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I'm so excited for @PBS #AsianAmericans starting in just minutes!!! Watch on your local PBS station 8pm EST OR ONLINE HERE!!!

I'll be semi-live tweeting what I learn from #AsianAmPBS here! Follow this thread!…
It's starting!!! So excited! #AsianAmPBS
I hear you, @danieldaekim! #AsianAmPBS

Interesting to start @PBS #AsianAmericans w/ the St. Louis World Fair, how the US announces its arrival as an imperialist power, its takeover of the Philippines as a colony, & the white savior complex towards brown people! Rolling w/ this!
Antero Cabrera's story, seen at the St. Louis World Fair as an anthropological feature, one of "little chinks", wow. "The Americans saw them as savages, objects in their human zoos." Maintained the "American Dream" fiction at home in Philippines. #AsianAmPBS @PBS #AsianAmericans
May 10th, 2019, 150th anniversary of the building of the Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory Point, Utah. Going backwards now to the 1800s and how #AsianAmericans connected America. How Chinese dreamers went for the Gold Rush and stayed for the backbreaking labor. #AsianAmPBS
Didn't realize Chinese people made up 80-90% of workers for the Transcontinental Railroad. 1,200 people's remains were sent back to China at 1 pt. W/o the Chinese, the railroad wouldn't be built, yet in the Golden Spike photo they weren't allowed in the frame. #AsianAmPBS
Going onto Joseph Tape, a businessman who moves to America from China at 14; his wife, Mary, was raised as a white American girl, and they found each other. Chinese ppl, making up the bulk of California workforce, are villanized and massacred. #AsianAmPBS @pbs #AsianAmericans
1882 Chinese Exclusion Act- for 1st time in US history, a group was not allowed into this country on the basis of race. Chinese people were the first "illegal" "undocumented" immigrants. Chinese either have to leave or find a way to circumvent a law. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Joseph Tape brokers & interprets for Chinese & White Ams, shared by Mae Ngai, author of "The Lucky Ones." Mary Tape sued to allow her child to attend public school. CA Supreme Court rules can't ban Chinese, but SF creates a segregated Chinese School. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Yick Wo fought for equal protections under the law, and Wong Kim Ark won a ruling from the US Supreme Court that ANYONE born in the United States is a citizen. The Chinese won those rights for Americans. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
Going into the SF earthquake, Angel Island immigration was "meant to be feared." Descendant reports her mother was detained there for 15 and a half months cuz her husband died on the boat, b4 being able to reunite with her American-born children. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
Immigration continued from Muslim traders from Hoogly, north of Calcutta, mostly silk traders. New Orleans: Southeast Asian peddlers like Moksad Ali would sell at NJ seaside resorts in the summer, then winter tourist towns in the South. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Back then could only classify as white or black: most #AsianAmericans chose to classify as white. Going to Bhagat Singh Thind Supreme Court case: Thind is declared not white. Ramifications: citizenship rights lost & property, which was tied to race, also lost. #AsianAmPBS
YESSS TO THE STORY OF ANNA MAY WONG!!! Onto attempts to become an Asian American Hollywood actress! @nancywyuen I see you! Either flower blossom or dragon lady stereotypes (always the villain), would always die of suicide, shot at, or killed in movies. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Asian men cast in Hollywood as sneaky evildoer who's white on the outside and evil foreign takeover on the inside. (Also: an Asian actor, didn't catch his name, totally kisses a white woman in a film back then!! My partner: "scandalous"!!) #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
Of course, when making "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck, Hollywood chose to go the yellowface route for the leading role instead of casting #AsianAmericans for a story about a Chinese woman! Anna May Wong continues, but gives up on Hollywood dreams. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
First hour done of five!!! What an epic documentary, @rtajima! #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS So many sad stories. Partner: "We haven't even gotten to Japanese internment yet!" (One of a few things in Asian American history we actually learn, & still not enough learn about it)
Satsuki Ina (is featured at the @jamuseum sharing a poem and) starts off the 2nd hour of #AsianAmPBS @PBS! #AsianAmericans start off not able to become naturalized citizens, but still build communities throughout the United States.
Issei: 1st Gen Japanese Am; Nisei: 2nd gen Japanese Am.

Story of Buddy Uno. Couldn't realize the "American Dream" cuz of his race. During Japanese occupation of Chinese Manchuria, went to Japan, accepted there as Nisei, became pro-Japan reporter. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Pearl Harbor leads to arrests of Japanese Americans, including the father of Buddy Uno, who was held for 2 years. One of many #AsianAmericans arrested w/o cause, esp. since Americans can't tell ppl apart. Korean and Chinese Americans spec. state they're not Japanese. #AsianAmPBS
FDR executive order for Japanese internment. Many people lost everything, including land & possessions. "Evacuation is anything but voluntary" as Japanese Americans, 2/3rds US citizens, held in internment camps. Families separated. No due process. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Satsuki Ina: even if you were 1/16th Japanese, if you were an orphan you were placed in orphan Japanese camp based in race. Mother was arrested 9 months after 1st married. Factions turned to resistance in internment camps against terrible conditions #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Satsuki Ina's parents answered no on 2 loyalty questions. For them it was out of despair; they would have a better life in Japan. Ina was born in an interment camp. Family is separated and dad is moved to another camp. They eventually renounced their US citizenship. #AsianAmPBS
Ahn Changho, pen name Do San, was a Korean American activist fighting for Korean independence from Japan and helped create a Korean American independence movement here in the US. Brought back to Japan where he was tortured and died in Korea. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Ahn Changho's daughter Susan Ahn becomes 1st Asian Am female to enroll in US Navy. Philip Ahn, his son, actor, played role of bad Japanese in WWII propaganda. Filipinos & Japanese Americans volunteer in droves to prove loyalty, including 3 of Uno fam. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
442nd battalion is the most decorated US battalion in history. Saved hundreds of Texas soldiers in France. But, of course, back in America Japanese Americans were still imprisoned in Japanese internment camps. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Ernest Uno, WWII vet, when he'd come home to Japanese internment camps, had to deal with his fam imprisoned. "you know, forever loyal to America." Heartbreaking.

Buddy Uno's sister refuses to say anything about her big brother. "I just loved him." #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Buddy Uno became a propagandist; went on the radio to lower morale of US troops in Japan during WWII.

Howard Uno heard his brother's voice, and the 3 Uno brothers in the US army decide to renounce Buddy publicly. Created civil war story in Uno family. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Carl Mydans, US photojournalist, said Buddy Uno 1 of the most tortured ppl he knew: he loved America, his country of birth. Buddy was arrested in POW camp and reunited with Howard, who was fighting for the US. Died of TB.

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Buddy Uno's daughter retells that busy would record himself so he could leave something for his family; prob didn't know he would burden his family; he was just trying to survive, descendants say. "They (the Uno family) were tossed around by history." #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Susan Ahn became a codebreaker for US against the Russians during Cold War, built a restaurant with her brother, and continue telling their father's story.

Uno family led movement for Japanese reparations. Amy & Edison would die b4 seeing it in 1988. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Satsuki Ina: "nobody stood up for us." Just 30 miles from Tule Lake camp is today a family separation detention camp. Ina: we can't ignore what's happening today. "I personally feel like it defines my loyalty (to the United States), by speaking up." #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Wow!!!! 😭😭😭 I have learned so much during the past 2 hours of @PBS #AsianAmericans! Being Asian American has always been complicated, and I am so happy this documentary exists to tell all these stories! So much to process. I can't wait for tomorrow's 3 more hours! #AsianAmPBS
You can stream the first 2 hours of @pbs #AsianAmericans RIGHT NOW from the PBS website, and please catch the next 3 hours tomorrow, May 12th, at your local PBS station as well, 8pmEST! So many stories that need to be heard, told and retold! #AsianAmPBS
On a personal note, sometimes I feel like a broken record telling the story of my cousin Vincent Chin and his mother, my great aunt Lily Chin, but I realized through the first 2 hours of #AsianAmPBS that I have to keep telling the story because people still need to hear it. 1/3
Just hearing the Uno story, your past does not define your legacy, but it does show how messy life is, the injustices, & you have to determine what you're going to make of it. Satsuki Ina speaking up in solidarity for those in detention camps: such an inspiration. #AsianAmPBS 2/3
I'm super excited to see the next 3 hours, including 5th hour "Breaking Through," directed by @GeetaGandbhir, including my cousin Vincent Chin's story. While my interview didn't make the doc, I'll always treasure our time together filming #AsianAmPBS. What an honor it was. 3/3
I'll continue semi-live tweeting @PBS #AsianAmericans again TONIGHT 8PM EST on this thread! For NOW watch me in this digital feature for #AsianAmPBS paying homage to my cousin Vincent Chin and my great-aunt Lily Chin w/ @HelenZiaReal! Just, what an honor.…
Stills from the @PBS #AsianAmericans digital feature as I tell the story of my cousin Vincent Chin and his mother, my great aunt Lily Chin. You can watch that clip about 4 min. now at… then watch Part 2 of #AsianAmPBS at your PBS station 8pm. EST or stream!
Ah it's starting!! Part 2 of @PBS #AsianAmericans #AsianAmPBS is here! 3 more hours of our history, more than we ever learned in K-12, here we go!!! If you missed it, you can watch Part 1 at now! (Slightly behind on live tweeting because of meal prep!)
HELEN ZIA IS THE BEST!!! The Asian sighting unfortunately is still a thing. "there were just no Asian American heroes" in media. #AsianAmPBS @HelenZiaReal @PBS "So where do I really belong?" #AsianAmericans
"Asians wonder if it's better to keep their heads down, but if they do, will they continue to be seen as outsiders?" I hear you narrating, @danieldaekim! Ep 3: "The Good Americans" begins! @pbs #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
WWII Asian vets now want to achieve the American dream after coming home from war as military heroes. Some became citizens since they served in WWII, and built communities. Americans begin to see Asian Americans as part of the American family- @prof_erikalee #AsianAmPBS
Asian Americans went from having no citizenship, land, to being the "good Americans," the "model minority" who rose up by their bootstraps and overcame all their obstacles, because of changing racial constructs and views of Americans. #AsianAmPBS @PBS #AsianAmericans
Being Asian American, the idea was you could "improve yourself" by working hard, studying, education. "if you're going to come to America, be an American." #AsianAmPBS @PBS #AsianAmericans
Toy Len Goon was declared Mother of the Year and put all her successes on her eight children. Felt she has to live up to the name of "American Mother" 1952. Children were in stereotypical model minority careers: doctor, lawyer, "good immigrants." #AsianAmPBS @PBS #AsianAmericans
Helen Zia speaks truth on racial covenants, where her fam was blocked out: "We can't sell to you Orientals." Her fam then went to mass-produced suburb of Levittown, NJ. "if someone said, go back to where you're from, that meant China, not Levittown." #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
As a "model minority," Asian Americans were expected to not speak up, not go on welfare. Used as wedge for other non- "model" minorities. When Asian American do well, they are celebrated, but when African Americans demanded equality, villified. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Then Chinese Revolution came and China, an ally during WWII, now the enemy. Chinatowns were seen as possible hotbeds of communist subversion, and Chinese Americans were scared of anti-Chinese sentiment. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Chinese Americans were mostly hand laundry workers in Chinatowns: washing and ironing were no threat to White male labor. Formed Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance, which formed the China Daily News: became branded as a communist newspaper. Red scare hit. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Chinese Americans called out as traitors, communists, homosexuals, during the Red Scare. @HelenZiaReal: "Being Chinese made you an automatic suspect." FBI asked neighbors what her father did for a living. "We were pretty much perceived as the enemy." #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Eugene Moy was convicted of taking ad revenue from a Chinese back for the "China Daily News," had a failed appeal based on freedom of speech, and died shortly after his year sentence in prison. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
Paper son phenomena, where you pretended to be someone's son and daughter to immigrate legally to the US, blew up in 1950s : "if you come clean and give us ur real history, we'll regularize ur immigration. AKA "Confession Program"- Ppl began ratting on their friends. #AsianAmPBS
Chinese Americans distrusted the Confessions Program: should they tell the truth? People burned their own documents, poetry, to not be caught. "It was government terrorism to intimidate the community." Ended 1966- but Chinese now steered clear of politics. #AsianAmPBS
Asians in Hawaii!!! Formally an independent kingdom: Europe wanted it for profit sugar plantations w/ maj. Asians and native Hawaiians working. After war, tens of thousands island-wide strikes, found pol success: 1st time Asian Americans have political voice in US. #AsianAmPBS
Patsy Mink went to law school, couldn't find a job w/ a child, went to Hawaii and provided legal services. 1954: decided to run! Pushed for Hawaiian statehood: "good Asians" to help fight Cold War; succeeded, but claims for native sovereignty ignored. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Dalip Singh Saund became first Asian Am member of US Congress; after his victory, Hawaii had 81 elections, and Asian Americans wanted in. Daniel Inouye (lost arm in war), Hiram Fong (rags to riches), "Good Americans." Hawaii sends maj. Asian delegation to Congress. #AsianAmPBS
Patsy Mink, despite meddling of Hawaiian Democratic Party machine that she helped build, ran anyways, lost largely due to sexism, but fought for civil rights at DNC. 1964 won w/ all-volunteer staff: first & only women of color ever in Congress up til then #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmPBS
Civil Rights Movemt in full effect.1965 Hart-Cellar Act repealed quota systems from 1924: family reunification, then immigrants w/specific degrees/skills allowed into US. Hiram Fong helps pass immigration bill! 80% of new immigrants after from Latin America or Asia! #AsianAmPBS
1965 immigration act changed the demographics of Asians in America, and transformed the nation. Population of Asians double in 10 years, and a new generation of Asian Americans came. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
WHAT #AsianAmericans documentary would be complete without Bruce Lee?! Before Bruce Lee, there were just no Asian American heroes! For us, it was just, FINALLY SOMEONE. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @pbs
What a great third episode, "Good Americans," How Asian Americans used the model minority myth to actually gain political power in subversive ways was really cool to watch! Onto the 4th episode! #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
Yeahhhhh Asian American movement building!!! United Farm Workers, let's go!!! #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
Farm workers were not protected by labor laws, could get fired at any time. Manongs- term of respect to elders: Filipino men forced to live as bachelors cuz of anti-miscegenation laws (couldn't marry white women; very few Filipina women then.) #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
By mid-1960s, Manongs- willing to put lives on line to form union. No health benefits for these Filipino bachelor men!

(I am pausing briefly to eat my dinner! It has been sitting and getting cold while I have been live tweeting, no longer! Back to #AsianAmPBS in a few minutes!)
(still finishing dinner, but woah, this thread is going to be an epic unroll once I'm done! #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS)
Larry Itliong was a trained labor leader, gruff, not refined speaker: it was Filipino farm workers who started the grape strike! Farmers brought in Mexican workers to replace them. Itliong talks to Mexicans & convinces Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta to join. HUELGA! #AsianAmPBS
Because the Filipinos and Mexicans joined to form one union they won the grape strike. Equated to West Coast civil rights movement for people of color! Across Americas people were boycotting grapes. It took FIVE years for the farmers to finally sign a contract! #AsianAmPBS
Now onto Vietnam War: thousands of Asian Americans go to Vietnam. 4th war the US fought in Asia in this century. Many Asian Americans had conflicting thoughts throughout, didn't think it through when they decided to enlist in the military. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Before heading to Vietnam for the war, Mike Nakayama twirled around by drill instructor: "This is what a gook looks like, and they're going to come after you." 11 months in Vietnam- hit by grenade; he was the last one treated because "we thought you were a gook." #AsianAmPBS
"I was mistaken for a Vietnamese prostitute. I had to walk around in uniform all the time. I was afraid of American GIs because they thought we were there for them. I had to be vigilant, on base, off base." -Asian American nurse in Vietnam War #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Alex Macros, American soldier, asks a Vietnamese man in Vietnamese: Why are you fighting us?

Vietnam man: This is my country. Why are YOU here?


#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
1969: Race problems happening in Vietnam were also happening in the US, college students demand more minority faculty/curriculum that reflects them: classes in Black Studies! Asian Americans: we need to have something like that for ourselves! #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
Black experiences were complemented by Asian experiences of exclusion, internment. "Third World Liberation Front" wanted history of their communities, peoples, school of Ethnic Studies, w/ the same status as other schools on campus. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Black Students Union & Third World Liberation Front led strike for the school of Ethnic Studies interrupted classes, formed picket lines, to shut the school down. Students drafted curriculums. 1968: 1st time term "Asian Americans" was heard. B4 they were "Orientals." #AsianAmPBS
S.I. Hayakawa, Japanese staff member threatened to arrest students. He was used cuz he was a person of color. Reagan sent police. There was a military movement surrounding the students. Attack squad got quiet, arrested 380 students from San Francisco State College. #AsianAmPBS
San Francisco State Strike was the longest student strike in US history. Five months later, they give in and form Ethnic Studies on campus, with the new term "Asian American" and a new Asian American movement.


#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
With new identity in hand, Asian Americans were coalescing with their experiences, in community, could be in solidarity with Blacks, Whites, around the country. YELLOW PEARL: "we had never had our own songs!" "Art gives flesh & blood to the politics."
#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Art, film helped in creating an Asian American identity. Asian American culture was blossoming but the Vietnam War was still going: huge culture shock. "Leave It to Beaver before the wat, to the hippies and radical anti-war movements after" the war. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Vietnam War over, but now refugees from Southeast Asia begin shaping Asian America: so-called "boat people." @viet_t_nguyen: Americans shaped the narrative, not the Southeast Asians who were most hit. Refugees were suffering. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericansPBS
@viet_t_nguyen: sign on a door said people like his parents had driven "American" out of business. His parents worked 12-14 hour days in the store, were shot there on Christmas Eve. He swore he would rewrite the narrative. (Thanks Viet Thanh Nguyen for doing that!!!) #AsianAmPBS
Ham Tran, writing a narrative of the Vietnam War from the perspective of the Vietnamese. Heard 500 stories from Vietnamese in 2 weeks. "People were waiting YEARS to get these stories off their chests." Gotta watch Journey of the Fall now. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Many of these student activists became professionals, doctors, lawyers, but many became Asian American Studies professors. Volunteers teach course at San Quentin State Prison w/ motto, "if you know history, you know yourself"


#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Ethnic Studies is about being human. DAMN RIGHT!!!

1968 Asian American Studies movement. @viet_t_nguyen: we have to go create a new story.

And we have to tell our stories, too.

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Just saw the preview for episode 5. Looking at all the protesters for my cousin Vincent Chin & my great aunt Lily Chin, his mother, already got me tearing up. Feeling I'm going to need to pause this a few times to get through "Breaking Through," @GeetaGandbhir. 😥 #AsianAmPBS
(clearly I am 20 minutes behind the broadcast, so sorry in advance for late tweeting! But self-care is necessary! :-) #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @pbs)
Before Episode 5 starts, just want to say, rest in power cousin Vincent Chin, and great aunt Lily Chin. Thank you for speaking up so I know the strength to do the same. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
@harikondabolu starting off Episode 5! I'm still waiting for 2042!!! #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
@harikondabolu people scared of the future, mostly minority, I grew up in the future, that's Queens.


#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
1970s Asian Americans settle in big cities and also small towns. Hmong people growing up in the Midwest. "chink, Gook, go back to your own country."
Didn't know about other Asian Americans, until 1982, when the Vincent Chin case rocked Asian America. #AsianAmericans #AsianAmPBS
1979 Oil crisis: ppl buying Japanese fuel-efficient cars by 1982 one in five Detroit people are unemployed.

... Looks like the unemployment rate across the United States now with #COVID19.

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
White autoworkers thought Vincent Chin was Japanese, chased him, paid off someone to find him, smashed his skull in with a baseball bat. Vincent Chin's last words: "It isn't fair." His killers didn't serve a day in jail.

Rest in power, cousin Vincent.
#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Other Asian Americans saw this extreme racism and called to action. Solidarity across movements: Jesse Jackson stood next to my great aunt Lily Chin. @HelenZiaReal "She was the inspirational and spiritual leader of this movement."

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Every time I see my great aunt Lily Chin speak for her son Vincent Chin... 😥😥😥

The guys who killed him never served a day in jail.

Thank you, great aunt Lily Chin. Without you, no one would know Vincent Chin's name today.

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
Vincent Chin's legacy is that Asian Americans won't stand for hate crimes, then & now, that we build movements in solidarity, lead to hate crime legislation. People all over now identify as #AsianAmericans because of the Vincent Chin case. Rest in power, cousin. #AsianAmPBS
My part of the filming for @pbs #AsianAmericans was cut for time, but you can watch my interview and time with the amazing @HelenZiaReal on the PBS site here: Great aunt Lily and cousin Vincent Chin remind me I have a legacy to live up to. #AsianAmPBS…
LA cases of police beating of Rodney King! Soon Ja Du shooting Latasha Harlins in the head. Looting, burning, arson riots in LA ensue, part due to anger towards Koreans.

Stand for Latasha Harlins, Akai Gurley, the same way we stand for Vincent Chin.

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
2,000 Korean-owned businesses were destroyed in the 5 days of Los Angeles riots starting, in part, by Rodney King and the shooting of Latasha Harlins by a Korean woman. 63 people died. Trauma hit Koreans after riots, and so many didn't talk about it. #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
"Korean America was born in 1992." 30,000 people gathered for a pace rally: Koreans, Blacks, Latinos, Whites: "we wanted to spread a message: we wanted justice, we wanted peace."

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
@viet_t_nguyen: Asian Americans have a choice: victimization narrative, choosing power/being perpetrators, OR refuse the system and build in solidarity and build something new. That was the dream of the student college movements, to be in solidarity. #AsianAmericans #AsianAmPBS
Jerry Yang's entrepreneur story being told now (or 20 minutes ago if you're watching live, lol) @Yahoo!

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans @PBS
Asian American entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley built many of the tech advances. Jerry Yang's bicultural experience helped him build @Yahoo.

(My mind wandered off on the tech aspect of this episode, probably because I needed an emotional break)

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericansPBS
Going back to undocumented immigrants- I see you @rtajima, bookending the series with the original undocumented immigrants. Tereza Lee started off the DREAM Act thanks to @DickDurbin. Thanks to Tereza, there's a wave of DREAMers ❤️ and then... #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
9/11. People beat up, killed because they look brown, Muslim, Middle Eastern.

@harikondabolu: You get victimized twice: scared of terrorism, then America hates you.

Surveillance process after 9/11; immigration's about deporting people. DREAM Act was cancelled.

Oct 2001: Ansar Mahmood was taking photos for his family, arrested, cleared, then pushed to be deported. "Free Ansar" movement happens, but fails.

DREAM Act doesn't have enough votes to go into law. DREAMers organize.

In this age, @harikondabolu gets political. #AsianAmPBS
Asian Americans were seen as outsiders, dreamers, but we were always Americans. Claiming space, striving for justice, for rights for all people. We don't have to be victims- we're not going away. We have endless possibilities! (We really do!)

#AsianAmPBS #AsianAmericans
@prof_erikalee closing out #AsianAmPBS!!!!

It was so great!

I can't wait for my copy of @PBS #AsianAmericans to come in the mail and to be able to teach it one day to my students! So good.
As predicted, you can't put all of Asian American history into 5 hours! @rtajima @anothergracelee @sleochiang @GeetaGandbhir @shaleecehaas & the whole #AsianAmPBS @PBS #AsianAmericans did such a wonderful job on this 5-hour documentary series. Catch it on!
And, if you enjoyed the doc series, I'll plug it one more time, that unfortunately there wasn't enough time in #AsianAmPBS episode 5 for my interview, so here's my @PBS digital feature on #VincentChin and Lily Chin, my #AsianAmerican family's legacy.…
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