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What does #stochasticterrorism mean?

Stochastic terrorism is “the public demonization of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted.”…

Terrorism=violence motivated by ideology.
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#MidFlorida #Tampa #Orlando #Ocala and surrounding area neo-Nazis, white supremacists & other “very fine people.

Hudson, FL - Simon Michael Dickerman

Andy Gene Strickland, a 44-year-old immigration lawyer in Tampa Bay, Florida, was exposed as a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa


Patrick J McNally, Spring Hill, FL

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When the "lily-whites" come for us, say to us... "But, what about Chicago" say to that monster, "But, what about the Republican Party that LOST the black vote in Chicago due to #whitesupremacy?

They wanna talk about #Chicago.

Well, bitch, let's talk.

Let's talk about Chicago.
Let's talk how your racism fucked it up, and how your indifference and outright stupidity opened the door for Democrats takeover. You spat on the black folk in Chicago, chose white supremacy over them, and now you talk of Chicago being a slave plantation.

How fucking dare you.
But I tell you this truth...

Hell hath no fury like a Black Conservative scorned!
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(Background From FEB)
FBI agents contend Bogard could have engaged in mass violence had they not stepped in and arrested him on a child pornography charge over images that were found on his cell phone. #Atomwaffen…
Benjamin Bogard of New Braunfels created “disturbing” videos in which he embraced #whitesupremacy, said he wanted to kill minorities and discussed obtaining a chemical substance to make a bomb
But the 20-year-old told FBI agents he never intended to follow through with the mass violence he discussed on his social media posts and that they were simply part of an online fantasy to gain attention and “likes” from followers.
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How Teachers Are Fighting the #WhiteNationalists Brainwashing Their Students…
German government officials have called for an investigation into @YouTube for allowing right-wing groups to use the Internet platform for disseminating #neoNazi material.
It used to be much easier to spot a budding #Nazi in the classroom, or at least a student harboring #extremist views, says Nora Flanagan, a Chicago public school teacher for 20+y.

You’d just look out for the troubled skinhead kid, maybe wearing steel-toed boots & a swastika pin.
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SEPT 11, 2019
Sussex County, NJ
25yr old #WhiteSupremacist & @realDonaldTrump supporter indicted on 39 criminal counts – including possession of an arsenal of weapons & threatening his ex-gf at gunpoint

Michael Zaremski was a Hackettstown EMT…
A Sussex County, NJ grand jury has indicted a Township man accused of manufacturing an arsenal of weapons along with embracing a hate-filled ideology on 39 criminal counts — adding several charges after it is alleged he choked his former girlfriend and held her at gunpoint.
The indictment alleges he had “violent and derogatory anti-semitic images on his phone and personal computer,” manufactured & assembled firearms w/o being registered or licensed to do so, & was in possession of assault-style weapons & large-capacity magazines.
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Meet the Proprietors of the Internet's Largest #neoConfederate #Propaganda Machine

by @splcenter…
Identity Dixie (ID), a #neoConfederate propaganda group, was instrumental in organizing the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

Jason Kessler, who eventually joined #IdentityDixie, secured the permit for the Aug. 12, 2017 event.
The group’s growth is notable considering the tight controls for membership, a power struggle with its parent organization, The Right Stuff (TRS), and the bad press following the bloody and violent protests at Unite the Right.
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Before the former Marine junior ROTC cadet joined violent #neoNazi group #AtomwaffenDivision or #AWD (German for Atomic Weapon), he was interested in communism & antifa.

#IdentityCommunityPurpose #radicalization…
His ideology drifted across a spectrum of contradictions from antifa — “anti-fascists” — to a violent hate group prepping for a race war.

#PSAparents a lot of the time they don’t join bc of ideology—

📌It’s about wanting #IdentityCommunityPurpose…
Marine Lance Cpl. Vasillios G. Pistolis ultimately was booted from Corps mid-summer 2018 for his ties to a #hategroup.…
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How Fascist based
is being used by Trump
to Divide the United States and install
itself as
#KochBrothers preferred government.
It is easier to Divide and conquer than it is
to take on everyone at one time.
Subdue and remove one group at a time.
Trump is using Immigration as his first assault instead of Hitler's "Jew blaming and Hatred".
First divide, then attack the first group
you want to destroy.
Hitler chose the Jews. Put them in 'work camps' made into 'concentration camps'.
Then used his 'holocaust' to destroy them.
Also sent innocent Polish citizens there, wanted their homes & property for Germans.
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How experts are trying to DERADICALIZE America's youth in the age of @realDonaldTrump

Former #whitenationalists are working to stop the spread of extremist ideologies online.

Back in 1987, when he was just 14 years old, @cpicciolini was smoking weed in an alleyway in Illinois when a man with a shaved head came up & pulled the joint out from his lips...
The man said,
“That’s what the Communists and the Jews want you to do to keep you docile.”

The child of working-class Italian immigrants, Christian was raised not to judge a person by the color of their skin, but...
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Former aide to Rep Matt Shea — the one working to train men in Washington state for “biblical warfare” #whitepowerextremism
If you want to know more about Shea and others in his movement, I highly recommend #Bundyville from @Longreads by @Leah_Sottile

Season2/Ep5 has a lot on Shea & the Byrds...but Leah’s reporting in Bundyville tells the entire story
This is the document mentioned, Biblical Basis for War that Matt Shea wrote & later claimed it was part of a sermon
SRC: Inlander (local news) article by @danielwinlander…
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'Hate is in the ether': Research finds hate is resilient on the internet… via @nbcnews #Extremism
The online networks formed by hate groups may be more resilient than previously thought, and social media companies could need to adopt different tactics to keep them away, according to research released Wednesday.
Researchers at George Washington University and the University of Miami said they found that hate groups, such as supporters of the Ku Klux Klan, are highly adaptable and organized from the bottom-up, making them difficult for any one tech company to stop.
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White man - use condoms.

Because white children are a pain in the butt.

Funny, not funny.

Said as a friend.
Is having white babies immoral?

Only if you think the genocide of white people is a saintly act.


You will only ever see this when the message is have fewer white children.

Message Correction Needed: have more beautiful white kids. 💕 💕💕
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Two days ago I talked about #whitesupremacy. Yesterday I talked about #patriarchy.

Combine those two toxins and you get misogynoir, the vile poison suffered by women of color, and more specifically, black women.
Yesterday I joked and told a friend the amount of rum it would take for me to discuss #misogynoir would put me in a coma. I wish that was funny. I don’t want to write about this sober. I’m not qualified to discuss this with nuance and deftness.

Also, I am out of rum.
Coined by a queer black feminist Moya Bailey, misogynoir lies at the heart of all of what we think of as intersectional.

If you could imagine a Venn diagram that displays the overlap of racism, sexism, transphobia, & homophobia, the cruel bullseye at its center is misogynoir.
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#WhitePowerExtremists 🚨
Based on @FightExtremism report on 8 especially virulent #WhiteSupremacist groups

These eight groups principally espouse
#WhiteEthnoNationalism and/or
aka National Socialist Movement /NSM and #neoNazi
These Neo-Nazi (NSM) groups don’t hide their belief that the white race is superior to others.

⚑National Socialist Movement (NSM)
⚑Hammerskin Nation
⚑Atomwaffen Division (AWD)

Their ideologies also usually include anti-Semitic & homophobic components in line w Nazi dogma.
Other groups propagate their radical stances under the GUISE of WHITE ETHNO-NATIONALISM, seeking to highlight the distinctiveness––rather than the superiority––of the white identity.↴

➝ League of the South
➝ Identity Evropa/IE
(IE was renamed American Identity Movement/AIM)
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#WhitePowerExtremists are recruiting white teens online.

Parents must stop them.

Pay attention.
It’s not a phase.
It’s not just him being rebellious
It’s not just his harmless fashion or music choice

This won’t go away in its own.…
It’s time, parents of white boys,
for The Talk.

Because those seeds of #whitesupremacy, of racism and hatred, are being planted in our teenage sons right in our own homes.
FACT: More people have been killed in America by white right-wing extremists since the 9/11 attacks than by Islamist terrorists.

“Oh, but we’re not racist!” you say.

“Our family is color-blind!” you say.

“Our son would never . . . ,” you say.
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In clear prose, @BriannaWu takes us through the birth of today’s culture of public harassment which helped normalize Trump’s “politics” of the personal attack in @NYTimesOpinion

#gamergate was FIVE years ago
“I meticulously documented all of it — the death threats, the rape threats, the identity theft... I waited for law enforcement to prosecute the men who had threatened to murder me and other women... I waited for justice. I am still waiting.”
I missed that there was an impotent FBI report in January 2017. It’s not like there was nothing ELSE going on that month. *cough*…
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Allow me to coin the phrase, “Armchair Dirty Harry” to describe the naive fantasy of the “good guy with a gun.”

In his fantasy, #ArmchairDirtyHarry strolls calmly into a hail of bullets, sending the bad guys sprawling from the force of his high-powered firearm.
In an *actual* firefight, #ArmchairDirtyHarry’s fantasy meets reality. Our wannabe hero knows walking into a hail of bullets is suicide.

Heroism in situations like #ElPaso rarely, if ever, involves the gun-toting citizen. The armchair hero believes GOP propaganda, not his eyes.
#HeroesOfElPaso saved lives.

They didn’t walk into a hail of bullets, they risked their lives getting customers and employees out of Walmart. And then they continued helping where they could.

So where was #ArmchairDirtyHarry?…
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In front of the White House now: anti-white supremacy rally in response to a weekend of violence that left more than 30 people dead in two mass shootings over a span of mere hours. #dc
Sherrilyn Ifill, the director of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, tells the crowd here that President Trump “did not invent white supremacy,” though he has given it new life in America. People in the audience are shouting “yes!” as she speaks. #dc #WhiteSupremacy
The list of grievances here is long: Speakers are decrying gun violence, racism, the president’s rhetoric, Russian election interference, a lack of action in the Senate on gun control and lack of action against white supremacist groups by the US Department of Justice. #DC
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Hypocrisy isn't just a feature of #whitesupremacy, it's like a wheel to a car, water to a hose! But, perhaps there's no better way to highlight this than to zoom in on the poorest cities run by white Republicans.

Places like Beattyville, Kentucky:…
FACT: Although the poverty rate is higher in districts represented by Democrats, most poor people in the United States live in a community represented by a Republican.
When did Trump ever refer to these impoverished (white) communities as "a place no human being would want to live.” Infact, he uses empathetic language to talk poverty, and drugs crisis in West Virginia.

Did he ever refer to the country of Hungary as being a "shit hole country"?
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In other dystopian news, this is happening. A symposium celebrating a privately funded, not up to code, wall on private land. Steve Bannon, the wall fundraiser vet, Kris Kobach, nationalist influencers & more. They’ll also be touring & propagandizing ICE concentration camps.
Despite failures, hate and fear stoked by “”ThE WaLL”” generates many opportunities to capitalize & swindle their own base, particularly elders & retirees. It’s also created coalition & normalizing for dangerous nativists. As it‘s always been an intended.…
The strategy here is not only to capitalize on fear and hate but to undermine government to even further legitimize themselves while creating grounding for Steve Bannon’s economic #nationalism.

Bannon’s c4 org COAR is a sponsor of the event.
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Also, if you’re saying, “He’s racist, but…” your privilege is showing. People of color do not have the luxury of qualifying or ignoring it. #Racism
If you see “Go back where you came from,” literally #1 on the #whitesupremacy all-time greatest hits list, and deny the blatant racism of the person who uttered it, you are truly living in a bubble of privilege and denial. #Racism
A leader encouraging a chant of “Send her back!” Towards a citizen who is a person of color at a political rally has effectively stepped over the line of #Racism to fascism.
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White people and #whiteness are the center of the #tRump presidency. His primary concern is to defend, protect and promote it. Self-identified #Republicans absolutely love him for it.… via @NYTOpinion #RacistInChief #WhiteNationalism
#tRump is otherizing brown-skinned members of Congress by implying they are foreigners who may not love this country.… #Immigrants #RacistInChief #WhiteSupremacy #Republicans
When it comes to #race, #tRump plays with fire like no other president in a century.… #RacistTrump #Republicans #WhiteNationalism
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A "To-Do List" for intelligent black people in 2020 and forever.

1. STOP accepting meaningless apologies and forcing forgiveness onto your open enemy. Instead seek punishment. A GREATER punishment. An "eye for an eye" just isn't adequate.
2. Start thinking for ourselves. By that I mean TURN OFF White propaganda in all facets. @CNN @MSNBC @FoxNews etc are ALL about the business of upholding #WhiteSupremacy If your politics are informed by your open enemy, you're doomed to permanent misinformation and propaganda.
3. Homeschool your children. There's absolutely NOTHING positive to gain by sending your children to be indoctrinated in #antiblackness. I'm not even going to get into child molesters, poisonous lunches, school shootings and criminalization.
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