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Put out a big lie calling a cheap, safe effective Nobel prize winning medicine calling it "horse paste."
Pay regulators and media to publicize the lie.
Quietly rebrand the EXACT SAME medicine and market it at marked up prices.
Rake in the cash.
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US Education Department investigation into U.S. universities found many are several decades delinquent in disclosing Chinese-sourced donations. The probe uncovered a staggering $6.5 billion in unreported foreign donations and more than $1 billion in anonymous payments. 1/3
Eisenman and Sobolik hit the epicenter of China’s foreign influence campaigns on US Universities and professors. 2/3…
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1/210: Markus Kerber's Apollo 13

In March 2020, the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund issued a #strategypaper that weaponized fear in order to accomplish compliance with #COVID policies. The authors' emails were litigated under #FOIA request. My analysis. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: The @BMI_Bund emails have been released to the public as they were successfully sued by lawyer Niko Härting in a FOIA proceeding. They can be requested directly from @BMI_Bund/ @rki_de via @fragdenstaat. Download it here: Image
3/210: The emails originated March 19-25, 2020. They are so explosive because they map the inner discourse of the @BMI_Bund's now infamous #COVID-19 taskforce, which produced several crucial domestic policy documents. @OttoKolbl
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There was once a time, in the now dark & distant past, when journalists would craft their stories with balance and panache. Using credible sources to add “weight” to an article.

I’m about to tell you what today’s crop of “journalists” do👇🏻
But first, a bit of background. Yesterday @beverleyturner debated @DrNighatArif on @thismorning over the proposed rollout of Covid-19 vaccines to 12-year-old children.

Safe to say, it was a lively affair. But it’s important to note it was a more balanced interview than usual.
Both guests had opportunity to speak, and the presenters remained largely impartial throughout.

Dr Arif was representing an organisation called @projecthalo which is part of the United Nations “Verified” initiative. It is regularly promoted by big tech companies like YouTube.
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1/210: Markus Kerbers Apollo13
Im März 2020 stellte das @BMI_Bund eine COVID-19 Taskforce zusammen, die ein umstrittenes #Strategiepapier verfasste. Die #Emails der Autoren wurden per Informationsfreiheitsgesetz freigeklagt. Hier kommt meine Analyse der 59 Emails. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: Die @BMI_Bund-Mails sind geschwärzt für die Öffentlichkeit freigegeben, seit sie durch den Anwalt Niko Härting per IFG-Verfahren erstritten wurden. Über @fragdenstaat können sie direkt beim @BMI_Bund @rki_de angefragt werden. ImageImage
3/210: Die Emails enstanden vom 19.-25. März 2020. Sie sind deshalb so brisant, weil sie die inneren Diskurse der inzwischen berüchtigten COVID-19 Taskforce des @BMI_Bund abbilden, aus der diverse innenpolitische Dokumente hervorgegangen sind. @OttoKolbl
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Girano voci "giornalistiche" di #propaganda per la #reputation italiana, di un Console italiano rimasto a Kabul.
E sono quello: solo ed unicamente PROPAGANDA per (forse) non fare perdere la faccia ai nostri diplomatici...
Vediamo perché assieme!
L'#ambasciatore italiano è Vittorio Sandalli, rientrato il 16 agosto in Italia. Nella pratica tra i primi a scappare, a meno di 24 ore dopo la caduta della città.

L’unico diplomatico italiano rimasto a Kabul è #TommasoClaudi. Ma è CONSOLE?
#Claudi, arrivato a #Kabul il 7/01/2019 non è CONSOLE (a Kabul i servizi consolari li fa l'ambasciata) ma "Secondo Segretario della Cancelleria Consolare".

Quello è il ruolo che ha avuto fino alla chiusura della ambasciata.
Meno propaganda, più #verità.
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You know, #CNN lies, whole media lies and manipulate ,, yet you cointinue to believes their stories. This is their success. Even if you don't believe it, many around you blindly trust it. These are their main strengths.

For this, the scholars said, 1/4
most of the news Must be taken from muslim source. Those who are transgressors and liars cannot be trusted with their words. Otherwise, in the depths of your subconscious mind, the western narratives will continue to take root. You will start hating your Muslim brothers. 2/4
"O you who believe, if a wicked person comes to you with any news, you should examine it first, so that you may not inadvertently harm a community and then do not repent for what you have done."
Surah Al-Hujurat, 6

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Thread of must-cite women academics in Propaganda Studies inc a few of the discipline's founders. Many lit reviews on classics of #Propaganda Studies recall only men, so... #citewomen #womenalsoknowstuff #womensequalityday - there will be more, any missing pls 4give me & add...
Elizabeth Briant Lee - Key text: 'The Fine Art of Propaganda' (with Alfred McClung Lee) (1939)…
Hannah Arendt - Key text: The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951)…
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Censorship alert

This is live now but I can’t comment

Facebook has restricted my ability to use this feature for 30 days ”to prevent any misuse”…

@Drs4CovidEthics @PiersRobinson1

#Covid #BigTech #propaganda #informationoperation
Live now: Debate in Australia.

Guest: Bill Lang - Small Business Australia

Watch/replay: The People's Project - Discernable…


#auspol #covid #lockdown
LIVE: Damian Coony on @discernableco panel:

Most severe unintended consequences of lockdown

Lack of care
General loss of health /wealth
Psychological harm
Harm to children

When our politicians say they are keeping us safe they have failed

#auspol #covid
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Let's just remind everyone who Jack POS-obiec is, shall we?

#RussianProxy #Propagandist

While you read the info in this thread, remember that Matt Gaetz is still on the oversight committee investigating people like POS-obiec & Gaetz’s own crimes while GOP doesn't say a word.

POS-obiec — a Trump fav — collaborated w/white supremacists, neo-fascists & antisemites, producing #propaganda Trump & inner circle publicly celebrate.…
One America News Network (OANN) correspondent Jack POS-obiec tweeted 28 times over a span of ten months links to a website the U.S. government says is backed by Russian intelligence.…
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Given everything that’s been happening in the world, I think it’s time to revisit the subject of #ActiveMeasures.

Not just for Soviets anymore.

A 🧵.

#USpoli #cdnpoli #UKPolitics #EUpolitics #nzpol #auspoI #Brexit
When the Kremlin launched its weaponization of social media prior to 🇺🇸 2016 election, there was great concern that other malignant actors would quickly adopt these techniques.

They did.
Now, not only state-actor operations, but for-hire malign influence operations are reaching epidemic proportions as well, in countries around the world. (…) #disinformation #propaganda #ActiveMeasures
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.Fog of #Palestinian War

@RepRashida ‘s 7/22/21 letter to @SecYellen has a tone, an approach, & a number of claims worth considering bc they reflect weaknesses in the #Islamist interests it represents. This affects US foreign policy; the upcoming ‘22 election; & the politics
of the UN.

The tone is one of desperation; the approach is to use a US #Palestinian-American Congresswoman to front #Islamist assertions about US DOMESTIC & International Law in order to illegally derail the Executive Branch’s Middle East policy. This affects the ‘22 elections
bc, in combination w/Biden Administration withdrawal from Afghanistan, re-habilitation of the flawed #UNRWA, re-funding the PA despite the PA’s publicly declared continuation of #PayforSlay , re-habilitating Gaza w/0 penalty for Hamas, whom the US designated as a terrorist org
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Yesterday I took my #OpioidRxs to allow myself to sit among a family at a member owned grocery store. To the others it was a nice, family gathering, but to me it was extraordinary.

I was actually there, sitting, talking without pain curling me up into a ball. The sad part
The sad part is that millions of other pain patients would be capable of something just as ordinary and rewarding if #PROPaganda, the #CDC, and the #DEA had not conspired to deny them of much needed, safe and very effective pain meds.

But my meds are gone, and now I will pay
Now for days I will pay with pain for every ordinary moment I enjoyed. The pain meds made me so normal that not one person could have detected that 7 days a week intractable pain robs me of an ordinary, rewarding life.

Don’t let #PROP, the #CDC, and #DEA rob millions….
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Let’s talk about populism.
Populists pretend complex problems have simple answers.
They like things so simple they become stupid.
They adore binary choices.
They demand you ‘take sides’.
#populism #populists #propaganda #Johnson #woke #antiwoke
Populists like division.
They like an enemy.
If no enemy’s handy, they’ll make one.
They like to act the victim, no matter how rich, powerful or privileged they are.
But, by creating ‘an enemy’, victims are precisely what they tend to produce.
#populism #populist #division
Populism appeals to our worse instincts.
It appeals to emotions of hatred, resentment, a tribal ‘us’ and ‘them’.
In today's world we need our better instincts:
Populism doesn’t care about caring. Compassion isn’t on its agenda.
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The Disregard of #InformedConsent and Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2 - “The Great Pivot” - Jab hesitancy is informed, literate, and sophisticated, but government agencies, officials, and politicos pushed false narratives - by @TraderStef 4 #CrushTheStreet #ADE… Image
I am moving "The Great Pivot & Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2" #InformedConsent2 (the thread from @RWMaloneMD's gracious RT ) to my acct original here. Replies were breaking apart/not keeping continuity under his RT. Chronology is now intact. Apology for move. Image
Here is a link to PART 1 of “The Disregard of Informed Consent & Echoes of Nuremberg” (is hash tagged as #InformedConsent). That thread's continuity is intact and extensive, from March 31 to Aug 3.
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A message to #WeThePeople
It’s time to clean up your City’s & Town’s from all the #COVID19 #Propaganda

#WakeUp & #StandUp

The Hero in the video gives a instruction👇


A message to #WeThePeople
It’s time to clean up your City’s & Town’s from all the #COVID19 #Propaganda

#WakeUp & #StandUp

#WorldWideFreedomRally #COVID19 #Propaganda #CleanUpDay


A message to #WeThePeople
It’s time to clean up your City’s & Town’s from all the #COVID19 #Propaganda

#WakeUp & #StandUp

#WorldWideFreedomRally #COVID19 #Propaganda #CleanUpDay
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Et si on parlait un peu #propaganda...? Depuis qques jours sur @BFMTV on voit bcp Amelie LeBreton directrice générale d'une agence de com' au doux nom de CorioLink... Et si on creusait un peu...?? Allez petit thread spécial #nudge #relationpublique #lobbying... 😏⬇️
Coriolink est une agence de com' créée par Amelie Le Breton et Jackie Isabello. Ce dernier diplômé de l'école supérieure de Gestion fût chargé de mission au cabinet de RAFFARIN de 94 à 97 avant de créer plusieurs agence de com'... Merci le carnet de contact #pantouflage
Amelie Le Breton a un master en politique européenne et a commencé sa carrière comme assistante parlementaire à Bruxelles avant d'être consultante presse ds le privé puis retour ds la fonction publique comme
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El caso Mariana Rodríguez y Samuel García es más complejo de lo que parece. Lo importante es tener en cuenta que existe un precedente del #TEPJF que resolvió sobre una cuestión muy similar que involucraba a estas dos personalidades. Qué se determinó? Abro 🧵
El 19 de agosto de 2018 el Tribunal resolvió un recurso en donde se alegó que las publicaciones realizadas por Mariana debían ser consideradas como #propaganda electoral y cuantificadas a fin de demostrar el supuesto rebase de topes del entonces candidato a Senador Samuel.
Las publicaciones denunciadas correspondían al perfil de #Facebook de Mariana, acompañando al candidato, realizando expresiones como “#SamuelalSenado”, “SENATORE”, “El senador #1 MI NUEVO LEÓN” portando propaganda como gorras, playeras o pulseras.
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According to #Israel Prime Minister’s fascist speech this evening, the unvaccinated are the disease. We are the reason for all the problems (1 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
It was less than 80 years ago.
How quickly we have forgotten.
We said “never again”
@naftalibennett, shame on you.

#Scapegoating #Vazi #Propaganda (2 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
If you know the history, the comparisons are clear to see.

We, Israeli Jews, know our history.
(3 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
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Fuck Andrew Neil's shit-stirring hard-right propaganda hate-rag, the @spectator.

And fuck Andrew Neil's shit-stirring hard-right propaganda hate-channel, GB "News".

The toxic bastards who fund this crap help to demonise the good guys & support the nasty selfish lying bastards.
Marcus represents the very best of British. The
@spectator, GB "News", much of the press & the Govt represent the very worst. They fear successful, decent, honest & altruistic role models - it's completely alien to them that people choose to help others, rather than themselves.
Yesterday 96 more lives were needlessly lost, today we're told UK journalists could face prison sentences of up to 14 years for stories that 'embarrass the Govt', & tonight @BBCNews went full Farage about migrants crossing the channel.

Britain resembles a failed fascist state.
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ANATOMY of a PROPAGANDA Op? — Enabled by dubious medical and journalist ethics?

1/ On July 18, 2021 the Vancouver Sun published a report by “Business Reporter” Derrick Penner @derrickpenner titled “ COVID-19: B.C.'s vaccination rate still leaves opening for variants":
2/ The article concludes with a laughable effort at emotive manipulation by the 'expert': “it will be hard to explain, for instance, why (if everyone isn’t vaxxed) the Canucks can’t have fans this fall.”…
3/ The “expert" quoted in the piece is Dr. Brian Conway @Dr_Conway_VIDC, the medical director of the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre @vidc_ca as well an assistant professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at @UBC.
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Et bim ! Un nouveau slogan ornementé pour rappeler que : Trans Rights Are Human Rights !

#Vintage #Propaganda #LGBT #LGBTQI #Support #ArtWork Image
C'est la dernière partie (pour le moment) de la micro série sur les impressions de labeur (job printing). Avec elle je voulais tester des choses plus simples sur le rendu des techniques d'impression.
Si l’illustration vous plaît, vous pouvez la retrouver gratuitement sur DeviantArt (avec les autres images), ça se passe ici :…
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