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Thanks to #opendata sharing on @GISAID, is updated with 323 new #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 sequences!
- Australia (304!)
- Spain (2)
- Virginia, USA (8)
- New York, USA (9)
@GISAID Thanks to @unimelb, the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL), and the Royal Darwin Hospital, we have 304 new sequences from Australia, which can be found throughout the entire tree
@GISAID @unimelb Thanks to @DGSvirginia, we have 8 new sequences from Virginia USA, which cluster with other North American genomes
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1/12 Thread on our new report: 'Becoming more open: the view from four European cities'🏙️… #opencities #smartcities

@bsnaith_ from the 'open #cities' team is going to take you through some of the key points from the report...
2/12 All four of these cities – #Amsterdam, #Gdańsk, #Hamburg and #Helsinki – have made significant progress in the move towards becoming open cities. The report shares how they're developing data infrastructure, training staff, engaging with citizens and fostering innovation.
3/12 The report talks about some of the challenges of using #data and #technology, but also how being open and being trustworthy with data can produce better services for citizens, businesses and communities.
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Two big announcements today from @GeospatialC:

● release of UPRNs/USRNs under OGL…

● 10-year Public Sector Geospatial Agreement with OS…

Good or bad news for #opendata and the UK's #geospatial strategy?

Let's have a look.

See also:

@GDSteam post on UPRNs/USRNs as #openstandards…

@GeoPlaceLLP press release…

@OrdnanceSurvey press release on the PSGA…

● OS's updated "Open MasterMap" page…

The "Open MasterMap" products and APIs mentioned in today's announcement will go live in summer 2020, so there's no #opendata you can download right away.

We don't yet have full specs either. For example OS is still validating its proposal for the Open USRN dataset.

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Thanks to #opendata sharing on @GISAID, is updated with 59 new #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #hCoV19 sequences!

These are:
- USA (19: 2 WI, 17 CA)
- Brazil (1)
- Hungary (1)
- Spain (1)
- France (23)
- First 2 seqs from Algeria!
- First 12 seqs from Senegal!

@GISAID Senegalese seqs (thx to Institut Pasteur de Dakar) largely join with European samples. 10 seqs form 2 tight clusters of 4 & 6 seqs, while 2 fall separately in the tree.

1 of these is attached to a diverse cluster dominated by Spanish & Chilean sequences.

@GISAID New seqs from France, Senegal & Algeria spread among primarily European samples.
The two Algerian samples cluster among French seqs, but are distinct from each other & the French seqs nearby

(thanks to @institutpasteur @Pasteur_Algerie Institut Pasteur de Dakar)

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Thanks to #opendata sharing on @GISAID, we've added 202 new #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #hCoV19 sequences from all over the world to!

This brings us to over 2,000 sequences in Nextstrain! 🎉

Let's walk through a bit of what's new...

@GISAID Among 82 new seqs from Wales (thanks to @SmallRedOne @tomrconnor @PublicHealthW @WalesMicrobiol), we see evidence for community transmission among many, which also cluster with older Welsh seqs

Other Welsh sequences show evidence of transmission with England & Iceland

@GISAID @SmallRedOne @tomrconnor @PublicHealthW @WalesMicrobiol 42 new sequences from Portugal (thanks to @borges__vitor @raqguiomar @GOMES__JP @irj_pt) are spread across the tree, like many European countries. Many cluster together, providing some evidence of community transmission.

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Ono što se treba prihvatiti - #opendata u smislu statistika je must u situacijama kao epidemija. Ne na nivou individualca, uz posebnu pažnju na geolokacije i grupiranje podataka. Flagovi koji zanimaju javnost su oni vezani na samoizolaciju, bolničko osoblje, kršitelje mjera (1)
Ono što ljude brine je nepoznanica o broju respiratora u odnosu na bolnice, gradove, lokacije, omjer mlađeg i 65+ stanovništva i pozitivne ili samoizolirane među njima. Broj kršenja samoizolacija ili prešućenih kontakata/putovanja u smislu žarišta, ne imena. (2)
Sve ovo tipkam jer je razina jasnog i transparentnog izvještavanja podataka glavna stvar kod materijala vezanih na komunikaciju. Stožer komunicira jasno i odg na pitanja, ali u ovim 'worst case' poput epidemije vidi se u čemu slabiji - podatkovnoj pismenosti i vizualizacijama (3)
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📚10 books to understand data and computational journalism, a thread💻

I have been studying data journalism for the past four years, and, so far, I have collected books and papers that may be very useful to comprehend this topic. #ddj #books #quarantine #AcademicChatter
This time, I will present books, and, to save space, only the title and the name of the author. Except for Precision Journalism, all of them were released recently. Obviously, I did not follow any hierarchy - all these books are equally essential.
Unfortunately, there are only a few women here. There are a lot of incredible girls working with #ddj in newsrooms and independent projects, but I don’t think it works the same way at the university.
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Okay here's the thread on why we need better data to address #COVID19 -- just in case it's not obvious to everyone!
When our country makes bold policy investments, there is always vast uncertainty about whether the intended impacts materialize over time. When it comes to economic stimulus, this is also true. /2
Our suggestions incorporate small provisions to ensure we can produce timely, high-quality economic statistics. And this data can also be made #opendata to benefit decision-makers inside and outside government -- including every American household. /3
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🤔 ¿Cómo ha afectado el 🚨estado de alarma🚨 al tráfico de vehículos en mi ciudad (#Santander)?

¡El tráfico ha bajado aproximadamente en un un 75%! 😯

Os explico a continuación 👇cómo lo he calculado. Y si os gusta, regaladme un RT o un ♥️, que me hace ilusión
¿Os suenan estas figuras en el asfalto de vuestras ciudades? Son las espiras magnéticas con las que se contabiliza el tráfico y el grado de congestión de las vías.

Por un fenómeno físico (la inducción magnética) son capaces de contar coches.
Aquí tenemos lo que parecee otra espira de inducción magnética incrustada en el asfalto.

En el portal de datos abiertos del @Ayto_SDR encontré un dataset que contiene la localización exacta de todas las espiras que hay en #Santander:…
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Thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Una precisazione per chi ci segue e per chi fa parte della rete #centralinedalbasso.
Noi non siamo climatologi o meteorologi né esperti di inquinamento, e ci affidiamo alla scienza ufficiale.
Non siamo alternativi ad #Arpa e sappiamo che una centralina dal basso non è uguale ad una centralina Arpa .#Luftdaten non è un nostro progetto, ma noi ci occupiamo di farlo conoscere ed espandere, perché siamo convinti che la #scienzapartecipata
e la distribuzione capillare di sensori #meteo e #pm, ci forniranno nel tempo (lo stanno già facendo ma siamo solo all'inizio) dati aperti che saranno utili a tutta la collettività. Non abbiamo la pretesa di essere autorevoli né infallibili.
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My editorial paper entitled, "No raw data, no science: another possible source of the reproducibility crisis". When I feel the results are too beautiful, I requested raw data before sending it out for review. 40 out of 41 did not send me the right data.…
21 of them were just withdrawn without providing raw data. 19 of them were rejected due to insufficient raw data (ex. just one sample per group provided) and/or to mismatches between raw data and the results shown. Mismatches are mostly huge, not subtle.
14 out of those 40 that were withdrawn or rejected were published in other journals (impact factor from 2.2 to 4.7; mean: 3.37). 12 journals had a policy requiring or encouraging raw data sharing upon request and so I requested raw data. None out of 12 gave me what I requested.
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In my excitement on this stride from @SimShagaya and @uLessonApp, I couldn't stop thinking what if Plateau state could become that state I desire to be in.

So I decided to share some of my ideas to @PlStateGovt.

A #thread.
1. Build on the strides of @SimShagaya & @uLessonApp by laying the foundation of the second Science and Technology ecosystem in Nigeria. The first was built by Jim Nwobodo, fmr Gov of the old Anambra state. Learn from it. It was shortlived but eventful. /1
Plateau has university, polytechnics, technical and vocational schools which are fundamental to sustaining the ecosystem and train talents for a modern economy and government. /2
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On 19 August 2014 @Birdyword tweeted "It's been a long-term idea of mine to construct a Greggs:Pret ratio of cultural northern-ness for every part of England. But I'm too lazy." -- and that was when I started working on the Greggs:Pret ratio problem.
@Birdyword My first effort (so old that Google have since hiked up the price of their maps API beyond what it's worth me paying) is still at --- and is a useful reminder of how far we've come in five years on #opendata and tools for online mapping and data analysis.
@Birdyword The real breakthrough came after a tech talk I'd done in 2018 in Leeds. @helngram -- who works at @foodgov in York -- said that their #opendata could probably help with locating food businesses (she wasn't specifically talking about Greggs and Pret). And she was so right!
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#CashlessConsumer Much has been talked about #ZeroMDR amidst lot of panic based misinformation, half truths.

1.1.2020 marked 3 significant changes to payment industry all of which have deep implications. #Thread
Facts first and opinions later.

On 30 Dec, FinMin clarified provisions in Finance Act relating to digital payments

1. 269SU meant for large companies > 50 Crores, mandating to accept "prescribed modes"

2. 271DB - Penalty for violating 269SU… - Link to notification.

269SU makes #ZeroMDR, but important to note its applicable only for large businesses and only for "prescribed modes"

Prescribed modes came via…
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🚨Junto a @Dr_Hari_Krishna hicimos selección 🇬🇧🇪🇸de mejores artículos 📑 2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣ en #PedsICU para @PICJournalWatch

Comparte y comenta!
#Tweetorial acompañante

Lista PDF👉…
Infográfico clickeable👉…
@Dr_Hari_Krishna @PICJournalWatch @Nopanaden @curso_vm @miguelrdgzrubio @LA_Rednetwork @WFPICCS @SapnaKmd @jramonfernandez @PedCritCareMed @ChrisCarrollMD @pccm_doc 3/ La colección es incompleta. Muchos buenos estudios han sido publicados durante 2019. Ayúdanos a completarla y comparte tus ideas!

Surely this colection is incomplete. Many good studies have been published during the past 2019. Feel free to share with us!

#PedsICU #BestOf2019
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Wie versprochen zum Start des neuen Jahres eine kleine Twitterüberraschung, als Dank für das Interesse, die Unterstützung und die vielen neuen Follower. Natürlich wünschen wir euch ein erfolgreiches Jahr, in welchem wir es schaffen die Rechten etwas zurück zu drängen. 1/X
Da viele unserer neuen Follower aus dem #36c3 und dem @chaosupdates Umfeld kommen wollen wir in diesem Thread einen Überblick über die #OpenSource Tools geben, welche wir in unserem Gedenkprojekt benutzen. SIcherlich auch interessant für die Follower aus dem Geschichtsumfeld. 2/X
Der Onlineatlas zu den NS Bücherverbrennungen ist eine Eigenentwicklung auf der Basis von @Drupal Ein eigenes Frontend und ein paar Skripte passen das CMS an unsere Bedürfnisse an. 3/X
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🔴(Thread) How to explore the #NSWbushfires 🔥 yourself? Use the #EOBrowser to search recent images in the affected areas. When you've found a #bushfire, export a true color image such as this one. ➡️… #NSWbushfires #RemoteSensing #OpenData #scicomm 1/6
Once you have done that, you can use the False color (Urban) visualization to go further, peek through the smoke and detect hot spots with possible active fires like in this image here. It also makes the burn scar more visible. ➡️… 2/6
Additionally you can then use the SWIR visualization to even better show the burned areas, which show up in reddish tones. Take a look at this image. ➡️… 3/6
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Acaba de publicarse un estudio del Mº de Fomento sobre movilidad interprovincial y aunq siendo interesante, no es lo q necesitamos.

Necesitamos #opendata no #openinformation. Esa es la revolución y donde está el dinero. Vamos 10 años tarde.

Vaya por delante q este estudio representa un enorme salto tanto cuantitativo, al pasar de encuestas telefónicas y a miles de ciudadanos, a millones de datos recopilados de manera pasiva por las antenas de telefonía; Y también un gran avance cualitativo al no basarse en lo q
dicen los ciudadanos q hicieron sino lo que hicieron realmente.

Este estudio va en la línea con el que se conocía que el INE está realizando sobre nuestros hábitos y que tanta polémica arrastró hace algunas semanas.…
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At my tribunal the Judge welcomed live tweeting as a means of #openjustice . It was brilliantly done by @wwwritingclub. Someone didn't like something she reported and complained to @Twitter. Her account was suspended for 12 hrs. She wasn't able to live tweet from #FairCopJR
Someone also did not like that the women of Mumsnet were talking openly about the case and the individuals involved. They received ominous warnings about "reporting restrictions" and decided to take all the names out if the posts to be on the safe side…
After clarification that there were no reporting restrictions they have promised to replace all the names.
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A @ReceitaFederal liberou ontem atualização na base de empresas/sócios (…), são 20 arquivos e o download é lento; estou baixando e em breve compartilho nessa thread o link no mirror do Brasil.IO (+ rápido) e dos arquivos convertidos.
@ReceitaFederal Terminei o download dos 20 arquivos (total: 6,1GB) e disponibilizei uma cópia no Brasil.IO em:… - fiz um teste e enquanto nos servidores oficiais demora até 3h por arquivo, no mirror demora menos de 1min.
Em breve publico os dados convertidos.
@ReceitaFederal Caso queira automatizar o download pelo terminal com wget:

mkdir data-socios-brasil && cd data-socios-brasil
for i in $(seq 20); do
wget -c -t 0 $MIRROR/DADOS_ABERTOS_CNPJ_$(printf "%02d" $i).zip
sha1sum -c SHA1SUMS
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My #CSPC2019 live tweeting #THREAD starts here!

I'll reply to this tweet w/ each panel I attend, creating a thread under each w/ live notes

My schedule: 🔗

And, ICYMI, see the new CSPC magazine for my op-ed about @DSP_SPE & #CapacityBuilding in #scipol!
I wasn't intending on tweeting the symposium, but 2 really good points on skills:

🔹 For communications, the ability to be brief (tweet length summaries!) is key

🔹 Universities should promote organic mentorship by leveraging alumni office, get alums to meet students over ☕!
🔹 Skills development has strong socio-economic dimension. Accessibility to good schooling even as early as Kindergarten can have large impacts later in life. The foundation of transferable (read: critical) skills stays with you as you later develop expertise.

#CSPC2019 #skills
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In the past months, we at @GlobalYAcademy have started to improve the visibility of young global scientists. I'll starting sharing more about what I learned through this about #digitization #academies #wikipedia and the visibility of researchers. Here's a picture of NYAs
NYAs are national young academies. There are around 50 of them, some have a long and prominent history, some have just started *this week*.

Have a look…
NYAs are great (*I'm biased, as Executive Member of the GYA... :):
- scientific excellence is understood both in conventional terms, but also in terms of societal impact
- terms are limited. You have 4-5 years to *really* do work
- are typically very diverse! (@WikiWomenInRed)
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For the record, thread about Devon County Council (DCC) scrutiny committee held on 26th September, at which #libraries were discussed.
Presenting report from Libraries Unlimited were Libraries Unlimited CEO, Alex Kittow; DCC Commissioner Simon Kitchen; and the councillor whose portfolio includes libraries, Cllr Roger Croad.
1. Last year scrutiny asked that going forward Libraries Unlimited should provide Key Performance Indicator of children's issues, and also provide the number of professional staff employed in Devon Libraries...
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.@MIT climate symposium #1, on the state of the science, live-streaming now @ClimateMIT
Opening remarks from Prof. Kerry Emanuel and President Rafael Reif
Prof. Susan Solomon: overview of climate science and some key challenges
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