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Russia wants to drive IT specialists, scientists and the unemployed to the front

The State Duma proposed to cancel the reservation from mobilization for IT specialists and send even the unemployed to the war.

We talk about how military hysteria is being whipped up in Russia:
/1 Image
▶️ In 2022, 100,000 IT people left Russia. This is a lot. In the total mass of those who left (about 950,000 people), approximately every tenth IT specialist. They mainly traveled to Europe, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Serbia, Armenia and the United Arab Emirates.
▶️ According to recruiting agencies, the number of open vacancies for IT specialists has increased by 63% in Russia since the beginning of January compared to last year. Now there are 58,700 job offers on the hot lists.
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Israeli political and economic columnist Doron Peskin said that according to the data he received, 14 facilities in Iran had been attacked.
These are UAV factories, IRGC headquarters, Qods Force headquarters and other industrial facilities that possibly serve Iran's defense industry. The attacks were carried out using UAVs.


The IDF's special operation in the cities of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) against Iranian terror infrastructure continues.
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💥14 herramientas secretas impulsadas por #RStats para ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzo en tus proyectos de datos (¡No te lo pierdas!):👀
1️⃣ ¡Edita tus datos de forma interactiva (y guarda el código)! 👀
📦 'editData' es un complemento de RStudio para editar un data.frame o un tibble de forma interactiva

#DataScience #DataVisualization #dataviz #stats #analytics #RStats #Analytics
2️⃣ ¡Crea gráficos #ggplot de forma interactiva!🚀
📦esquisse es otro de mis addins favoritos de #rstudio
✅ exporta el gráfico o recupera el código para reproducir el gráfico
#DataScience #DataVisualization #dataviz #stats #analytics #RStats #Analytics
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Estonia hands over a batch of Swedish "kings" to Ukraine to fight the invader's tanks

The new assistance package from Tallinn will include (except for howitzers and artillery support vehicles) the most effective Carl Gustav M3 grenade launchers in the world.

are talking about this infantry weapon, which can rightfully be called a tank killer.

A reusable hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher is effective against tanks, armored personnel carriers, caponiers, firing points and enemy manpower.
There are four versions of the RPG. "Karl Gustav M3" (the third in a row and the most massive version) was developed in 1991. Instead of a steel barrel, it has a thin-walled liner (steel threaded liner) in a fiberglass casing. /3
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How Russia is destroying the future of Ukraine. Juvenile prosecutors called the number of dead children

The Office of the Attorney General has announced the terrible data. Since the beginning of the invasion, 459 little Ukrainians have died, another 914 have been injured of /1 Image
varying severity. And these numbers are not final.

Here are some sad statistics:

✔️As of January 23, it is officially established that due to full-scale Russian aggression, a total of 1,373 children were affected.
✔️Most injured children are in Donetsk region - 438, Kharkiv region - 270, Kyiv region - 123, Kherson region - 85, Zaporozhye region - 84, Nikolaev region - 83, Chernihiv region - 68, Luhansk region - 66 and Dnepropetrovsk region - 63.
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The scale of the tragedy in Dnipro can be felt even by the number of ambulances

🎥Twitter / Kostya

#they will answer for this…
More than 100 rescuers are clearing the rubble and looking for people under the rubble after the Russian attack in the Dnieper - Valentin Reznichenko

Physicians, cynologists, utilities work. Residents of neighboring houses also come to the rescue.
“Thanks to everyone who helps. It’s very hard for us, but we will stand,” the head of the OVA notes.

🎥 Valentin Reznichenko

#they will answer for this…
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💥 ¡Hey #RStudio users! ¿Quieres integrar #ChatGPT en tu código?
😱 ¡Descarga 📦 gpttools! (amplía gptstudio)
👉 4 complementos (hilo 🧵)

#chatgpt3 #GPTwitter #gptchat #RStats #datascience #stats #analytics #machinelearning #ML #IA #ArtificialIntelligence #dataviz @posit_pbc #AI
@posit_pbc Código de comentario: utiliza el modelo code-davinci-edit-001 de OpenAI para agregar comentarios a tu código con el mensaje: "agregue comentarios a cada línea de código, explicando lo que hace el código"
#ChatGPTenRStudio #RStats #DataScience #IA #ML #data #dataviz #analytics #AI
@posit_pbc Agrega roxygen: usa el modelo text-davinci-003 de OpenAI para agregar y completar un esqueleto de roxygen a tu código resaltado (debe ser una función) con el mensaje: "insertar esqueleto de roxygen para documentar esta función"
#ChatGPTenRStudio #RStats #DataScience #IA #ML #data
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The last pillar of the Putin regime: the Russian defense industry is forced to use forced labor of prisoners

According to a British intelligence review, in November 2022, representatives of the largest tank manufacturer Uralvagonzavod said they would recruit 250 prisoners.

With one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, the Federal Penitentiary Service oversees a vast empire of more than 400,000 people and is often accused of extreme brutality and corruption.

Prisoner labor is likely to be especially in demand by manufacturers of low-tech weapons, which are under strong pressure from Moscow to increase their production
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We are glad to publish the #TheGlobalAntiHinduScorecard for Dec 2022. IAMC, based out of Chicago, is firmly in the leadership spot for promoting #antiHindu hate. #AI #Analytics #hindumisia #hinduphobia #hindudvesha (1/3)
Targeting Hindus/Sanatana Dharma for casteism is on the rise.
#TeamIndia and
under attack for "casteism"! Review the report and the methodology. Please like, RT and follow the handle. Requesting your support (3/3)
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🧵Zapraszam do wątku poświęconemu rynkowi wyświetlaczy #OLED oraz panujących na nim trendom❗️🧵📈👨‍💼

👍➕🔃 mile widziane!🙏

$OLED #LCD @NoctilucaTadf #Noctiluca #Analytics #GPW #newconnect #fintwit #fintwit2023 #deeptech #emitter #IP
@NoctilucaTadf [2/] Estymacje tempa wzrostu rynku OLED są różne i wahają się w zależności od źródła - jednak w każdym scenariuszu prognozowany jest silny wzrost wartości:
- „The OLED market size is projected to reach USD 72.8 bln by 2026 growing at a CAGR 13.6%❗️”…
@NoctilucaTadf [3/]
-"The global OLED display market is estimated to be valued at USD 48.76 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 134.84 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 22.56%❗️OLED technology is being employed in a growing variety of applications (...)"…
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Learn SQL projects for Data Analysis and add to your portfolio for free 🥳

Projects for the portfolio are very important. These projects will improve your skills

A thread 🧵👇
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We need a united front against Russian expansion - General Dannat

First, who is Richard Dannat? 72-year-old British general, former Chief of the British General Staff from 2006 to 2009. In 1999 he commanded British troops in Kosovo.
/1 Image
Since 2003, he headed the Joint Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), planned operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also David Cameron's defense advisor.
Like many, General Dannat analyzes the blunders of the West and predicts what the post-war world will be like:
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😜¡No seas un inocente del #DataScience !
⚠️Aunque el #MachineLearning puede ser una herramienta poderosa, siempre es importante evaluar y validar tus modelos antes de confiar demasiado en ellos.
😱¿Cómo evaluar y validar modelos de #ML? 👉(Hilo 🧵)

#RStats #analytics #stats #IA
✅ Dividir los datos disponibles en dos (o más) conjuntos. Se entrena el modelo con un conjunto de entrenamiento y luego se mide su rendimiento en un conjunto de prueba. Así obtienes una estimación del rendimiento del modelo en datos que no ha visto antes
#ML #IA #DataScience
✅ Utilizar métricas de evaluación apropiadas: Dependiendo del tipo de problema y modelo, existen diferentes métricas que se pueden utilizar para evaluar el rendimiento del modelo.
E.g. para clasificación la precisión o recall, para regresión el error cuadrático medio o RMSE
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Notion is a beast

But 98.9% of people are still unaware of the full potential of @NotionHQ.

Here are the best free 30 Notion tools 🧵 👇
Use Dynamic Visualisations (Graphs & Charts)

1. Customblocks:
2. Notion2Charts:
3. Notion Charts:
4. Vizydrop:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
@NotionHQ New set of resources every 15 mins 😉
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We are glad to publish the #TheGlobalAntiHinduScorecard for Nov 2022. Reporting is now solely based on validated content ; this is in preparation for a major enhancement in 2023. (1/3) #AI #Analytics #hindumisia #hinduphobia #hindudvesha
#IAMC continues to stay at the top of the anti-Hindu hate mongering list. (2/3)
@GemsOfBollywood and @sbabones garnered attention in November. Please do read the methodology. Please like, RT and follow this handle. Requesting your support. (3/3)
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Excited technologies announced by @aselipsky at #reinvent2022
Entire catalog of #AWS #Analytics and #MachineLearning services available on #ServerLess

It is a paradigm shifter!
'A Zero ETL Future' - Federated queries across data sources
bridging OLTP and OLAP those who know will get what folks like me have been struggling.
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Recently got selected in @Covalent_HQ 1st Data Alchemist Bootcamp where we learnt how to query their standardised blockchain data and create visualisations easily on the Increment platform! This will be my 1st thread using it, where we will dive deep into X2Y2 NFT Marketplace🧵
1/ User Base Market Share
From launch in Jan 2022, we can see that x2y2's user base market share was steadily increasing and reached it's peak around 14% of the entire NFT market on ETH chain, but has collapsed in recent months to around 3%, not a good sign Daily Unique Users on X2Y2/Daily Unique Users across all mar
2/ Daily Sales Count
Daily sales count seems to be more volatile with occasional sharp upward and downward transaction count, probably indicating of dependence of a few collection sales during those periods. Peak reached around 14,000 sales but again collapsed to 300+ recently. Daily Sales Count since launch
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1. Math and Statistics
Intro to Statistics - Udacity

Statistics - Udacity

Statistical Learning - Stanford University
2. Excel
Introduction to MS Excel - Simplilearn

Microsoft Excel: Online Tutorial for Beginners - Chandoo

Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners - Free Code Camp
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Norway helps Ukraine buy gas

Norwegian Finance Minister Trygve Slugsvold Vedum signed an agreement with the EBRD on providing Ukraine with financial assistance for gas purchases.

/1 Image
Norwegian funding in the amount of NOK 2 billion (UAH 7.183 billion) will be channeled through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Recall that Norway is the second largest donor for the work of the EBRD in Ukraine. In July, the Prime Minister of this country /2
Jonas Gahr Støre, announced that the government would allocate NOK 10 billion to Ukraine in 2022 and 2023, of which NOK 2 billion is for gas purchases.

"Ukraine has turned to Norway for support in purchasing natural gas for this winter. /3
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