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The 'Texas Paper' is getting sensationalist headlines. Remember:
- D614G is same mutation we've known about since spring & been in media all summer
- It happened in ~Jan & most of Europe & much of US had it
- Great to confirm previous work, but not 'breaking'

Worth noting that the authors of this study sat on 5,000 sequences *all summer* meaning they couldn't be used by other scientists to explore any findings in these sequences. Or to better understand Texas's epidemic during its biggest spike.
The author laments the low sequencing rates of #SARSCoV2:

“I think we need to be doing this pretty aggressively in multiple locations on a real-time basis,” Musser said. “I think it’s shameful that we’re not doing that.”

/It's shameful to sit on sequences that could be public./
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Unter dem Kurzlink… haben wir verschiedene Informationsangebote zum beobachteten #Klimawandel in #Deutschland gesammelt. Beispielsweise sind unter die Grafiken zur Temperaturentwicklung ab 1881 zu finden (und weitere Parameter).
Monatliche und jährliche #Klimakarten für Deutschland:…
Die Berichte "Monatlicher Klimastatus Deutschland" beinhaltet einen deutschlandweiten Rückblick auf das Wetter des vergangenen Monats, inklusive einer klimatologischen Einordnung und einen Ausblick auf den Folgemonat.:…
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My new book is out & open access.🥳

It reviews stereotypical (mis-)conceptions about old age & technology (design), and proposes a methodology for more inclusive and participatory public sector innovation: Co-creation.


Thread on chapters 👇
Introduction: There is an articulated need to engage older citizens in the design of digital services, but a lack of evidence concerning successful participation approaches. This book addresses this gap by reporting from three co-creation projects with older adults @MobileAgeEU
The 2nd chapter reviews dominant discourses about #ageing societies and technological #innovation. It argues that engaging older adults in design processes can reconfigure how and which imaginaries of old age and "successful ageing" are being scripted into technologies.
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I've been working on a series of neighbourhood-level #COVID19 #Canada visualizations to track the incidence of the virus in some of Canada’s largest cities. @CoulSim has #Montreal covered, so I started with #Toronto. My progress so far. Thread🧵⬇️
By now, we are all aware of the exponential growth of cases in #Ontario in the last few weeks. This is not restricted to #Toronto, but the city certainly led the pack.
Percent change in 7-day rolling average of cases compared to one week ago:

Ontario: +74.3% 📈 (188.6/day ➡️ 328.7/day)
Toronto: +63.3% 📈 (61.9/day ➡️ 101.0/day)
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Thick smoke from continuing #CaliforniaFires #OregonFires crossing N America & eventually N Atlantic towards Iceland🇮🇸 & Norwegian Sea in latest @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF forecast visualized by @windyforecast…
Note also sea salt aerosol from #HurricanePaulette, #SaharanDust and smoke from #wildfires in Portugal & Spain #IIFF
Latest monitoring data of daily total intensity & estimated annual total carbon emissions for western US #wildfires with #CopernicusAtmosphere GFAS #opendata…. #CaliforniaFires #OregonFires & #WashingtonFires continue >> 2003-2019 mean #wildfires2020 #IIFF ImageImage
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September 2020: Watching the @librarycongress' first virtual public forum on @congressdotgov on @Webex.

Details on legislative information services from @congressdata:…
Thread by Daniel:

#opengov #opendata Image
My Q: Will @librarycongress host an archive of official Congressional social media accounts?
If so, which ones? If not, why?
Will it require an act of Congress for a federal social media archive to be created & hosted @Congressgov @USNatArchives? Context:… ImageImageImage
A: "there is currently not a plan to archive this material. However, the Library does archive Congressional websites & social media content [embedded] on the websites would be included"…
Which means Members if don't archive tweets/FB/HT/IG, history is gone
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1/ I am reading the UK National Data Strategy. Some great stuff, some concerning stuff, but overall, I wish other countries can do this too in the open. Here is a loose thread of my thoughts while I am reading it. Nice job @la_gaia and team! #NationalDataStrategy
2/ There is something very colonial about the phrasing - "Championing the international flow of data." Data Colonialism is real and the UK doesn't need to champion international data flow, it needs to be collaborative. #NationalDataStrategy
3/ I find it strange that this strategy defines data as information. It can be a single piece of information, but the definition there is confusing data types, information and knowledge. Should be a bit tighter, because this will help others as well later. #NationalDataStrategy
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"Was wir heute übers Klima wissen - Basisfakten zum Klimawandel, die in der Wissenschaft unumstritten sind"…

Gemeinsame Faktensammlung von #DKK, #DMG, @DWD_klima, @WetterKongress, #Helmholtz @klimainitiative & @klimafakten… Image
In der Faktensammlung finden sich auch aktualisierte Auswertungen zum Klimawandel in Deutschland: Die mittlere Temperatur des aktuellen Jahrzehnts (2001 bis inkl. Juli 2020) lag bereits um 1,9°C über den ersten 30 Jahren der Auswertungen (1881-1910). ( Image
Liste der wärmsten Jahre in Deutschland. Die jährlichen und monatlichen Mittelwerte für Deutschland und die Bundesländer sind auch hier verfügbar:,… #DWDCDC #OpenData #Klimadaten Liste der wärmsten Jahre in...
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Analyses of organic matter aerosol optical depth, based on 🛰️ obs, showing large-scale smoke transport around N Hemisphere from #Siberia #ArcticFires (& #CaliforniaFires) between 1 Aug to 2 Sept 2020. @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF
#ArcticFires were very active in first week of August 2020 but reduced to more usual activity for most of the month with slight increase as summer came to an end. #opendata from #CopernicusAtmosphere Global Fire Assimilation System based on MODIS 🛰️ obs… ImageImageImage
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The conversation about #opendata standards made me coin the term “tech wokeness” @Morchickit @anabmap @gemma_scire @mikorulez @SilvanavF
“Tech wokeness”: using civic tech on behalf of the marginalized, not by the marginalized. Replaces the ends with the means: tech availability & “good” UX are sufficient catalysts for beneficial social change.
It’s technocratic: an unalienable democratic outcome comes from us FOSS’ing this for you. If you complain it’s not inclusive or intersectional then you’re inserting politics into something that promises to remove any need for politics
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Thick smoke plumes from escalating scale & intensity of #wildfires in California, Colorado & western US predicted to spread across N America in latest @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF aerosol forecast visualized by @windyforecast…
#AirPollution related to #CaliforniaWildfires & #ColoradoWildfires affecting huge area in #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service 24-hour forecasts (init 00 UTC, 20/08/2020) of ⬅️total column carbon monoxide, ↗️surface CO concentration & ↘️surface PM2.5 concentration #airquality ImageImageImage
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@opendata_fr a créé un #jeusérieux "Les Explorateurs des données territoriales".
Le kit est disponible sous licence CC-BY-SA.
Le jeu se compose de : 72 cartes, 3 scénarii, plateau et règles du jeu, presentation et guide du formateur.
#OpenData #formation… ImageImageImageImage
Les explorateurs de données territoriales est un jeu de rôle qui propose de vivre une expérience de mobilisation de données à partir d’un scénario thématique (culture, transport, tourisme).
Le maître du jeu raconte le début du projet et invite les participants à définir leur objectif, composer leur équipe et partir en quête de données.
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Daily #AmazonFires monitoring since 1 July in #CopernicusAtmosphere GFAS #opendata… vs. 2003-2019. Amazonia Legal fairly average but Amazonas & Mato Grosso do Sul experiencing earlier & significantly higher activity compared with Mato Grosso & other states ImageImageImage
Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS) data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service

Latest maps of Fire Radiative Power for S America➡️…
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Large smoke plumes from devastating #PineGulchFire CO, #PoodleFire NV, #LakeFire CA & other #wildfires in latest 5-day @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF aerosol optical depth forecast visualized by @windyforecast… @CopernicusEU
Increasing scale & intensity of #ColoradoFires since 1 August >> 2003-2019 average in #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS #opendata…. Estimated total smoke emissions to 13th already tower above previous August totals for the state #COFire #cowx ImageImage
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Our new paper, out now in @Eurosurveillanc, looks at #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 across Europe…

A major part was reconciling different nomenclatures!

Working with @GISAID & @AineToole, we created a handy reference between @nextstrain, Pangolin & GISAID!

Using ~39,000 seqs from 35 WHO Europe countries (up to 10 Jul), we found an avg of 40 days btwn sample collection & GISAID submission, with 8% published in 2 wks!

We can breakdown timing by country (worth viewing in manuscript - Supp Fig 2!)

When we look at clades/lineages over time in Europe, we see 19A, L/V/O, A (Nextstrain, GISAID, Pangolin) dominating initially, concordant w early intros from Asia. However, must be mindful of small # samples from early epidemic & poss bias in who was tested (travellers)

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Hoje é dia bom para falar novamente no nosso painel de despesas do governo central.
Expomos análises de despesas por função de governo e também como essas despesas se desdobram nas classificações econômicas.
Recomendo essa aba aqui (+)
#RStats #OpenData… Image
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Texto novo no Medium.
Em tempos de eleições municipais (?), uma análise de cluster pelos componentes do PIB.
E uma experiência para usar o geobr. (1/n)
#RStats #dataviz #OpenData… ImageImageImageImage
Entenda a lógica da construção dos clusters (2/n) Image
Veja a visão geral no mapa do Brasil (3/n) Image
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My summer #NewcastleCentral constituency report now posted - check out what I've been up to in #Newcastle & @UKParliament including who I've been meeting! #OpenData #OpenMP…
My latest #NewcastleCentral casework report is also up - w added detail to reflect the impact of #Covid19 In June the top three individual issues raised by constituents were #Covid19UK #Housing, #Crime & #Policing…
#OpenMP #OpenData
The top three #Covid19 Individual Issues raised by constituents in June were #Employment, Small businesses, #Benefits…
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Réduire par rapport à quoi ? Le numérique Fr est déjà parmi les plus vertueux au monde (mais bon, pour cela, encore faut-il y mettre les pieds) avec une vraie compétence en matière (i) de conception & exploitation de DataCenters (ii) de box, éléments de réseau à long cycle de vie
La France se distingue en effet par une meilleure maitrise des opérateurs sur la box, allant jusqu’au sourcing des composants, une chaine logistique (désolé, mais le politique Fr ayant tué l’industrie manufacturière, l'Asie reste incontournable) privilégiant le ferroviaire
Le choix des opérateurs Fr consistant à considérer la box comme un élément du réseau permet un bien meilleur cycle de vie (Encore vaillante, la Freebox Révolution s’apprête à entrer dans sa 11eme année), avec recyclage / reconditionnement des box
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Em Janeiro o @Dadoscope1 publicou achados sobre dados abertos de pensionistas referentes a novembro e dezembro de 2018.
Agora com os novos dados conquistados e tratados pela @_fiquemsabendo é possível expandir dois meses para duas décadas de análises. Segue 🧶
#RStats #openData ImageImageImageImage
Em janeiro constatamos que filhas solteiras adultas recebiam pensões em valores maiores do que outras classes de filhas. No total acumulado desde 1994 isso se solidifica. ImageImage
Observando por faixas etárias vemos que mulheres solteiras saudáveis com mais de 50 anos representam a maior quantidade das classes analisadas. Image
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