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#Thread Regarding Karen Stewart's mischaracterization of the writing of the Joint Statement to refute Katherine Horton's lies scapegoating Ramola D:…
I bore witness to all the emails during the writing of the Joint Statement. Neither Karen nor Millicent were coerced into jointly writing anything - they chose to of their own volition & knowledge/witness that Katherine Horton had lied about how TCFF ended scapegoating Ramola.
The joint statement was written by all three TCFF members' participation & agreement of every word - after much back & forth between them they agreed on a final draft and publication of the Joint Statement as a stand-alone statement for historic record:…
The Joint Statement was to refute:
1) persistent lie of KH scapegoating/blaming Ramola for end of TCFF;

2) the lie the end note was a TCFF episode;…
cont. the Joint Statement was to:

3) report the truth that all members of TCFF knew they had reached an impasse & TCFF had ended;

4) explain why Karen was "shocked" as KH likes to use this to justify her scapegoating & blame onto Ramola solely.…
It was Karen who attempted to write a statement first, of which elements were inaccurate; all three had to re-read old emails & establish between them the facts: past emails proved Karen to be inaccurate. Re-writes, drafts, edits ensued until the final jointly approved statement.
Millicent wrote a couple paragraphs as part of an email reply of her own opinion & was asked if she wanted to include it in the Joint Statement - she initially said yes, then changed her mind - it was removed from the draft.
Karen's opinion of "inflammatory language" was in my opinion redundant, words swapped for more "neutral tone" had similar meaning & were synonyms - eg: slander vs misrepresent:……
All 3 of them inclusive of Ramola readily changed drafts for the agreement of all based on facts & based on the sole purpose of what the JS was to refute & state as pure fact which has been outlined in previous tweets in this thread.
Karen has misrepresented Ramola when in emails Ramola explained that KH had slandered/misrepresented her of which both those words & other synonyms express the person is wrongfully/inaccurately/defaming a person/situation - a lie - which all 3 agreed to refute lies they witnessed
At no point did Ramola ask Karen & Millicent to bear witness to or call KH a perp/agent to things Ramola has provided testimony for in her own experience with KH. This is being mispresented by Karen - Karen was repeatedly told of her misreadings in numerous emails.
Karen also wrote a paragraph of her own volition stating it was Katherine Horton who had stalked & attacked Ramola for 1.5yrs. Since Karen chose to publicly fall-out with Ramola, Karen has inverted this truth about KH and projected it onto Ramola - I'm shocked by this.
I personally disagree with Karen's faulty reasoning of why she fell out with Ramola about the timing of when to publish the already agreed Joint Statement based on KH's timetable & "court case". The JS was refuting known facts already publicly available eg. watching past TCFF eps
Katherine Horton's website, videos, social media are full of her vitriolic abuse, disinformation, & cyber-bullying of many - all public- a Joint Statement stating the obvious did not hinder anything that KH can do on her own eg. not being prepared for a court case on the day!
Karen did not inform anyone from the start when KH's court case was or that she wanted to follow KH's schedule as to when to publish - this was mentioned after she had agreed to the publishing of the draft & after weeks of discussion/writing of it.
To the best of my knowledge, I do not know what Karen is referring to when she claims Ramola said "they owe her" to write the JS. I can't find where Ramola has ever said that, I don't recall it myself, & I don't recall any emails from Karen bringing this up as an issue.
There were many emails back & forth between Ramola, Karen, Millicent - none afraid to express their own opinions, experiences, stance & all wilful participants of the writing of the JS which should have been written when TCFF ended as a statement of fact.
Whilst during all this time Karen advices others to ignore smear attacks & "walk-away" Karen maintains her own FB page apparently entitled "perps & nutcases" - like KH, cherry-picks who to put on this list with her own rebuttals/attacks/misrepresentations.
The difference being Ramola does not need a generic page listing all & sundry under headings perp/agent/nutcase etc., instead any public article/statement refutes defamation/lies & is about a specific person/event/defamation or is a piece of journalism exposing disinfo:
Case in point exposing print & tv media, co-opted/misinformed psychologists, & TI leaders misrepresenting targets of extreme targeting via stealth-/neuro-weaponry & cointelpro:……
A reminder against malicious & uncalled for jibes from ironically both KH & Karen that Ramola is no blogger & holds a postgrad qualification in journalism - persecuted for & by the facts she reports on:…
Karen Stewart Makes False Claim: “Barbara Hartwell is CIA”…
In light of the persistent public peddling of falsities by Karen Stewart regarding the writing of the Joint Statement (that Karen contributed to & agrees with the facts within), I'm forced to publicly comment & verify my witness - I do NOT appreciate the necessity for this.
In continued response to Karen Stewart's on-going & latest misrepresentation of the writing of the joint statement refuting Katherine Horton's lies scapegoating Ramola D & Karen's vile defamatory insults cont…
The decent thing to do when someone is publicly spreading smears & you have bore witness to its falsity is to speak up against said smears - that is why Karen & Millicent were alerted to known smears they knew were misrepresentations.

Ramola, myself, & anyone else whether in agreement or not speak solely for ourselves & NOT for NOR on behalf of each other. Karen & Millicent have been aware since end of TCFF that KH has been spreading misrepresentations about Ramola.
It's not even remotely believable that Ramola needs me or anyone else to speak on her behalf. Ramola asked both Karen & Millicent to write a Joint Statement when TCFF first ended & later with other activists wrote a Joint Cease & Desist to KH against her smears of many.
Karen was never asked to write the JS after being aware that her mother was ill - she was told to take her time with her mother and do it later when ready. All parties involved are 24/7 tortured, some of us also with tortured or ill parents.

It was Karen's own volition to begin writing the JS against known misrepresentations. It was also both Karen's & Millicent's volition to write the JS with Ramola after revealing they had both given KH their testimony for KH's court case & Karen had met KH in USA.
I repeat. Please read thread in its entirety showing that Karen, Millicent, & Ramola jointly & willingly discussed & wrote the JS together.
Furthermore, I advised Karen to speak with Ramola first about writing a JS to make sure all agree. Karen ignored and wrote an inaccurate one.

The only flying monkey appears to be Karen's projections of herself flying back to those who previously with good reason she publicly stopped working with due to their support for & calls to violence eg. Katherine Horton, Targeted Justice:…
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