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So shoutout to @swagugu for this thread re: white Christianity and #BLM I hope it’s helpful for you!
The history of Christianity is vast, but the particular American evangelical/mainline strain is steeped in #whitesupremacy.
We could begin with the doctrine of discovery and the decimation of indigenous peoples, but I don’t know that history so well, so I’ll stay in my more philosophical-theological vein. What I can say is that the distinction between saved and unsaved (heathen and Christian)...
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Liste ernster Probleme der Gegenwart:

1. #Klimawandel.
1.1. Sibirien taut auf und brennt ab.
1.2. Arktis taut auf.
1.3. Meeresströmungen und Jetstream ändern sich.
1.4. Wetterextreme und Dürre.
1.5. Abtauende Gletscher und höhere Temperaturen.
1.6. Steigende Meeresspiegel.

2. #Artensterben und #Insektensterben
3. Abholzen der Wälder.
4. Überfischung der Meere.
5. Anstieg der Meerestemperaturen.
6. #Umweltverschmutzung.
6.1. Müllteppiche in den Meeren.
6.2. Öl, Metall und Giftmüll.
6.3. Plastikmüll und Mikroplastik.
6.4. Atommüll.

7. #WhiteSupremacy und #Rassismus.
8. Zunehmender #Faschismus.
9. #BigData und Datenschutz.
10. #Pressefreiheit und #Meinungsfreiheit.
11. #FakeNews und lügende Politik.
12. #Staatsverschuldung.
13. #Corona Pandemie.
14. Soziale Ungleichheit

Ergänzt, was ich vergessen habe!

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Minneapolis: Justice for Breonna Taylor Protest…
“Breonna Taylor’s life is just as important as George Floyd’s.”

Community organizer Mel Reeves speaks at Powderhorn Park in #Minneapolis, adding the only reason that the case of 23-year-old Elijah McClain is now getting attention is because of mass protests.
“Our Black women are the pillar of our community and we have to start treating them like it.”

Tajir Adams (sp?) speaks about the intersecting oppressions against women & against #BlackPeople endured specifically by Black women.
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@mbraceTHEcool "Speaking of black conservatives"
@mbraceTHEcool Counter arguments -

Richard Thompson Ford -- The Simple Falsehoods of Race

How Thomas Sowell (on the right) and Professor Michael C. Dawson (on the left) get it so wrong.…
@mbraceTHEcool Professor Richard Thompson Ford on Professor Thomas Sowell

"Surely it is not controversial to insist that slaves and their descendants suffer more from slavery than do their masters and their descendants...." Image
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In all systems of oppression you will find a broken or suppressed balancing feedback loop. (I think...I am writing out this thread to test an idea in my head.) #SystemsThinking #Patriarchy #WhiteSupremacy #Ecocide
Balancing feedback loops measure the difference between a desired state of a system and the actual state and actuate corrective action.
Without balancing feedback, systems spin out of control. Think a car without brakes (or without a clearheaded driver to press on the brakes). Think a virus in a population without immunity or a cancer cell without immune surveillance or a police department w/o citizen oversight.
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Black Slavery Myths Debunked

Claim: Every civilization had slavery.

FACT: “Slaves were NEVER chattel until the 19th century — NEVER in world history were slaves considered chattel until modern times.”

— Dr. David Neiman


African Americans were enslaved for a much longer time than the Bible says the Jews ( 250 vs. 210 ) years were.

Of course, followed by more years of legal aparthied.…
Many scholars say the Jews weren't slaves. But, that they were actually paid. Anyway, if it didn't happen. It's still interesting. Why? Because that's the story African Americans clung to during slavery in America.
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1. "Racism is learned!"

#BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
2. "Racism is learned!"
3. "Racism is learned."

#BlackLivesMatter #BlueFlu
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@realdonaldtrump’s lack of emotional growth has left him a #petulant, ill-mannered toddler, in the body of a 74-year old, desperately seeking the approval of his surrogate father in #Moscow. Defacing the Ashe monument is a perfect expression ...…
... of what #trumpism is after almost 3.5 yrs of his occupation of the Oval Office. Lacking any semblance of a coherent ideology or intellectual foundation, the movement offers its rank & file nothing more than #racism, #spite, & #insults instead of ideas.
W/ Confederate ...
... monuments being defaced & toppled across #Virginia, the #trumpist motivation & justification was no more complex than ‘they did it to our statues, we need to get one of theirs.’ That’s it! @potus* is a damaged human (see @gtconway3d & @TomJChicago, @duty2warn, et al) ...
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Less than 2 weeks ago, the top cop—and top #Chad—in Riverside County, @SheriffBianco, was telling the Board of Supervisors that "it's not your job to tell me what to do" when it comes to ensuring that the @RSO is held accountable to the public for violence committed by deputies.
In May, Bianco passed himself off simultaneously as an expert on #pandemics and a constitutional scholar when instructing the Board of Supervisors to ignore guidelines from the Riverside County #publichealth officer and California Governor @GavinNewsom.
#LawEnforcement isn't Chad Bianco's only job: he doubles as the county coroner, which it turns out is problematic. Two Fridays ago, he again told the Board of Supervisors that he rejected oversight efforts— even though he knew how a man had been killed in @RSO custody in 2017.
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Okay...praying as I type and for my twitter friends as you read.

Trying to be very clear here.
Communication is a two way street.

My job is to be as clear as I can-and be humble and patient when others tell me they hear me say something-whether I intended it or not.
My job is to keep my “street” clean as possible and when “reviled to not revile in return” and to keep “entrusting myself to the one who judges rightly.”

If I believe someone is negatively interpreting or if someone is misrepresenting me intentionally- my job is to love.
If I believe-and hundreds or even thousands of others agree that I have been clear BUT there is one person I can serve by trying to be clearer - my job is to love that person.

So here is clarity- for ALL my twitter friends I love.
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Thread zu #racialprofiling:
In meiner Zivi-Zeit ging es los, dass ich mir langen Haaren, Punk- und Metalshirts, Bandana & Nieten rumgelaufen bin. Ich wurde dann auch 1-2 mal von der Polizei aufgehalten und, aufgrund meines Aussehens, überprüft.
Ein Polizist fragte:
"Haben Sie Waffen oder irgendwelche Drogen dabei?"
Ich fragte ihn, ob ich denn so aussehen würde und er meinte "ehrlich gesagt, ja" (war wenigstens ehrlich ;-) )
Ich habe mich nicht groß geärgert, war ja auch kein Thema.
Es gibt dieses "Profiling" bei der Polizei und vor allem
gibt es das Problem mit dem "Racial Profiling", dass schwarze Menschen, andere Hauttypen verstärkt polizeilich kontrolliert und überwacht werden.

Ich bin evtl. damals in ein solches "Kriminalitäts-Profil" gerutscht, dennoch ist dies nie vergleichbar mit Racial Profiling...
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Lets break down some of this chaos and get a good picture at who’s participating right now and what their motivations are.

I’ve seen a few people on social media mentioning that this issue shouldn’t be about politics.
While I love their heart in that, and I agree with them in the sentiment, these is nothing more intensely spiritual and political than our current events right now.

I’m sure everyone has felt the stress and tension going on. What you’re feeling isn’t your white guilt,
Although you may have that, I don’t know.

It’s spiritual warfare. There are very evil plays being made. So lets start by looking at this graph.

**warning language for all videos** Image
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So the question now is why would this evil god, White Supremacy, allow someone to live so well? He's not starving, barefoot somewhere. These are millionaires who rub elbows with famous people every single day. In an evil system, there has to be something odd about this, right? (1
The loudest yelpers about a system of white supremacy are people benefitting from the system. Academicians, athletes, media, entertainers...multimillionaires near the seats of power.
And they all live well.
Why is #WhiteSupremacy taking such good care of them? (2)
Why is Jemele Hill making more money talking about #WhiteSupremacy than she did at ESPN?
Why is Colin Kaepernick making more money being an activist than a football player?
So white supremacy, as a system/God-like being, is rewarding those who speak out against it? Bizarre (3)
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This is what #leadership looks like!

I applaud Atlanta Mayor @KeishaBottoms swift and immediate action to have Officers Gardner and Streeter dismissed and fired for the Atlanta PD’s attack on a Spelman and Morehouse College student. Image
This important action on the part of Mayor Bottoms' has led to all 6 officers involved in the attack now being criminally charged in REAL TIME.⁣⁣⁣ THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO SEE IN NEW YORK!!!
Instead of Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio deploying more cops, setting ridiculous curfews & extending those same ridiculous curfews, launching investigations into everything that go no where, then arguing with each other as to why the plan is not working- TRY JUSTICE FIRST!
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I want to add a few thoughts this morning. #Minneapolis #police followed through on this framing of “urban warfare” last night. They approached protesters as “enemies” and treated them accordingly. It’s tempting to fall into the rhetoric of war 1/
Based on the images/videos/testimonies, it would be easy to describe the police as waging war on the protesters. But I want to resist that - because it just feeds into this false narrative. Describing police attacks as “war” still implies protesters are a threat and insurgents 2/
It implies a parity in the potential for deadly violence btw the police and the protesters - one that is not grounded in fact. Even in an asymmetric war, the smaller side poses a deadly threat to the larger or “regular” military force. Obviously the police are NOT the military 3/
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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USE THIS #Thread #Paradox of #AntiracistEdLeadership in #Edsystems- thoughts I've been really mulling abt in the past while. Have to admit, I've been sitting on this for a couple weeks. Grateful to those who helped me sift through my thinking <3 Here's to #courageousconversations
True #AntiRacist Leadership can only happen when you are anchored in #communities and you do the work #buildrelationships #seekadvice #love & #beLoved by those who give you #permission & #legitimacy to continue the struggle in boardrooms.
When I became a senior leader in Edu. I was advised that - You cannot be on the streets & in the boardrooms. "its time to choose. Its a different struggle." I didnt choose bc WE deserve to be in the boardroom but THAT choice comes at a #price
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Are you allergic to reading? If so, keep scrolling!

#American #whitesupremacy has forced blacks to exist in a perpetual state of vicarious living. It's why we so vehemently participate in celebrity worship, why we think "getting the bag" excuses any/all behavior. 1/6
If we’re honest about it, REALLY truthful...almost all of black life is inundated in this vicarious lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s expressed as a survival mechanism like #codeswitching. Sometimes it’s expressed as an outright rejection of #blackness: “I got indian in my family.” 2/6
Living vicariously, is the panacea that allows a bearable day to day. Occasionally, we experience brief interruptions to this vicariousness. Those of us who remain interrupted look strange to those who decide to return to it. 3/6
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1- I am getting sick of all these people that go like:
#COVIDー19 is a #hoax because I drove to a hospital and the parking lot/front entrance was empty.

Well genius, they are empty because everybody with minor surgery and non-life threatening conditions has been turned away in
2-In preparation of a crisis. That is way hallways are mostly empty. Visitors no longer can wait in halls.
3-Also, there is the fact that since ppl are at home, there are less car accidents and such that require hospitalizations.
4-People are not going to hospitals unless a real
5-Emergency is threatening their lives.
6-You have something called #Hippa Laws that prevent footage being shown from hospitals. Fortunately for you, same thing doesn't apply to Italy, Turkey, Spain, and others. So if you get a kick out of watching other suffers, get off American
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A yr ago today, I watched in real-time an attack unfold before my eyes. On a Jummah in March last yr, a white supremacist attacked two #mosques in #Christchurch killing 51 Muslim worshippers as they prayed. Pls take a moment to pray for the victims & their families today.
Scars of the #Christchurch massacre linger. Slowly the shock recedes until all we feel is the echo of the tragedy. One yr on after Haji Daoud Nabi of Al Noor #mosque in #Christchurch uttered the words “Welcome, brother” only to b met w/ bullets in response…
Aya Al-Umari's brother was one of the victims of the #Christchurch #mosque attack. “Every day I feel like Hussein is with me. Any decisions that I make, I just think about, OK, what would Hussein do in this situation?" she said.…
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This thread is for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. One step is to learn as much as you can about #WhiteSupremacy & #WhitePrivilege. Read! #BlackHistoryMonth2020
Do you know the history of the Civil Rights movement? You could start by reading vol 1 of "America in the King Years," "Parting the Waters" by @taylorbranch.…
@taylorbranch In 1962, the Civil Rights Commission was going to make a very strong statement about racism. Politically, it would be problematic for President Kennedy. JFK was told "It is legal for the police to use dogs." So, turn to "Afro-Dog" next.…
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My travel to @sundancefest has been delayed because of a privileged white lady who pulled some *shit*.

Plane was closed and about to leave when woman approached the gate. She’d been chilling in the lounge and missed her flight. Was told she would be on the next one... 1/n
...her bag would meet her in SLC. She was NOT HAVING IT.

She’s apparently an elite member and frequent flier. She demanded her bag be taken off the plane or she be let on. She was told “no”.

Someone wasn’t used to being told no. 2/n
She threatened the gate staff. They wouldn’t budge. @AmericanAir staff were great- they were not taking #whitelady bullshit.

She had one move left. She knew it would work. She mustered all her drama and said the words “there’s a bomb in my bag” 3/n
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