#NRC #CAA #CAB thread
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1. #NRC started in 1980s in Assam. Was Signed 1985. Originally as Assam Accord. Was predecessor of NRC (or a register of citizens)
2. It was signed by Late Shri Rajeev Gandhi
3. Yup you read it right, NOT Rahul Gandhi, but Late Shri Rajeev Gandhi
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4. Then it was made PAN INDIA in 2004 December by CONGRESS lead Sonia / MMS govt adding clauses 4 & 14a. Further amended in 2009 by same Congress lead government!! Yes INC ~ Congress
5. So BJP is JUST implementing #NRC , BJP have NOT created NRC
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6. It is NRC that creates a REGISTER of citizens. NOT #CAB / NOT #CAA, but Congress created NRC
7. All the halla on "Proof of citizenship" is because of #NRC !! not CAB / CAA .
pls see full thread B4 answering !!
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So what is a good proof of citizenship for #NRC :
7.1. anyone who has for example a birth certificate, OR Aadhar card, OR School leaving certificate, OR voter Id, OR a Driving License, OR Passport, OR a ration card,OR Any similar Government ID, has GOOD enough proof!!
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7.2.Year1971 is JUST starting point
7.3.That's because Rajeev G/original accord says 1971
7.4.Current/latest AADAHR, school leav certificate, current voter ID.., current govt docs are GOOD enough !!
7.5.IF any of above are lost govt has original info!
So what's d issue?
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7.6. Now tell me what has ruling BJP MODI Shah done wrong on #NRC??
7.7. They just implemented what Congress started
7.8. They haven't changed anything on NRC
7.9. If the law is flaued, then it was congress who brought it.. why hound Modi
thread continues on #CAA #CAB
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Citizenship for minorities and #CAB #CAA
8. Mahatma Gandhi Promised the IF Hindus or Sikhs of Pakistan ever wanted to come back to India it was responsibility of Govt of India to give them both employment AND citizenship !! (those days both B desh and Pak were Pak).
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8.1.Gandhi ji mentioned ONLY Hindus,Sikhs. Not Parsis etc. May be UNintentional miss
8.2.Gandhiji also did NOT mention persecution in Pakistan, just mentioned it was Indian government's responsibility to provide them *Jobs* & citizenship when ever they return(ed)
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9. Later as doubts still persisted with Minorities in both countries an accord was signed between Liaqat ali Khan & Nehru(2 Prime min)
9.1.This Liaquat - Nehru accord promised that IF minorities of either country returned, then the other country would take them back !!
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9.2.This is a written accord between 2 Sovereign nations !!
9.3.This accord gives rights to minorities of both nations to return to the other nation
9.4.for example Indian Muslims can return to Pakistan IF persecuted in India
9.5.and vice versa with Pak. or BD Hindus
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10. Also, around 1948 - 1950 the #Congress #working #committee promised to give citizenship to Non muslim (Geir Muslim) minorities of Pak , IF they wanted 2 come to India !! this is a clincher because today's Congress can't call that congress wrong !!!
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#CAB #CAA ..
11.Later Manmohan ji & others have spoken on similar lines about troubles of minorities in Bangladesh
12.Finally this is what current #CAA does
12.1. It gives a CHANCE of citizenship 2 minorities of Pakistan, BD, Afgn heavily persecuted due 2 their religion
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12. Also, #CAA #CAB talks ONLY of people who returned to India before Dec 2014
13. NOT Modi era, but 2014 or earlier
14. So this IS what BJP has done - given Pak, BD, Afghan minorities a chance to LIVE
15. The Pak, BD, Afgan minorities have NO where else to go !!
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16. Now tell me what is the issue? what is the halla about?
17. Is it NRC = ie congress NRC
17.1 CAA = Gandhi, Nehru promise?
what IS the issue ??
17.2. Even IF there is an issue HOW CAN VIOLENCE be justified ? how can property be burnt ? Police attacked ?
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18. Or is plight & kidnapping of minority girls in Pakistan NOT an issue?
19. should minorities in Pak just be slaughtered every day ? do we have NO sympathy for their plight ?
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20. why is @INCIndia secular through they are the ones who brought the whole #NRC ? but @bjp4india communal for implementing what was just in shelves ?
21. Should India NOT accept & stick to a written accord / Liaquat - Nehru accord ? just wash our hands and ink ?
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22. any person of ANY faith can continue to apply for citizenship under sec 6 of Indian #citizenshipAct , neither #NRC or #CAA changes that!!
23. India has given citizenship to 100s of Muslims in the last 5 years. YEs Modi Era ! Genuine ppl keep applying
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23. SL Tamils HAVE got citizenship - 1980s 1990s 2000
24. BD natinals ..got citizenship 1970s
25. None of that has changed or will change
26. NOT Pak, BD muslim is in a camp as on date. don't fan panic
27. Illegals were even living in Bangalore !! no camps there
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28. #Modi #Shah #SureshAngadi other ministers hav REPEATEDLY assured legal CITIZENS that they will NOT be affected
29. Even Kashmiri pandits faced FAR FAR worse ethnic cleansing&camps, NOT minority community
30. Congress gave citizenship to ppl from Uganda!No halla then
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31. How can a country NOT secure its borders? will USA, UK, CHINA any country allow you without visa?
31. This thread is 2 assure ALL BROTHERS that we are ALL EQUAL & want a peaceful law abiding country
Constructive thoughts welcome
Vulgarity, Foul lang will b blocked

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Jan 14, 2020
Gandhi Ji was aware of Pak MUSLIMS ABDUCTING Hindu women/girls(sic) in 1947! YES 72+ years ago!
Looks like Pakis abducting Hindu women (sic horrid tale) is NOT new (& NOT stopped either)
Speech to Muslims-18 Sep 1947, Published in "Harijan" 28 Sep1947
PAKI MUSLIMS ABDUCTING HINDU WOMEN 1947, Gandhi Ji's speech @ prayer Sep18 1947
@roamingraman @cosmicblinker @sansbarrier @SaffronDalit @AgentSaffron @ShefVaidya @madhukishwar @moronhumor @SirJadeja @IamRajii
Many women died, many men KILLED own wives to avoid abduction
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Dec 21, 2019
#CAA #NRC பற்றிய தெளிவுகள் - உண்மை அறிய விரும்புவோருக்காக
#CAA எந்த இந்திய குடிமகனுக்கும் னுக்கும் எதிரானது அல்ல
#CAAவினால் இந்தியாவில் ஏற்கனவே இருக்கும் *இந்திய* முஸ்லிம்களுக்கு எந்த பாதிப்பும் இல்லை
#CAA இந்திய குடிமகனை இந்து முஸ்லீம் என்று பிரிக்கவில்லை
#CAA 2014க்கு முன் இந்தியாவுக்குள் வந்த, அதாவது பெரும்பாலும் காங்கிரஸ், கூட்டு கட்சிகள் ஆட்சியில் உள்ளே வந்த பாக்கிஸ்தான், பங்களா, ஆப்கான் அகதிகளுக்கு மட்டுமே.
நரேந்திரமோடி புதிதாக இந்துக்களை உள்ளே கொண்டுவரவில்லை. ஆகவே இந்து முஸ்லீம் விகிதாரசாத்தை மோடி மாற்றவில்லை
#Refugee காங்கிரஸ் காலத்திலேயே வந்துவிட்ட்னர்
"..பாகிஸ்தானில் சகோதர சகோதரிகளை விட்டுவந்துவிட்டோம்! அந்தஇந்துக்களும் சீக்கியர்களும் என்று வேண்டுமானாலும் இந்தியா திரும்பி வரலாம். வந்தால் அவர்களுக்கு குடியுரிமையும், வேலையும் கொடுப்பது இந்திய நாட்டின் கடமை.."மகாத்மா காந்திஜி..>
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