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American Woman Rescued From Honduras in Secretive Military Op▫️
Could this DOJ Management Advisory from IG Michael Horowitz
dated September 25, 2020 citing “Contracts for this National Security Program” refer to programs placing innocent American citizens on “Watchlists” with no due process & targeting them?
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1. Cue Drop Today - But though the illuminati do plenty of human sacrifice, this is not what is depicted. It is the rising of the antichrist. #GloriaVanderbilt #Antichrist
2. This is what it depicts, told to me by @CzebotarJessie whose ritual name is Sunshine whose job was to help raise the antichrist . - Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist… #GloriaVanderbilt #Antichrist
3. This explains some more - Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How…… #Antchrist #GloriaVanderbilt
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@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 Sir @PMOIndia @amitshah @rajnathsingh Sirs we have voted u to power, #Bollywood with Politicians in Maharashtra have been exposed by many #whistleblowers on SM in cases of #childtrafficking #auction supplied by #NGOs, @republic journo was arrested since he knew SS #farmhouse 1/1
@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @rajnathsingh @republic 1/2 had something hidden which they did not want exposed... If #BJP is serious about cleaning India, expose what is hidden there and other places ...#Child and #womenTrafficking is killing out system .. @republic had the guts to expose, but politicians jailed them
@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @rajnathsingh @republic Please sirs if the minister of #WomenAndChild is not bothered to take strict action on this because of connections, please change and put tough police women as head of this ministry. So many children are kidnapped from cities and villages and auctioned at Bollywood parties..1/3
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Post & Archives Part 21
Misleading Bloomberg Article Misinterprets Information

Re: “Interferon”
In Previous Administration Deep State Operators Provided Private Companies Access to US Databases to Illegally Surveil Americans

Report Released Today Confirms FBI Wants to Keep it Going
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Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional Orders
Organizations that should never have influence over decisions:
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As lawful #whistleblower, #BrianMurphy wishes to provide appropriate oversight authorities in both Legislative & Executive Branches with classified information pertaining to his disclosures regarding senior officials.…
2/Murphy is highest ranking #WBer in decades, perhaps ever, and faces potential retaliation. Effective legal representation is crucial to protecting lawful #whistleblowers & everyone, to incl USGOVT, should support this premise.
3/It is a simple matter for @DHSgov to allow legal counsel to participate in classified proceedings, even on limited basis. I have had it happen in past cases, so one must question why DHS is obstructing a #whistleblower from revealing alleged misconduct of its top officials.
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🔴Spy Scandal of Dimensions in Denmark🔴

In 2019, members of the Danish Intel Oversight Board [#TET], received a trove of docs, showing how the FE
[Danish Defence Intelligence Service]
gave #NSA full wiretapping-access.
Mass #surveillance of Danish citizens is now investigated.
Various short snippets from a speech [19th March 2019] concerning 'Danish Defence Intelligence Service' [#FE / #FET] and #NSA.

Speech from 19th March 2019 concerning Danish Defence Intelligence Service and #NSA.

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1. I've read some press reports on @DanielEllsberg giving evidence at the Julian #Assange extradition hearing. I can just read very basic press reports,because I'm witness of fact, so until I give evidence I'm not allowed to watch the hearing, as the US counsel requested
2. though the press reports on #DanielEllsberg's statements were basic, they confirm why I deeply admire the exceptional courage and integrity of #DanielEllsberg, a straight timber of humanity
3. in the last 11years of my work on #WikiLeaks,I've asked myself why the US has produced #Ellsberg,#Manning, #Snowden, conscientious objectors who have risked their necks to tell the truth,whereas my country,with its deeply Catholic culture of *ethics*, hasn't produced any
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UPDATE on @DHSgov #whistleblower #BrianMurphy

1/Today, we have again requested that #DHS permit our client to review relevant classified info that pertains to and/or supports his protected #WBer complaint. We have asked that his review be authorized for Monday, Sept 21st.
2/We hoped that #BrianMurphy would appear before #HPSCI on 9/21/20 for classified deposition but @DHSgov has not granted legal team's access to classified info. Our access cannot be processed until DHS allows Murphy access to classified docs.

@RepAdamSchiff @DevinNunes
3/We have been fully cooperative & will continue to be so, while simultaneously protecting interests of our #whistleblower client. It remains his desire & intent to provide further protected, lawful whistleblower disclosures to Congress & Offices of Inspectors General.
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“whether politics played a role or not, I am dismayed @The_Hanover, a company that has played a distinctive historic role in developing insurance policy in our country, would be so cowardly so as to penalize attorneys who seek to represent whistleblowers”…
.@The_Hanover spokesperson: “liability coverage for firms with significant whistleblower practices is readily available in the surplus lines market, where companies specialize in insuring these types of business.”

Translation: We're cowards but no worry, others aren't. Nice.
Spokesperson for @The_Hanover claims learned "new information" about my law practice. That's news to me! I'd love to hear more & why rep'ing lawyers for #whistleblowers presents perceived high risk for them when no WBer has filed claim against me ever.…
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HOLY 💩! 🤭 Are you kidding me? HOLY 💨!
Sorry for my 🚽 👄 @realDonaldTrump but that info right there... just shocked the sinner right out of me... 🤣 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏HONEST to GOODNESS!
Folks, THIS 👇 is HUGE!
I NEVER thought that something like this would EVER happen.
If you only knew how long most healthcare professionals have tried to advocate for something like this for our patients... brings tears to my eyes...
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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Journalist who broke #ShadowGate arrested, right before breaking info about how #USA/#FVEY is targeting people & covering up #JohnBrennan may be tampering with security data & helped create the lie about #Russiagate, also links to #SethRich's MURDER!!!…
THIS is what the recently arrested #journalist, #MillieWeaver, was working on...PLEASE WATCH! #ShadowGate #JohnBrennan #TargetingPrograms #SethRich #DNC #Murder #AntiSpyBill

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"Now you know how our government has been compromised, 24 hour surveillance, mixed with blackmail" - #MillieWeaver

Intel agencies collect data on EVERYONE

This data is used to #blackmail politicians and psychologically manipulate the public using #SocialMedia

#Psychological warfare is REAL!

Intelligence agencies have weaponized #SocialMedia to influence elections

Do your own research
Think for yourself

This isn't a 'baseless' theory!

#Trump #Trump2020 #MAGA #Election2020
#ShadowGate features 2 #Whistleblowers

Intelligence Contractor #toresays and PSYOP Program Developer Patrick Bergy @PFC40Book

Don't let this information get covered up!
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-In October there was a shutdown at WUHAN lab. Oct 7-24
-There May has been a hazardous event Oct 6-11 which is suspected.
-CCP refuses to provide any information to the world & should be sanctioned in response.
-Phylogenetics reveal that #COVID19 began around this same time.
-Cell phone records reveal that there was no one in the top security levels of the lab during Oct 7-24
-Cars also were suspected due, to have been blocked from accessing the lab area
-CCP refuses to cooperate into any international information sharing despite thousands dying
-Since the CCP refuses to provide any information, harming the world effort to understand the virus & causing more death & health damage, they have no place in EITHER the #WHO nor the #UN nor the #UN Security council & should be removed IMMEDIATELY as they don't participate.
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(1/7) Word has it @TishJames NYAG is scheduled to hold press conference today. We don't engage in speculation so will wait to see what is released. We welcome sharing w/media, public + anybody who cares that in re #NYAG, we sent our #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Submission
(2/7) to the NYAG Charitable Division in mid-June 2018, all 6000+ pages and 100+ Formal Exhibits of documented evidence presented in Case Format. We followed up with the office there and specifically Ms. Karin Kunstler Goldman every 3-6 months over the next year and a half.
(3/7) We received lip service yet nothing of any substance nor engagement that any sort of serious investigation was ever undertaken despite our repeated overtures/attempts to engage. This was not a surprise. In November and December 2019 we received final word that they would
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1. Thread on Miley Cyrus and Illuminati Monarch Mind Control. Miley's career as mind controlled slave started with Mickey Mouse Club and she has remained faithful to the one Eye Club since... #MileyCyrus #Monarch #MindControl #Illuminati
2. Her videos are full of illuminati symbolism and cartel signalling... Miley Cyrus’ “Trippy” Video that Was Filmed While She Was ‘Hospitalized’ Is Actually About MKULTRA… #MKUltra #Monarch #mindcontrol #miley
3. In the 2013 VMA's she was made to cavort and twerk as a beta kitten slave with masses of sexual imagery… #miley #betakitten #monarchmindcontrol #monarch #mileycyrus #illuminati
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