To make fundamental changes in the behavior of a #SocialSystem requires its #agents adopt an alternative #purpose and #OrganizingPrinciples to those currently in place. If successful, this shift will create a new social system with significantly different #rules and #boundaries.
Any social system change process begins with a set of conversations among agents in the system about how to better apply its purpose and organizing principles. This leads to experimentation with alternatives, then modification of the rules and boundaries to adopt those that work.
Important topics for #conversation at the outset of an intentional #SocialSystem #ChangeProcess are those that bring #agents in the system together to recall and / or clarify the system’s #purpose and #OrganizingPrinciples then to either confirm them or challenge their relevance.
The #purpose of a #SocialSystem is to continually seek its #truth. Every social system starts with a truth-seeking purpose. Over time, its #agents often lose sight of it. The system drifts. It’s then at risk to lose its #integrity. If so, convene #conversations to renew purpose.
The #OrganizingPrinciples (OPs) of a #SocialSystem define who’s in, who’s connected to whom, and who benefits from due process in advance of its #RulesAndBoundaries that follow. If the system declines, convene conversations about OPs so more are in, connected, and treated fairly.
One can apply the combination of purpose, who’s in, who’s connected to whom, and who benefits from due process to almost any social system regardless of its membership, location, or narrative and learn where / how to intervene to avert its impending failure and loss of integrity.
Interventions address social system failures that invariably result from the exclusion of agents from membership in the system or a lack of interconnectedness among agents who are members in the system, or a denial of due process for agents who actively participate in the system.
Interventions begin with #ConversationsThatMatter wherein #agents with the authority to modify rules and boundaries invite agents who have not been included to talk about topics they don’t get to discuss and identify opportunities where they can collectively pursue #WaysThatWork.
Successful #ConversationsThatMatter result from attention given to key #questions: Who are the conveners? Who do #conveners invite and how? What do conveners place on the #agenda and how they select those items? Where, when, and by what means do “Conversations That Matter” occur?
The success #metrics for #ConversationsThatMatter include: #Participation—who attended? How did they contribute? #Agreements / #Commitments—who is going to do what by when and why is it important? #Communication—how will participants manage the #narrative about the conversation?

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8 Nov
Seems like a fortuitous time to reflect on this #BahaiPrayer by ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá:

“O Thou kind Lord! This gathering is turning to Thee. These hearts are radiant with Thy love. These minds and spirits are exhilarated by the message of Thy glad-tidings.
O God! Let this American democracy become glorious in spiritual degrees even as it has aspired to material degrees, and render this just government victorious.
Confirm this revered nation to upraise the standard of the oneness of humanity, to promulgate the Most Great Peace, to become thereby most glorious and praiseworthy among all the nations of the world.
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29 Sep
House Committee on Energy and Commerce: Testimony of Tim Kendall…
“My path in technology started at Facebook where I was the first Director of Monetization.”
1/4 #viability #revenue
“I thought my job was to figure out the business model for the company, and presumably one that sought to balance the needs of its stakeholders—its users, its advertisers, and its employees.”
2/4 #exchange #platforms
“Instead, we sought to mine as much human attention as possible and turn into historically unprecedented profits.”
3/4 #profits #distribution
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21 Sep
Social media platforms apply sophisticated algorithms to capture / hold user attention with targeted content paid for by platform customers. For this platform owners accrue wealth, customers increase the odds of success, and users risk going down a rabbit hole of media addiction.
Genetic algorithms based on game theory principles increase the time users focus attention on social media platform content and anticipate their behavior. What incentives could algorithms employ that would prompt users to successfully address wicked problems in their communities?
Customers and owners of social media platforms profit from the non-compensated time users dedicate to interacting with content made available through the influence of algorithms. How much more value would users generate if they received compensation for platform interaction time?
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12 Sep
“Education is of three kinds: material, human, and spiritual.
Material education aims at the growth and development of the body. Human education…consists in civilization and progress. [Spiritual] education…in acquiring divine perfections. This is...true education.”—‘Abdu’l-Bahá
One can apply the #Maslow #HierarchyofNeeds to three kinds of education: #material education—concerns basic (physiological and safety) needs; #human education—relates to social and esteem needs; and #divine education—refers to self-realization and transition to a #spiritual life.
The instruction manual for each kind of education establishes the rules and boundaries one must honor to 1) survive in the material, physical world; 2) advance the development of human social systems; and 3) pursue the divine attributes needed for progress in the spiritual world.
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19 Aug
Like all complex organisms, a #LargeSystem must stay focused on its #purpose, honor its #OrganizingPrinciples, and question and modify its #rules and #boundaries if it is to successfully #adapt to perturbations in its internal / external #environment or risk losing its #identity.
If a #LargeSystem fails to #adapt, more #agents in the system experience unmet needs / wants. Eventually, affected agents will challenge those with rule and boundary setting authority to align the system to its purpose and principles and modify the system’s rules and boundaries.
Change occurs in a #LargeSystem when #agents modify its #rules and #boundaries to maintain #integrity with its original #purpose and #OrganizingPrinciples. If agents adopt another purpose and / or organizing principles, the original system loses its integrity and ceases to exist.
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15 Aug
Accurate, complete and timely #information transmission, archival and retrieval are essential for the determination of #CauseAndEffect; #responsibility for #choices; #accountability for #consequences; and #judgement against #transgressions of #LargeSystem #rules and #boundaries.
Because accurate, complete, and timely #information is essential to determine #CauseAndEffect, it drives the ability of a #LargeSystem to #adapt successfully. Conversely, compromised information leads authorized #agents in the system to make decisions that result in its failure.
The basic design criteria for the flows of #information in an adaptive #LargeSystem must assure that EACH agent reports the #truth as that agent experiences it (accurate); ALL agents in the system participate in reporting (complete); and EVERY agent reports continuously (timely).
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