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Started a fun project of mine today. Recording the duels of Kurukshetra war in an excel sheet in anticipation of some interesting pattern. Watch this space for interesting tidbits. Full exercise may take quite a while
Interesting Results! #Kurukshatra #Analytics. So many duels without a declared result on Day One
Could record two general battles and 26 duels on Day One. Only 6 of those duels ended decisively. Pandava side suffered horribly in the hands of Bhishma. Uttara killed in the hands of Shalya. Saving grace being Abhimanyu countering Bhishma and winning over Brihadbala #Kurukshetra
Another highlight is the maternal grandfather of the Pandavas, Kuntibhoja successfully repelling Vinda-Anuvinda of Avanti and the sons of Draupadi excelling. Still Bhishma was so terrible that the Pandava side had to withdraw as soon as the Sunset
And yes, Shrutasena, the son of Draupadi and Sahadeva wounds Sudakshina, the King of Kambhoja. Taking the liberty to give the duel to the boy here.
That's for Day One. Loss of Uttara after that stellar battle against Shalya was a blow to Pandavas. And I am not sure if one can say, Shalya betrayed Kauravas. But let us wait for more. #Kurukshetra
And yes, No mention of DivyAstrAs in the duels. Safe to assume it was pure skill and strength. #Kurukshetra
Day 2 findings in sometime #Kurukshetra
There aren't as many duels as the day one here. The beauty is in the detail here. The determination in the Pandava camp is visible. Immensely beautiful day. Sanjaya delves into scary detail while describing each of the duels.
Arjuna, fights Bhishma and a host of Kaurava warriors alone for a long time before helps comes to him from Drishtadyumna and others. He and Bhishma keep clashing on and off. #Kurukshetra
Drishtadyumna fights Drona. Here is where the excel sheet fails to give him the due. Drona is the superior warrior and has the upperhand since the start, but the Panchala simply does NOT budge. That courage is like just of the supreme kind. #Kurukshetra
Most Amazing battle was the one between Bhima and the Kalingas. Bhima is in his crazy best, using his brute strength to bring down Kalinga's elephant army. He kills Ketuman and Shakradeva, the princes of Kalinga and defeats Srutaayu, their father. #Kurukshetra
A couple of general battles follow. But in general, the Pandava spirit is high and the day ends with Arjuna proving better than Bhishma himself and it is the Kaurava side which readily withdrew at Sunset on Day 2 #Kurukshetra
My observation: Cumulative onslaughts started on the very first day itself and not on the 13th day with Abhimanyu's killing. But I guess, they were less intense and were largely deployed to defending the formation than killing the opponent. #Kurukshetra
And may I add, none of the screen adaptations - NONE have done justice to the original battle description. Reading through the critical edition is an absolute delight. Inspiring too! #Kurukshetra
Day 3 in sometime. Must say the spread sheet is evolving. Tricky task to capture qualitative detail
Mostly a general battle day, this day 3. Kaurava armies form the Garuda vyuha and the Pandava armies form the crescent formation. We see Abhimanyu and Ghatotkacha shining and making their fathers proud. Abhimanyu and Lakshmana clash and the battle rages till their fathers join.
Satyaki and Abhimanyu rout the Gandharan regiment. Bhima makes Duryodhana faint. Recovering, Duryodhana blames Bhishma and Drona of not giving their best. Bhishma renews attack and he is unstoppable again!
Upon Krishna's encouragement, Arjuna counters Bhishma, breaks three of the grandsire's bows. Bhishma is proud but ups the attack. To give Arjuna a breather and protect him from Bhishma's arrows, Krishna drives the chariot in circles. Bhishma then aims at Krishna and wounds him.
Bhishma's domination encourages the rest of Kaurava Maharathis to swoop down on Arjuna. Satyaki rushes to Arjuna's help and is surprised at Arjuna's mild defence. Krishna addresses Satyaki and declares to drop his vow to not wield a weapon. Kurukshetra
The description of Krishna's anger is supremely beautiful. So is that of Arjuna's attempts to restrain him. At one moment the reader may have been annoyed with Arjuna's soft heartedness. But in this scene, the same is touching! Finally, he manages to convince Krishna.
Understandably, Arjuna is at his best and Bhoorishravas, Bhishma, Shalya and Duryodhana attack him together with a variety of weapons. Arjuna wards them all away with his arrows.

Standby and wait for the Divyastras!
So, it seems like the use of Divyastras was started by Arjuna. To handle the cumulative attack on him, he invokes Aindrastra as I understand. The Astra seems to multiply the arrows shot so as to counter many enemies.
In his wake, Arjuna left a river of blood in his trail, reminding of the river Vaitarani from Naraka.
Understandably, the Kaurava armies are more than happy to see the Sun set. Now, I think there was some unspoken restraint against the usage of Divyastras till Day 3. Krishna's anger may have shaken something within Arjuna to break that restraint.
We don't see anyone calling foul over this, even in the enemy camp, including Bhishma. Probably because they understood that their cumulative attack caused the reaction from Arjuna.
Day 4 - Looks like one to one bouts are back in fashion. As usual, it begins with the best of warriors from each side leading the first clash. #Kurukshetra
Drona Kripa, Shalya, Bhoorishravas, Vivimshati and Duryodhana back Bhishma while he attacked Arjuna. But they had a counter - Abhimanyu Bhishma avoids Abhimanyu and focuses on Arjuna. #Kurukshetra
Abhimanyu is left fighting Ashvatthama, Shalya, Bhurishrava, Samyamani and his son. Like a lion fighting elephants. He pierces Ashvatthama, cuts down Samyamani's son's flag, wards off Bhurishrava's spear and kills Shalya's horses. This boy! Seriously.
Twenty five thousand strong army of Trigarta-Madra-Kekayas surrounds the father-son duo. Drishtadyumna advances to help them against this onslaught. He kills Damana, ten Madra Princes and the son of Samyamani in a quick but breathtaking duel.
While Drishtadyumna's progress was being gloriously described, Dhritarashtra interrupts Sanjaya, saying why he recounted only those duels where the Kaurava side suffered. Asks for those details where they dominated. But Sanjaya persists. #Kurukshetra
In the duel between Shalya and Drishtadyumna (referred as Parshata at times), the latter loses his bow and is covered by arrows. Abhimanyu rushes to his help and engages Shalya. 10 Kaurava brothers incl Duryodhana and Dushasana surround him.
Bhima, Drishtadyumna, Nakula, Sahadeva and sons of Draupadi back Abhimanyu. The battle rages and Bhima decides to pick his mace against Duryodhana 😁😁 #Kurukshetra
Suyodhana dispatches an army of elephants against Bhima who celebrates his usual blood fest. The King of Magadha advances towards Abhimanyu. Here I am a bit unsure. Magadha King is Sahadeva who joined the Pandavas. So assuming this is a rebel faction or a division occured.
Abhimanyu kills the king of Magadha. Bhima's battle with elephants is repeatedly compared to Indra's attack upon mountains. He is also compared to Shiva holding the Pinaka. The elephant army flees. #Kurukshetra.
The carnage by Bhima continues. If you remember that bit of Ajax culling down the Trojans in Troy film, that's not even 1% of the description given here. Like Indra, Rudra, Yama, Agni, Meru, he roamed like death personified. #Kurukshetra
Bhishma rushes to stall Bhima. Satyaki tries to get in Bhishma's way. Alambusha in turn, engages Satyaki. Wonderful! There is a duel again. Satyaki is compared to the midday son who is stopped only by Bhoorishravas. #Kurukshetra
Let me take a break here and share about an old feud. Shini, the grandfather of Satyaki helps Vasudeva in securing the hand of Devaki. She was desired by Bhoorishravas. But Shini defeats him and his father Somadatta. Bhoorishravas nurtures the loss and anger all these years+
+to take it all out on Satyaki, the grandson of Shini. The jilted lover's anger can last three generations!
While warriors on each side support Satyaki and Bhoorishravas, Nandaka, a son of Dhritarashtra strikes at Bhima. Duryodhana too hurts Bhima. The giant gets back to his chariot and instructs his Sarathi Vishoka to drive to the midst of the brothers. Bhima and Duryodhana+
+where Bhima is wounded at first but recovers and fights with fourteen of Duryodhana's brothers. Senapati, Jalasandha, Sushena, Ugra, Bhimabahu, Bhimaratha, Bhima(Kaurava) and Sulochana met their death in his hands and the rest flee. 8 down 92 more to go! #Kurukshetra
Bhishma observes Bhima's progress and sends Bhagadatta of Pragjyotisha to counter him. Many of us are aware of his famed elephant Supritika which will strike fear among the Pandava armies till the 12th day. Bhagadatta makes Bhima faint. Ghatotkacha attacks Bhagadatta
Day 4 is hardly done. Will recount Ghatotkacha's expertise with Maya tomorrow. Thanks for all your support. Keep sharing and interacting🙏🙏🙏
Resuming Day 4 - Ghatotkacha attacks Bhagadatta on his invincible elephant. Ghatotkacha did not have an elephant to ride on but he had his skills of Maya. Creating an illusion of Airavata along with its Compatriots, the diggajas he charged forward. #Kurukshetra
The four elephants surrounded Bhagadatta's elephant and pierced it with their tusks making it roar in pain. Bhishma , Drona and other Kaurava warriors rush to Bhagadatta's support. #Kurukshetra
But when they reach the place, the sight of Ghatotkacha backed by the entire Pandava Army even seems to shake Bhishma's confidence. He advises his side to withdraw for the day. #Kurukshetra
Day 4 ends with Upapandavas celebrating thrir dear cousin and his father Bhima and the Kauravas retiring with shame. Dhritarashtra laments the loss his side suffered. Sanjaya reminds him of the bad Karma accumulated by his sons. #Kurukshetra
Similar discussion hapoens between Duryodhana and Bhishma with Bhishma declaring the invincibility of Kounteyas as they are protected by Krishna. A beautiful stotram of Vishnu attributed to Lord Brahma follows. Interested ones please look up the Sanskrit text. #Kurukshetra.
Day 5
The Kauravas fo the Makara vyuha while the Pandavas array into a Shyena Vyuha. The Crocodile and the hawk advance towards each other. Bhima, the beak of the hawk strikes at Bhidhma, the mouth of the crocodile. #Kurukshetra.
Bhishma is back to his invincible form and Arjuna tries to back Bhima. Drona launches his attack and is countered by Satyaki. Satyaki is wounded and is supported by Bhima. Strength adds up on both sides and a tumultous general battle starts #Kurukshetra
Shikhandi attacks Bhishma and remembering the former's rather questionable gender, Bhishma withdraws. Drona puts himself between them and shows that he is indeed the preceptor who taught them all. Shikhandi bows out. #Kurukshetra
The Kaurava moment of domination is passes quickly when Arjuna comes to the forefront again. Bhishma is under pressure to stop Bhima from killing any more of Dhartarashtras. Duryodhana attacks the Pandavas. #Kurukshetra
By now, the sight of the Hanuman banner or the sound of Panchajanya or the twang of Gandiva had bevome an eye sore to the Kaurava soldiers. Bhishma and Arjuna met in another duel. Arjuna shooting arrows is compared to a dark torrential cloud raining.
King of Avanti met the King of Kashi (Again, I am a bit confused about who they are), Bhima met Jsyadrata, Yudhishtira fought Shalya and the combined Madra might. Vikarna clashed with Sahadeva and Chitrasena, with Shikhandi. Drupada, Chekitana, Satyaki stopped Drona-Ashvatthama
Kripa and Kritavarma fought Drishtaketu. Lightning hapoened without clouds, meteors fell and a dust storm happened. Still they all fought on. Virata with Shikhandi tried to attack Bhishma while Arjuna took on the combined onslaught by Drona, Ashvatthama, Jayadrata, Kripa
Gosh, the duels are never ending!
Bhima - Duryodhana, Duhsaha
Sahadeva - Shakuni, Uluka
Yudhishtira - Elephant division of Kauravas
Satyaki, Chekitana, Abhimanyu -Shalva and Kekayas.
Drishtaketu, Ghatotkacha - Chariot division of Kauravas
Drishtadyumna - Drona.
Bhima meets Bhishma again a d a great duel followed. Bhima lost his bow and was backed by Satyaki. But Bhishma kills Satyaki's charioteer and the horses bolt creating fear among Pandava soldiers. Drishtadyumna tries to stall Bhishma. #Kurukshetra
Virata pierced Bhidhma, woubded his horses as well as was wounded in return. Ashvatthama injured Arjuna on the chest but lost his bow to his father's favourite student. Enraged he took another bow a d wounded Krishna. Arjuna wounds him at muliple places but spares him (why why??)
Bhima and Duryodhana continued their bloody duel but withbows and arrows. Abhimanyu fought Satyavrata, Chitrasena and Purumitra together. Lakshmana joined the trio and thrn it became a duel between the two boys. +
Wounding each other, they fought till Abhimanyu slew Lakshmana's horses and sliced the javelin hurled by Lakshmana in response. Kripa carried away Lakshmana to safety. Satyaki faced the 10K strong chariot army sent by Duryodhana and took to DivyAstras to fight them.
He meets his arch rival Bhurishravas again. Bhurishravas shoots arrows like one possessed and isolates Satyaki from his army. Satyaki's ten sons come to aid their father...The ten to one battle was mesmerizing till Bhurishravas kills them all, like a lightning striking trees.
Satyaki is distraught and attacks Bhoorishravas again. Thry kill each others horses, charioteers and get to sword fight at close quarters. Bhima and Duryodhana pick thrm up on their respective chariots. Sun is setting. But Arjuna is not done even after killing 25K Maharathas.
Sun disappears and then Bhishma realises thaf it is time to withdraw. Losses are heavy on both sides. Kauravas did not have much to cekebrate, but the Pandava streak of domination too had come to a halt.
Day 6
As per Yudhishtira's wish, Commander Drishtadyumna constructed the Makara Vyuha with Arjuna and Drupada at the head, Sons of Madri as the eyes, Bhima at the mouth (beak?), Sons of Pandavas, Satyaki and Yudhishtira at the neck, Virata and Drishtadyumna at the back+ #Kurukshetra
+Five Kekaya brothers with armies forming the left flank, Drishtaketu of Chedi and Karakarsha on the right flank, Kuntibhoja and Shatanika at the feet, Shikhandi and Iravan at the tail
Bhishma arranged for Krauncha Vyuha with Drona at the beak, Asvatthama, Kripa at the eyes+
Kritavarma, Kings of Kambhoja and Bahlika at the head, Shurasena and Duryodhana at the neck, Bhagadatta along with Madras, Sauviras and Kekayas at the chest, Susharma at the left wing, Assorted armies of Tushara, Yavana, Shaka, Chchupas at Right wing+ #Kurukshetra
Srutaayu, Shatayu and Bhoorishravas at the rear.

Battle for the day began. The armies clashed
We may see some liberties with the code here. Rathas attacked horsemen and infantry too. Elephant riders attacked Rathas. Horsemen attacked foot soldiers.
The army of Pandavas with Maharathas is compared to night sky with stars. That of Kauravas, to firmament circled by planets
The first duel of the day is between Drona and Bhima. Drona wounded Bhima and Bhima killed Drona's Sarathi. Drona drove his chariot by himself while he fought the armies making them flee. Kaurava armies too suffered under Bhima and Arjuna #Kurukshetra
Bhima faced another lot of Dhartarashtras - Dushasana, Durvishaha, Duhsaha, Durmada, Jaya, Jayatsena, Vikarna, Chitrasena, Sudarshana, Charuchitra, Suvarma, Dushkarna and Karna (not Vasusena Radheya) - Like the sun facing Dushta grahas, like Indra against Danavas
Bhima picked his club and jumped down from his chariot. My observation : Bhima jumps down when he feels chariot battle is too slow for him, he prefers the more scary close quarter fight where he can literally smash the heads of his enemies 😂
Drishtadyumna who saw Bhima entering enemy regiment alone rushes to help him and is shocked to find the empty chariot. Almost breaks down and Vishoka, the cherioteer assures him the Bhima was just being Bhima .
Here we see Drishtadyumna's love for Bhima when he says he has no reason to live if he can't protect Bhima. Saying this, the Panchala follows Bhima's path, recognisable by deadbodies of elephants he had killed on his way. #Kurukshetra
He found Bhima fighting with his club, like death himself, unmindful of the countless arrows that had pierced him. Taking Bhima onto his chariot, Drishtadyumna pulled out those arrows and embraced him. #Kurukshetra
The Kauravas are dismayed to see Drishtadyumna come to Bhima's help and attack him. Their arrows fall upon him like rain upon a mountain. Drishtadyumna uses Pramohana Astra which makes some of them fall unconscious and the rest flee. #Kurukshetra
In the meanwhile Drona attacks his once dear friend and now bitter enemy Drupada and pierces him with three arrows making the Panchala king faint. But before he could enjoy his victory, the news of Kaurava rout in the hands of Drishtadyumna reaches him. #Kurukshetra
He rushes to confront Drishtadyumna and releases an Astra called Prajna to counter the Pramohana. The Kauravas return to battle Bhima-Drishtadyumna. Yudhishtira notices that the duo is outnumbered. #Kurukshetra
He sends a relief team of Twelve Maharathis - Upa Pandavas, Abhimanyu, Five Kekaya brothers and Drishtaketu to help them. Together, they form a mini Vyuha called Suchimukha. #Kurukshetra
Drishtadyumna then faces Drona after sending Bhima to Kekaya King's Chariot. Drona breaks Drishtadyumna', bow and kills his horses and charioteer. Abhimanyu intervenes and carries Drishtadyumna away to safety. Kaurava confidence was restored. #Kurukshetra
Duryodhana, recovering from the Pramohana again meets Bhima. Soon, his brothers join him. By this time, Vishoka caught up with Bhima, bringing him back the chariot. Another gruesome duel follows with both of them getting wounded by arrows. Bhima kills the 9th Kaurava Chitrasena.
Abhimanyu and the rest stay back, supporting Bhima. Some Kauravas abandon their fight with Bhima and attack Abhimanyu who fights back and wounds Vikarna, killing his horses. #Kurukshetra
Vikarna rushes to Chitrasena's chariot. Regret the error in my earlier tweet. Bhima only wounded him and did not kill him. Durjaya and Vikarna wound Abhimanyu with iron arrows. But the boy is unwavering like Meru. Dushasana fights the five Kekaya brothers while sons of Draupadi+
+Face Duryodhana. Blood flowing from his wounds, Duryodhana looked like a mountain with streams of minerals flowing from it. Bhishma and Arjuna meanwhile continue destroying respective enemy ranks.
Towards sunset, Duryodhana again faces Bhima. Bhima reminds him of all the wrongs faced by the Pandavas and breaks Suyodhana's bow, kills his charioteer and horses. The Kuru's Flag with elephant emblem too falls to ground like a lightning. Jayadrata intervenes while Kripa+
+carries Duryodhana away to safety. While Jayadrata takes on Bhima, eight Dhartarashtras launch a combined attack on Abhimanyu, only to get wounded by the son of Subhadra. The sons of Draupadi back Abhimanyu. Srutakarma faces Durmukha, loses his horses charioteer and+
+is carried away by Sutasoma. Young Srutakirti faces Jayatsena and loses his bow, but Satanika intervenes, wounding Jayatsena badly. Dushkarna attacks Shatanika to meet the same fate. Five other Kauravas surround Shatanika. Kekaya brothers relieve him taking over the battle.
Just a reminder tweet with info about Upapandavas and their fathers
Yudhishtira - Prativindhya
Bhima - Sutasoma
Arjuna - Srutakirti
Nakula - Shatanika
Sahadeva - Srutakarma
This mini regiment of young warriors holds their ground till Bhishma withdraws the battle for the day. He has already wrought havoc in the Panchala ranks. Yudhishtira on the other hand is happy to see Bhima and Drishtadyumna back alive. End of Day 6. #Kurukshetra
Day 7 begins with Duryodhana whimpering to Bhishma and the latter assuring him with usual disclaimers. Bhishma also gives Duryodhana a painkilling herb called Vishalyakarani. He then calls for forming the Mandala Vyuha.
In this Mandala Vyuha, a circular formation, all ranks work in tandem, tightly coupled to others. An elephant riders is surrounded by 7 chariots, each of them protected by 7 horse riders each in turn surrounded by 10 foot Archers, each of who are protected by 7 shieldsmen.
Yudhishtira responded with Vajra Vyuha. It may be noteworthy that though Drishtadyumna is the commander, Yudhi takes the Vyuha strategization upon himself. Duryodhana does nil strategy and keeps whimpering, but does fight a lot from fore front.
The Kaurava offensive started thus
Drona - Virata
Ashvatthama vs Shikhandi
Duryodhana vs Drishtadyumna
Shalya vs Nakula-Sahadeva
Vinda-Anuvinda vs Iravan
Kritavarma vs Bhima
Many Kings against Arjuna
Vikarna, Chitrasena, Durmarshana vs Abhimanyu
Bhagadatta vs Ghatotkacha
Alambusha vs Satyaki
Bhurishrava vs Drishtaketu
Srutaayu vs Yudhishtira
Chekitana - Kripa
Others - Bhima
A cumulative attack was launched on Arjuna who dispelled them all with Aindrastra making Susharma and the likes retreat.
They were urged by Duryodhana to return and protect Bhishma, willing to take on Arjuna. Bhishma looked like the white planet that had just risen (Shukra or Moon?)

Meanwhile, Drona kills the valiant Matsya prince Shankha and forces Virata to flee. #Kurukshetra
Shikhandi struck Ashvatthama on the forehead and in return, lost his horses and charioteer. Grabbing his sword and shield, the Panchala moved nimbly, not giving Ashvatthama a chance to strike. The battle continued till Ashvatthama could finally slice down the sword and shield+
+While Shikhandi was not ready to retreat, Satyaki carried him away to safety and launched his offence against Alambusha. He loses a bow to the Rakshasa and is attacked by the Maya which he dispels with Aindrastra, obtained from Arjuna #Kurukshetra
With his dexterity, Satyaki forced Alambusha to flee.

Kritavarma attacked Bhima. A foremost archer by training, he rained a volley of arrows upon Bhima. They were as effective as the Dragonfire against the Night King 😁 #GameofThrones #Kurukshetra
Needless to say, Kritavarma, despite his superior skill, lost his horses, bow, charioteer to Bhima and had to take Succour in a Gandhara chariot. This was Bhima with bow and arrows, not with Mace. He then turned to wreak havoc among the soldiers. #Kurukshetra
Vinda-Anuvinda of Avanti attacked Iravan, the Naga son of Arjuna through Ulupi. Iravan rendered Anuvinda chariotless and the brothers fought back from Vinda's chariot till the latter too lost his charioteer and the horses bolted #Kurukshetra
Bhagadatta on his fearful elephant began his onslaught against the Pandava warriors. There was no stopping him until Ghatotkacha came. Ghatotkacha rides a chariot here and manages to wound Bhagadatta, but he is invincible and kills Ghatotkacha's horses. The Rakshasa prince+
+ throws about fifteen javelins, all of them promising to meet their mark, but it was Bhagadatta's day and Ghatotkacha had to flee.
Gosh! Did not see that coming.

Moving over, the twin sons of Madri meet their maternal uncle Shalya. They covered him with arrows like+
+clouds covering the sun. Shalya, though proud of what his sister's sons had become, upped his game and killed Nakula's horses. The twins fought from Sahadeva's rig and made Shalya faint. #Kurukshetra
The Sun reached the zenith and Yudhishtira met Shrutayu. Shrutayu (Kalinga?), a formidable archer struck Yudhishtira with 7 arrows. We see a description of Dharmaraja's anger and how the gods and sages feared it. As terrible as the Sun during a Yuganta. He fells Shrutayu's flag.
He also slices Shrutayu's bow, kills horses and the charioteer. Yudhishtira's dance of destruction followed, reminding the Kaurava soldiers whose son he is.

Meanwhile, Chekitana fought Kripa. Well the Yadava warrior is rather courageous here and holds off Kripa #Kurukshetra
For a while he holds his ground. But Kripa kills Chekitana's horses, charioteer and breaks his bow. But the Yadava takes his club and charges ahead, smashing Kripa's charioteer and the horses to death. Standing on the ground, Kripa breaks the mace with arrows. Chekitana draws+
+his blade and Kripa draws his. A close quarter duel follows till both are nearly unconscious. Karakarsha takes Chekitana away to safety while Shakuni carries away Kripa.

Next duel - Drishtaketu vs Bhoorishravas. Former loses his chariot to the veteran, rushes to Shatanika's
Abhimanyu is handling another cumulative attack by Vikarna-Chitrasena-Durmarshana. The fight was like Kapha Vata Pitta dowhas attacking the body. But Arjuna's son bettered them and spared their lives remembering Bhima's pledge #Kurukshetra
Bhishma sees the plight of Dhartarashtras and rushes to their help. Arjuna rushes to help his son. But Susharma and other Kauravas surround him. Arjuna's anger is visible. Blood flowed like water under his attack. He destroys sixty Rathas in his wake. Shikhandi joins Arjuna
Jayadrata and Duryodhana join the fight on the other side. In a while, even as Arjuna fights on, Yudhishtira finds Shikhandi fleeing and admonishes him. Shikhandi returns to the battle. Bhishma avoids him but Shalya holds him. #Kurukshetra
Bhishma continues being unstoppable. The only way to cover Pandava loses under him was to inflict the same on Kaurava forces. Satyaki and Drishtadyumna took care of that. Yudhishtira, backed by the twins tried to stop Bhishma while Bhima bettered Jayadrata and battered Chitrasena
Vinda and Anuvinda attacked Drishtadyumna while he was paying back Kaurava armies what the Pandava army suffered under Bhishma. Their arrows covered his chariot and he rushed to Satyaki's. Yudhishtira turned his attention to the Avanti brothers. #Kurukshetra
It is not clear by the description, but going by rivers of blood flowing by sunset followed by Jackal howls, etc, I assume the battle continued for a bit after dark. The warriors returned to their camps. The remnant battle rages is evident in all of them. #Kurukshetra
End of Day 8.
The Kaurava Vyuha of Day 9 resembled an ocean with horses forming it's waves. Upon Yudhishtira's instructions, Drishtadyumna responded with Shringataka Vyuha (with two horns). Bhima and Satyaki led the two horns. Arjuna in the middle and Yudhishtira at the centre #Kurukshetra
The children of Pandavas along with Virata formed the rear.

The battle commenced and Bhishma is at the forefront again, like the sun so bright that one cannot see him. He killed the Rathas, horsemen and elephant riders. Only Bhima challenged him to the Pandava relief
Bhima succeeds in killing Bhishma's charioteer and the horses bolted carrying the grandsire away. 8 more sons of Dhritarashtra are killed by Bhima. (And he has not even reached for his mace till now, all the above with arrows).
Duryodhana laments his brothers' deaths. Is gently chided by his other brothers about how he disregarded Vidura's wise counsel and brought this destruction upon himself and others. He pours his woe to Bhishma and the old man assures him as usual #Kurukshetra
Dhritarashtra has a similar lament and Sanjaya gives his usual reply and continues.

The Pandavas attack in three divisions
1. Drishtadyumna, Shikhandi and Satyaki against Bhishma
2. Arjuna, Upa Pandavas and Chekitana against those under Duryodhana
3.Bhima, Abhimanyu and Ghatotkacha attacked the rest.

The other side mounted their attack too. Drona destroyed the Somakas and Srinjayas

Bhima destroyed the elephant division and the twins routed Cavalry.
The Gandharan armies under Shakuni and his six powerful brothers fought Iravan, the Naga son of Arjuna. Iravan has superior horses pulling his chariot and his men are extremely loyal to him. The Naga unit wrought havoc among the Gandharan forces. The seven brothers were enraged+
+They surrounded him from all sides wounding him with long lances. Iravan, like an elephant wounded by a goad, pulled those lances stuck in his body and woubded them back. Pulling his sword, he dextrously slashed their limbs. #Kurukshetra
Out of Shakuni's six brothers, only one(Vrishaka) escaped alive and fled.
Alarmed, Duryodhana turned to the Rakshasa son of Rishyashringa and sent him to kill Iravan. It was an uneven match, the Maya endowed Rakshasa vs severely wounded Iravan. But Iravan fought on #Kurukshetra
Iravan had his own Maya too. He wounded the Rakshasa severely. The Rakshasa assumed the form of Garuda and confused Iravan enough to get an edge and behead the (oldest?) son of Arjuna. The Kaurava camp was relieved. (Where the hell are you Arjuna?!?)
Unmindful of this tragedy, Arjuna was busy killing the Rathas guarding Bhishma who as usual was terrorising his enemies. Drona was in his form too. Satyaki and Drishtadyumna were the same to the Kaurava forces. Iravan's death first came to the notice of Ghatotkacha #Kurukshetra
Gathering his own Rakshasa forces, he directly attacked the segment of Kaurava army under Duryodhana. More gore and bloodshed followed. Duryodhana felt compelled to give up protecting his own life and heroically fought back Ghatotkacha #Kurukshetra
But Ghatotkacha was unstoppable. Several Kuru warriors rushed to protevt Duryodhana. Bhagadatta, Bhishma, Bahlika, Kripa, Jayadrata and many more. Another cumulative attack happened and yet, Ghatotkacha was a handful. Real handful. #Kurukshetra
Still he was out numbered and Yudhishtira, though confident of Ghatotkacha gaining upper hand, sent a relief force headed by Bhima with Abhimanyu im the forefront. Bhima let out a roar that probably resonated with Ghatotkacha's. #Kurukshetra
Many Kuru warriors lost their confidence of facing the father-son duo backed by Abhimanyu and others and left the field. The Maharathas stayed on and fought though the edge belonged to Pandu's sons. But Duryodhana persisted and wounded Bhima making him faint.
That enraged Ghatotkacha further and the sons of Pandavas attavked Duryodhana with renewed fury. Drona and others closed in upon Duryodhana to protect him. Bhima recovered anf fought Drona, making him faint now. Ashvatthama attacked Bhima who now jumped doen, mace in hand.
Abhimanyu and others tried to close in and protect Bhima. We are introduced to a new warrior here. Nila, the Lord of Marshy regions (???) A friend of Bhima who attacks Ashvatthama, wounding him. Ashvatthama fights back and wounds him back, only to be attacked by Ghatotkacha.
Guess the day was coming to an end. Ghatotkavha's Maya capabilities got a sudden enhancement. He created an illusion of all Kuru warriors like Drona, Kripa, etc lying immobile and wounded. The army fell for it snd retreated despite Bhishma's warnings.
Finally, it was time to withdraw. Day 8 (not Day 9 as I had mentioned earlier by mistake) started with a loss to the Pandavas and ended with Kauravas realising how the Pandavas respond to a dear one's loss. #Kurukshetra. Shall resume Day 9 tomorrow. Thanks for your support 🙏🙏🙏
After the battle, Duryodhqba seeks out Bhishma's reassurance again. Bhishma cautions him to limit his confrontations to those with the Pandavas and to never risk fighting Ghatotkacha by himself again. Assures that he, Drona, Kripa and the likes are there to do that.
Wait! Day 8 has not yet ended. Sunset was mentioned but Duryodhana rushed to battle again as I understand. Pandavas had not yet withdrawn. Bhagadatta on his famed Supratika rides before Duryodhana to protect him from Ghatotkacha. #Kurukshetra
Bhagadatta and Bhima met in a gory duel. Bhima slew a hundred soldiers that were protecting Bhagadatta. Abhimanyu and others trued to cover Bhima when an enraged Supratika charged against him. The Lord of Dasharna goaded his elephant against Supratika #Kurukshetra
This is probably the only elephant duel described in this war. Dasharna's elephant attacked Supratika. But Supratika and Bhagadatta woundedit at multiple plaves forcinv its retreat. Bhima and others joined the battle. #Kurukshetra
Ghatotkacha again attacked Bhagadatta. He tried to kill Supratika with a javelin but Bhagadatta cut it down. He then sent a deadly arrow at Ghatotkacha who caught it and broke it into two. Bhagadatta mounted his attack and fought many at a time, wounding them all. #Kurukshetra
He killed Bhima's horses and wounded charioteer Vishoka badly. Vishoka sat back dazed. Bhima leapt down the chariot, mace in hand. At that moment Arjuna entered and while Ghatotkacha fought Bhagadatta, Bhima told Arjuna about Iravan #Kurukshetra
Arjuba is overcome with grief and berates the war and Artha, the cause for it as he deems. He declares he cant derive the warrior's pleasure anymore by killing relatives. But he reiterates that he will cross this ocean that was warand attacks the Kauravas. #Kurukshetra
The Pandava camp roars seeing that and it resembles the sea during full or new moon, further agitated by the wind.

Sanjaya goes on to narrate another sequence between Bhishma and the Pandavas. But he says it was afternoon. Just a while ago it was sunset. I am a bit confused now.
Looks like it is Day 8 still going on. Bhishma, Kripa, Bhagadatta, Kritavarma attacked Arjuna while Drona along with some Dhartarashtras attacked Bhima. Vyudoraska, Kundalina and seven more of them, all the whilr, braving Drona's arrows, like a tiger playing with deer.
Abhimanyu fough Ambastha, forcing him to abandon his chariot and take cover under Kritavarma's. The battle cpntinued getting worse and worse till the nightfall till visibility became an issue. Then both camps retired. #Kurukshetra
After the battle of day 8, Duryodhana met his dear friend Karna and poured out his woe. Karna suggests him to request Bhishma to withdraw from the battle and let Karna fight instead. Also brags and promises to kill all the Pandavas #Kurukshetra
Duryodhana approaches the grandsire and parrots the same. There is a glorious description of his attire, retinue etc, comparing him to Indra, etc (cant see the context as Indra is revered as a victorious god all through Mbh). Bhishma is pained, assures that he would fight+
+a battle that none heard of the coming day.

On day 9, Duryodhana arranges for the Kuru warriors to protect Bhishma. Instructs Dushasana to not let Shikhandi come anywhere near Bhishma as he knew of Bhishma's principle not to fight 'her'. #Kurukshetra
The Ksuravas formed the Sarvatobhadra Vyuha (sprculated to resemble a square). The Pandavas arranged themselves in a counter vyuha (name not mentioned) positioning Shimhandi to take on Bhishma. Yudhishtira, with brothers stations himsekf ahead of his army #Kurukshetra
The battle began. Abhimanyu led the attack and targeted right at Duryodhana ststioned at the middle of the vyuha. He condounded, Drona, Ashvatthama, Kripa and Jayadrata. With his string drawn at high frequency, his bow was seen like a circle, a circke of light around sun.
Upon Duryodhana's instruction, Alambush tries to stop Abhimanyu and begins with a slaughter of Pandava army. At this, the five sons of Draupadi surround him like planets surrounding the Sun #Kurukshetra
Prativindhya shot arrows that pierced Alambusha's armour. His brothers joined him and together, they made the Rakshasa faint. But when he recovered, Alambusha was deadly. Abhimanyu came to rescue his brothers. #Kurukshetra
Dhritarashtra seems to be perturbed about Abhimanyu's entry and asks how Alambusha withstood his onslaught. Sanjaya details on this battle.
Alambusha resorted to his Maya tactics and Abhimanyu, to his knowledge of DivyAstrAs. After a bloody battle Rakshasa retreated
There was no stopping Abhimanyu till Bhishma arrived with a host of Dhartarashtras who surrounded the boy. He was like a formidable combination of his father Arjuna and uncle Krishna.
Arjuna rushes to protect his son. Bhishma attacks him like Rahu attacks the Sun #Kurukshetra
Sharadvata (Kripa?) Positioned himself before Bhishma to take on Arjuna, but Satyaki engaged him. When he gained upper hand, Ashvatthama intervened and Satyaki attacked like Rahu attacks moon.
(Rahu attacking Sun and moon together? @NileshOak ji jaldi aiye!! ) #Kurukshetra
But Ashvatthama broke Satyaki's bow and wounded him. Satyaki took up another bow and wounded Ashvatthama who lost his senses for a while before he recovered and fought back with renewed vigour and felled Satyaki's banner #Kurukshetra
Satyaki again covers Ashvatthama with arrows. Seeing that his son was eclipsed like moon by Rahu, Drona rushed and engaged Satyaki. (A guy who can engage Kripa, Ashvatthama, Drona back to back is a superhuman!). Arjuna intervenes to relieve Satyaki. #Kurukshetra
Arjuna and Drona met like Budha and Shukra. Drona forgot that this was his dearest pupil. Arjuna too pushed the fact that he faced his beloved guru. Arjuna looked like he would gain and so thought Duryodhana. He sends Susharma of Trigarta to intervene #kurukshetra
Trigartas surround Arjuna even as he fights against Susharma. Arjuna uses Vayavya Astra which made a turbulent wind blow, that dropped masses of trees upon Trigarta army. Dronaintervenes and releases Shailastra, but by that time, the Trigarta morale was already broken.
Now over to combined attacks on each of the other four Pandavas

Bhagadatta and Shrutayu surrounded Bhima with their elephant army. Bhima jumps down the chariot (ahem! 😄). Tuskers surrounded him like clouds cover the sun, only to meet their end. Sparing the scary details.
It was midday. Bhishma was attacked cumulatively by Drupada, Drishtadyumna, Shikhandi and Virata. He wounded them all, sparing Shikhandi. He broke Virata's bow. Virata took up another and pierced Bhishma and his charioteer #Kurukshetra
Bhishma fought back and a battle ensued, increasing Yama's kingdom by the sheer number of deaths. Kshatriyas witnessing it began to wonder why Duryodhana hated Pandavas so much that he caused this carnage to happen. Duryodhana urged the veterans on his side to hasten.
Meanwhile, Susharma wounded Arjuna and Krishna. Arjuna fought with multiple Kings under Susharma's command, compelling them to flee. Duryodhana again sends Bhishma to protect Susharma. Everyone from both sides joined and a mass battle followed. #Kurukshetra
Abhimanyu and Chitrasena met like Budha and Shani. Abhimanyu slew the latter's horses and charioteer. Drona compelled Drupada to flee while Bhima won over Bahlika. Satyaki fought Kritavarma and Bhishma together. #Kurukshetra
Bhishma fought with a ferocity that made the Pandavas run to rescue Satyaki. Duryodhana sends Duhshasana and a large army to protect Bhishma from Pandava-Panchala onslaught. Dushasana and Shakuni surrounded Yudhishtira and Nakula-Sahadeva #Kurukshetra
Along with them, were ten thousand strong horsemen who came on their galloping stress like waves in an ocean. But the Pandava ranks were like the shore where ocean can only penetrate so much. Yudhishtira defeats Shakuni and Duryodhana sends Shalya #Kurukshetra
Yudhishtira wounds him in the chest and Nakula Sahadeva join him. Shalya fights back and wounds all of them. Bhima rushes to help his brothers and Bhishma, to help Shalya. Another fierce general battle where most everyone wounds almost everyone on the other side
But Bhishma was unstoppable. Like an axe hacking a pine Forest, he cut through the Pandava ranks. While the main warriors held their ground, the Pandava armies began to lose morale. Krishna urged Arjuna to intervene reminding him of his past vows and Arjuna agreed reluctantly
The return of Arjuna to battle temporarily boosted the Pandava morale. But Krishna noticed Arjuna's mild defence as compared to Bhishma who continuously claimed lives. He left the reins of Arjuna's chariot and leapt to the ground to kill Bhishma himself #kurukshetra
Armed with only the whip, he charged like a lion would against an elephant. The Lord of the Universe advanced against Bhishma, his very steps threatening to shatter the earth. Arjuna caught him in an embrace and was dragged along for nine steps #kurukshetra
Arjuna held his feet at the tenth and stopped Krishna from advancing further. He promises to kill Bhishma and swears on all his good deeds, merits and says they would come to a naught if he wavered again. Most touching part -he doesn't want the world to say Krishna broke his word
Krishna goes back to Arjuna's chariot. But he is far from convinced and his rage still lingers. Bhishma is still unstoppable and Yudhishtira withdraws his forces at twilight itself. #Kurukshetra
That night, Yudhishtira blames himself for what befell his soldiers, brothers and Draupadi and turns to Krishna for advice. Krishna offers to go to battle and kill Bhishma and others. Reminds of Arjuna's true capability and then says permit me to make your path come true
Yudhishtira disagrees but tells that Bhishma had once promised him to always offer advice and counsel while his services as a warrior were limited to Duryodhana.

Krishna agrees and they go to Bhishma's place. Bhishma welcomes them #Kurukshetra
Yudhishtira asks him to show a way to protect his soldiers. Bhishma says as long as he is alive, the Pandavas can't win and they HAVE to kill him to win. Gives Arjuna permission to strike him. Also gives a list of people he won't fight #Kurukshetra
Advises Arjuna to place Shikhandi ahead of him the next day. (Not sure what was the huge outcome of this exercise. That Bhishma won't fight Shikhandi was a clue he gave Yudhishtira right on Day 1).

Pandavas leave and Arjuna remembers the find moments he had with Bhishma
Krishna reminds him of his earlier promise to kill Bhishma and quotes Brihaspati's advice to Shakra. Arjuna firms up on placing Shikhandi ahead and defending him from other Kuru warriors (They tried it once on day 7 or 8 too!)

They retire and wait for day break #Kurukshetra
Day 10
Pandavas form an elaborate Vyuha with Shikhandi in the lead. Bhima and Arjuna protect his chariot wheels. Abhimanyu -Upa Pandavas cover him from behind and Satyaki, Chekitana and Drishtadyumna in turn protect them. Yudhishtira follows accompanied by the twins+
Virata and Drupada follow him with their armies. The rest of the armies follow, protected at the rear by Drishtaketu and five Kekaya brothers.

Kauravas put Bhishma at the lead protected by Dhartarashtras, followed by Drona and Bhagadatta and the rest #Kurukshetra
The battle commenced and the Pandava side deals the first strike. Bhima and Satyaki cut through the enemy ranks and Bhishma launches counter attack. Kills the line of soldiers, Rathas, etc under Shikhandi's lead. Shikhandi pierces him in the chest but Bhishma sneers at his gender
Reminds him that in his eyes, the Panchala Prince is always the "Shikhandini" as who he was born. Arjuna sees Shikhandi's rage and invites him to keep his offence while he would keep the entire Kuru host at Bay from wounding Shikhandi #Kurukshetra
While Bhishma continued to burn down the enemy, Arjuna paid back in kind by killing the Kaurava soldiers and warriors. Those who faced him feared even the sound of Gandiva and began to flee and Duryodhana got concerned. Bhishma promises to either kill the Pandavas or be killed
Bhishma, that day, kills 10 K elephants, 10 K horses, 200K foot soldiers. (Rules? What are they?)
Arjuna tried to clear Shikhandi's path towards Bhishma while Drishtadyumna and Abhimanyu tried to stop Bhishma #Kurukshetra
Kauravas put up a man to man defence
Chitrasena - Chekitana
Kritavarma - Drishtadyumna
Bhoorishravas - Bhima
Vikarna - Nakula
Durmukha - Ghatotkacha
Alambusha - Satyaki
Sudakshina - Abhimanyu
Ashvatthama - Virata and Drupada
Drona - Yudhishtira
Arjuna tried to approach Bhishma, all the while, protecting Shikhandi. Duhshasana tries to stop him, and a fierce fight ensues. Arjuna attacks him like Rahu attacks moon and forces him to take refuge in Bhishma's chariot #Kurukshetra
Satyaki bettered Alambusha after a tough fight and was immediately checked by Bhagadatta. Satyaki repulses him too and is surrounded by Duryodhana and his unit. The rest of the duels continue with no result showing any soon.

Drona sees inauspicious omens, tells Ashvatthama.
Drona points out that the inauspicious Parigha yoga is covering the sun, the planets have pushed the moon to the left and moon is rising as an inverted crescent. Says that Yajnasena's son Shikhandi bears an inauspicious mark on his flag. Urges Ashvatthama to rush to Bhishma
Meanwhile, ten Kaurava warriors attacked Bhima - Bhagadatta, Kripa, Shalya, Jayadrata, Vikarna, Chitrasena, Vinda, Anuvinda, Kritavarma and Durmarshana. Bhima wounds them back all. Breaks Kripa's bow, kills Jayadrata's horses+charioteer. Even together, they could not better him
Susharma again attacked Arjuna even as he joins Bhima. Arjuna wounds Shalya, Susharma and all others. The earth was strewn with corpses if warriors at Arjuna's touch. Shakuni and Brihadbala too join Wave after wave, the Kuru warriors try to stop Bhima-Arjuna, in vain.
Meanwhile, the destruction he caused hits Bhishma who suddenly loses interest in war. He appeals to Yudhishtira to kill him and end this soon. Pandavas rally again and there is another man to man defence by Kauravas. Abhimanyu-Duryodhana
Satyaki - Ashvatthama
Pourava - Drishtaket
Abhimanyu - Brihadbala
Bhima - Elephant army
Yudhishtira - Shalya
Jayadrata - Virata
Drona - Drishtadyumna

Arjuna almost gets to Bhishma when Bhagadatta stops him. Urging Shikhandi to proceed, he fights the rider of Supratika. Duhshasana too defends Bhishma. #Kurukshetra
Shikhandi finally gets to attack Bhishma and pierces him. The whole of Kuru host rallies to surround Arjuna who was in his formidable form, dispatching warrior after warrior to death while wounding the lead generals. Kripa, Shalya, Vivimshati, Duhshasana, Vikarna fled from Arjuna
Bhishma continued to be in form and Arjuna attacked him again, urged by Krishna. Arjuna broke Bhishma"s bow. Seven Kuru warriors (Drona, Kritavarma, Bhuri, Shaka, Shalya, Bhagadatta ) tried to distract Arjuna away. But he repulses them back while fighting Bhishma #Kurukshetra
He tells Duhshasana that Arjuna's arrows are like Vajra and cause immense pain. They take life out and he could sense it. Bhishma uses his only javelin and Arjuna cuts it down along with Bhishma's sword and shield. Even as Kuru warriors rallied against Arjuna, Bhishma fell
Ganga sent Rishis who came in the form of swans and advised Bhishma to hold on to his life till the Sun turned North. Bhima and the Panchalas celebrated the moment. Duhshasana rushed to Drona carrying the news. Stupefied, Drona urged a withdrawal and Pandavas obliged #Kurukshetra
This was the toughest day to summary tweet. Too many short duels, cumulative attacks and defences, un-rallying and re-rallying with a hell of cacophony. Some errors may have crept in. Will clean them up before writing the final essay 🙏🙏🙏.
Moving on to Day 11. I am skipping the elaborate description of the honour and worship offered to Bhishma post his fall. (My focus for the current exercise is the battle).

But with Bhishma's fall, shrinking of armies and rising desperation, the war is going to turn nasty.
The most important landmark of Bhishma's exit was Vasusena Karna's entry to Kurukshetra. Karna previously refused to fight alongside Bhishma as the grandsire had given him a bad rating as a warrior (Half a Ratha).

Sanjaya says in fact Karna is twice a Ratha. #Kurukshetra
Kauravas cheer the entry of Karna, their hopes pinned upon the DivyAstrAs he had learnt from Jaamadagnya.

(I am waiting for his entry too! In fact, want to sing Hiranmayena paatrena satyasyaapihitam mukham 😁😁😁) #Kurukshetra
Karna joins the war, starts with an elaborate obituary to Bhishma, says the grandsire who was one of the Vasus has returned to his rightful celestial position (He is still alive, boss!)
Karna also states strengths of the Pandavas and the temporary nature of life. #Kurukshetra
Karna reiterates his promise to kill all the five sons of Kunti.

Before joining the battle, Karna seeks the blessings of Bhishma who blesses him heartily.

Duryodhana asks Karna about who should lead the armies. Karna suggests Drona, calling him equal to Shukra and Angiras
Accordingly Drona was made the commander in chief with due honour and hope.

The Kaurava Vyuha name is not mentioned but Kripa, Kritavarma, Chitrasena, Vivimshati and Duhshasana led the left flank #Kurukshetra
Okay, it comes in the next page. The Vyuha is in the form of a cart - Shakata.

The Pandavas responded with Krauncha Vyuha with Arjuna at the fore front. There is an anticipation of Karna-Arjuna conflict

Drona began his offence #Kurukshetra
By using DivyAstrAs right away and destroying the Armies of Panchalas. He was checked by Drupada's son who also knew DivyAstrAs. Drishtadyumna repeated the same with Kaurava soldiers. But Drona was too terrible and Pandava Maharathas surrounded him to protect their soldiers
If Bhishma was superhuman in his attack, Drona was certainly inhuman (my inference). Drona in his period, kills more than two Akshauhinis of the Pandava army. Sanjaya quickly summarises. Dhritarashtra asks him to elaborate. #Kurukshetra
The narration got me confused. Sanjaya seems to have fetched the news of Drona's death (probably at the end of fifteenth day). The news distresses Dhritarashtra and he elaborates Drona's valour and that of ea h of Pandava warriors. Let me read up and tweet here.
Yes, Sanjaya does a back and forth. Ignore my last couple of tweets and get back to the vyuhas. Drona was indeed a formiddable force. None could stop him. A long description of his destructive dance follows

In that battle, Shakuni attacks Sahadeva. Shakuni is skilled in Maya
He pierces Sahadeva's charioteer, flag and bow. Sahadeva paid back and also felled Shakuni's bow AND also wounded Shakuni who grabs a club and kills Sahadeva's charioteer. Sahadeva picks up a club too. The battle continues.

Bhima wounds Vivimshati. #Kurukshetra
Vivimshati renders Bhima without a chariot. But Bhima picks his mace and does the same, kills Vivimshati's chariot too.
Shalya was overpowered by Nakula
Other duels included
Kritavarma - Satyaki
Susharma- Drishtadyumna (?)
Karna - Virata
Bhagadatta - Drupada
Bhoorishrava - Shikhandi
Alambusha - Ghatotkacha
Anuvinda - Chekitana
Lakshmana - Kshatradeva

Detailed duel between a certain Pourava and Abhimanyu is given.
Abhimanyu kills Pourava's horses, charioteer, etc and was about to kill him when+
+Kritavarma interferes and breaks Abhimamyu's bow. Abhimanyu grabs a sword and shield and is about to kill Pourava. Jayadrata interferes, with his own sword and shield and there is a duel. There are other weapons hurled at Abhimanyu who wards them away. In the sword fight+
+Jayadrata's sword gets stuck in Abhimanyu's shield and breaks. Weaponless, he retreats by six paces and Abhimanyu gets bacm on to his chariot to engage other warriors. Shalya throws a javelin at him. Abhimanyu catches it like Garuda would catch a snake and killed Shalya's+
+charioteer. The feat is lauded by all the Pandava warriors and the Kauravas surround Abhimanyu in anger. Shalya picks up his mace and pounces at Abhimanyu. Seeing Shalya with his mace, Bhima restrains Abhimanyu and jumps in himself. #Kurukshetra
Another wondrois duel follows between those evenly matched warriors. Bhima makes Shalya unconscious and himself loses his senses for a while. But as he recovered, Kritavarma carried away Shalya. Bhima advanced and the Pandava domination continued till+ #Kurukshetra
+Vrishasena (Karna's son) attacks the armies, to be stopped and wounded by Shatanika. Vrishasena cuts his bow and other four sons of Draupadi rush to their brother's help. Ashvathama and others join Karna's son. The Pandavas too join here and the battle turns general #kurukshetra
I forgot to add. Before the battle, while annointing Drona as Senapati, Duryodhana elicits a promise from him that he would capture Yudhishtira alive and present him to Duryodhana.

When the Pandavas hear of this, they take extra care to guard Yudhishtira #Kurukshetra
Drona attacks Yudhishtira who repulses him successfully and woubds him too but only for a while. Drona persists till he gains an upperhand. The Panchala warriors rush to pritect Yudhishtira. Some oc thrm dies. Rest arent successful. It looked lije Yudhishtira was caught!
When Arjuna broke into the scene.
Routing the Kuru resistance between him and his elder brother, Kiriti reached just in time. His innumerable arrows covered the sky, blocking light and confusing the enemy. Drona and Duryodhana also see the sun setting and withdraw #kurukshetra
End of Day 11 #Kurukshetra
There is disappointment felt among the Kuru Ranks and Drona makes it clear, that Arjuna needs to be lured away if he has to succeed in capturing Yudhishtira.

Susharma, his Trigarta army and another assortment take an oath to keep Arjuna distracted. #Kurukshetra
They are the Shamshaptakas. They vow to either kill Arjuna or get killed by him. They challenge Arjuna.

Arjuna says he is oath bound to fight those who challenge him. At the same time, he knows the criticality of guarding Yudhishtira. #kurukshetra
He entrusts the responsibility of Yudhishtira's safety to Satyajit, a Panchalan Prince. Says Satyajit is a tiger among warriors. But if he falls to Drona, Arjuna tells Yudhishtira to leave the field even if there are others to protect him #Kurukshetra
He then tells Krishna to lead him to Shamshsptakas. It is a huge unit of 10 K chariot plus horses and fiotmen with one aim - Kill Arjuna. They surrounded him and covered him with arrows. Dispelling the arrow cover with his own, Arjuna kills Subahu and Sutanu #Kurukshetra
The sokdiers flee in fright, only to be goaded back by Susharma. Arjuna invokes as Astra called Tvastra. It creates an illusion where each of the Shsmshaptaka Ratha looks like Arjuna and the corresponding Sarathi, like Krishna. The army went into self destruct mode #Kurukshetra
The rest of them fell upon Arjuna, far more enraged and covered him with arrows. The intensity was such that even Krishna, who won over his emotions lost his cool and shouted for Arjuna in concern. Arjuna was unaffected and invoked the Vayavyastra to dispel the cover #Kurukshetra
After that, he was unstoppable, like Shakra, like Rudra, lives fell to his arrows.

Meanwhile, Drona arranged the rest of the armies in Garuda Vyuha. Yudhishtira responded with Ardhachakra vyuha. He tells Drishtadyumna to do everything to stop Drona #Kurukshetra
Drishtadyumna stations himself at the head of the army. The very sight of him is like a bad omen for Drona who gets distressed (So easy to Psy Op Drona?). Durmukha engages Drishtadyumna, in order to support Drona. Taking the opportunity, Drona advances ahead. #Kurukshetra
A gory conflict is described. Drona reaches Yudhishtira who is prepared and showers arrows at him

Satyajit quickly stations himself before Yudhishtira. His determination halts Drona for a while and exerts his full self. But finally Drona severs his head. #Kurukshetra
Along with Satyajit, Vrika another Panchala Prince too loses his life to Drona's fury. The rest of the Panchalas and Matsyas try to cover Yudhishtira. Drona kills Dridhasena, Kshema, Vasudhana, Kshatradeva and wounded Yudhamanyu, Uttamaujas, Satyaki, Shikhandi, etc #Kurukshetra
Yudhishtira, remembered Arjuna's request and fled the field (Thanks boss, for not talking for empty bravado!)

Dhritarashtra himself is surprised and asks was there really no Panchala who could stand up to Drona #Kurukshetra

On the field, Duryodhana is full of glee.
He shows Karna, the way only Bhima came to fight Drona while everyone fled. Karna tells him not to celebrate too soon and the lone Bhima is the one who survived poisoning, fire and a million hardships. Karna shows how the presence of Bhima started to inspire others #Kurukshetra
Nakula, Sahadeva, Satyaki were quick to joins Bhima and Duryodhana and Karna rush to help Drona.
Sanjaya elaborates the names of Kings, Maharathas, who again rally along with Yudhishtira (looks like he returned). The list is really long! #Kurukshetra
Kauravas too rally to protect Drona. The duels take place like this
Durmarshana - Bhima
Kritavarma - Satyaki
Shalya - Yudhishtira
Jayadrata - Kshatradharma
Subahu - Yuyutsu

Yuyutsu slices off Subahu's Arma and Yudhishtira defeats Shalya.
Other duels were between
Bahlika - Drupada
Vinda&Anuvinda - Virata

Among Upapandavas
Shatanika kills Bhutakarma
Sutasoma wounds Vivimshati
Srutakarma fights an even battle with Chitrasena's son.
Prativindhya repulses Ashvatthama himself!
Among others
Slayer of Patacharas (Sahadeva?) wounds Lakshmana.
Shikhandi fought Vikarna
Uttamaujas fought with some Angada and
Purujit, the son of Kuntibhoja wounded Durmukha.
The 5 Kekaya brothers fought Karna. Satyaki, against Kshemadriti and Brihanta #Kurukshetra
Among the Kauravas

Ambastha wounded King of Chedi (Drishtaketu?)
Alambusha engaged Ghatotkacha
Kripa repulsed Vardhakshemi, the Varshneya.
Bhoorishravas won over some Maniman but lost his charioteer.#Kurukshetra
Dhritarashtra asks Sanjaya about how Arjuna fared with the Samsaptakas. But Sanjaya sticks to main battle and tells about how Duryodhana attacked Bhima with elephant army.

Elephants of course are Bhima's favourite battle victims. He routed them all. Duryodhana himself attacked
Bhima withstood his attack and a great exchange of arrows happens. Both are wounded. King of Anga (not Karna) comes to rescue Duryodhana and attacks Bhima with his elephant. After a tough battle Bhima kills him. Now enters the invincible Bhagadatta upon his Supratika #Kurukshetra
Supratika is like a Super-elephant. Dasharna intervenes with his elephant to relieve Bhima for a while. But Supratika kills the opponent elephant. The Pandava warriors jump in. Satyaki tries to fight but Supratika smashes his chariot. Satyaki and his Charioteer escape JIT.
Bhima jumps in to fight Supratika himself. In the battle, the elephant covers him to such an extent that Bhima wasn't visible to the Pandava army and they assume Supratika trampled him. Yudhishtira gathers Panchalas and surrounds Bhagadatta. #Kurukshetra
Bhima emerges and attacks from his chariot. But Supratika scares his horses which bolt carrying him away from the field. Bhagadatta then kills Ruchiparva, son son some Kriti. This angers the youngsters and Abhimanyu & Upapandavas surround him #Kurukshetra
But neither Bhagadatta nor Supratika could be checked and the elephant continued its rampage. The shouts of Pandava army fell upon the ears of Arjuna who asks Krishna to take him to Bhagadatta. But a 14K strong Shamshaptaka unit challenges him #Kurukshetra
Arjuna is in a dilemma. He asks Krishna what to do and Krishna drives towards Shamshaptaka. Their cumulative onslaught was intense and even made Krishna faint. Arjuna dispels them with Vajrastra, much to Krishna's admiration. They then head towards Bhagadatta #Kurukshetra
Arjuna announces himself by attacking the Kuru armies forcing Bhagadatta to turn upon him. The King of Pragjyotisha on Supratika was like Indra riding Airavata. But his opponent is the son of Indra himself. Arjuna repulses every weapon thrown by Bhagadatta. #Kurukshetra
The elephant Supratika charges at Arjuna like death itself. Krishna nimbly drives the chariot towards the left where Arjuna gets a vantage point to kill both, Bhagadatta and Supratika, but does not do so, remembering his Dharma (What Dharma?!?!?!?!?) #Kurukshetra
The elephant repays his favour by mangling other chariots and horses. Arjuna is enraged. Adding to that, Bhagadatta shot arrows that penetrated and pierced Krishna. Arjuna cuts Bhagadatta's bow. A slew of javelins from Bhagadatta too are cut down #Kurukshetra
Arjuna penetrates the elephant's armour and wounds it at many places. He wounds the rider too. Bhagadatta then invokes the Vaishnavastra and throws the elephant goad at Arjuna. The Vaishnavastra had no nemesis and was sure to kill Arjuna. #Kurukshetra
That moment, Krishna covers Arjuna and takes the Astra upon himself, which turns into a Vaijayanti mala around his neck. Arjuna is distressed and protests Krishna's intervention. Tells him it is not right for Krishna to intervene when he, Arjuna is armed and capable #Kurukshetra
Krishna tells him how he, as Vishnu had gifted the Vaishnavastra to Bhumi, who gave it to Narakasura from who Bhagadatta got it. The Astra has returned to its rightful place. Saying this Krishna prods Arjuna to fight. Arjuna now kills both the elephant and it's rider #Kurukshetra
After killing the veteran warrior and his elephant, Arjuna does Pradakshina to the bodies and resumes his fight, now against the Gandharas. He kills two of Shakuni's brothers, at which, Shakuni attacks him with Maya. He counteracts with DivyAstrAs #Kurukshetra
After a while Shakuni had to flee. Arjuna advanced and there was no saving the Kaurava warriors wherever he went. Many warriors took refuge with Drona, some of them with Duryodhana, but none could counter Arjuna.

Meanwhile Ashvatthama kills Nila. Bhima retaliates #Kurukshetra
Bhima engages multiple warriors Bahlika, Karna, Drona, Ashvatthama, Duryodhana. Their arrows wound him and his wound them back. He is out numbered but does not step back.
He is then joined by Satyaki, Nakula and Sahadeva and more warriors join on both sides #Kurukshetra
Drishtadyumna spotted an opening to attack Drona and nade his move. Under hus command, the Panchalas charged towards Drona but were checked by Shalya, Karna, Jayadrata, Vinda, Anuvinda and Ashvatthama. The general battle raged till Arjuna reappeared to turn tables #Kurukshetra
He fought appearing like the sun with thousands of scorching rays (arrows being compared to rays). Arjuna never shot at fallen or fleeing soldiers. Yet, he rendered the enemy fearful. They rushed to Karna for protection. Karna assured them #Kurukshetra
Karna released the blazing Agneyastra. But Arjuna counteracted if with sheer arrows. Just arrows! (Not with VaaruNaastra!)

Karna replied with his own arrows and Bhima, Satyaki and Drishtadyumna attacked Karna. While fighting Arjuna he shot at them too #Kurukshetra
Karna broke tge biws if tge trio abd they threw javelins at him. He sliced them too. In the opening, Arjuna killed tgree if Karna's brothers -Shatrunjaya, Vipatha and an unnamed third.

Bhima leapt down the chariot and killed 15 of Karna's flank protectors and then came back
Drishtadyumna grabbed a sword and shield and kilked Pourava Brihadkshatra and Chandravarma. This while Satyaki faced Karna and the duel was fearsome. Satyaki broke Karna's bow. The ocean of his arrows was about to drown Karna when... #Kurukshetra
Duryidhana, Jayadrata and Drona cane to rescue Karna from Satyaki. Arjuna and the super-trio (my nick name for Satyaki-Bhima-Drishtadyumna) stayed to protect Satyaki. Another general battle raged till both sides got too tired abd found the sun right upon the western hill.
They withdrew for the day. End of day 12 #Kurukshetra

(I dont have the courage to turn over thd page to day 13 😭😭😭😭😭)
Thanks everyone for following, supporting and participating. The source till Day 12 was Volume 5 of Mahabharata Critical edition translated by Dr. @bibekdebroy

From Day 13 onwards, the source is volume 6. Keep your participation up 🙏🙏🙏🙏.
As usual on the morning of the thirteenth day, Duryodhana whined to Drona about his losses and nearly accused him of letting the Pandavas away easily.

Drona reiterates his loyalty and also promises to kill one powerful Maharathi on this day #Kurukshetra
But only on the condition that Arjuna is led away from the main battle, Drona says his plans will succeed. The Shamshaptakas are more than happy to do their part in keeping Arjuna distracted.

Drona arranges for this formidable and impregnable vyuha #Kurukshetra
Chakyavyuha was its name. While Drona stood at the headof the vyuha, the Pandava Maharathis tried to attack Drona, only to be repulsed by his shower of arrows. Then Drona led the counter charge throwing Yudhishtira into a turmoil. Only four Maharathis knew this Vyuha #Kurukshetra
Drona himself, Arjuna, Krishna, Pradyumna and Abhimanyu.

At thr moment, Pandavas had only Abhimanyu. Yudhishtira asks him to penetrate the Vyuha. Abhimanyu agrees but voices his concern. "I know only to penetrate. If a calamity befalls me inside, I cannot get out" #Kurukshetra
Yudhishtira assures him that once Abhimanyu creates an opening, the Pandava host would follow him. Bhima promises to protect him along with Drishtadyumna and Satyaki. Thus assured, Abhimanyu gets ready for the battle of his life. The battle that took his life #Kurukshetra
Abhimanyu's charioteer Sumitra cautions him about this venture. Says proceed only aftr you ha e thought through this. Reminds Abhimanyu thag unlike his father and uncles, he has been reared in prosperity. Abhimanyu waves Sumitra's concern away. Says he is ready to fight all gods.
Followed by his uncles and other Maharathas, donning a golden Armour, Abhimanyu proceeds. The armies clash. Abhimanyu gains twenty feet (mistake?) and penetrates the vyuha, killing warriors in thousands. Like a young lion charging at a herd of elephants. #Kurukshetra
There is an elaborate description of destruction caused by Abhimanyu. Bodies were strewn like serpents cut off after Garuda attacked them. The Kaurava soldiers fled and Duryodhana came to the forefront to check Abhimanyu. Drona hustled others to protect Duryodhana #Kurukshetra
14 Maharathis like Droba, Asvatthama, Karna, Vrishasena, Shalya, etc surrounded Abhimanyu and provided an exit to Duryodhana.

Abhimanyu could not tolerate this snatching away of his 'prize'. Refusing to retreat, he fought on despite being out numbered #Kurukshetra
He kills the lord of Ashmaka who was fighting for Duryodhana. After claiming his first Victim, Abhimanyu now turned towards Karna and pierced him. His arrows tortured Karna yo the extent that Karna fainted. But recovering soon, Karna sttacked Abhimanyu back #Kurukshetra
After facing another bout of cumulative attack, Abhimanyu attacked Shalya next. The Lord of Madra did no better than Karna and fainted. Shalya's brother rushed to attack Abhimanyu and wounds him. Abhimanyu severs his head right in front of Drona. #Kurukshetra
Abhimanyu's style of fighting did not betray any sense of fatigue, if he felt any. Nor did beinv outnumbered perturb him. The enraged Madra army fell upon him and yet, he drove them away with arrows, giving a taste of what a combo of Krishna-Arjuna would look like #Kurukshetra
Dushasana rushes at Abhimanyu assuring Duryodhana that he will kill the son of Su hadra which would distress Krishna and Arjuna so much that they woukd due of grief and that in turn would make the enemy retreat forever. By then Abhimanyu had been mangled by arrows. #Kurukshetra
Yet, the sight of Duhshasana reminded him of the wrongs his father, uncle and step mother had faced. He decided to kill Duhshasana for Bhima and fought. His shower of arrows made Duhshasana swoon and the charioteer drove away to safety. #Kurukshetra
Exhilarated at Abhimanyu's victory, the Pandava host began to cheer aloud and fight with renewed vigour. This agitated Duryodhana and he sent Karna again. Karna began a fresh attack. But Abhimanyu broke his bow and flag. Karna's brother intervened. #Kurukshetra
The new attack was intense. But at last, Abhimanyu severed his head and started slaughtering the armies. Except Jayadrata, everyone fled. Abhimanyu was like the scorching midday Sun. Earth was strewn witg thr dead bodies and severed limbs of soldiers. #Kurukshetra
Meanwhile, the Pandava host tried to keep up with Abhimanyu, but was held off by Jayadrata. Sanjaya says he was given a boon by Hara that he could withstand all the Pandava might except Arjuna. This enabled Jayadrata to keep the Pandavas away from Abhimanyu. #Kurukshetra
He wounded each of the Pandava warriors. Yudhishtira tooka careful aim and broke Jayadrata's bow. But takibg another bow, he wounded back Dharmaraja. Bhima broke Jayadrata's bow, flag and umbrelka. But he took a third and killed Bhima's horses. #Kurukshetra
Bhima had to rush to Satyaki's chariot. Kaurava army cheered Jayadrata who successfully covered the path created fir the enemy by Abhimanyu.

Meanwhile Abhimanyu met Vrishasena, son of Karna. Vrishasena lost his bow, flag and charioteer. The horses bolted away #Kurukshetra
Abhimanyu's charioteer Sumitra seized this opportunity to steer the chariot from the melee and Abhimanyu was again visible to the Pandava host who cheered. The next victim to lose his life to the Son of Subhadra was Vasatiya. #Kurukshetra
After Vasatiya's death, the angry soldiers surrounded Abhimamyu again. Satyashrava and Rukmaratha (son of Shalya) attacked Abhimanyu , severely wounding him. Abhimanyu invoked the Gandharvastra and routed them all. A hundred princes lost their lives #Kurukshetra.
Duryodhana tried to stop Abhimanyu, but had to retreat in a short while. 9 Maharathas incl Drona, Ashvatthama, Karna, Duryodhana , Kripa tried to attack him, but were repulsed. Lakshmana, the son of Duryodhana came to the forefront and another terrible duel ensued #Kurukshetra
Duryodhana returned for his son and other Maharatgas too did, launching a cumulative attack. Abhimanyu was drenched in his own blood. He held thrm off and simultaneously fought Lakshmana, finally severing his head off.
Duryodhana was mad with grief. #Kurukshetra.
6 Maharathas
Drona, Kripa, Kritavarma, Brihadbala, Ashvatthama and Karna surrounded him and attacked. Abhimanyu routed them all. He then turned upon the army of Saindhava and killed the elephants. Kratha's son was the next to lose his life. #Kurukshetra
The six aforementioned warriors did not leave him despite multiple repulsions. Abhimanyu wounded Ashvathama and Drona. He killed Brihadbala and faced Karna again, simultaneously killed Ashvaketu of Magadha and Martikavata of Bhoja #Kurukshetra
Here is where things turn around in a while. Two great warriors of the Kaurava camp are going to find a way to kill the grandson of Indra. Will return to this tomorrow. Sorry guys, dont have it in me to summarise that portion now 🙏🙏.
Please, someone find a way to travel back in time, airlift that boy and come back and give me a new Mahabharata for me to tweet about tomorrow 😭😭😭😭
While Karna duelked with Abhimanyu, Duhshasana's son too attacked him. Abhimanyu fought back warning him not to flee like his father did. Abhimanyu's horses and charioteer were wounded. Abhimanyu released a sharp arrow at him ehich was intercepted by Ashvatthama's #Kurukshetra
Abhimanyu brought down Ashvatthama's flag and also pierced Shalya. He brought down Shalya's flag and killed two of Shalya's charioteers. He also killed 5 warriors Shatrunjaya, Chandraketu, Mahavega, Suvarcha and Suryabhasa #Kurukshetra
Abhimanyu then turned his attention towards Shakuni. Fighting back, Shakuni told Duryodhana to rearray and finish off Abhimanyu before he finished them all.

Karna tells the same to Drona and asks for a way out. Drona asks Karna if he found a weakness in Abhimanyu #Kurukshetra
Karna says Abhimanyu's arrows hurt him and still he is managing to somehow stay on the field. Drona tells him to somehow render Abhimanyu without his bow, charioteers and horses. Even gods are incapable of overcoming Abhimanyu as long as he had his bow

(Brace yourselves)
At Drona's words

Karna sliced down Abhimanyu's bow. Kritavarma killed his horses and Kripa killed his charioteers.

That moment, the 6 Maharathis showered arrows at Abhimanyu, who grabbed a sword and moved around in circles still causing fear among foot soldiers #Kurukshetra
Drona broke his sword and Karna, his shield. Abhimanyu then picked up a wheel, looking like Vaasudeva himself, a sight difficult fir even gods to watch. It took a while for the Kauravas to break the wheel. Abhimanyu then picked up a club and rushed at Ashvatthama #Kurukshetra
Ashvatthama looked at Abhimanyu charging with the club and jumped down the chariot, backing away by a yard. Abhimanyu killed Ashvatthama's horses and killed the two charioteers. He then pounced upon and killed Kalakeya, a brother of Shakuni #Kurukshetra
So many arrows were stuck to Abhimanyu's body by now, that he looked like a porcupine. He leapt onto the chariot of Dushasana's son and killed those horses too. The latter picked up his mace and engaged Abhimanyu till both of them fainted due to exhaustion. #Kurukshetra
Duhshasana's son was the first to recover and he dealt the death blow, smashing his club against Abhimanyu's head. He fell like the setting Sun, like the eclipsed moon, like the ocean scorched dry. Sanjaya voices his opinion that Drona and Karna committed Adharma #Kurukshetra
The Pandava soldiers started to flee . Yudhishtira called thrm back quoting how much destruction Abhimanyu gad singlehandedly caused before falling and that they owed it to him to fight without grieving and dishonouring him. #Kurukshetra
The sun set for the day and both the camls retire. Yudhishtira's long lament follows and Arjuna returns to the news. Hearing about the details of Abhimanyu's valour and death, and about Jayadrata coming in the way preventing them from protecting Abhimanyu #Kurukshetra
Arjuna then takes a terrible oath of killing Jayadrata before sunset the next day. Failing to do so, he declared would see Arjuna entering the blazing fire. #Kurukshetra
Before I take a break here, sharing what I gathered while reading and tweeting the whole episode

1) Abhimanyu's fighting style is closer to that of Bhima than Arjuna. The boy does not know tactical retreat.
2) Abhimanyu has been a magnet of cumulative attacks since day one.
3)Jayadrata's valour that day goes unsung. He too single handedly faced the cumulative Pandava host. Arjuna sensed the Psy Op it woukd cause on the enemy if he killed that man and hence the oath.
4)The incident costed the Kaurava camp dearly. It pulled back Arjuna to main battle
Back after the #Rathyatra and the mild sickness break.

We start with Day 14 shortly and our source is The Mahabharata Volume 6 of the critical edition translated by Dr. @bibekdebroy
A little bit of prelude to day 14 - The happennings of the night of day 13.

Arjuna's oath to kill Jayadrata before the sunset of the next day leaves Krishna under a lot of stress. He spends some sleepless hours and summons his personal charioteer Daruka #Kurukshetra
Krishna tells Daruka that he is readg to break his vow (of not wielding a weapon) so that Arjuna can keep his. Says his life will cease to have a purpose if Arjuna dies. Hence he would fight to ensure Arjuna's victory. Instructs Daruka to ready his chariot & weapons #kurukshetra
We almost get a sense of the 'human' Krishna passio ately feeling for his dear friend. We shall get to know the God behind this act on Day 14 😊😊.

Arjuna on the other hand has a pleasant dream of meeting Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. Day 14 starts. #Kurukshetra
While the Pandava hopes are pinned upon Arjuna's successful kikling of Jayadrata before sunset, they are also aware of Drona's incessant attempts to capture Yudhishtira. Arjuna entrusts Satyaki with the responsibility before leaving for the battle #Kurukshetra
Drona on the Kaurava side arrayed the armies into a complex triple vyuha of Part Chakra-Part Sakata+Padma Vyuha in the rear core+ Soochimukha at the end of which Jayadrata was plaved under the protection of fearsome Maharathis #Kurukshetra
The soldiers of the Kaurava waited for the battle to begin. They sighted Arjuna on his chariot. Krishna and Arjuna blew thrir respective conches and it felt like even the Hanuman on Arjuna's flag roared, filling the Kaurava hearts with an ominous sense of foreboding #Kurukshetra
Arjuna's first clash was with Durmarshana. What happened to Durmarshana was nit mentioned, but the forefront of that triple vyuha was shattered by Arjuna whose arrows did not fail to each claim a life and swevered heads fell like palm fruits in the season. #Kurukshetra
Dushasana surrounded Arjuna with a unit of elephants. Arjuna slaughtered the armies and the rows of fallen elephants made if feel like it was Bhima fighting and not Arjuna! 😃

Looks like Dushasana fled (not explicitly mentioned). Arjuna advances towards Drona #Kurukshetra
A nail biting duel took place between Arjuna and Drona. Both wounded each other with arrows. Drona swevered the bow string of Arjuna. Arjuna replaced it in a moment and showered arrows upon Drona's armies. The soldiers fled. But Drona was unmoved #Kurukshetra
One of his iron arrows pierced Arjuna in his chest and made Arjuna tremble for a moment before he retaliated. As the duel was going on, Krishna got worried about the timd lost and suggested Arjuna to abandon Drona and proceed ahead. Arjuna agreed. #Kurukshetra
Krishna circumambulated Drona's chariot and drove forward. Arjuna kept shooting arrows at Drona looking behind. When Drona jeered at him about running away from the enemy, Arjuna replied that Drona was his guru and was like a father to him. Yudhamanyu and Uttamoujas+ #Kurukshetra
+the princes of Panchala protecting Arjuna's chariot wheels on either sides followed Arjuna

A cumulative unit headed by Jaya, Kritavarma, Sudakshina and Shrutaayu attacked Arjuna next with a force of ten thousand chariots. Drona attacked from the rear. #Kurukshetra
Arjuna invoked the Brahmastra to rrpel the first wave of combined attack. Drone persisted. Arjuna's repky to Drona stuck to being defensive. He focussed on the way ahead and attacked Kritavarma and Sudakshina. He broke Kritavarma's bow. But the latter took another. #Kurukshetra
Krishna urges Arjuna to kill Kritavarma if needed and not bother sparing him for being Krishna's relative. But Arjuna stuck to confounding Kritavarma and advanced. Kritavarma thrn tried to stop the Panchala brothers #Kurukshetra
They felled his bow and standard. But Kritavarma persisted and broke their bows. Yudhamanyu and Uttamoujas tried their best to keep up with Arjuna who now fought Shrutayu of Koshala. Shrutayu was the son of Varuna and Parashni. Varuna gave him a club that made him invincible.
But Varuna cautioned Shrutayu to never use the club against an unarmed person. If done so, he warned that the club would kill him instead. Shrutayu heroically stopped Arjuna till his mind got clouded and ignored the warning and hurled the club against Krishna #Kurukshetra
Varuna's words came true. The club hit Krishna's shoulder while Krishna stsyed unaffected and turned back killing Shrutayu.
Arjuna turned his attention to Sudakshina of Kambhoja. Sudakshina's valour too was at its best today. But Arjuna felled his bow, charioteer+ #Kurukshetra
+Horses and flag and finally pierced Sudakshina in the chest, killing him. After than, Arjuna killed 600 of their Chariot warriors sending the armies fleeing.
Shrutayu (Another) and Achyutayu attacked Arjuna next. But after a brief show, they too lost their lives #Kurukshetra
Along with those of their sons Ayutayu and Deerghayu (irony of those names!) and a 500 more rathas.

Arjuna was then surrounded by thousands of elephants lead by the Kalingan King. Arjuna's arrows continuously claimed lives. He was like a fire consuming the forest #Kurukshetra
The forest was but the Kuru army with the wind called Krishna assisting him. The passage created by Arjuba through the vyuha coukd be identified by the strewn over dead bodies of soldiers, horses and elephants.

Shrutayu from Ambastha (for gods sake how many more!) #Kurukshetra
This Shrutayu also meeta the same fate as his earlier two namesakes. Arjuna's progress and prowess shakes Duryodhana and he rushes to Drona asking for a solution with his usual whining and whimpering. Drona says he must focus on Yudhishtira and encourages Duryodhana+ #Kurukshetra
+to face Arjuna himself. When Duryodhana expresses his inability and fear, Drona tiesthe impenetrable golden armour around Duryodhana with a detailed benediction and sends him. It looks like a magical armour guarded by mantras from the description of it #Kurukshetra
While Duryodhana, now emboldened, went to stop Arjuna, Drona was attacked by the Pandava-Panchala host. But he stopped thrm like a montain woukd stand against a torrent if water. Drishtadyumna faced Drona, stopping him from following Yudhishtira #Kurukshetra
Drishtadyumna's onslaught not only compelled Drona's armies to retreat, but it also divided thrm into three as they retreated in different direction. One unit of them was slaughtered by the Pandava host. Drona was enraged and paid back by slaughtering Pandava army #Kurukshetra
Vivimshati, Chitrasena, Vikarna, Vinda-Anuvinda and Kshemadruti surrounded Bhima while Draupadi's sons surrounded Bahlika. Shaibya fought the son of Kashi. Shalya fought Yudhishtira, Duhshasana fought Satyaki. Sanjaya reports he fouggt Chekitana himself (?!?!?) #Kurukshetra
Ghatotkacha fought Alayudha and Kuntibhoja fought Alambusha. Vinda-Anuvinda fought Virata (looks like they abandoned Bhima). Bahlika tried to vanquish Shikhandi. Shakuni attacked Sahadeva. All the duels were terrible and long. #Kurukshetra
Resuming this in a while guys, Watch this space 😊
Getting into the details of these duels, Drishtadyumna stopped Drona for a while but Drona still got better of him and would have almost killed Drishtadyumna if not for Satyaki's intervention. Then another duel ensued between them. Totally nail biting #Kurukshetra
Satyaki broke many of Drona's bows. Soldiers on both sides stopped fightinv or cheering and began to watch them. Drona invoked Agneya and Satyaki counteracted it with Vaaruna. The Sun then began his downward journey #Kurukshetra
Warriors on both sides now rushed to support Drona and Satyaki. Sanjaya shifts his narration toArjuna and Krishna and thrir strady prigress towards Jayadrata. Every arrow of Arjuna took a life, like they were made with the name of whose life they were meant to take #Kurukshetra
The horses of Arjuna began to tire. But they were trained to move along circular paths and outwit the enemies. Vinda and Anuvinda accosted Arjuna, knowing that his horses had begun to slow. But Arjuna struck them in thrir inner organs #Kurukshetra
Arjuna then broke their bows. Killed their horeses and the protectors of their wheels. Then he beheaded Vinda. Anuvinda took up a club and struck Krishna on his forehead. Arjuna then swevered his head too. The soldiers then attacked Arjuna #Kurukshetra
Krishna noticed how their progress had slowed down due to the fatigue of the horses and expressed his concern. Arjuna suggested that the horses be unyoked and rested for a while and left the decision to Krishna who agreed. Right in the middle of the field! 😲 #Kurukshetra
And Krishna agreed! So Arjuna alighted the chariot and is immediately surrounded by Kaurava soldiers and warriors who thought it was Arjuna's moment of weakness. They covered him with arrows like clouds covering the Sun #Kurukshetra
The Kaurava camp was in for a rude surprise. They got a taste of the strength of Arjuna's arms when he, on foot, repulsed that cumulative attack, covering them back with arrows. They advanced like the tides in the sea but he was the very firm shoreline. #Kurukshetra
Amidst this attack, Krishna approached Arjuna, pointing that the horses needed water to drink. Arjuna shot an arrow towards the earth, creating a lake. He built a pavillion too, with his arrows while fighting the enemy. #Kurukshetra
Krishna unyoked the horses, gave them water, removed arrows stuck to thrir bodies, bathed them, soothed their wounds. The Kaurava warriors, on chariots, horses and elephants, meanwhile, had kept their attack on Arjuna on foot. All in vain. #Kurukshetra
The smile on Krishna's face made it look like he was amidst the gopikas and not the fearsome warriors. After resting the horses, he yoked them back to the chariot and brought it to Arjuna who was still undeterred by the cumulative attack. #Kurukshetra
Promptly mounting the chariot, Arjuna advanced, further demotivating the Kauravas. They could not touch him while he was on foot. Stopping him on the chariot driven by Krishna was unthinkable. The duo emerged like Sun and Moon from Rahu's mouth (cc @NileshOak ) #Kurukshetra
Thus, Krishna and Krishna (Arjuna) crossed the second Vyuha under Drona's command. Jayadrata now seemed like a target within Arjuna's reach. The Kauravas were counting upon Kritavarma and Drona to stop Arjuna but thry both had failed to stop him #Kurukshetra
It was then that Duryodhana caught up with Arjuna. He was now confident as he was fitted with an impenetratable armour given by Dronacharya. Kaurava confidence returned seeing their King challenge Arjuna. Krishna's pep talk to Arjuna here is interesting. #Kurukshetra
He first praises Duryodhana as the formiddable warrior, instructs Arjuna to focus his anger snd rage in the form of his skill and thrn praises Arjuna as the one invincible even by gods. Says killing Duryodhana is akin to Avabhrita ritual following a Yagnya #Kurukshetra
Duryodhana had the first strike, challenging Arjuna, he struck him in the inner organs witg thress arrows. He wounded Krishna and the horses too. Arjuna's arrows could not pierce the armour fastened by Drona. This distressed Krishna. "Has Gandiva lost its life+" +#Kurukshetra
"Or have your arms lost their strength? Why is this happenning?" Arjunathrn realised that it was due to the impenetrable Armour that Duryodhana was wearing which was not breakable even by Indra. He says the same to Krishna and invokes a divine weapon to break it. #Kurukshetra
But Ashvatthama intervenes and destroys Arjuna's Astra. Arjuna says he cant use the same Astra twice as it would turn back on him if he did. Duryodhana continued to wound Arjuna and Krishna. Arjuna killed Duryodhana's horses, charioteer flankmen #Kurukshetra
Arjuna then broke Duryodhana's bow and slashed the leather palm guards, piercing his palms. His arrows shattered Duryodhana's chariot too. Many warriors of the Kaurava camp rushed to Duryodhana's rescue. Arjuna fought back unaffected. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Nobody could approach Arjuna's chariot and stay within a krosha's distance, even from behind. Such was the force of his arrows. Anyone who did that was dead. Krishna, knowing that they covered more than two thirds the distance and realising the day fading+ #Kurukshetra #Day14
He suggests that Arjuna teang the Gandiva with all his strength while he blew into his Panchajanya. They did that, executing another Psy-op, shattering the confidence levels of the enemy. The lesser warriors fled, making further way to Arjuna. 8 Maharathas rallied #Kurukshetra
Bhurishrava, Shala, Karna, Vrishasena, Shalya, Kripa, Ashvatthama and Jayadrata himself. They rallied to stop Arjuna's progress. They surrounded Arjuna from all directions. Duryodhana too joined them. Conches blared. Ashvatthama wounded Krishna and horses. #Kurukshetra
Arjuna wounded him back and the rest too. But the Kaurava Maharathas were undaunted. And so was Arjuna. He fought thrm back, breaking two of Shalya's bows. Bhurishrava cuts down Krishna's whip. Then a description of the flags of each warrior follows #Kurukshetra #Day14
The next section of narration shifts to the Panchala struggle against Drona, who did nit forget his pledge to capture Yudhishtira alive. He was indeedinvincible and terrible, but Panchala spirit too was undying. Brihadkshatra of Kekayas fought Kshemadhriti. #Kurukshetra
Drishtaketu attacked Drona himself but was stopped by a certain Viradhanva. Nakula was a costed by Vikarna. Satyaki fough Vyaghradatta. Upapandavas were attacked by Somadatta's son (guess another son, not Bhurishrava). Bhima fought Alambusha #Kurukshetra #Day14
Drona finally got to Yudhishtira. But the Eldest Pandava sent a volley of arrows at him, wounding him. Drona in turn wounded Yudhishtira in the chest and broke his bow. Yudhi picked up another bow and sliced each of Drona's arrows. He then took up a fearsome spear #Kurukshetra
And hurled it at Drona. The spear waslike a serpent unleashed, making every Kaurava soldier pray for Drona's life. Drona had to invoke Brahmastra which burnt down this Shakti and advanced against Pandava. Yudhishtira invoked Brahmastra too & then severed Drona's bow #Kurukshetra
Drona then hurled a club at Dharmaraja who also hurked another club. Both collided, emitting sparks at the impact. Then Drona gainsed an upper hand and killed Yudhishtira's horses. The King descended the chariot and Sahadeva took him away to safety. #Kurukshetra #Day14
In the other duels, Kekaya Brihatkshatra killed Kshemadhriti. Chaidya Drishtaketu killed the Trigarta Viradhanva. The Pandaveyas slaughtered the Kuru forces. (Man, they are damn angry!). Sahadeva defeated Durmukha and killed Niramitra who came to help Durmukha #Kurukshetra
As Niramitra fell, Sahadeva roamed unchallenged like Rama did after killing Khara. Nakula vanquished Vikarna. Vyaghadatta did give a tough fight to Satyaki but he too had to become a guest of Yama. Upon this, Drona furiously attacked Satyaki. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Upapandavas jointly brought down Somadatta's son in a cumulative attack. Alambusha had an early edge over Bhima, stunning him. But Bhima recovered and invoked Tvashtra causing Alambusha to flee. Soldiers hailed Bhima like Maruts hailed Indra after he vanquished Prahlada.
Alambusha thrn attacked Ghayotkacha and another terrible battle followed. Alambusha's Maya was superior and Pandavas, Upapandavas rushed to rescue Ghatotkacha. Bhima's son persisted and the duel came to close quarter fist fight where Ghatotkacha crushed Alambusha #Kurukshetra
Sanjaya moved on to the other glorious battle between Drona and Satyaki. Drona was in his best form and Satyaki was desperate. Both wounded each other. Yudhishtira saw Satyaki overehelmed like Sun under Rahu's attack and sent Drishtadyumna and Bhima to rescue #Kurukshetra #Day14
Then, the sound of Panchajanya was heard. But not the twang of Gandiva. This distressed Yudhishtira. He implores and orders Satyaki to follow Arjuna's trail and verify his well being. Despite being severely wounded by Drona, Satyaki agrees to do the uphill task. #Kurukshetra
He was partly afraid of leaving Yudhishtira's side as Arjuna had bid him in the morning. But Yudhishtira assures him and sends Satyaki. This Yadava sets out seeking Arjuna's well being. His onslaught reminded the Kauravas of Arjuna's attack earlier. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Bhima, Drishtadyumna lead the Pandava charge in order to give Satyaki a headway. Yudhishtira follows him in the rear. Satyaki routed the Kuru armies. Chariot flags, wheels, corpses were scattered upon the field in his wake #Kurukshetra #Day14
Soon, Drona stopped Satyaki and a great duel followed where both wound each other. In thr middle, Drona sneers at Satyaki saying your guru Arjuna realised he cant beat me, so he abandoned the fight with me and proceeded. If you persist, I may kill you. #kurukshetra #Day14
Satyaki replies that he is ready to follow Arjuna's footsteps and bypasses Drona quickly. He shows the Kuru host to his charioteer. It was divided into three segments, Avanti, Bahlika and the forces under Karna. Satyaki tells his charioteer to steer in between #Kurukshetra
Satyaki chooses to attack Karna's forces and sends them fleeing. Kritavarma tries to dtop him but loses his horses. Kritavarma in turn, badly wounds Satyaki in his chest and breaks his bow. Satyaki takes up another bow and kills Kritavarma's charioteer. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Kritavarma takes up the reins in his own hands. But in the interim, Satyaki advances ahead. So Kritavarma attacks Bhima instead. The fight between Kritavarma and the remaining Pandu warriors is glorious. He manages to stun even Bhima and keeps the rest at bay #Kurukshetra
Something is amiss in the coupleof tweets before. The narration went to and fro. So the right seqjence is that Kritavarma faces the Pandu host first and then Satyaki rescues them from his onslaught, killing his charioteer and horses before advancing ahead. #Kurukshetra
Satyaki then proceeds to rout the elephant army of the Trigartas and kills the Magadhan warrior JaLasandha in a violent battle. Drona pursues him and attacks him along witg many soms of Dhritarashtra. Satyaki wounds them all despite being pierced by them #Kurukshetra #Day14
In the course, Satyaki wounds Duryodhana badly and renders him chariot-less, forcing the Kuru Prince to flee to Chitrssena's chariot. It causes the kuru host to panic. Kritavarma again comes to thrir aid. But he too coukd not stand Satyaki this time #Kurukshetra #Day14
Drona again attacked Satyaki snd the duel is of course violent and nailbiting. Drona renders Satyaki's charioteer senseless. Satyaji thrn, takes up the reins and simultaneously fights Drona, killing Drona's charioteer. Drona's horses bolt from the field #Kurukshetra
A warrior called Sudarshana, assorted armies of Yavanas, Mlechas, Kambhojas, Kiratas, Shakas, all are routed by Satyaki. Another host of Dhritarashtra"'s sons stops Satyaki. They are again headed by Duryodhana. Satyaki's onslaught made them forget Arjuna's! #Kurukshetra #Day14
After he routs them all, Duryodhana sends a Shamshaptaka force to contain Satyaki. 3000 riders, 1000 Rathas, 100 Maharathas, 1000 elephants 2000 horses. Thry were urged by Duhshasana to surround and kill Satyaki. Sparing the gory detail, Satyaki overcomes them all #Kurukshetra
Drona is in a great dilemma whether to pursue Satyaki or to contain the Pandu-Panchala forces. He decides to do the latter and harshly goads Duhshasana to go and stop Satyaki. He then kills several Panchalan princes like Viraketu, Sudhanva, Chitraketu, Chitraratha #Kurukshetra
Looks like Drona is the only silver lining of the Kuruforces on #Day14. Arjuna and Satyaki made mincemeat of the rest.
Like Duhshasana got beaten black and blue by Satyaki until thelatter remembered Bhima's pledge to kill him and spared Duhshasana #Kurukshetra
Meanwhile, Duryodhana attacked the rear Pandava forces, terrorising them. Yudhishtira faced him and cut Duryodhana's bow into three pieces. He would have pierced Duryodhana too if not for Drona's armour. The soldiers cheered Yudhishtira. Drona and Panchalas rushed+ #Kurukshetra
+ to support the respective Kings and the battle be ame general. Brihadkshatra of the Kekayas valiantly faced Drona's onslaught including the Brahmastra, but ultimately was killed (😢😢😢He is Krishna's wife Bhadra's brother! Possibly only BiL friendly with Krishna) #Kurukshetra
Oh Gosh! One by one, the Pandava allies fall to the fury of Drona! Drishtaketu of Chedi and his son, Sahadeva of Magadha, Kshatradharma, the son of Drishtadyumna (Dei! Bhima, ehere are you???) ..Ohhh gosh Chekitana too. Okay no, he had a narrow escape! #Kurukshetra #Day14
Meanwhile, Yudhishtira's worry over Arjuna doubled. And he was anxious for Satyaki too who had left on his bidding. So he sends Bhima to protect Satyaki. (Who sends away Bhima at this juncture man! This guy snatches defeat from the jaws of victory!! 😭😭😭😭) #Kurukshetra
But looks like Drishtadyumna and Drupada are confident of handling Drona. So Bhima is unleashed!

Dear Dhartarashtras

#Kurukshetra #Day14
Bhima advanced against the Kuru armies and the Panchalas followed him like Devas followed Maghavan. He cut through the head of the army headed by 21 sons of Dhritarashtra and attacked Drona's array. He drove away an elephant section sent to stop him. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Drona smiled a d struck Bhima on the forehead with an arroe. He thought Bhima too would pay his respects to him like Satyaki and Arjuna did. Tells Bhima the same and says Bhima is incapable of penetrating the vyuha without his permission #Kurukshetra #Day14
Bhima's reply in summary was that Arjuna still sees Drona as his guru while he, Bhima sees him as nothinv but an enemy. Saying this, Bhima whirled a club at Drona's chariot. Dro a had to leap down in defence. It destroyed Drona's chariot. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Bhima was then surrounded by the sons of Dhritarashtra as Drona got on to another chariot. Duhshasana threw a javelin at him and Bhima cut it into two pieces. He killed Kundabhedi, Sushena, Dirghanetra, Vrindaraka, Abhaya, Roudrakarma, Durvimochana. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Friends, remember, this is Bhima with his bow and arrows. Vinda, Anuvinda (not Avanti twins), Survarmana too fell to his arrows. He passed through Dhartarashtras, slaughtering them like Sun passing through clouds. Drona attacked him again. #Kurukshetra #Day14
The arrows of Drona were unable to stop him. His force against the enemies was like that of Suparna (Garuda) against Nagas. Drona mounted his atta k on Bhima with a volley of arrows. Bhima had it with him. Jumping down his chariot, he approached Drona on foot. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Bhima held the pole of Drona's chariot and hurled it, throwing Drona off in the process. Drona hurried away from there in another chariot to guard his vyuha. Bhima got back to his chariot and advanced.
(I am laughing! Bhima is such a dear!) #Kurukshetra #Day14
He then attacked the Bhoja armies under the leadership of Kritavarma. There is no mention of a duel till noe. But Bhima managed to slaughter that army too and then saw Arjuna!!! He roared at the sight of his valiant brother. Krishna and Arjuna roared back in delight #Kurukshetra
Yudhishtira hears the roars and relaxes. He mentally recounts each of Arjuna's achievements. He blesses Bhima for dispelling his worries.

Meanwhile, Karna tries to stop Bhima and a terrible exchange of arrows takes place. Then Bhima cuts Karna's bow. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Karna strung another bow and attacked Bhima with a renewed force. Bhima struck him in the chest with three arrows. Even while struck, Karna looked handsome, like a mountain with three peaks. The Suryaputra wounded the Vayuputra and sent another shower of arrows. #Kurukshetra
Bhima then cut the string of Karna's bow and quickly killed his charioteer and horses. Karna had to rush to Vrishasena's chariot. Krishna and Arjuna cheered Bhima's vicyory by blowing into their conches. The Pandu host sensed Bhima's victory and celebrated. #Kurukshetra #Day14
There is a usual whimper by Duryodhana to Drona. Drona reminds him he has been guarding the vyuha from the entire Pandu-Panchala forces and only three managed to pass through him. Duryodhana rushes back to protect Jayadrata. Meanwhile, Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas #Kurukshetra
who were separated from Arjuna (They are the protectors of his wheels and flanks) because of Kritavarma, manage to pass him and race towards Arjuna. Duryodhana stops them. He manages to kill Yudhamanyu's horses. But then the Panchala rushes to Uttamaujas' chariot #Kurukshetra
Yudhamanyu kills Duryodhana's horses, charioteer, severs his bow and cuts up Duryodhana's arm guards too. Duryodhana leaps down with a mace and smashes their chariot. But left without his own, he had to get into Shalya's. The brothers get another chariot and proceed #Kurukshetra
Meanwhile, Karna challenges Bhima again. Bhima turns back to fight him. This time Karna's attack is superior, including the Maya of his weapons. Both wound each other with arrows severely. Bhima again severs Karna's bow, kills horses charioteer #Kurukshetra #Day14
Karna ascends another chariot, equipped with a fresh set of weapons and attacks Bhima. Bhima is supremely irritated by Karna's smile. The memories of Karna insulting Draupadi as a whore hit him and he does not care about staying alive anymore. The battle got bloodier #Kurukshetra
For the third time, Karna loses his bow and charioteer to Bhima's arrows. Karna hurls a javelin capable of killing Bhima, but Bhima cuts it up with seven arrows. Karna took up another bow andthe duel continued in its bloody pace. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Bhima cuts that bow too and kills Karna's horses. Durjaya, a brother of Duryodhana engages Bhima to provide relief to Karna. Before long, Bhima kills Durjaya, distressing Karna. Ascending another chariot, he attacks Bhima again (Karna is such a sore bore!) #Kurukshetra #Day14
Battle. Repeat. Bhima kills Karna's horses. Duryodhana now send brother Durmukha. What happened in the last tweet repeats. Durmukha killed. Finally Karna ascends the new chariot and flees the scene! (Yabba!!) #Kurukshetra #Day14
But no, Karna's defeat is simply not acceptable. So five more of Duryodhana's brothers surround Bhima and attack him from all sides. Karna comes back and all six of them shoot arrows at Bhima. Guess what happens next? #Kurukshetra #Day14
Durmarshana, Durdhara, Duhsaha, Durmada and Jaya. All the five and their charioteers were sent to Yama by Bhima. Karna was alone again. Bhima kills his horses and charioteer (I stopped counting). Karna managed to break Bhima's armour. Bhima too wounds Karna #Kurukshetra #Day14
Seeing that Karna lost his chariot for the umpteenth time, Duryodhana launches his fourth "Mission Rescue Karna". The would be martyrs are Chitra, Upachitra, Charuchitra, Chitraksha, Chitrayudha, Chitrayodhina, Chitravarma, Sahasrana #Kurukshetra #Day14
The whole scene repeats. The fifth batch that comes to rescue Karna from the wrath of Bhimasena has seven of Duryodhana's brothers - Shatrunjaya, Shatrusaha, Chitra, Chitrayudha, Dridha, Chitrasena and Vikarna. (Bid farewell to batch five please).
#Kurukshetra #Day14
Karna kept fighting Bhima intermittently, the deaths of successive Kaurava brothers adding to his distress everytime. With a barbed arrow, Bhima cut off Karna's resplendent earring and wounded him in the chest and forehead and again breaks his current bow. #Kurukshetra
Note... Bhima has not lost his bow *even once*
Karna took up another bow and continued to fight. He looked like the autumn sun on midday, shooting gold tufted arrows at Bhima. They showered each other with arrows, wounded each other.
#Kurukshetra #Day14
Finally, with the Maya of his weapons, Karna severed Bhima's quivers and bowstring. Even the harnesses of the horses and then killed them. He injured Vishoka, the charioteer, causing him to flee towards Satyaki's chariot. Karna broke Bhima's flag too. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Bhima hurled a sword at Karna that broke Karna's bow and bowstring. Karna took up another bow and continued to shoot. Bhima leapt onto Karna's chariot, trying to pull him down like Tarkshya would grab a snake. Karna hid on the floor of his chariot to dodge Bhima #Kurukshetra
Having exhausted his weapons, Bhima took cover behind the corpse of a large elephant, earlier killed by Arjuna. Karna cuts up the corpse limb by limb, exposing Bhima. Remembering his promise to Kunti not to kill any of her son's except Arjuna, he did not kill Bhima #Kurukshetra
Just as one begins to acquire some teeny weeny bits of respect for Karna over this, his notorious foul mouth springs into action, undoing any good he does. I can't type all his abuses. So posting a screenshot. "No skills in fighting" My foot! #Kurukshetra #Day14
Arjuna, now, intervenes. The arrows from Gandiva penetrated Karna, driving him away from Bhima. Mounting another chariot, Karna tries to flee as Bhima moves to Satyaki's chariot. Arjuna sends a deadly arrow at Karna. But Ashvatthama intercepts it to save Karna #Kurukshetra #Day14
Angry at the interception, Arjuna showers arrows against Ashvatthama who flees towards an elephant division. Arjuna pursues him there. (Boss, Jayadrata boss!). Anyways, that elephant and horse division is slaughtered by Arjuna. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Karna, meanwhile was pursued by Satyaki. Alambusha (not the Rakshasa who is already killed by Ghatotkacha) stops him. He put up a stiff resistance before losing his life to Satyaki. Duhshasana and Trigartas try to stop Satyaki. He kills Duhshasana's horses #Kurukshetra #Day14
Trigartas, Kalingas and Shurasenas were ineffective in holding Satyaki back. Finally, Satyaki, exhausted, managed to reach Arjuna. Krishna sees him and lauds Satyaki's endeavours. But Arjuna worries for Yudhishtira's safety with Satyaki and Bhima leaving the rear #Kurukshetra
Arjuna tells Krishna "Look at Bhurishrava attacking an exhausted Satyaki. Now shall I go in pursuit of Jayadrata or stay back and protect Satyaki?"
Even as they were talking, Bhurishrava and Satyaki attacked each other in a ferocious bout #Kurukshetra #Day14
Before long both of them exhaust most of their weapons, kill each others' horses, fight fromclose quarters with swords and shields. Fatigue begins to claim Satyaki who had fought all day while Bhurishrava was still energetic and rested till this point.
#Kurukshetra #Day14
Krishna sees Satyaki fall unconscious. He also sees Bhurishrava pinning down Satyaki, foot on hia chest, raising his sword to stab him. He urges Arjuna to intervene. Arjuna shoots an arrow at Bhurishrava, severing his right arm. Bhurishrava is enraged. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Arjuna says he respects Bhurishravas like he does Yudhishtira, Bhishma, Drona but here, Bhurishrava was about to kill an unconscious Satyaki and Arjuna was dutybound to protect him. Also says Abhimanyu was killed the same way. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Bhurishrava does not reply and sits to medidate. Meanwhile Satyaki recovers and attacks the unarmed Bhurishravas despite Krishna, Arjuna, Bhima and the Panchala twins warning him not to do so and kills Bhurishravas. The one blemish on an otherwise flawless character #Kurukshetra
This rash act is not lauded by anyone. Satyaki defends himself quoting the same two reasons that Arjuna said. But it does not convince them. Especially because Bhurishravas' glorious reputation in performing Yagnyas, giving Daana, etc. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Soldiers began to debate Satyaki's violation of code, something that stopped mattering after Abhimanyu. But Arjuna's attention now turned to Jayadrata. He urges Krishna to take him to Jayadrata as the sun already reached the western hills #Kurukshetra #Day14
Duryodhana urges Karna to do his best to stop Arjuna. Karna says he will try his best though he is not in his best shape after being wounded by Bhima. Meanwhile, Arjuna launched his offence on the tail of the vyuha. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Duryodhana, Karna, Vrishasena, Kripa and Ashvatthama surround Arjuna and shield Jayadrata from him. Arjuna holds back Kripa and Ashvatthama. Karna joins the attack and Satyaki, Bhima back Arjuna. Arjuna severs Karna's bow. But time was fast passing #Kurukshetra #Day14
He sends an arrow to kill Karna but Ashvatthama intercepts it. Karna takes up another bow and the duel rages on. Duryodhana calls everyone to protect Karna and enable him to kill Arjuna. But Arjuna kills Karna's horses and charioteer making him flee to Ashvatthama's. #Kurukshetra
The encounter was tumultuous. Arjuna was like Shiva with Ajagava (Pinaka?) . Bringing down anyone who dared to stand against him, Arjuna finally reached Jayadrata. Jayadrata himself is no less a warrior and fights back hard. He wounds Krishna, Arjuna and the horses #Kurukshetra
Arjuna fells Jayadrata's banner Krishna spotted the Sun just about to set and urges Arjuna to behead Jayadrata with his arrows. Also cautions him about the noon Jayadrata's father Vriddhakshatra begot that the head of the one beheading Jayadrata would shatter #Kurukshetra #Day14
Hearing Krishna's words and advice to use a Divyastra, Arjuna invokes an Astra that looked similar to Indra's Vajra and sends it at Jayadrata. The Astra beheads Jayadrata. With the sheer force of his arrows Arjuna keeps it from falling. #Kurukshetra #Day14
His arrows carried Jayadrata's head to Samantapanchaka where the old Vriddhakshatra was doing his prayers. Jayadrata's head fell upon his lap and when Vriddhakshatra rose, the head fell from his lap, causing Vriddhakshatra's own head shattering to pieces. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Correction : Vriddhakshatra's boon was that the head of the man causing his son's head to fall to ground would be shattered into a thousand pieces.
Moral : Don't let specificity kill the very essence of any boon you ask of #Kurukshetra #Day14.
Bhima let's out a roar to celebrate Arjuna's success and convey the same to Yudhishtira at the rear. After killing Jayadratha, Arjuna continued to fight the other warriors. The Pandu forces at the rear fought Drona with renewed vigour.

There is night battle! #Kurukshetra #Day14
Key myths challenged in this.
No illusion of Sunset
No eclipse
No magic by Krishna (Sorry NTR!)
No Pashupata Astra

Critical edition on Jayadratha Vadha Parva. #Kurukshetra
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