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Imagine if there was a magical #COVID19 pill that reduced your chances of getting it by 85%! Would you take it? Well folks let me introduce you to the magical world of...#masks ! (Thread)
1/ that’s right—with this amazing technology, you magically reduce the chance of spreading Covid by 85%—as these international team of researchers found!
2/ not only that! This amazing technology will enable your kids to go to school in the fall! Tired of Zoom classes & kids on I pAds? ? I know I am! MASKS have ability to control Covid transmission to manageable levels…
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Why was COVID19 testing capacity limited early on? Not only did machines need to be purchased, processes validated, supply chains were strained – nasal pharyngeal swabs, pipette tips, wipes. Even now, reagents are in short supply. #EORLA keeps problem-solving.
In 2 months, #EORLA completed as many virology tests as normally completed in 2 years. Continuously increasing the number of tests has required totally new processes, work flows and ongoing adjustments. The virology team has grown from 6 people to 29. @CHEO @OttawaHospital
Every single COVID19 testing kit is put together by a small #EORLA team in one windowless room. 100,000 (!!) as of June 11, with Lynda supported by Erin overseeing the work.
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@Walmart @WalmartInc All the so called 'educated' in #Bentonville must have never read the packaging on these #Mask. Does not protect from #coronavirus #COVID19 or any other viral-bacterial germs. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump this Social Stupidity must come to an end. CONTD -->
USING THE FAKE NEWS TO PROVE MY POINT: They do have it right on this.
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What does science find about use of #masks ?

Here is a meta-analysis:

"None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and prevention of influenza transmission."…

However,. . . 1/
However, N95 masks are worn in a surgical setting. Why?

Because bacteria are at least 10 times bigger than viruses, and can often actually get trapped in the tight weave of a N95 mask. This helps prevent hospital-acquired infections such as staph & strep. But, . . . 2/
But viruses are much smaller and easily pass through N95 masks, let alone masks with much larger pores, such as paper surgical masks and cotton masks.

In fact, the pores of cotton masks even enlarge after washing, and are then even less of an obstacle than a #coronavirus, 3/
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1/ @SickKidsNews released guidance today about school reopening. Colleagues, mentors +caregiver advocates among co-authors. I was not involved in its development, and can appreciate concerns raised re: content and comprehensiveness. A few thoughts as peds + ID/IPAC physician:
@SickKidsNews 2/ This was a summary of current published evidence + #IPAC principles to consider w/school reopening, and would've benefited from ON-specific data - BUT we couldn't routinely test sx'ic kids for MONTHS unless they were admitted. Huge gap in knowledge of provincial epi.
@SickKidsNews 3/ Clinicians are trusted sources of knowledge + community partnership; we have a role in knowledge translation. Need scientists at table to dissect real-time data + model impact of strategies (screening/cohorting/shielding) to inform dynamic approach ie responsive to local epi.
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Wearing a mask can help mitigate the super spreading phenomena:
We should also be on the lookout for asymptomatic cases, as they can significantly contribute in adding to infections, should they go unchecked; We need more testing in general, as well as of asymptomatics:
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“Those Who Should (and MUST) Remain Locked-Down ... Indefinitely!”-Unedited & Unplugged Against the Haters. Watch & Share:
I want to thank my #Newsbud community and every single patron at my #Patreon #CommonSense Neywork for making this open-to-all video series possible. Join me on Patreon!
This intense divide along wearing or not wearing mask is symbolic; much more above and beyond #mask. It is the clash between pro-authoritarianism & liberty-minded; its the clash between NWO-Liberalism & Anti-Police State; It symbolizes too big of a divide & differences
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This is the organic health store #mamatoucans in #dominical.

Listen to how employee Maria reacts when I tell her Americans get fined for not wearing a #mask.
After 60 days of literally not leaving the house in the jungle, we rented a car to venture out. New found gratitudes.

@Perpetualmaniac... Look at 'em sweet potatoes... Image
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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You’ve probably seen or heard about the #PlandemicDocumentary video. It reaches many conclusions that have zero scientific support and are dangerous because they could harm your health. Here are rebuttals and references to just a few of the false claims. A thread. (1/x)
False claim #1: The novel #coronavirus was lab-made.

Truth: Genetic science allows us to understand how and when viruses emerge. Analyses by trusted scientists clearly demonstrates that the virus occurred naturally. (2/x)
You can read the scientific paper@K_G_Andersen @scrippsresearch; @arambaut; W. Ian Lipkin; @ColumbiaMSPH; @edwardcholmes; & Robert F. Garry @Tulane here (3/x)…,
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#Note, before you get yourself killed rocking your #Mask the wrong way...
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Things I am over - hypocrisy and inconsistency

1) If peaceful #protest on the steps of government buildings is a right, than it also is on a football field #TakeAKnee, in a park, etc

#Thread #equity #rant (1/8)
2) If we ban #guns from some buildings in the interest of security, that means for all people - not just those that aren't white

3) If #BlueLivesMatter, do not risk our brave protectors’ health by protesting near them without #masks

#MichiganProtest (2/8)
4) If you are not wearing #facemasks given your personal #liberty, than why do women not get extended the same for #Reproductiverights

5) If all life is sacred, than why would we sacrifice 2-3% of our population by #ReopenAmerica too quickly?

#COVID__19 #pandemic (3/8)
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With #Covid_19, we are generating more wastes, especially medical waste.
What are the impacts of this on the environment, and most importantly, on #sanitationworkers?

Join us on #WASHDriversHangout this week as we discuss with Oluwafemi Ariyo, @Harryphem.

Meet our guest, #WASHDriversHangout

@Harryphem is a fellow of @WSSCCouncil. He holds a Masters degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, and he currently works as an Industrial Water Chemical and Treatment Personnel in the private sector.

#Covid_19 #Mask
We'll begin #WASHDriversHangout in less than 10mins.

Our topic is #Covid_19 and #MedicalWaste: Assessing the safety of Sanitation Workers.

Our guest is @Harryphem.

The session will be moderated by @vicogunsola

#MaskUpNigeria #mask
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#PhysicalDistancing, but #SocialSolidarity - a thread on our call today on Caste, Gender, Communal identity and Covid-19 crisis in #India👇 #IndiaFightsCoronavirus 1/n
Sumi Das, transgender activist from Cooch Behar, West Bengal, asks how can trans folk in villages #stayhomestaysafe, when they don’t have food on their plate? 2/n
Sumi - Trans and gender diverse communities outside metro cities already marginalized - earn from begging, dancing in weddings, sex work - don’t have documents or ration card, nor bank accounts to receive govt relief 3/n
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I put a photo thread together to describe the themes that emerged during a 34 hours-long stent in the hospital I just completed. 1/
During my residency at @MGHMedicine I started a habit of taking a break by walking the halls late at night when on call. My hospital is noticeably more empty at night in the non-patient care areas. I enjoy the casual encounters that take place here. It was lonely. 2/
“I don’t know.”
The loneliness in the hallways reflects the isolation you feel as an attending managing #COVID19 pts. Past medschool, I’ve never spent so much time saying, “I don’t know.” We’re still learning about this disease. It feels like you’re in a black box at times. 3/
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inspired by @jeremyphoward:

#Masks4All is a must in #Pakistan to fight #COVID19.

cc: @ansukhera

#Czech Republic with community effort got to 100% mask usage in 10 days all thru local DIY effort
They have only 2 deaths with NO growth in daily new #COVID2019 cases.

We can learn from president of #Taiwan who led a nationwide effort to mass produce in-demand PPE Personal Protection Equipment, leading to capability to manufacturer 10mil surgical #masks per day.

They invested massively & brought down Taiwan’s cases to lowest in the world.

#Pakistan manufacturers over $24bil of textile products per month & this capacity could easily be directed towards producing PPE especially #Masks.

Graphs with light turquoise lines in these charts show flat curves because in these countries everyone wears a mask in public!

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This is a 6 minute video excerpt from an informative short film about the #Smoke in Northern #Thailand
This is the mask I wear. A bit pricy but washable and sturdy. Been wearing them for two years now when the AQI gets over 100 outdoors. Inside we have a good air filter. #CambridgeMask #N99 #PM25 #Protection #Thailand
One of my favorite #Mask styles from @CambridgeMaskCo
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Oh the geezers are hard at it grafting media, it's always great to have easy scapegoats "North Korean cyber gangs.."…
2/"Mr Murphy’s firm was the first in the world to liaise with computer giant IBM over the use of the super-computer ‘Watson’ for real-time--
3/artificial intelligence-based defence against cyber criminals." Bear with me, I'm about to post a few more links in #THREAD #CyberSecurity
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