Thread: #Malaria is major health threat for #Bastar Divsn-thus @HealthCgGov initiated #MalariaMuktBastar Abhiyan in Jan’20

In #PhaseOne (Jan-Feb’20):

- 14.06 lakh people were tested
- 64,646 (4.6%) found +ve were gvn treatment & were followed up (1/5) ImageImage
Follow-up of cases found +ve during #PhaseOne was done by slide test to ensure that they had completed the treatment.

As no. of #Malaria Cases is generally highest in monsoons in Bastar dvsn- #PhaseTwo of #MalariaMuktBastar Abhiyan was initiated in June’20 in all 7 distts(2/5) ImageImage
During both phases of #MalariaMuktBastar :

- Door to door visits & #ActiveScreening done by #healthteams
-Stickers were pasted outside each covered house
-Treatment of all found +ve was started & cards were gvn for follow-up
-Great toe of person tested was marked wid ink (3/5) ImageImageImageImage
To ensure treatment completion #empty_blister_packs of Antimalarial Drugs were also collected from patients.
Mitanins also ensured follow up.

During both phases of #MalariaMuktBastar
-source reduction activities
-IEC for 100% LLIN use
were also taken up. (4/5) ImageImage
Durin ongoing #Phase2 of #MalariaMuktBastar :
-22.51 lakh hv bn screened (95% of targettd populatn)
-29,366 #Malaria +ves hv bn gvn treatment

Campaign has gvn encouraging results:

-in Ph 1- 4.6% of screened had Malarial parasite
-in Ph 2- positivity has declined to 1.3% (5/5) Image

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Sep 29, 2020
According to American Heart Association, adult heart beats approx 100,000 times/day.
That’s about 60-100 beats/min or at least 1 beat/sec. In an avg lifetime, a human heart will beat over 2.5 billion times. (1/n)


Heart rate is affected by age & fitness level.Heart rate slows as children get older or adults get fitter. Chart frm National Institute of Health:

Newborn:70-160 bpm
1-4 yrs:80-120 bpm
5-9 yrs:75-110 bpm
10+ yrs & non-athletic adults: 60-100 bpm
Athletic adults:40 to 60bpm (2/n)
❤️ is actually a Handful
An adult heart is about size of that person’s hands clasped together in a double fist.Since people vary in size, most realistic assessment is made using ur own hands
Heart can also enlarge coz of illness & conditions-such as congestive heart failure.(3/n)
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Aug 8, 2020
CKJ 2. कोरोना वायरस क्या है? #कोरोना#COVID19 में क्या अंतर है?

#कोरोना_वायरस का पूरानाम SARS-CoV-2 वायरस है।
(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2)

इस वायरस के कारण हुई बीमारी कोCOVID-19 कहा जाता है
(Coronavirus disease dat emerged in 2019) (1/5) #कोरोना_को_जानें Image
कोरोना वायरस बहुत सूक्ष्म वायरस का एक समूह है जो बहुत से mammals व पक्षियों को संक्रमित करते हैं।
इनमे से कुछ के कारण हल्की खांसी जुख़ाम जैसे लक्षण उत्पन्न होते हैं.

मानव को संक्रमित करने वाले सात कोरोना वायरस में से तीन सर्वाधिक हानिकारक रहे हैं (2/5) #कोरोना_को_जानें
#SARS_CoV_2 एक नया कोरोना वायरस है। ऐसा माना जा रहा है कि यह वायरस चमगादड़ से ही मनुष्य में आया है।

2002 से पहले दो और कोरोना वायरस इस प्रकार दूसरी species से मनुष्य मे संचारित हुए थे
SARS-CoV-1 (In Guangdong, China 2002)
MERS-COV ( In Middle East, 2012) (3/5) #कोरोना_को_जानें ImageImage
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Aug 6, 2020
हिरोशिमा की कहानी-मनुष्य की अदम्य जिजीविषा की कहानी(थ्रेड)

75 साल पूर्व आजके दिन #हिरोशिमा पर परमाणु हमला हुआ
उस समय Manhattan Project के डॉ. हैरल्ड जैकबसेन के कथनानुसार ऐसा माना जाता था कि इस शहर में 75 वर्षों तक कुछ नहीं पनपेगा..
पर आज हिरोशिमा अग्रणी विकसित शहरों में है!(1/n)
6 अगस्त 1945 को bomber ‘Enola Gay’ ने हिरोशिमा के ऊपर ‘Little boy’ 16 किलोटन का परमाणु बम छोड़ा।विस्फोट के कारण शहर के 4.2 लाख निवासियों में से 80,000 तत्काल मारे गए।
यह संख्या रेडीएशन के कारण हुई बीमारियों और अन्य चोटों के कारण साल के अंत तक 1.41 लाख हो गयी।(2/n)
कुल विनाश की त्रिज्या कथित तौर पर 1.6 किमी थी।सभी ओर विध्वंस का नज़ारा था।

बम का प्रभाव इतना भयानक था कि सभी जीवित प्राणी विस्फोट के कारण भीषण गर्मी व दबाव से मौत के शिकार हो गए। जो बाहर थे वो जल के मर गए और जो भवनों के अंदर थे उन्हें अवर्णनीय दबाव व गर्मी से मार दिया था।(3/n)
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Jul 17, 2020
History of #Mask

An OT in Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia in 1902 with spectators (Pic)
No #mask was used. A student spectator observed droplets of saliva comin from surgeon’s mouth while he spoke to class & conducted his operation-shared it with Dr #AliceHamilton 1/4
Dr Alice Hamilton, teacher there conducted research on it-She kept a culture plate on table while surgeon operated & spoke upto 500 words an average of 75 bacterial colonies were identified which contd Streptococci, Diplococci & other bacteria- half of them were harmful (2/4)
She also observed:
-Speaking released droplets up to 24 cms
-With coughing it was 36 cms
-Whispering produced more droplets than talking

She concluded that this spray of saliva thru surgeon’s mouth can cause harmful wound infection to the patient getting operated (3/4)
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