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All Australian ‘Defence Policy’ for the last twenty years has been ‘political’ not ‘strategic’.

The wars we fight, and the way we fight them, are geared to winning elections only, not the actual war.
The announcement re the US Subs was likely based on polling:

The French Subs were unpopular but photos of new equipment is great for election campaigns. Solution? Get some ‘new, new subs’ that cost ‘nothing’.

‘Cement’ the Australian ‘MAGA’ vote at the same time.
Bash China✅
Even when ‘bullets were flying’ around Afghanistan, (Crosby-Textor type) polling was running the war.
Because the awarding of Bravery medals ‘polled well’ for the Govt,
lots of medals (some dubious) were awarded.
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@Ottawa_Cameron 1/ Allies can do many things to advance #TruthAndReconciliation:
Educate yourselves, don’t ask Indigenous peoples (by themselves) to carry the load of educating you. Anishinabe-Kwe Scholar Dr. Pam Toulouse said “100% of FN people suffer from #IntergenerationalTrauma.”
@Ottawa_Cameron 2/ The majority of Survivors & their descendants live with #PTSD, poor mental health/addictions, family breakdowns, incomplete life skills, lateral violence to name a few. They/we need support, understanding and empathy from allies as we walk our own #healing journeys.
@Ottawa_Cameron 3/ Those healing journeys and paths need support: programs, services such as the #FamilyWellbeing program in Ontario. We need a national healing strategy and process similar to the former ‘Aboriginal Healing Foundation’
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REAL #faith doesn't require "proof."
Proof serves EGO.
Faith serves a higher purpose and a Higher Power.
We have FAITH in that which we cannot see,
and PROOF is only needed in the absence of faith.

"There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, nor hid that shall not be
known." -Luke 12:2

Faith is the understanding that God will reveal the TRUTH according to His timing.
When we release EGO and focus less on what we [want] and more on only what we [need], we will discover #comfort in patience.

We can find proof of God's work by how we choose to
view the World each day.
We can SEE change in the littlest of things while the rest of the World remains blind.
We know that lies will be uncovered, that the system will fall and that corruption will end.
PROOF is for the blind; faith is for those confident in what God has shown.
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Not ruling in Maharashtra by @BJP4India currently
is one of the main reason.
So to make all possible disturbances at any cost & playing dirty manipulated games in Maharashtra by them @AmitShah @narendramodi
What's the major thing in Maharashtra that brings (1/12)
the attention of the entire nation???
Answer is the our own Bollywood.
While doing this, whoever from inside B-town shows her/his support to this bjp party by doing whatever they want you to do (by being used) or by asking how to eat 🥭 or by bootlicking or by any means (2/12)
. . Spare them.
Otherwise, get them in your radar and just wait for the moment to defame/deteriorate.
SRK is on top of their list from B-town.
Bcz he doesn't dance to their boss' tune like Akki paji & many other celebs.
Tweet against farmers done by many
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@thebookofshame @assad_karen allow me .... pt1
@thebookofshame @assad_karen Pt2 ...... enjoy 😉
@thebookofshame @assad_karen Pt3 ...... 😂 let’s see if #truth has a price 🤔
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I am pleased to see you liking my tweet @ejthementor for that much, I thank you, however, as I hope you will fully agree that we need actions to answers as to why @MentalAbuseUK can still continue by the @InquiryCSA with many who have been on
#TwitterSpaces for at least the past decade on @TwitterRetweets with their opinions, suggestions, veiws, offers of comfort support and the set up of #IICSA by @NSPCC @PeterWanless and @theresa_may over 7 and a half years ago chaired by ex @swforchange #AlexisJay
who in fact has caused more harm and damage to the #VictimsOfDoubleJeopardy who suffered throughout their whole lives without being heard to be denied the same compensation that any @CSAQT who have been @voicing_csa for as long as the @productssystem aka #LovellTwins👭🏾 have been
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Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers

- We began efforts late 2015
- We have ~8k pages of doc evidence
- compiled > 200 Exhibits
- we maintain extensive detailed Timelines
- we have email exchanges that CF execs had w/foreign govt officials
- we interviewed CF execs inc CFO
- we have CF internal counsel reviews
- we have CF partnership agreements
- we reviewed CF donor tax returns
- we have CF docs sourced from inside IRS
- we interviewed whistleblowers from CF partners

We beat the IRS in its attempt to dismiss our case in US Tax Court

We filed our most recent Response to the US Tax Court today.

America deserves better than the stench and abuse emanating from The Swamp.

My partner and I thrive on this fight and others that we are pursuing but are not public

When we fight, we fight to win ☘️

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A #Thread - CAUTION, this one gets graphic.

There's lots of good cops, but want to know why the corrupt one get away with their shit as much as they do.


Corruption/ self-preservation on the part of senior management teams & planned defamation on the integrity of

In 1989 Bevin Perrin, a school teacher, was abducted and brutally murder in #HamOnt, #Canada.

A $30,000 reward was offered and paid. The suspects went to jail, until their conviction was overturn, due to misleading evidence, but that's a whole other story.
Fastforward to 2009. I'm handed paperwork which shows that $30,000 reward money wasn't given to the tipster, but the homicide Detectives kept it themselves.

Background revealed the majority of Det's were also stealing from the informant handling system and #Crimestoppers.
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✍️ History of “#KomagataMaru Jahaj” 29 September 1914 (Guru Nanak Shipping Company)

Punjabis have always been fighting for Strength and for Human Rights, whether it is today, the rights of the farmers, and even 100 years ago. #Sikhs have always been praying for #Truth
…and Sarbat Da Bhala. And the Power to do all this we receive from Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.🙏❤️

Today is the day when many passengers were killed by the British government.

The event of #KomagataMaru is an important landmark in the history of Asia in Southern America. …
…The government of Canada and the white people here did not want the black people to come. To stop the entry of Indians in Canada, the governor general passed the order number 220 under the law of 38(a), which came into force on 9th May, 1910.

According to the law, for…
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January 2018: After the excitement of our trip ‘on the run’ in Europe, we all decided it was best that our eldest daughter James went back to boarding school in Australia. If I was going to go to gaol, we would need as much stability as possible, and it would be the safest place. Image
It was the saddest goodbye, as I couldn’t accompany her, as I would likely be arrested on arrival, and I didn’t want her there whe it happened. I was so proud of her putting on a brave face, but I knew it simply wouldn’t ‘work’ for long without her with us.
When we spoke on the phone she kept up the facade, and the extended family were great, but those with children know the ‘missing feeling’ one gets if anyone is left behind. She knew why I had to stay away, but it also hurt.
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@ReportingLondon is there any reason why no one is paying attention to this case unless it's what @metpoliceuk have made #publicspeaking that since, the truth has been exposed but the #reporterscandal
surrounding @bbcwritersroom @BBCTwo @BBCStudiosDgtl @BBCStudiosPress @ctvc @clarehjohns and a documentary #thisistottenham aired a month before the @INQUEST_ORG started against the family's wishes as they made it known to all concerned.

including @DavidLammy who for I
can only think of one reason #DavidLammy would think Toni would just walk away from this is if he felt sure that she would not live long enough to tell her #Truth, because if this was any other parent who did not have all the #evidence that proves to his wife @NicolaGreenArt
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Sorry for the drama tweet, but imo it's educational!

Remember the bug bounty Verizon drama? At the time I tried to understand his frustration, but his public information didn't explain the bug well. I reached out in DM to understand more abt the security issue he reported
🧵👇 Image
The past few hours I have been in a heated public debate about this again. @jonathandata1 decided to share private messages from me out-of-context and accusing me of being a liar. He also called me "asshole" and "Hillary Clinton ass mother fucker".
So a tipping point has been reached, where I decided to share our full conversation. You can see our conversation and some of his tweets here:
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Eric Dollard ‘the sun is a projection of its source’ pt1 of 4
#Sun #Earth #Moon #Tides #EricDolard #science #Truth #cosmos #solar #EricDollard #RobertFoster #universe #WilhelmReich
Eric Dollard ‘the sun is a projection of its source’ pt2of 4
#Sun #Earth #Moon #Tides #EricDolard #science #Truth #cosmos #solar #EricDollard #RobertFoster #universe #WilhelmReich
Eric Dollard ‘the sun is a projection of its source’ pt3 of 4
#Sun #Earth #Moon #Tides #EricDolard #science #Truth #cosmos #solar #EricDollard #RobertFoster #universe #WilhelmReich
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Dr. Pavlevsky drops a #Truth summary on the whole #COVID19 #scam including the #vaccines
@white_arrow_uk @CenturySeedz @AngelaK34204696 @YardleyShooting @Mikenotsoyeadon @jacwiljam @ukcolumn @UkSaze @stokie23 @L0rava @itsjillgardner @BreesAnna @AnnadeBuisseret @unikgirl11
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🇹🇭 New Report with @freedomhouse: #FreedomOnTheNet - Internet Freedom Remains under Threat in Thailand! 🚨 The Thai govt still controls the Internet to silence those who bravely speak #Truth to Power! 👉Read @freedomonthenet report #WhatsHappenigInThailand
🌐In the #FreedomOnTheNet 2021 report, Thailand scored 36/100, placing it in the same category as highly repressive regimes in China or Belarus, where the internet is "NOT FREE". The users were arrested, criminally charged, or subjected to targeted harassment. #MyUniverse #ITZY
👉Are we truly living in a Democracy when the Thai govt uses a whole array of draconian laws and regulations, #LeseMajeste #ComputerCrimeAct to restrict #FreeSpeech & #MediaFreedom - even at times of the #COVID19 pandemic when access to info helps save lives? #LisaMoneyDance
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A thread of #TRUTH. Compilation of videos about Fake #PCR, #Covid FRAUD, #Vaccine Side effects.
The Truth shall set you Free!🙏
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Time to separate wheat and chaff.
One time potent inhibitor studied and demonised early on via inclusion in The Lancet early on in 2020.
Lancet forced to retract June 2020,yet damage done, stigma remained.
What if it really worked? How many could have been saved ?
And what is this about cows and horses anyway?
What is it really about?
And why have the top vaccine researchers in the FDA started resigning ?
The Truth matters
Time to connect the dots.
@Elizabe32413720 @OSTERElizabeth1 @bim_pure @RWMaloneMD @nuala1990 @edthetechie @WSJ @WSJhealth @WSJIndia
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@leslieviljoen @marybaphomet @MaidelK Yes. but I’m open to new theories, remember we’re at an early stage of understanding as humans, 90% of our brain power was cut by the Anu, all has been done before, we’re on a prison planet run by psychopaths, im looking for a way out credit: godgevlamste ⬇️
@leslieviljoen @marybaphomet @MaidelK While it’s onmy mind thesetwo edits credit: godgevlamste resonate with me as they sum up 1) our immediate problems caused entirely by the parasitic elite and 2) the solution to our problems, as Occam’s razor stated #truth is simple, it’s in 3 parts, let me know what you think pt1
@leslieviljoen @marybaphomet @MaidelK Pt3 of 3 the solution, enjoy as it gives us hope for a brighter future 🤔 #godgevlamste #organic #esoteric #natural #human
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You change nothing by tweeting! We're either preaching to the choir or buried by the Jack-boots.

Get involved locally and do something of substance. Then tweet to your heart's content. I do.😘😎

Sorry, but this is #Clickbait #Truth
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It is a cruel jest to say to people who have suffered inhumane treatment for centuries to unite with those who have caused a lot of pain


#Biden #Trump #GOPDeathCult #VoterSuppression #AbortionBan #racism #BlackLivesMatter #HumanRights #Truth #Facts #humanity

We give each other a chance when both sides deserve it

What have YOU done if now #racists give you a chance?

Why don't you give JUSTICE a chance?


#Biden #Trump #GOPTraitors #racism #VoterSuppression #HumanRights #BLM #Truth #Facts

#VoteBlue to make your dreams untrue
Vote red & you are dead

There is 3rd option - A new party that will represent the interests of the people

#Biden #Trump #FascistGOP #racism #VoterSuppression #AbortionBan #BLM #Truth #HumanRights
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Chris. Tick tock. Ill die on my sword on this one buddy. Lets see what the civil legal system feels about our situation, eh Bud? Release all the things. I have nothing to hide. 7 days. 1 rock. 1 rainbow. 1 apology.
What's behind the curtain?
6 days. 1 Rock. 1 Rainbow. 1 Apology. Image
5 Days. 1 rock. 1 rainbow. 1 apology. Then it's done. Otherwise. A federal Judge Judy type will be handling it.
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Correct link for @AJC community conversation with school leaders re:#COVID19:
@ajc, chat is disabled for the community conversation.
@ajc @ajc, since chat is disabled, here is what I want to know from the @CobbSchools super Ragsdale---The evidence is in. Masks are reducing transmission. Just compare 14-day per 100K for 5-17 for Gwinnett (415) and Cobb (918). Will you mandate masks, even temporarily? If not, why?
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