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A tribute to Vincent Chin begins at 11 a.m. PT today. Watch here:
Only 15 percent of police departments acknowledge that there are hate crimes. Data collection is poor, says Mike German of the @BrennanCenter
The news media, politicians were talking about "the threat China posed." It was not fringe groups, it was members of Congress, says Mike German, explaining the roots of anti-Asian hate. #StopAsianHate #HateCrime
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"Fear...rarely creates real unity. The world needs the kind of motivation which awakens in us our altruistic instincts and creates true unity from diversity. To accomplish this the force must be spiritual in nature." -- Richard Meier…
Why rats don't deserve their dirty reputation, according to scientists…
#UrbanDwellingMammals, #HumanHealth, #DiseaseCarriers, #ResearchResults
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🚨 JUST OUT: The 2022 STAATUS Index

Despite a new administration, attacks against our community continue to increase, reminding us that racism against #AsianAmericans is deeply embedded in US history, culture & institutions, and have been for over 150 years.

🧵 of some findings
1/ Compared to 2021, Americans in 2022 are nearly TWICE as likely to say that #AsianAmericans are at least partly responsible for #COVID19: 11% vs 21%
2/ Alarmingly, in 2022, 33% Americans believe that #AsianAmericans are MORE LOYAL to their country of origin than to the United States, up from 20% in 2021.

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I think the new muppet is great.

Dems compulsively try to project their bigotry onto everyone else.

Biden dismissed DOJ civil rights suit against Yale for discriminating against #AsianAmericans

I filed a bill to stop Asian American college discrimination; EVERY DEM voted NO.
1/x Lots of Lefties having their usual intelligent response: “nuh uh!”

No facts, no substance, just ad hominem insults.

Here is a link to the vote results:…
2/x Here’s the FULL TEXT of the amendment:

“Purpose: To prohibit Federal funding for any institution of higher education that discriminates against Asian Americans in recruitment, applicant review, or admissions
“At the end, add the following:….”
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Behind the hate: Who is committing hate crimes against #AsianAmericans?…
"The rash of bias crimes against #AsianAmerican New Yorkers, politicians say and we affirm, is driven by hate. But stating this fact can obscure as much as it can reveal."
"It’s equally important to understand who is making the mischief: hardened criminals and emotionally disturbed individuals."
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We filed an amicus brief on behalf of @brandeiscenter and @svcaf2020 in the #Harvard case asking the @USSupremeCourt to take the case. The discrimination against #AsianAmericans in admissions is no different than the discrimination against #Jewish applicants in the 1920s & 1930s.
“What happened to Jewish applicants in the 1920s and 1930s at Harvard is happening all over again to Asian-American applicants today. . . . As with the Jewish students of the past, Asian-American students became too plentiful for Harvard.”
“In the 1920s & 1930s, Harvard’s method of reducing its number of Jews was its 'character and fitness' rationale. [It] maintained that it simply sought students of sufficient character . . . and Jews generally did not meet that standard.”
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#AsianAmericans should not live in fear of discrimination, racism, and violence. Let’s stand together against bigotry and #StopAsianHate
On this Virtual Day of Action, uplift the Asian American community by sharing your commitment to #StopAsianHate. Folks are being targeted for the language they speak, their accent, where they work, their culture—let’s end the violence together.
Last week’s killings in Georgia were a wake-up call for so many to the reality that Asian Americans have been facing for the past year. White supremacy ends lives and we must all fight to end it #StopAsianHate
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The police response to the #Atlanta shootings reminds me of what happened in Chapel Hill 5 years ago -- with a mad rush to exonerate the shooter of a racial or ethnic bias before we know the facts. /1

#AsianAmericans #HateCrime…
And what is the sole basis for this conclusion? The statement of the killer. Why enable the shooter to craft the narrative he chooses to explain his attention-seeking violent tirade? /2…
I can certainly understand the desire to calm the nerves of Asian-Americans, but these premature statements don't do that when they are in such contrast to the pattern of the killings. /3…
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Let me tell you, I am declaring being done w/ the shame spiral & apologizing for my #AsianAmerican identity. There's a lot of work to do as a community, but we can't do that work, if we can't acknowledge that shame is part of white supremacy that keeps us in our place (thread) 1/
First, I want to shout out Black feminist & linguistic scholars, including the fantastic @BlackGazePod convo w/ Dr. @aprilbakerbell. @DrPorcher & @dr_s_bertrand, your unapologetic stance that Blackness will save Black people reminds me to stand in my own truth 2/
Okay, and also shout out to the fantastic essay by @poetpedagogue that reminds me that we cannot abolish systems that promise us opportunity if we play by the rules until we conquer our own internalized oppressive mindset 3/
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Dr. Grace Yeh speaks about the importance of knowing our histories as #AsianAmericans, but also the necessity of responsibility & care for other communities of color & indigenous peoples. #Ethnicstudies
I also love learning about Dr. Yeh and her work, like the "Filipino Love Stories" project to highlight immigrant lives on the central coast:…
Dr. Yeh talks about the history of #AsianAmerican studies, of ethnic studies, highlighting the solidarity in the early movement & work of the TWLF, their demands & that #ethnicstudies wasn't just about diversity & multiculturalism but power & empire
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I just started this book & I can tell it is 🔥🔥🔥So excites to read about #AsianAmerican women scholars’ resistance AND renewal in the academy. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ❤️ Image
Will probably tweet to this thread thoughts as I’m reading. My first is how much I appreciate that the book begins w/ a women of color in academia manifesto that embodies #solidarity and notions of #collectiveresistance #fightthetower
From the prologue by Shirley Hune: "The idea that #AsianAmericans are a quiet, hard-working, & docile people who do not "rock the boat" is a gross misunderstanding of their realities....1/2
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On moving into Levittown in NJ: “ours was the third Levittown. The first two were all white.” - @HelenZiaReal #AsianAmPBS
“We were literally perceived as the enemy.” @HelenZiaReal on how her family was perceived in Levittown during the height of the anti-Communist “Red Scare” of the 1950s.
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I'm so excited for @PBS #AsianAmericans starting in just minutes!!! Watch on your local PBS station 8pm EST OR ONLINE HERE!!!

I'll be semi-live tweeting what I learn from #AsianAmPBS here! Follow this thread!…
It's starting!!! So excited! #AsianAmPBS
I hear you, @danieldaekim! #AsianAmPBS

Interesting to start @PBS #AsianAmericans w/ the St. Louis World Fair, how the US announces its arrival as an imperialist power, its takeover of the Philippines as a colony, & the white savior complex towards brown people! Rolling w/ this!
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@srdaugherty @billmaher Actually, though not from Spain, the origin of the virus is still disputed. There was a cluster in Kansas, yes.
In terms of why so many virus originate from, @billmaher might need to b reminded of how old the country is (w that, a history of political corruption & bureaucratic
@srdaugherty @billmaher mismanagement) & its important on the Asian-European trade route.
Given #climatechange & (global) #overpopulation, while it is generally a good thing to eat locally sourced food, ppl's incursion into uncharted territory will bring us into contact w exotic species & diseases we
@srdaugherty @billmaher have no immunity to defend ourselves against, whether that's through food sourcing or economic activities, such as logging. Given the fact that there is an intermediary between bats & humans (pangolins), simply making ppl stop eating bats is not gonna help. Also, is @billmaher
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THREAD: This moment should be an awakening for all #AsianAmericans, regardless of political persuasion. It is a blunt reminder that regardless of whether we were born in the U.S., regardless of our national origins or citizenship, our racial status in the U.S. is precarious.
2/ One moment, #AsianAmericans are exalted as model Americans and touted as victims of affirmative action by conservative pundits whose goal is to dismantle the policy. In the next, we are derided by the same pundits as filthy foreigners who are the vectors of the #coronavirus.
3/ During a pandemic like this, #AsianAmericans are realizing that the privileges of an elite degree, class, status, nativity, and citizenship are no shields against racism, xenophobia, and scapegoating.
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1. There is a #manbaby @1600Pennsylvania who has fomented hate, racism & xenophobia consistently. Now #AsianAmericans are suffering unnecessarily. @AGWilliamBarr needs to address these 1000s of #hatecrimes. People have died by mistakenly #selfmedicating believing false rhetoric
2. espoused by #POTUS. You are not a medical professional. Don't #BS aboit your uncle's teachings @realdonaldtrump. In NYC this week #EMTs answered 6500 calls in one day...when 4k is normally a high#. Staff has become ill or quarantined forcing others to work harder longer.
3. This speaks to the failure of our #healthcaresystem that is out of supplies, equipment, facilities and tools while the #medicalindustrialcomplex reaps profirs and you #POTUS refuse to enact #DefenseProductionAct since #corporateCEOs caution against their livelihood if you do
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Hey #MadisonWI & anti-racist friends, please be aware of what's happening in Madison with @OvertureCenter's production of Miss Saigon. Originally Overture agreed to host a panel by Asian American Studies scholars on the representations of #AsianAmericans in the show.
Now, the day of the panel, @OvertureCenter has cancelled the panel entirely. Apparently leading up to this Overture staff did not up hold promises, refused to print the program note by Dr. Timothy Yu, and ultimately cancelled the entire panel.
The actions of Overture make several things clear. First the #racism in Madison is not limited to anti-black racism & we need to support our Asian and Asian American community members.
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Insightful @AAPIData @karthickr @ProfJanelleWong survey findings on #AsianAmericans & #affirmative action. The big takeaway? AsianAms have consistently supported AfAc w/key exception ChineseAms in recent yrs >…
Which leads me back to fundamental Q: Who are "AsianAms," & how do we understand, live w/ its tensions (origins as a radical-left political ID w/origins in 1960s social mvmts, evolution into demographic ID category used by gov't policy, law, higher ed, marketing etc) >
There's a deep irony to fact that AsianAms began life as "Asian Americans" in 1960s-70s by seeking inclusion in emerging affirmative action programs as a way to counter the problem of invisibility in US society >
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