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Duh >
"Surprisingly, the RNA guides alone...also gave substantial suppression. Our study provides support for the potential use of Cas13b in mosquitoes, but also caution in interpreting CRISPR/Cas data as we show that guide RNAs can have Cas-independent effects."
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Sliding (LOOKING) GLASS DOORs (#3) ..

You see how [They] have mocked the Trinity? ..

Everything “Wrong” has been right f& kept hidden from humanity, the world has been PROGRAMMED & kept asleep.
There should be no illness/Cancer.
[They] proved this with “C-19”.
Nikola Tesla, Same thing.
Cars that run on water, Same thing.

FOR GENERATIONS, Humanity has been PRE PROGRAMMED to be HARDWIRED TO SELF DESTRUCT—A corrupt system was created specifically for when & if the people were ever to Awaken ..
The second humanity started awakening,
All [their] indoctrinations creating programmed minds which would ultimately cause humans to destroy this world so the truth never had the chance to see the light of day.

All those upon the world stage have been fake, good & bad actors SPECIFICALLY placed within the public eye
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This is a thread about how anyone can use publicly accessible sequence databases and free software to discover new things about #genomes, #biology, and life on earth.

#Bioinformatics #Genomics #Evolution #Science #MolecularBiology #DNA #Research #DataScience #LifeSciences Image
Genomes are absolutely loaded with complex information, most of which we still don’t understand.

Complete and near complete genome sequences are now available for many organisms.

However, decoding the information in these genomes remains a slow and difficult process. Image
A large proportion of most published genome sequences consist of DNA that is incompletely understood in terms of its evolutionary origins and functional significance. Image
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#Chinese authorities are significantly increasing policing, including arbitrary collection of #DNA from residents in many towns and villages throughout the #Tibet Autonomous Region, reported @hrw. @hrw_chinese @KenRoth
The program’s stated goal is to improve healthcare delivery, but in #Xinjiang, the authorities used it to surreptitiously collect en masse the DNA of residents aged 12 to 65.

@WilliamYang120 @KyinzomDhongdue
A report from a #Tibetan township in #Qinghai province in December 2020 stated that #DNA was being collected from all boys aged 5 and above.
@WenzelMichalski @SenRubioPress
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Een video/podcast van Theo Schetters en Robert Malone in gesprek via @De_NieuweWereld is van diverse platformen gekickt want #desinformatie. Daar wordt door sommigen weer hard tegen geprotesteerd onder de noemer #censuur. Is dat terecht? 1/15
Technisch gezien is er natuurlijk sprake van #VVMU. Maar in dit specifieke geval vliegen de betrokkenen toch aardig uit de bocht. Ik snap wel dat bepaalde platformen hier niet mee geassocieerd willen worden. Er is zoveel op aan te merken…. Ik pak er random 4 claims uit. 2/15
Claim 1: “kinderen hebben een #immuunsysteem wat nog leert door #vaccins en volwassenen niet. Ons adaptieve immuunsysteem is minder sterk doordat de werkzaamheid van de Thymusklier (Zwezerik) snel afneemt na onze kindertijd”. #FOUT #DESINFORMATIE #ONZIN en wel omdat…. 3/15
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How CoQ10 and Mitochondrial Function Can Affect Egg Production via @YouTube

This video is directed toward older women, but men should take an interest in this, as well. #fertility

By the Center for Human Reproduction. Did you know such a center exists?
If you wish to know more about the #Cytoplasm since it is referenced often in this video, read more here:…
Additionally, a reference about the #Mitochondria.…
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Is #SmritiIrani by her frequent visits to Kerala, putting a mill-stone around the neck of #RahulGandhi by taking stock of the developmental projects & schemes in Wayanad(Kerala), etc and reviewing the progress, while @RahulGandhi is often seen absent from the scene ?
Where else can Rahul Gandhi seek refuge as a safe shelter, if he gets chased out from Wayanad ? No question that he returns to Amethi, which rejected him.
I find even Rae Bareli a thorny seat for #SoniaGandhi in #GeneralElections2024. She may opt for graceful exit.
While Rahul Gandhi has embarked on asking “No Data Available” from Modi Government, I presume he meant “No Data Available “ on his #DNA 🤪🤣
Shall be indebted to anyone providing any info on the same 🙏
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Unsere bundesweite Plakat-Aktion kritisierte Horst Seehofer für sein Wegschauen, wegen Rassismus innerhalb der Polizei. Aus der Ermittlungsakte wird nun klar, dass die Polizei Wiesbaden die Aktion kriminalisierte.…
#DNA #Fingerabdrücke #Videoauswertung
Das volle Programm!
Anstatt beim damaligen Innenminister nachzufragen, ob er eine #Strafverfolgung wünscht, um sich ggf. eine Menge Arbeit zu sparen, hat die #Polizei #Wiesbaden selbst wie wild ermittelt.
Erfolglos blieb zunächst die Auswertung öffentlicher Überwachungskameras. Eine spurenschonende Sicherung von 16 Plakaten und zwei Augenklappen, die an der Werbevitrine mit Saugnapf hingen, wurde veranlasst. Der Untersuchungszeitraum für die DNA erstreckte sich über fünf Tage...
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Visto quindi che la #sentenza di #Firenze per il nostro #Ministro @robersperanza è #irricevibile e #antiscientifica, gli chiedo di dirci in quali parti il giudice affermerebbe cose contrarie alla realtà e alla #scienza.

Le elenco man mano nel thread (1/19)

Rilevato che:
1)la #sospensione da esercizio professione rischia di compromettere beni primari dell’individuo quali #diritto a proprio sostentamento e diritto al #lavoro ex art 4 Cost;
(vero o falso?)
2) (…) tale #libertà e diritto al lavoro, acquisito PER NASCITA ex art 4 Cost, è in questo caso INAMMISSIBILMENTE “CONCESSO” dall’Ordine di appartenenza previa sottoposizione a un trattamento iniettivo contro #COVID19;
(Vero o Falso?)
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The following paper is one of the most interesting and thoughtful I've read in quite some time.

The authors offer a new framework for understanding if genetic mutations are harmless (benign) or dangerous (pathogenic).

Spoiler: AlphaFold 2 is involved.…
First, I'd like to cite the authors; .@capra_lab, .@rodendm, and .@computbiolgeek. I'm sure they'll correct me if I butcher anything.

I originally stumbled on the paper after reading a thread about it by .@RyanDhindsa, which I've linked below:

Some Background:

The basis of medical genetics is understanding how #DNA mutations (variants) give rise to disease.

Recall that inherited DNA sequence variants can sometimes alter proteins by changing the identity of an amino acid.

This is called a 'missense mutation'. Image
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Achieving racial equity requires investments in good data. This report lays out 10 key recommendations for #AsianAmerican and #NHPI communities, building on the strong #DataEquity work of @WHOSTP @OMBPress @WHIAANHPI 🧵and link… 10 recommendations to advance data equity in AANHPI communit"Disaggregation Plus": Improved federal standards
First, we need federal investments in data collections on #AsianAmerican and #NHPI communities that can offer insights that can inform the work of various federal agencies #DataEquity #AAPI #WhoWeAre Recommendation #1: Create additional case studies and pilot
Next, we need to raise the federal minimum standard for data collection across all relevant agencies that expands upon the categories used in the 2020 Census and American Community Survey #DataEquity #AAPI #WhoWeAre Recommendation #2: Update the federal minimum standard for d
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Elke keer als je denkt: ‘Nu moeten ze het wel gaan snappen.’ wordt er weer een blik #wappies (trollen) opengetrokken. Amusant ware het niet dat ze alles herkauwen. Daarom een eerste hulp bij nieuwe wappen draad. Heb je in één keer 90 procent van het script behandeld 🧵#draadje
Laten we meteen met de deur in huis vallen… #Sarscov2 bestaat niet want het virus is helemaal niet #geïsoleerd. False! Dat gebeurde al in januari 2020. Stelletje sukkels! Lees dit:…
Dan de #PCR test. Die is “vaak” vals positief.. kijk naar wat er gebeurt als je er cola op giet (wie doet dit nou btw?) Ehm nee! Lees dit……
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Thread on #Magnesium and why it is fundamental for our #health. #micronutrients
..many people debate the various ratios of #macronutrients like #protein, #fat, and #carbohydrates in their diet to find their optimal health. Which is great as we are #bioindividuals but most miss out on #micronutrients like #vitamins and #minerals.
The way our bodies are able to use the #macronutrients is fully dependent on how our #enzymatic pathways are influenced by various #micronutrients. One of the most important amongst is #magnesium.
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These people are going to censor all speech? Will these people determine who the domestic terrorists' are? Image
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Please take your seats for @gordon_sanghera's opening plenary of London Calling 2022. #nanoporeconf
GS: Lord Kelvin believed in meaningful measurement to see the whole picture. With nanopore sequencing you gain more comprehensive insights than ever before. #nanoporeconf
GS: In the 3 years since the last time we were at Old Billingsgate, @nanopore has released 200+ products, increased our single-molecule raw read accuracy from 95% to 99.6% & hugely improved our scalability & output. #nanoporeconf
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Let us take a look at $TWST and some #Synbio.

Twist is the #DNA company. They break themselves into 4 different segments with #Synbio, #NGS, #Biopharma, and #Storage.
The first segment is Synthetic Biology. This is what I call the Mail Order DNA business. Many companies need DNA for developing therapies like cell engineering or gene therapies. Many of these DNA strands can be synthesized for just a few cents per base.
This won't be a huge money maker as they can ship hundreds of thousands of DNA sequences a year for just a few dollars per. It is the back bone of their sales, and its still growing nicely. Its the cash cow that will fund the future developments which can be big winners.
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"Systems Thinking is a must have skill in today’s complex, changing, non-linear world where everything is interconnected as well as interdependent." -- Sahana Chattopadhyay @sahana2802…
Choice Quotes from Bill Gates's New Book ⋆ Brownstone Institute…
#BiologicalVirus, #ComputerVirus, #AbnormalPsychology, #IntellectualError, #BookReview
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A pinch of pinscher, a dash of 'shund... a pint of pittie for good measure, and what kind of #dog do you get?
Ulti-mutt-ly: a distinct individual.

Happy to share our article on dog genomes, behavior, and MUTTS in @ScienceMagazine! @UMassChan @broadinstitute #ScienceResearch 1/n
Even the most mixy of #mutts cannot escape the question: what's in the sauce? For the first time, we unravel the genomes of mutts (1500+ dogs of mixed or mystery heritage) and what they can show us about the inheritance of behavior. 2/n
Research was made possible thanks to the thousands of dogs enrolled in our Darwin’s Ark project ( @darwinsarkfnd

See: dog tax attached #communityscience #citizenscience #CitizenScienceMonth 3/n
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I came to #China with a smile, an open mind and heart, and left my ‘conditioning’ and pre-conceptions behind.. I’m still smiling. Best move I ever made. Never looked back. I’ve felt warmth, hospitality, kindness and camaraderie every single day. 🥰🥰🥰…
For the record: Nobody pays me for my words, thoughts or feelings, opinion or cogitations. I speak from my love for the people of China - for #China and sometimes I speak against the relentless moronic parroted propaganda against a country that is now my homeland... ctd:… and keeps me + over 1.4 billion other people safe, free and happy. A country that genuinely has the best interests of it’s people as core reason for being. A country that will be a genuine friend to all countries that seek friendship. This is #China #Truth
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@euphoniYum @spriter99880 1/3. There is a #Power called "#Evolution" and the #Survival of the best "#Fit".
To #Unite many #Different views into 1 and giving up one's OWN desires for that of the GROUP, Homo Sapiens Sapiens developed #DNA-caused "#Group #Thinking", to change from #Many views to #ONE.
@euphoniYum @spriter99880 2/3. >>But these #Genetics are #Predictable and can be #Manipulated by the #Few.
Mass-Psychologists, in #Think #Tanks of the ruling class in the West, Oligarchs, developed "#NLP" or "#Neuro-#Linguistic #Programming", known as "Marketing", Brain Washing and yes... Propaganda.
@euphoniYum @spriter99880 3/3. >>Key is the presence of "#Fear", "#Uncertainty" & "#Chaos".
An article about this Geopolitical tool used by the #Empire from #SouthFront, blocked by Twitter.
The URL is in the top of the page. That will work.
scroll👇1st page
SouthFront👉👈via Archive
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La scoperta della doppia elica: 69 anni fa Watson e Crick (per merito di Rosalind Franklin) svelavano il mistero della struttura del #DNA (già nel 1869 il biochimico svizzero Friedrich Miescher isolò gli acidi nucleici). Un breve thread per ricordare. 1/n 🧵
Uno aveva 23 anni ed era un biologo statunitense, l’altro ne aveva 35 ed era un fisico britannico. I loro nomi sono tra i più famosi nella storia della Scienza: James Watson e Francis Crick. 2/n
Lavoravano insieme da poco meno di due anni (dall’ottobre del 1952) quando, discutendo nel loro studio presso il Cavendish Laboratory (il dipartimento di fisica di Cambridge), il 28 febbraio 1953 si resero conto di avercela fatta. 3/n
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Abrechnungsdaten der Krankenkassen belegen #Sicherheitsdesaster der #GenImpfstoffe

"Während die #CDC inzwischen zugesteht, dass mehr #Impfkomplikationen auftreten als in den Meldesystemen auftauchen (#Underreporting), bleibt das
#PaulEhrlichInstitut hartnäckig bei der Behauptung es werde lückenlos gemeldet. Man gehe stattdessen sogar von einem #Overreporting aus, da viele Menschen zufällig zeitgleich aufgetretene Beschwerden als impf-assoziiert melden würden und allgemein noch eine große Nervosität
ob der neuen technologischen Plattformen der #RNA- und #DNA-Impfungen bestünde. Offizielle Abrechnungszahlen gesetzlicher Krankenkassen beweisen das Gegenteil.

Bereits in der ersten Jahreshälfte 2021 lag die Häufigkeit von Impfkomplikationen laut Abrechnungssystem der
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1️⃣ #رشتو مهم
نزدیک ۹۹ درصد از ژلاتین های کشور خوکی است
( بخشی که از طریق #وزارت_بهداشت وارد می شود نه وزارت جهاد کشاورزی)‼️

ژلاتین در شکلات، بستنی، ماست، خامه، داروها کاربرد دارد.
محصولات مبتنی بر ژله نخورید ...
آخر مشکل رو اول ببینید و ببینانید👇
2️⃣ و اما قضیه چیه ؟
برچسب حلال هم شده مثل رابطه
سیب سلامت و سوسیس و پفک و نوشابه!🙂😏
3️⃣ واردات محصول غیر شرعی‼️
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Man wollte mir gestern die #Kinderimpfung madig machen, weil in ganz bestimmten Fällen doch eine Umschreibung von RNA in DNA möglich sei.

Ja, Klaus-Dieter, man nennt das Enzym Reverse Transkriptase!

Und nein, einfach NEIN! Es kommt nicht im Körper deiner 5 jährigen vor!

Es gibt diese Reverse transkriptase, die RNA in DNA umschreiben kann. Stellt euch vor, die braucht man täglich, um eure ganzen PCR-Proben vorzubereiten. Um rauszufinden, ob in euren Zellen Virus-RNA sitzt. Die PCR braucht nämlich ein Doppelstrangmolekül. Und RNA ist das nicht.
Weil mir euer ganzes YouTube-Halbwissen so unendlich auf den Keks geht, hier eine Einführung in die Durchführung einer Isolation von Virus-RNA.
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