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Today marks the last day of my sabbatical from work with Gertie. It’s been an experience so here’s a thread. I spent the first few weeks on sabbatical batting away work to create space to actually do what I had planned! The first teaching and learning sabbatical in @UlsterUni 1/
2/ (Umh just a bit proud of that!) Has it been successful? Absolutely! I worked my butt off & it has been the most productive period of my 20 years at Ulster. My professional development & networks have exploded! I am now reaping the rewards of working across the UK!
3/ I am involved in collaborations and research that wouldn’t have been possible without this time and my commitment to want to do more! Oh and my new friends along the way - you know who you are! So what’s been my bug bearer? Well pull up a chair 😀!
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The Bazuki Metabolic Neuroscience Initiative supported by @BaszuckiGroup means good things for mental illness and neurological disorders. This is a thread to learn more. 🧵 (1/7) #neuroscience #metabolism #metabolicpsychiatry
@BaszuckiGroup The initiative will have three arms: clinical, mechanistic, and computational, and will serve as a hub for coordinating funding and research in this area. (2/7) #brainhealthmatters #research #neuroscience
@BaszuckiGroup The initiative will also conduct its research in these three areas, including foundations, Frontiers, and Technology development. (3/7) #research
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1/ Eli5DeFi is a collaborative effort to educate people about #DeFi, #Cryptocurrency, and #Blockchain with infographics and visual guides.

Please visit our @NotionHQ page below for Eli5DeFi portfolios, contact, and research resources.

2/ To find our unrolled #VisualGuide #infographics🧵, you can check our @typefully page
3/ All of our publications are free and you can also download them (.pdf files) in our @googledrive link below:…
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How to integrate some research tools into your workflow.

A 🧶

@OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace #AcademicTwitter #scicomm
1.Search your papers and visualize them in @ConnectedPapers, @LitmapsApp, @OK_Maps or @Inciteful_xyz

Sample for connected papers: Image
To learn more about Okmaps and inciteful:
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⬇️ Thread de présentation ⬇️ Image
🇫🇷 Projet français, @Agora_Bank à pour but la combinaison de la confiance et de #Defi

Agora Bank a les moyens de devenir un des leaders du domaine et se positionner dans la prochaine révolution bancaire.
🔻 Trading spot/futures

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Vous pouvez vous positionner avec une multitudes d’ordre (Long, Short, SL, TP, etc.) en toute sécurité. Image
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What I’ve learned from trying to build quality in rather then inspecting for it

A thread 👉🧵

#testing #testability #collaboration #automation #DEVCommunity #PsychologicalSafety
1\ when I started out in testing it was all about find the bugs and find them fast. Testers where typically another department to engineering. It was pretty much they build it we destroy it.
2\ This is what inspecting for quality is. You look for the issues at the end of the development process. It worked pretty well when you had an army of testers and no way to push out bug fixes other then sending people disks with patches in the post
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💸 300 $USDT à gagner en #partenariat avec @Agora_Bank, la nouvelle banque décentralisée !

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🧵 Thread explicatif du projet ⬇️ Image
🇨🇭 Structure basé en Suisse, @Agora_Bank veut se positionner en tant que leader de la prochaine révolution bancaire

🎯 Son objectif est de combiner le monde et la #CeFi et de la #DeFi au sein d'une même application Image
Jetons rapidement un coup d'œil sur la roadmap :

✅ La plateforme est live
✅ L'ICO est en cours (token à $0.04)
Bonus : un NFT est offert pour chaque achat de token, ce dernier a beaucoup d'utilités !

🔜 Lancement de l'App sur IOS et Android Image
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Amazing turnout at our Funders Fair today at the amazing @ealing_project in Ealing Broadway.

Over 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ attendees

And 1️⃣2️⃣ fantastic funders

Our CEO, Elly welcomes everyone to screening room 2️⃣📽🍿. 🧵 Image
Helen Mathie, Director of Collaboration @LondonFunders, kicks things off with a funding overview for London.

A big focus (outside of crisis mode) is #collaboration. Image
Next up: Ealing boy, Glen Fendley, Director of Fundraising and Partnerships @LondonYouth shares the average spend per young person in London is:

£3️⃣7️⃣1️⃣ vs

£6️⃣7️⃣ in Ealing

There is a lack of level playing field between inner and outer London.

Ealing needs investment! Image
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#Kantara, the latest Kannada movie directed by #RishabhShetty, has been making headlines ever since its release. True to its origins, the film of rustic brilliance is receiving positive responses from the who's who of the film fraternity across India, while wowing #cinema lovers! Image
Our Emeritus Director, Dr. K. Ullas Karanth, is the latest to share his admiration for Kantara. As a conservation organisation based in #Karnataka, we are pleased to share Dr. Karanth’s words of praise for the #film and the filmmaker as follows:
"I saw Rishab Shetty’s (@shetty_rishab) stunning movie, Kantara, last night! It was a deeply moving experience, which held me in a trance-like state from beginning to end."

#sandalwood #sandalwoodactress #puneethrajkumar #sapthamigowda #rakshithshetty
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Venez découvrir la Loi de Conway, cette force méconnue qui a un pouvoir magique sur ce que vous construisez quel que soit votre métier.

Nous verrons avec @JulienTopcu ses impacts sur les différents aspects du logiciel et nous apprendrons comment l'apprivoiser.

#flowcon 🧢
Jakob Nielsen, dans les années 90, s’attache à l’UX des sites web. Il explique que le visiteur ne devrait pas avoir à connaître l’organigramme de votre société.
Nigel Bevan complète, en disant que c’est aussi la stratégie, les intérêts de l’entreprise qui se révèlent sur un site.
Allez analyser le site (version 2022!) d’un cabinet de conseil ayant souffert d’un bad buzz pour avoir pas mal facturé aux contribuables français, vous comprendrez.
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1/ Creating comprehensive community-based falls services for people falling at home (inc care homes) in every ICS will help reduce “long lies” - people waiting too long for ambulances, who just need to be lifted.
Short 🧵…
2/ We’ll be publishing guidance to ICBs on how to do this, & also on what else they can do to leverage the #EHCH Enhanced Health in Care Home framework to reduce avoidable admissions for residents, respiratory hubs, & other measures, as part of a further winter plan, next week
3/ I’ll post further links when they’re up
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There's this little old token called $Cheq


It's very well hidden down the bottom of #CMC, and also not captured the full attention of the #Cosmos #CosmosEcosystem yet. @cosmos @CosmosClub_ @cosmoshub @cosmosibc.

Let's learn a little about its position in #identity👇 Image
Let's begin with the Co-creators of @cheqd_io $Cheq, @evernym (now @Avast)

"We’re the creators of #Hyperledger #Indy and the #Sovrin Network, a co-creator of the #cheqd Network, and a primary contributor to Hyperledger #Aries and #Ursa"
Some more on @evernym,

We’re a co-editor of the Verifiable Credential spec at the @w3c, which was approved as an official recommendation in 2019 .. also a co-author and co-editor of the Decentralized Identifier spec .. a co-chair of W3C’s DID and VC WGs
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Anchored on the power of collaboration, the 12th #Business Call to Action Annual Forum shines a spotlight on the potential of innovative public-private collaboration.…

@LBSNigeria @stratandbiz @TradeInvestNG @HarvardBiz @InclBusiness @SUNBizNetNG @business
With the theme “The #Power of Collaboration: Unlocking the Potential of Innovative Public-Private #Partnerships for Sustainable #Development,” the annual forum will showcase #integrated solutions that connect the dots and effectively engage public and #private actors to drive/
...systemic #change.

This year, we will feature four sessions based on the four pillars of #innovation-through-replication, inclusive #procurement, impact measurement and #management, and effective private sector engagement for #development cooperation, taking place virtually/
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Sans considération de la bêtise crasse du tweet de la Sénatrice @MullerBronnL c'est simplement abject.

Faire référence à la #collaboration c'est clairement banaliser l'#antisémitisme

PS : ce n'est ni de la censure ni la collaboration mais un simple bug d'affichage
Faut-il au passage rappeler ses liens avec Louis Fouché.

Elle a participé à des conférences organisées par #Réinfocovid.
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Stack is inherently collaborative - a multiplayer browser.
But what is a #multiplayer #browser and why should you care? 🤔
Why is online #collaboration so important in the first place?

🧵 (1/8)
𝘉𝘦𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘦, 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘥𝘶𝘤𝘵 𝘴𝘯𝘦𝘢𝘬 𝘱𝘦𝘦𝘬𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘰𝘸👀 Image
2/We dominate the earth cause we're the only animals that can collaborate flexibly & in large numbers. As @harari_yuval points out, the major difference between us & all other animals is on a collective level, not the individual.
Human collaboration is what put a man on the moon!
3/ Online collaboration has two dimensions: exchanging info, such as links & messages, and actually creating together, like pair-programming in @Replit or designing in @figma.

For the former, we use tons of diverse apps. For the latter, apps themselves need to be multiplayer.
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🏴‍☠️ Une fois n’est pas coutume, je démarre par un atelier de 2h – Mandat de changement ou pas, comment pirater la culture d’une boîte avec Alison Jorre et Mélanie Cordero et la "méthode DPA" pour


-Casting & People
-Product & #Tech Tools

En arrivant dans une organisation, on rencontre et interroge les gens, on observe les outils, process, interactions.
🐙 Mélanie & Alison proposent de visualiser ce rapport d’étonnement autour de ces 7 axes, avant d’établir des liens entre eux et de prioriser les points d’entrée.
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"Building dynamic teams that move and sway" with @heidihelfand, VP of Engineering and author of Dynamic Reteaming
#USI2022 ImageImage
When your teams change, you are not doing it wrong. We’re not saying you should break up your teams or switch ppl around frequently.
Dealing with #change is juste reality.

#management #collaboration #USI2022 ImageImage
Why your teams change:
–new work or priority
–knowledge sharing
–stagnation & learning

#USI2022 Image
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We’re back from the last day of the @UNECE Ministerial Conference on #Ageing, starting with the Opening of the Ministerial Segment!

✅ Follow this thread for key highlights throughout the day

✅ Or join the livestream:

#AddingLifeToYears #MIPAA20Rome
Ministers from the host of #MIPAA20Rome, Italy, are now speaking on the challenges but also the opportunities of population ageing.

We are on average living longer than ever before. The @UNDecadeAgeing is our opportunity to live these extra years with health & well-being.
@dienekeita (@UNFPA) provides a strong message: we must do for older people now what we want for ourselves when we are older.

#MIPAA, #MIPAA20Rome, and the @UNDecadeAgeing all show there is political will to improve the lives of older people. That will must be backed by action.
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Recognised as the first online casino and sportsbook to be granted authorisation to operate in the regulated market of Colombia, WPlay has also been an active founder of the regulation of the legal betting market in the region, in #collaboration with Coljuegos. #manhattan #Sharp… WPlay becomes the latest operator to join iSoftBet’s impressive partner network, which has seen considerable growth over the past 12 months through commercial agreements with operators from regulated markets across the globe, such as WorldMatch, PokerStars, and Kaizen Gaming.Lars Kollind, Head of Business Development at iSoftBet, said: “WPlay is widely recognised as a pioneer in the Colombian market, and we are thrilled to be able to align our businesses with a deal of this nature.
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Salle pleine à l’ouverture de « Construire le #dialogueSRS » organisée par @Amcsti @vp_s_s @FranceUniv @AUC_officiel à @CentrePompidou

Riche journée pour développer des collaborations, introduite par L Le Bon, @ParentAgnes @MChBordeaux @virgindupont AS Codelfy
#Csti #scicomm ImageImageImageImage
Après quelques mots d'Anne Bennet @MinistereCC et @NicolasNg0 @sup_recherche, c'est parti pour la 1ere table ronde animée par @herve_dole, traitant des gouvernances avec @LaCasemate @RotondeSciences @UGrenobleAlpes @univbourgogne Image
@milletrds @_LeDome et @TMachefert @Universite_Caen expliquent la #collaboration dans le cadre #SAPS sur 4 axes : 1/recherche participative, 2/formation à la #médiation, 3/lutte contre les #fakenews, 4/éval. valorisation des #scientifiques, en finissant sur le futur de la fusion Image
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🧵1. #IPERN officially launched on #StPatricksDay 2021 so it's our 1st birthday today!🎂🚑☘ It's been quite a year - we've hosted 10 events featuring 49 speakers (31% International 🌍 65% Female 🚺). Presented at 3 conferences, secured 3 grants and launched 5 SIG! #IrishEMS
2. How it all began… we announced ourselves to the Twitter world on Feb 1st '21. In Ireland this is traditionally the start of Spring (#Imbolc) so a time for new beginnings. It’s also St. Brigid‘s Day our matron saint who Is renowned as a healer #IrishEMS
3. Our official #IPERN launch on #StPatricksDay 2021 featured a fantastic array of Irish researchers presenting "elevator pitches" of their work and also included best wishes from international friends & colleagues! #IrishEMS
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Just launched: new initiative by @forlifeitself & friends to help make sense of what's going on in #Crypto and #Web3
This has benefitted from contributions direct and indirect including @smdiehl @doctorow @RhysLindmark @RichDecibels @evgenymorozov @jgreenhall @lunarpunk_0x and many more 🙏
Worth explaining some of the motivation and approach behind this initiative. /1

You can read full version at… &
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Recently I was honoured to give my talk, "The Important of ... Empathy (in #chaosengineering)" to the wonderful audience at @chaoscarnivalio. I decided to make the talk a ... talk, rather than a slideshow, and I promised I'd share the major points ... so here they are, a thread.
I started with a confession, that the success of the #chaosengineering initiative in your company has less to do with the tools you pick than you may realise... And as the co-founder of the @chaostoolkit, that's quite the hard confession to make!
What helps your #chaosengineering succeed isn't just the tools, it isn't the types of failure you can inject, it isn't even how #cloudnative, or not, your system is, or how wonderful your #observability is set up ...
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#buildinpublic #automation #startups

At the request of @alistairswilson, here is my present #OpenSource Tech Stack!

Many of these are #Nocode/#Lowcode tools that make your life a lot easier.

So grab a cup of coffee & settle into:

Top 20 Solutions in My Tech Stack
🧵 👇
1. n8n (#Automation)
What it is: Connects different systems together and automates the tasks.

How I use it: How don't I use it?! Automated emails. Hardware Endpoint. API creation. System monitor.

Twitter: @n8n_io
2. Bitwarden (#Password Safe, #Security)
What it is: Safely stores & remembers your passwords so you don't have to.

How I use it: I have over 2000 username & password pairs. This remembers the very long passwords I create!

Twitter: @Bitwarden
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