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The folk who blame mental illness for terrorist shooting attacks should be forced to delineate which specific mental illnesses they think are responsible for radicalizing all these White men into mass murderers. Make them cite the DSM criteria and applicable treatment options.
Historically, the vast majority of mass shooter terrorists who live to stand trial are deemed competent to stand trial b/c the “insanity” y’all think they have is rooted in a toxic combination of narcissism, sociopathy and/or impulse control dysfunction.
They know the difference between right and wrong but make a *willful choice* to do wrong. Giving them the tools to put their sociopathy into bloody action only furthers the carnage, and America gives them not only the guns but nukes and control of the entire federal government.
Fact of the matter is sociopathy wasn’t enough to bar Trump from the presidency and it will never be enough to stop the average sociopath from obtaining a lethal weapon in a country that’s awash with both guns and sociopaths. That’s the mental health issue.
The mental health community’s taken unprecedented steps over the last 2.5 years to warn the world of the inherent dangers in allowing a sociopath/stochastic terrorist to occupy the WH but none of these people have given a single solitary FUCK about mental health in that context.
If you’re willing to classify the sociopathy of White supremacist domestic terrorists as mental illness, how doesn’t it follow that the man who’s inciting them shares the same affliction and so do all of the Republicans who still support the disaster they voted for/enabled? 🧐
It’s a package deal, folks. You can’t separate the cult mob from its cult leader, you can’t pathologize the individual apart from the sociopolitical movement that radicalized him. The @GOP created this mayhem in its own image, diagnose that.
While I’m at it, I have words for @GregAbbott_TX and the @TexasGOP in general...
Republicans have controlled TX government for 24 years and the result is a state mental healthcare system in shambles and a prison for profit pipeline. They have zero credibility on this issue and should be denounced for suggesting otherwise. dallasnews.com/opinion/editor…
Texas mental health system fails to address real problems namitexas.org/texas-mental-h… via @NAMITexas cc @GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick @tedcruz @JohnCornyn @TexasGOP Y’all don’t really GAF about mental health.
The entire @TexasGOP has refused to expand Medicaid and blocked full implementation of Obamacare, so it’s bullshit for them to be waxing poetic about mental health in this moment. They make it astronomically easier to obtain a gun or jail cell than mental health treatment.
Ask them why they’ve aided and abetted the destruction of America’s mental health system since Reagan. Ask them why red states remain at the bottom of the list of every socioeconomic indicator that increases risk for violence. Ask them why they proudly preside over hellscapes.
How much money is set aside for mental health services in the Trump/GOP budget? How many resources were cut to accommodate their 1% tax cut heist? If it’s so important to them why isn’t there any proof of that in their policy or outcomes on the ground? Extinguish the gaslight.
Apparently a lot of people still need to hear this so FYI there is NO FDA approved psychotropic medication or evidence based psychotherapy for White supremacy, misogyny, racism, political ideology, religiosity or bloodlust. You’re welcome. 😒
Y’all have seen enough Big Pharma commercials to know that you haven’t ever seen one selling the cure to right wing extremism, terrorism or mass murder. Cut the fucking crap already.
If you seriously think it’s the mental health field’s job description to argue politically radicalized people out of their deep seated hateful ideology (or that insurance covers it), you don’t understand mental illness or its treatment and you’re bastardizing the entire science.
Also since Republicans are now the “foremost authority” on mental health I’d love to hear their take on the impact watching Fox “news” has on their voters’ psyches and general well-being. How isn’t consuming blatant propaganda a mental health risk like they say video games are?
Folk are literally disowning their own family members and friends because a steady Fox diet has turned them into raving, incoherent hatebags over the course of 2 decades. A society can’t withstand that level of sustained public neurotoxin without falling apart at the macro level.
Then when you throw in a lifelong sociopath who lies by the second and spews delusion after delusion and grant him the legitimacy and platform of the WH it’s no wonder that his amplified, normalized rhetoric becomes gospel to all the incoherent Fox hatebags who agree with him.
It’s called stochastic terrorism b/c there’s no telling exactly who or how many will receive the message then methodically go about the business of formulating violent plans to bring the “gospel” to bloody life. It’s reckless from the moment it seeps from Trump’s cottonmouth.
All they’ve done is ratchet up fear and rage in White men and sold them as many lethal weapons as they can afford. They’ve made Rx drugs harder to get than illicit ones and thrown people off their insurance coverage while also cutting their jobs. They’ve made extremism easy.
They have minimal socioeconomic prospects and they’ve voted GOP aka against all the policies that could move them forward in life. They’re angry as hell and the fake POTUS is on their TV screen telling them all their problems are non-White people’s fault.
They’re dying and attempting to take the rest of us with them. They have nothing to lose and plenty of guns, ammo and misplaced rage. The @GOP impoverishes then radicalizes them and it’s happening every damn day on live television.
They’ve been groomed to believe that they were destined to be atop the food chain since birth but now all of a sudden they’re falling behind the women and POC they’re “supposed to be” superior to. They can’t fucking deal, but they’re heavily armed.
This is also why the link between domestic terror/mass shootings & domestic violence (particularly against women/children) is so salient. Their misplaced rage is also aimed at whoever they view as relatively inferior in the home. Their ego is weak, it seeks strength in violence.
When beating up and bullying people at home, work and school no longer gives them the same satisfaction and their life prospects haven’t gotten any better they escalate to attacking the public. They rarely seek help voluntarily b/c they feel 100% justified about everything.
They’re living in a time when the POTUS* literally thinks exactly like they do and they feel even further justified because he exhibits the same abusive, antisocial traits that they do. They want to put his words into action and they have the tools to do it extrajudicially.
IDK if the GOP brass ever factored in the deadly consequences of coming out of the White supremacy closet with Trump at the helm or if they did but just flat out didn’t give a shit, but the whole party’s been radicalizing White people for decades and this gun mayhem is the toll.
I’m cynical so I’m inclined to believe that they’ve just written it off as a cost of doing the business of keeping White supremacy afloat. Also they literally admit it explicitly when they spout that tree of liberty bloodshed shit. Hanging onto privilege can be *that* atrocious.
The rest of us pay the price for their unrivaled privilege and freedom whether we want to or not. That reality alone is enough to sustain them in even their weakest ego moments and enough to keep the entire country under domestic siege.
Republicans can’t start or join a war against White supremacist domestic terror while simultaneously supplying the recruits with assault weapons, high capacity magazines and right wing extremist propaganda. They’re the benefactor and beneficiary, a state sponsor if you will.
Not only are they supplying all the tools of mass radicalization, they’re blocking determined efforts at screening, preventing and investigating the culprits because all of the above follow a trail of crumbs that lead right back to them and their rotten sociopolitical ideology.
We’re being gaslighted on guns because the GOP refuses to take any shred of responsibility for creating a war zone on Main Street for greed and bigotry purposes. Every insulting deflection they dig up is a tacit admission of bloody hands.
We already know why, where, how and by whom they were radicalized, the only questions left are what are we going to do about it and when are we doing it?
Check the date. This is rinse and repeat gaslighting and complicity. White supremacy will NOT disarm itself.
Take note that they’re just regurgitating the same bullshit deflections like clockwork. They tell the same lies over and over again, their voters inevitably believe it and the atrocious status quo remains. This cycle has to be broken.
White teen from powerful political family gets banned from school over insanely racist gun video rawstory.com/2019/08/white-… via @fawfulfan #VanillaISIS #YallQaeda #AmericanSociopath
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Trump Facebook ads warning of immigrant "invasion" posted 2,200 times axios.com/trump-facebook… via @axios #StochasticTerrorism #Fascism #AmericanSociopath
Tell us something we don’t already know. 😒
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