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Context: RSS #Hindtutva follower Nathuram Godse shot #Gandhi because he "loved Muslims." RSS destroyed 15th century Babri mosque, RSS butchered & raped 1000s of Muslims in #Gujarat. RSS fanatics now more emboldened than ever since #Modi came to power in #India. Violence against 1
Muslims has reached epidemic proportions in India following reemergence of RSS, an ultra-Hindu nationalist paramilitary that models itself on Mussolini's fascists. Yes, really. Whilst many Hindus don't subscribe to its views Narendra Modi was voted into office twice via BJP, 2
political wing of RSS. Modi's a member of both. Further emboldened by visiting Hindutva hate-mongers and prominent Modi supporters in power like #Sunak and #Patel serving in UK's most Islamophobic gov't to date, its little wonder these literal thugs (Hindi origin) act like this 3
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As he turns 72 today, I ponder on what differentiates PM #Modi the most from his political rivals? On serious reflection, if I were to answer it in a sentence, it is that while his rivals work towards family & self preservation at the cost of national interests,…1/15
Modi is an epitome of self sacrifice and symbolises the true spirit of nationalism and love for countrymen. However, this calls for a detailed explanation, so please allow me to provide a few pointers in this thread:

As soon as he assumed PM office…2/15
he demolished the coterie, monarchy’s self perpetuating tool, comprising of power brokers & rent seekers in the garb of intellectuals, journalists, think tank experts, bureaucrats, historians, authors etc. This resulted in two positive outcomes:…3/15
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Chief Justice N V Ramana retires on 26 Aug, delivering during his tenure 29 lectures on guarding/improving #India’s laws & #Constitution. Yet, as @OfficialSauravD’s analysis found, he did not walk his talk, providing no hearings for vital cases. 1/11…
Instead of 5-6 days, it’s been 159 days since a special petition was filed against #Karnataka HC ruling upholding govt hijab ban in state educational institutions. “It just shows #SupremeCourt is reluctant to hear the matter:” Fauzia Shakil, case lawyer. 2/11
2 requests to urgently list the #hijabban case were made before Chief Justice’s bench. On 26 April, Chief Justice Ramana said, “Wait for two days.” On 13 July, he said, “Wait till next week.” The case has not yet been listed. The #hijabban continues. 3/11
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@RituRathaur @nitin_gadkari & @ChouhanShivraj dropped from #ParliamentaryBoard.

@myogiadityanath & @himantabiswa not inducted.

#Sonowal inducted & #Fadnavis in #CEC.

Both Board/CEC packed with #Modi Coterie & past their prime leaders.

Harbinger of things to come.

@RituRathaur @nitin_gadkari @ChouhanShivraj @myogiadityanath @himantabiswa #Modi mounted his coup in 2012 against D4 by forcing his way into #ParliamentaryBoard & then becoming Campaign Committee Chief.

10 yrs on, he is guarding against any such counter move by his possible challengers who are getting more popular than him by the day.

Their move now.
@RituRathaur @nitin_gadkari @ChouhanShivraj @myogiadityanath @himantabiswa This is also a dirty move to replace @nitin_gadkari, the best minister in #Modi cabinet with #Fadnavis as the party's face in #Maharashtra.

Fadnavis with missionaries' darling social butterfly wife makes a powerful combo to appeal to the Woke Chatteratti, Glamoratti & the Church
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Vaccination data is shared equally between UNDP, BMGF, eGov - That all 3 is funded by @BillGates is connecting thread. #CoWIN #VaccinationCertificate #HealthData loot. -- Also #Modi photo to appease the political head of state to keep the loot silent.
$ 3.9 M - That is how much was 'donated' by GAVI to UNDP for hosting #CoWIN system. Don't be a fool to think that data hasn't gone back to funders. Image
Another $3M Image
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Dear PM @narendramodi & HM @AmitShah,

I know my plea is gonna fall on deaf ears & blind eyes but are

many other innocent #Hindus mere statistic in your political power lust?
Am afraid this will stop only with beheading (Shiv-Krishna forbid) of #NaveenJindal &/or #NupurSharma or may be not. #SarTanSeJuda gang has tasted blood.

Naveen actually is in greater danger.

#Jehadis don't Forget or Forgive. They can bid their time.

Sadly #Hindus won’t know what to do?

Do Hindus know how to avenge such killings? Hindus are not conditioned that way.

Not that it can't be done but Hindus are stuck in a self-inflicted quagmire.

#Modi on one side, #LeLis on other & #TINA in middle.

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Thread for AAP Ka News #E101 - 28th July 2022

Add your #news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 @BhartiRajbir

#thread : post 1 / n
#thread 2/n
#AAP CM #ArvindKejriwal inaugurated 7 best-in-class #ElectricVehicles (EV) charging stations across #Delhi. These charging stations will be open to all EV owners & aimed at providing low-cost slow as well as fast charging setups…
#thread 3/n
The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will conduct skill training workshops for 25,000 people over the next six months, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation…
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E100 - 27th July 2022

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018

#thread : post 1 / n
#StateAssembly 2021 meetings: #Punjab, #Haryana among poor performers with only 14 meetings in a year

In 2021, 29 state Assemblies met for an average of just 21 days
KL (61),Odi (43) KA (40) Trip (11), PJ(14), HA (14), UK (14), & DL (16)…
#5GSpectrumAuction underway; 4 companies in fray for airwaves worth Rs 4.3 lakh crore
Billionaire #Ambani’s Reliance Jio, Bharti #Airtel, #Vodafone Idea & a unit of billionaire #Adani’s flagship Adani Enterprises are in race to bid for #5G spectrum…
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E99 - 26th July 2022

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread.

#aapKaNews #aap #News

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018

#thread : post 1 / n
#news Thread 2/n

The probe agency said the mountain of cash found at Chatterjee's aide's home belonged to the minister.
#WestBengal #sscscam #politics #corruption… #MamataBanerjee #Bhubaneswar #ParthaChatterjee
#news #thread 3/n
#Gujarat hooch tragedy: Village head had approached police in March seeking action against illegal #liquor trade…

#ModiHaiToMumkinHai #bjp @AAPGujarat @HasanSafin @AAPYouthWing
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E98

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread.

#aapKaNews #aap #News

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 #thread
#Delhi CM #ArvindKejriwal on Sunday said the Delhi government has made arrangements to set up a separate isolation ward at the LNJP Hospital for patients infected with #Monkeypox.…
Mr. #arvindKejriwal tweeted, “The patient is stable and recovering. There is no need to panic. The situation is under control. We have made a separate isolation ward at LNJP. Our best team is on the case to prevent the spread and protect Delhiites.”

#aap #news #thread
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When cases have no legal basis, police make new allegations, based on unknown/untraceable complainants, file new cases with little/no evidence.@ManiChander11 identifies techniques union & state govts use to keep India’s ‘inconvenient citizens’ in jail. 1/7…
Activist Javed Mohd made calls for peace on 10 June, arrested as ‘mastermind’ of ‘conspiracy’ leading to violent protests in Prayagraj, UP, on 11 June. Within 24 hrs on a Sunday, 20+ yr old home where he lived (but didn’t own) was demolished as ‘illegal’.

Mohd #Zubair charged with ‘conspiracy’ but police can’t identify co-conspirator; fabricating evidence by deleting tweets but none deleted; accepting foreign donations, but no such donation made. Charges keep changing & an FIR allegedly registered against cash reward.

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This recent WSJ article raises questions on the effects of #EU #sanctions on #Russian #oil.
Note: the "6th package" of sanctions of 3 June 2022 shall prohibit most imports of RUS oil into the EU, and EU shipping to any destination, from December.…
It was noted in June that:
"After a wind down period of 6 months, EU operators will be prohibited from insuring and financing the transport, in particular through maritime routes [making it] difficult for Russia to continue exporting"…
With 4+ months to go until the prohibition on EU insurance, what is happening?
The WSJ reports that "Russian shipments to Western Europe have fallen by two-thirds since the beginning of the war"
So: from abt 1.2 million barrels a day (mbd) to about 0.4 mbd but...
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“Gujarat #SIT confirms Teesta Setalvad was “honoured” with Padma award for maligning PM #Modi’s image.”— CNN News 18

Are we shocked?

This is exactly what #HilaryClinton had done against Modi ji when he was the CM of Gujarat. Ws there a connection between Teesta & Clinton?
2/4 So what did Ms Clinton do? The plan was to malign Modi! While in power she had sent several expert teams in the guise of #NGOs to Gujarat to try and find mass graves, to “get Modi”. Rest of the story in my article frm Dec 2021. 👇…
3/4 By now we all know about Ms Nuland (part of Biden admin) visit to any country is followed by a wave of civil unrest in the country. Ukraine #EuroMaidan is an example. Had covered it here. 👇
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In 2 books, Manoj Mitta revealed how investigators ignored evidence of State complicity in 1984 anti-#Sikh riots & 2002 #GujaratRiots.
As #SupremeCourt lauds SIT that exonerated Modi, Mitta’s 2014 book puts forth the questions it did not ask
Modi was allowed to distance himself from police failure to prevent 2002 #GujaratRiots, despite SIT evidence of police presence at siege of #GulbergSociety and related wireless communications 2/6
SIT acknowledged #GulbergSociety was set ablaze & many killed there by 3.45 pm. It recorded that #Modi had, meanwhile, held meetings with his officials tracking the violence as it unfolded and issuing instructions
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Manoj Mitta revealed how investigators ignored evidence of State complicity in 1984 anti-#Sikh riots & 2002 #GujaratRiots. As #SupremeCourt lauds SIT that exonerated Modi, Mitta’s 2014 book reveals what it didn’t do. 1/6…
Modi was allowed to distance himself from police failure to prevent 2002 #GujaratRiots, despite SIT evidence of police presence at siege of #GulbergSociety and related wireless communications. 2/6
SIT acknowledged #GulbergSociety was set ablaze & many killed there by 3.45 pm. It recorded that #Modi had, meanwhile, held meetings with his officials tracking the violence as it unfolded and issuing instructions. 3/6
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PM #Modi’s body language with France’s President is very different. With other leaders he is seen passing jokes and hugging, but with Macron he shares a diff chemistry. The videos will show it more clearly! I have noticed the same vibe when he’s with #MBZ (UAE’s president).
Adding Netanyahu (Israel) and Abe (Japan) to the list. Its a lil diff with the current leaders of the same countries.
Go ahead rate PM Modi’s bonding with others. Rate them out of 10
2️⃣ Shinze Abe
5️⃣ MBZ (UAE’s president)
6️⃣MBS (Saudi Arabia’s crown Prince)
7️⃣ Justin Trudeau
8️⃣ Fumio Kishida
9️⃣ Naftali Bennett
10. Donal Trump, 11. Putin
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The problem with old school politicians (even the younger ones) is #Modi thinks far ahead of them - while they are still stuck in a 60s and 70s construct. That’s why despite opposition #Modi keeps winning. #Agnipath is the latest example. #AgnipathRecruitmentScheme 2/n
2/n Concept of lifetime employment is out of date. A youngster who doesn’t have a job will not turn down an opportunity in a good organisation where he can learn on the job just bcoz it isn’t for life. Key is value-addition thru skills and competency development #Agnipath 3/n
3/n That is why youngsters line up in companies like Tata etc to join as interns or trainees. They know that all of them may not get absorbed but at the end of the term their “market value” would have exponentially increased. #Agnipath 4/n
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Eight years of #Modi rule: How did the government perform in #health sector. Thread  (1/n)
Kala-azar: 2017. Revised 2020 ❌
Leprosy: 2018 ❌
Filariasis: 2017 ❌
Now, new deadlines for KA: 2023. Filariasis: 2030

TB elimination deadline: 2025
Interim target to be achieved till 2020: 142 per 100,000
But prevalence in 2019-21: 312 per 100,000
Anaemia to⬇️3% PA. Instead it⬆️not only in children but also women b/w NFHS-4 and NFHS-5.
Stunting had to ⬇️ to 25% by 2022. But till 2021 it stood at 35.5%. Now it hs ⬇️ to by at least 10% pts in a yr -- an impossible target.
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#Adani : Textbook case of crony capitalism

Must Read #Thread 🚨

on how #Modi ji helped, changed rules & systems to make #Adani Biggest airport operator 👇🏻

(1/9) Image
Modi changed rules to allow new entrants with no prior experience to run Airports & went against experts, allowed monopoly by giving all 6 airports to #Adani

Isn’t giving to inexperienced company a risk to crores of Indians? Adani was chosed over safety of country

Handing over of 6 airports to #Adani Enterprises for a period of 50 years is in complete violation of AAI Act, 1994 which says no airport can be leased out to any private player for more than 30 years.

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Must Read #Thread 👇🏻

Few strategic destructions done by #ModiGovt to help two of his Corporate friends

#BSNL was not allowed to bid in for 4G so that Modi ji’s #JIO enjoys a free run

(1/8) Image
#AAI bids for the new airports were rejected with no reason so that Modi’s #Adani takes away all new airports

Note: Adani has no prior #aviation experience

#SBI was pushed to give $ 1 Bullion debt to Modi’s #Adani to purchase #CoalMines in Australia.

Takes money from Indians & makes money by selling it back with huge profits! Wah Modi Wah

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1 करोड़ भारतीय अरब देशों में रहते हैं और काम करते हैं .. (ओआईसी राष्ट्र)

भारत अपना 50% से अधिक तेल अरब देशों से आयात करता है।

इन 1 करोड़ लोगों का प्रेषण अरबों डॉलर में चलता है, जिस पर भारत में लाखों परिवार जीवित रहते हैं #Modi #decisions
पाकिस्तान, चीन से भारत पर खतरों का मुकाबला करने के लिए हमारे पास मुस्लिम राष्ट्र में सैन्य अड्डा है 1- चांगी नेवल बेस, सिंगापुर: 2018 में, प्रधान मंत्री मोदी ने सिंगापुर के साथ एक समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर किए। समझौते ने भारतीय नौसेना को इस बेस तक सीधी पहुंच प्रदान की है।
दक्षिण चीन सागर से नौकायन करते हुए, भारतीय नौसेना इस बेस के माध्यम से अपने जहाज को फिर से ईंधन भर सकती है और पुन: स्थापित कर सकती है। 2- सबांग पोर्ट, इंडोनेशिया: 2018 में, भारत को सबांग बंदरगाह तक सैन्य पहुंच मिली, जो मलक्का जलडमरूमध्य के प्रवेश द्वार पर स्थित है। यह जलडमरूमध्य
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Yesterday #UAE & #Israel signed Free trade agreement, this along with UAE’s CEPA with #India will boost the economies of the 3 countries.

We had posted a video announcing these developments will tk place in SEP 2021. 😇👇

Now you know y I called it a MIND BLOWING strategy.😊 Image
I hv been saying this since # long. 👇But posting 1- LINERS and producing proof r 2 diff things. This is y I 1st posted an article in July 2021 and video in sep, to reinforce this. I’m surprised that ppl still refuse to see how INDIA has expanded it’s horizons under PM #Modi.
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Hillary Clinton has been named by Durham, as she was involved in framing TRUMP.

The family called CLINTONS:
Once upon a time her hubby had arm twisted #Indian PM NARSIMHA RAO to sign instrument of SURRENDER that would replace instrument of accession signed in ‘47 by Raja
Hari Singh.

Once Mrs Clinton sent scientists
masquerading as NGOs to dig out MASS GRAVES in India to frame PM #Modi.

Bill Clinton, is (in)famous for his loyalty and Monica Lewinsky- an episode for which Americans pardoned him and Re-elected him.
Clinton foundation has been found to be neck-deep in corruption.
The man who exposed her and her emails -- Julian #Assange, owner of Wikileaks, is now being extradited to US.

Mrs Clinton was also the woman who decided to abandon American soldiers in #Bengazhi, in the peak of
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As #SupremeCourt orders no further action on pending #Sedition cases, our year-long investigation of sedition data & stories—used by most petitioners in current case—lays bare how cases rose 28% every year after 2014. 1/n…
25 #Sedition cases filed after anti-#CAA protests, 22 after #Hathras gang rape, 27 after #Pulwama bombings: 519 sedition cases by #Modi govt (2014-2020), against protest movements, journalists, intellectuals. 2/n
96% of sedition cases filed against 405 Indians for criticising politicians & govts between 2010 & 2021 registered after 2014: 149 accused of making “critical” and/or “derogatory” remarks against #NarendraModi, 144 against #YogiAdityanath. 3/n
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