in *my* TL in the year of our Queen Betty White’s 2022?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🧐 #DyingOfWhitenessWithJonAndJane
Asked & answered. 🙄💅🏾☕️🧾🌴 #ScreenshotsAreForever #Bloop
I can assure you you’re roasting your own self, dear. 🥴 Deplorable and unexamined White privilege are a CHOICE, they go together like PB&J.
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🔥 COYOTE CAMP LIVES! 🔥 Nov 19 2021: #Gidimten land defenders evicted #CGL workers and re-established control of #CoyoteCamp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath #Wetsuweten headwaters, #WedzinKwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance
Early Sunday, Gidimt'en land defenders evicted Coastal GasLink workers & re-established control of Coyote Camp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath Wedzin Kwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs
Nov 19, 2021, Gidimt'en land defenders evicted Coastal GasLink workers & re-established control of Coyote Camp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath Wedzin Kwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs
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On December 16, 2021, Dinï ze’ Woos of Cas Yikh, Gidimt’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en nation confronted one of Coastal Gaslink’s international investors the National Australia Bank (NAB) at their Annual General Meeting. #WetsuwetenStrong

He confronted NAB about their investment in Indigenous Rights. Coastal GasLink has not gained free, prior and informed consent.

Listen to their response.
Banks are not taking responsibility for their involvement in land theft and illegal projects like Coastal GasLink, that continue to enact colonial violence against Indigenous people with no intention of stopping.
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Read our full 2021 Recap of Events on Wet'suwet'en Territory 🔥 Resistance to colonial Canada and genocidal CGL on Cas Yikh Gidimt’en Territory continues. We are still here.
Join the #WetsuwetenResistance
Take Action Dec 20-27 #DivestCGL #ShutDownCanada…
We call on all nations, allies, accomplices, and supporters everywhere to RISE UP in solidarity. We are in this fight for the long haul and we will not back down. This pipeline will never be built. Join the WET'SUWET'EN RESISTANCE! #wetsuwetenresistance Image
@iamjayohcee Wet’suwet’en land defenders enforced eviction of Coastal GasLink by blocking roads into the territory. NOV 14-17, 2021. 🔥 Join the WET'SUWET'EN RESISTANCE! #wetsuwetenresistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs Image
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Good morning, Jefferson City. #ExpectUS
Tell it like it is, @RepSheenBean! #ExpectUS
We need justice, and we’ll keep showing up until we get it. #ExpectUS
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🔥🥳🔥💣😈🚨🥰🤩 #ExpectUs
Joe Biden selects Senator Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate #ForThePeople #JusticeIsComing #ExpectUs #BidenHarris2020 🔥🚨🌊🥳…
Is it too soon to fire up my #DraftKamalaCommittee 💅🏾 evergreens or nah? 🧐
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Feels like an opportune moment for an evergreen Police Brutality Thread Alert 🚨... #GeorgeFloyd #BLM #SayHisName #ICantBreatheAGAIN
Circa October 2014: Racism and Darren Wilson Supporters: Not a Coincidence. | via @docrocktex26…
Circa October 2014: "He Reached for My Gun," and Other Fantasies Invoked by Police Who Kill Unarmed Black Men | via @docrocktex26…
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That awkward moment when a dyed in the wool @TexasGOP stan finds the *great* common sense the good Lord gave him & uses his syrupy, twangy drawl to speak the unvarnished truth to MAGAts who voted to close their hospitals but don’t know it b/c DT said “HOAX”. #CowsPlowsSows 🤠🔥💣
Ok, so ICYMI socioeconomic warfare is officially underway. 🤬 The battle to save the corporation that supplied the slayed-to-the-gods coats of armor to Malia & Sasha Obama’s inauguration swag is HERE. #ShotsFired #AntiTrumps #GetOnTheBattlefield #Solidarity #UniteVoteWin 👿💣🔥 ImageImage
Kroger buys and redirects dairy farmers’ surplus milk to Feeding America food banks | via @FoodNavigatorUS cc @HoustonFoodBank @BetoORourke #HometownHeroes 🔥🤩🇺🇸…
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“We’re angry about not being heard, we’re angry about being told that no, y’all are so enthusiastic but we wanna keep trying to chase White people we know aren’t gonna vote with us & set the ticket up for failure.” @docrocktex26 #ExpectUs #SoulOfANation 🔥…
Battle for the White resentment, insurgency, insurrection micropenises, and gun fetishism of a nation:
Battle for the “well-regulated” militias and stockpiles of a nation:
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That’s also what paradoxically makes Texas more of a winnable state with Joe, it really is a very classic LBJ dynamic and displacement happening here. TX is officially NOT defendable by $ or Trump Klan appearances, any of the above sends TX more blue b/c it exacerbates the shame.
Trump and the GOP already maximized the fullest extent of the raw data Klan vote (not to say they don’t still have the Russian hack option) plus the ‘18 midterm and ‘20 polling already show that he’s hugely slipping in the burbs’ as the disaster gets worse every day. Lame Donald.
Not only that, but I don’t care whether you have an R or D after your name, if you fuck up J. R. Ewing’s “AWL” 💵 it really just fucking DOES have to be over for you b/c Texas’ whole economy requires a steady hand (or at least a Bush that loves oil and war) on the tiller. Toast.
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Indeed it is. Most of the 🤖 I’ve blocked in this thread are claiming to be “Liz supporters” as if we don’t already know that most of the reliable Liz stans started riding with Biden after the 1st Super Tuesday and aren’t here for bullshit. It’s *very* transparent. 🙄
Seems we’ve officially arrived at the very prescient #EvergreenTweet PJ archive stage of this here thread, y’all... #saddleup #tallboots 🌵💣🔥
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Because the MSM knows that much like Hillary and Barack, Kamala has the recipe for sending Trump and the entire @GOP back to the swamp and turning the Dirty “red” South blue for @JoeBiden with #VoteByMail2020. They don’t wanna give us the chance to #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare 🤡
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Despite COVID-19 deaths topping 10,000 in the U.S and case numbers surpassing 350K+, 79% of Fox “News” consumers who responded to a Pew Research survey believe the media “slightly or greatly exaggerated” the risk of the pandemic. | via @VanityFair 🦊😷… ImageImageImage
How Trump and his gang of intransigent @GOP Governors are fundamentally incapable of managing #COVID19 altruistically b/c their profit motives & false pride take top priority, but Democrats are turning the tide with science & empathy | via @RickSmithShow…
“Two Texas prison units are on a complete lockdown after most of their inmate population was placed in medical restriction for possible exposure to COVID-19...”
| via @HoustonChron 😬😷… ImageImageImageImage
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Are people grasping the sheer level of unrepentant, unapologetic cowardice on display from @GregAbbott_TX and the @TexasGOP right now? 🧐 Their heads are so far up Trump’s ass that they won’t even take the “risk” of demonstrating competent leadership in a global health crisis.
Abbott thinks he’s slick and is using linguistic gymnastics & the patchwork system of local govt/states’ rights to both downplay the threat of Coronavirus for Trump *and* work behind the scenes to handle the problem internally at the same time. 😒 3/19/20:… ImageImageImageImage
These red state Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouths on #COVID19 b/c keeping the profit margins healthy at their fave businesses and appeasing #TemperTantrumTrump are way higher priorities for them than protecting/saving lives. “Pro-life” is a habitual LIE.
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Doesn’t look good for the @TexasGOP out here, I’m in a respectably long line to vote at 2 PM CT in a majority-minority district in Sugar Land. Bless y’all’s hearts. 😘 #SuperTuesday2020
Whew chile I made it out in 50 minutes. Line was just as long when I left as it was when I got there so I feel for the folk who are gonna show up after 5.... 😬
Here’s more background on how the voting process works in states that hold “open” primaries and don’t tie party affiliation to voter registration.…
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I see folk on here who’ve spent this entire primary wringing their hands & asking us to keep explaining why Biden’s retained such a large % of Black support, but have the nerve to be issuing his campaign last rites based on how he fared in a batshit caucus in a 3% Black state. 😒
I know we’re tired and just ready to get it over with, but some of y’all are just making shit up at this point.
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In the Democratic primary, “full strength” for the fight for *any candidate* means having an army of Black women behind them. That army will not be formed or in winning formation for *any candidate* without a thorough vetting.
It’s not optional. #ExpectUs
Seriously though, if you’re so sure that a certain candidate is the only logical hope for defeating Trump, how are you also so sure that said candidate’s whole campaign and electability will fall apart under the weight of being vetted by the base of the Democratic Party? 🧐
Notice how they automatically jump to “we’re gonna lose to Trump” when the frontrunners incur scrutiny from the base? Even after 8 years of Obama and a field as large and diverse as we have, they aren’t capable of fathoming any other candidates building a winning coalition. Sad.
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At Congressman Steve Womack’s town hall in Rogers, AR tonight he was asked a question about gun violence. He blamed single parents and the room was not having it. @MomsDemand #ExpectUs #ARLeg
THEN he blamed the separation of church and state saying we took God out of schools. No word on if he meant other people’s gods or just his. Again, the crowd was not having it.
Later a woman (my new shero) got up to scold him. 👏👏👏
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