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#scientist/#artists: can you help? Made 130 new mammal genomes for @genome_gov @scilifelab @broadinstitute #200Mammals project (#opendata @NCBI). Highlighting each species (list in thread) on new website - need photos! (will credit). DM me. Pls retweet #ScienceAlly @PAGXXVIII
Looking for portrait type photos for each species "profile". Listed by common name below. Full list w scientific names at broad.io/200Mammals (also interested in photos/stories about huge effort / communities involved in collecting #DNA samples. Genome seq is easy part!)
African Yellow-spotted Rock Hyrax
Amazon River Dolphin
Arctic Fox
Ashy-gray tube-nosed bat
Asian Palm Civet
Black Rhinocerous
Black-footed Cat
Brown-throated Sloth
Bumblebee Bat
Cairo Spiny Mouse
California Leaf-nosed Bat
California Sea Lion
Cantor's Leaf-nosed Bat
Cape Elephant Shrew
Cape Golden Mole
Cape Ground Squirrel
Central American Agouti
Chacoan peccary
Common Bent-wing Bat
Common Brown Lemur
Common Gundi
Common pipistrelle
Coquerel's Giant Mouse Lemur
Cuvier's Beaked Whale
Dassie Rat
De Brazza's Monkey
Desmarest's Hutia
domestic dog (village dog)
Dwarf Mongoose
Eastern mole
Eastern Red Bat
Edible Dormouse
Egyptian Fruit Bat
Egyptian Slit-Faced Bat
Emperor Tamarin
Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur
Gambian Pouched Rat
Geoffroy's Spider Monkey
Ghost-faced Bat
Giant Anteater
Giant Otter
Gobi Jerboa
Gracile Shrew-like Mole
Greater Bulldog Bat
Greater Cane Rat
Greater false vampire bat
Greater Horseshoe Bat
Greater mouse-eared Bat
Grey Whale
Hairy Big-eared Bat
Harbor Porpoise
Hazel dormouse
Hispaniolan Solenodon
Hispid Cotton Rat
Hoary Bamboo Rat
Honey Badger
Indochinese Shrew
Indus River Dolphin
Jamacian Fruit-eating Bat
Java Lesser Chevrotain
La Plata Dolphin
Large treeshrew
Linnaeus's Two Toed Sloth
Long-tongued fruit bat
Lowland Paca
Malayan Tapir
Meadow Jumping Mouse
Mexican Free-tailed Bat
Mexican Howler Monkey
Mongolian Jird
Montane Guinea Pig
Mountain Beaver
Nilgiri Tahr
North American Beaver
North Pacific Right Whale
Northern Crested Porcupine
Northern Elephant Seal
Northern Plains Gray Langur
Northern White Rhino
Pacific Pocket Mouse
Pallid Bat
Patagonian Mara
Patas Monkey
Peninsular Bighorn Sheep
Proboscis Monkey
Pygmy Sperm Whale
Red-shanked Douc
Ring Tailed Lemur
Russian Saiga
Scorpion Mouse
Screaming Hairy Armadillo
Seba's short-tailed bat
Siberian Musk Deer
Siberian Reindeer
Snowshoe Hare
Social Tuco-tuco
South African Banded Mongoose
South African Rock Hyrax
South African Springhare
South American Tapir
Southern Tamandua
Southern Three-Banded Armadillo
Sowerby’s beaked whale
Stephen's Kangaroo Rat
Stripe-headed Round-eared Bat
Striped Hyena
Sunda Flying Lemur
Sunda Slow Loris
Tailed tailless bat
Talazac's Shrew Tenrec
Tree Pangolin
Western Spotted Skunk
White-eared Titi
White-faced Saki
White-fronted Capuchin
Woodland Doormouse
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