The fourth day of proceedings in the trial portion of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition hearing will begin shortly. I'll have live updates at this thread.
Yesterday, the legal team called Paul Rogers, a peace studies professor at Bradford University, to testify on how prosecution has targeted Assange for his political opinions.

One political opinion highlighted:

"...if wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth."
Also, on Day 3, defense witness Trevor Timm called attention to what New York Times Washington bureau chief Max Frankel declared about the role of "secrets" in his affidavit to federal court in Pentagon Papers case. #Assange
Timm emphasized section on Good Reporters, who Frankel referred to in defending publication of Pentagon Papers. And I think it is fair to say if Assange had been a Good Reporter like most US journalists, especially in Washington, there would be no #AssangeCase
There's a report circulating - "husband of one of the US lawyers has come down with Covid-like symptoms" - and it suggests proceedings may not be in session today. But a court representative has communicated no such info to press. #Assange
Appears to be confirmed - COVID-19 has brought the trial portion of Assange's extradition hearing to temporary halt

For the first time in these proceedings, I see defense attorney Mark Summers wearing a mask. #Assange
I did not see any mask-wearing by prosecutors or defense attorneys inside the courtroom during the first three days — particularly while court was in session #Assange
This is why the "Cloud Video Platform" for remote access is so crucial to #AssangeCase in time of COVID. It remains appalling that 40 observers, many who had attended proceedings in February, had their remote access revoked by the judge. #Assange
It was never safe for press to attend in person. It isn't safe for 40 observers to go to the Old Bailey Courthouse. And let's continue this to Julian Assange, who was denied bail during a global pandemic. He should be in home confinement and not in Belmarsh prison.
Overheard in court: Judge Baraitser is consulting the Recorder of London, senior circuit judge of Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) on what to do next. #Assange
There are no members from the US prosecution team, at least that I can see, in the courtroom. Only Assange's legal team. #AssangeCase
We now have James Lewis, lead prosecutor, joining court remotely #Assange
James Lewis left his computer charger in the courtroom. He says it is about 2 meters from Edward Fitzgerald, and he's afraid it will die. "I'm just saying about my charger. It's in court and I'm going to run out of battery." He's told we're waiting for Assange
"I'm in my flat," Lewis adds, in London. He couldn't get home last night.

By the way, someone told Lewis press is on same video stream. He kept jabbering all the same. #Assange
Looking forward to the courtroom sketch of Assange in a glass box with only judge in the room as we all proceed virtually. That'll be quite appropriate image for this case. #COVID19 #AssangeCase
Proecutor Joel Smith is trying to get Judge Baraitser's attention and inform her that we cannot hear anything in court. And Lewis says his screen for the court is frozen. He can neither see nor hear the court. The court can hear Smith. #Assange
Everyone can hear everybody except James Lewis, who is on his phone. Picture is completely frozen. Baraitser will continue because he can *hear* court #Assange
Fitzgerald brought up risk to courthouse staff, and potentially the judge. He mentioned risk to Assange, who is vulnerable. Added don't know the extent of virus in the courthouse.
Lewis agreed with Fitzgerald. "Not easy to cross examine another person over video link," he said. #Assange
Baraitser then reiterated, for those in video link who didn't hear, that one of barristers on prosecution team may have been exposed to COVID-19. Testing will occur today. Results expected on Friday. #Assange
Baraitser was prepared to have proceedings on what would've been Day 5, but hearing objections, she acceded to the request to postpone until 14 September. #Assange
That's it for today. There is nothing more to add, really. No video report. And I don't know if this is worth writing up, but as we find out confirmed details on whether there is an Old Bailey COVID-19 outbreak or not, I'll share #Assange
Newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom jumped 64 percent on September 7, the day the trial portion of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition hearing started.

Four days later, proceedings were halted by COVID-19…

• • •

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9 Sep
The third day of proceedings in the trial portion of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition hearing will begin shortly. I'll have live updates at this thread.
We are now starting 30 minutes later for the rest of extradition hearing so Assange can meet in person with his legal team each day.
On Day 2, human rights attorney Clive Stafford Smith testified in Assange extradition hearing.

Trump administration's retaliation against ICC officials investigating US torture and war crimes in Afghanistan—including by CIA—was highlighted by defense.…
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8 Sep
The second day of proceedings in the trial portion of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition hearing will begin shortly. I'll have live updates at this thread.
Though from yesterday, this is a comprehensive list from Professor Mark Feldstein, witness who testified on Day 1 about frequency of published leaks in journalism.

The list includes over 20 examples from 1844-2018. #Assange
Feldstein declared in conclusion of statement to court, "[Trump] admin has already won partial victory."

And, "An informed public depends on free
& independent press that can serve as check on governmental abuse of power—kinds of abuses that WikiLeaks made public." #Assange
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7 Sep
The first day of trial portion of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition hearing will begin at the top of the hour. I’ll have live updates at this thread when it begins.
We're still waiting to begin. Apparently, the temperature in Court No. 10 at the Old Bailey is too hot. Wonder if this will be a problem throughout the day that Assange must deal with while trying to follow proceedings.
"Court No. 10 here. Would it be possible to bring up Mr. Assange?"
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4 Aug
Bellingcat rips off “intelligence agency of the people” motto WikiLeaks popularized, when in fact it’s far from it. It is faux WikiLeaks funded by national security state grant $$$ and allied think tank projects. Barely a footnote in history compared to impact WikiLeaks has had
Not even the US government which backs Eliot and Bellingcat’s organization believes it is the “intelligence agency of the people.” Otherwise, officials would feel threatened and have a grand jury investigating Bellingcat so they could shut them down.
Bellingcat is the Wormtongue of WikiLeaks wannabe organizations that don’t even want to be WikiLeaks - and aren’t even accepting leaks. But they are deceptively engaged in information operations that are influenced by Western countries’ security apparatuses
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26 Jun
US Justice Department issued another superseding indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

While no charges were added, DOJ significantly—and alarmingly—expanded scope of computer crime conspiracy charge.

Let's take a deeper dive and unpack some crucial details.
WLA-2 is Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who was a spokesperson for WikiLeaks.

"The Most Wanted Leaks" list contained documents human rights groups, lawyers, historians, journalists, and activists believed the public deserved to read.

Prosecutors have grossly inflated its significance.
WLA-3 is Jacob Appelbaum, a digital privacy activist who sometimes represented WikiLeaks at conferences.

This is prime example of how prosecutors seized upon statements made by WikiLeaks staff/associates to criminalize any statements that encouraged sources to submit documents.
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20 Apr
Democratic Majority For Israel's Super PAC, @DMFIPAC, celebrated their role in stopping Bernie Sanders from becoming Democratic presidential nominee.

Records from January to March 2020 further reveal who is/was behind this AIPAC-front group.

Andrew Viterbi contributed $200,000 to @DMFIPAC on February 11 and March 10. Viterbi is 85 year-old co-founder of Qualcomm. He's given millions to boost electrical engineering for Israeli security companies.
Andrew Viterbi previously was a trustee in "Leadership Circle" for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), a pro-Israel think tank. WINEP's neoconservative Viterbi Program On Iran And US Policy is named after him.
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