I am not an immigration lawyer-never have been

Then why am I so passionate about this administration’s immigration policy

After all, it doesn’t affect me personally and it probably never will

Well, I’ll tell you


Trump called Mexicans “rapists”
Then sought a “total ban of Muslims”
This is how persecution starts
As a lawyer-as an American-I support the Constitution
If I stand by while people are oppressed because of their nationality or religion
Who will stand for me

A week after he took office, it started
The Muslim Ban
I had to do something
So I went to JFK to help-even though I am not an immigration lawyer
I wound up going every day for a week, with many others
We had to defend those unjustly harmed

Maybe you heard of DACA
That’s a program for people brought to the US as kids
Some didn’t even know they were not citizens
Trump said he’d treat them “with heart”
Then he killed DACA
@lawyers4goodgov trained 1,000 attorneys to act
Because this does not make us “great”
The saga of #KidsInCages touches us all
Trump took immigrant children from their parents
And put them in concentration camps
They were physically abused and denied basic needs
How could America do this
That’s why #L4GG started Project Corazon

If you are persecuted or tortured in your country

You come to America for safety

You ask for asylum

Or, at least you used to

But Trump has made it nearly impossible

Crushing that American dream

As the lady in NY harbor weeps


We see the stories now

Mass hysterectomies

8,800 children expelled, likely placed in great danger

300,000 people here for decades at risk of being deported

History is rife with examples of oppression

Yet we repeat them again and again

So why does a lawyer who doesn’t practice immigration law care about immigrants

Part of it is compassion
Part is equity
Part is justice

And part is the realization that there, but for the grace of G-d, go I

We were all immigrants once


• • •

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It legitimizes the falsehoods

They’re out to get me
It a coup
It’s the Deep State

And if he loses in 2020? Will he refuse to relinquish office because the system is “rigged”?

Democracy stands at the edge of a precipice
Think Barr was simply being loose with his language? Consider-he said


That implies he knew EXACTLY what he was saying

He’s not Matt Whitaker


Combine this with

The memo he sent to Trump undermining the Mueller investigation

Giving life to ANOTHER Trump talking point by prejudging Meuller’s conclusions

And you have a man who apparently decided sycophancy was more important than his principles

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15 Mar 19
This is about so much more than Trump’s wall

It’s about the Constitutional limits of executive power; a showdown over who controls our government; whether Republicans will stand up for themselves or meekly follow Trump; and a struggle for who we want to be


We all know the predicate

Trump declares a national emergency because we have a “humanitarian crisis” at our southern border

He claims we need a wall to stop undocumented immigrants, illegal drugs and human trafficking

We also know this is a lie

Border crossings are at historic lows

Most drugs come in through legal ports

People coming here are mainly families, not criminals

And a wall won’t solve these problems

But WOULD mark intolerance for immigrants consistent with Trump’s racist comments that Mexicans are rapists
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