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Judge Cannon is not the top tier villain everyone wants her to be

Remember how she was going to upend and destroy the government’s investigation into the stolen classified docs 🥴

She is a level one boss at best

Easily outmaneuvered by a badass paladin like Jack Smith

As important as Operation #ButHisBathroomBoxes is…

Remember to VOTE for #BidenHarris
Volunteer for Democrats at all levels
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Trump did not “mishandle” classified documents

Trump STOLE classified documents

Trump lied about stealing documents

Trump refused to turn over stolen documents

Trump hid stolen documents

Trump knew the content and understood the classified nature of the stolen documents ImageImage
Trump STOLE intel about US and foreign nuclear capabilities and US and foreign military capabilities and attacks ImageImageImageImage
Trump showed off STOLEN documents of military plans and ONGOING military operations to publishers, staffers, writers and PAC reps

Trump discussed the classified documents in detail, including where he first received the documents, the context and secret nature of the documents ImageImageImageImage
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How many #InnoCents can we raise for #BidenHarris2024 tonight?


Chip in 💵 ➡️… Image
“Hey Joe”

“What’s good Kamala?”

“You already know!”

#TrumpIndicted lmao”

Let’s go with those #InnoCents 💵… Image
“You know who isn’t indicted?”

“Who Joe?”

“Me. Let’s go get some ice cream.”


We have only $433 to get to our goal of $12 000 for #BidenHarris2024

Put your #InnoCents here ➡️💵… Image
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There’s a whole bunch of people on here who made their bread and butter dragging AG Merrick Garland for filth

In the next few hours and days and weeks they will pretend they knew all along Trump would be indicted and attaboy the DOJ/Jack Smith

@tify330 has all the 🧾

A 🧵
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Today was wash day, it was taking care of my sick toddler day, it was trying to get my tween to get some exercise and ride his bike day and it was my wedding anniversary

I did not expect it to be the day I got invited to a White House Zoom call about the debt ceiling deal

A 🧵
Even before I got invited to this briefing I knew this was a win

Kevin McCarthy knew he didn’t get what he wanted

President Biden and his team knew they got a great deal in a bad situation in the nick of time
This debt ceiling deal is a bfd

I know it

You know it

The GOP sure knows it and is as mad as hell

The deal protects all the hard won economic and climate progress of the past 2 years

AND prevents another showdown for another 2 years

That matters
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The same Democrats on Sunday morning shows telling you the debt ceiling deal is bad policy are the same ones who said the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act were bad deals

I think we all know now that wasn’t true 🤷🏿‍♀️
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - Roads and Bridges
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - Passenger Rail
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#Baegate is ongoing

I have no choice but to speak through baby come back to me Lenny Kravitz love songs


It ain’t over ‘til it’s over

A thread 🧵

I just can’t get you off of my mind

I hope you accept me for the thirsty woman I am and you stand by your woman ❤️
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Since Officer Teddy Bae are technically still on a “break” I can respectfully say Prime Minister Disney Prince can get it. Respectfully.
Also respectfully. Yes. ImageImage
*deep sigh* I think we are closer to #Baeconciliation but not there yet…

I guess I need to pull out the R&B begging classics again Image
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Stop I am already dead 😭 🥵 Image
It’s a BAETTACK! ImageImage
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What is in the water in Georgia? ImageImage
Are they just mass producing Baes in Atlanta?

Senator My Boo

Senator Bae

Campaign Bae

💦 Excuse me sirs!

This is reckless thirst endangerment! ImageImage
Campaign Bae Quentin Fulks is Deputy Campaign Manager for #BidenHarris

Not only is he fine, he also managed the winning Warnock campaign!

Follow him @quentinfulks

Donate to #BidenHarris and be sure to leave a thirsty comment on your donation form

💵 ➡️… Image
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If you don’t know who this is, we can’t be friends Image
For real if you don’t know who this most handsome and talented man is I don’t know you Image
This gasp worthy man must be known by all

He ran one of the most legendary Bae campaigns of all time! Image
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Thirst Team

Our mission is clear

We have until tomorrow to get to $3500 for the #BidenHarris campaign

If we succeed Senator My Boo @ossoff might #BringBackBooBeard

Let’s #BeardBackBetter 🇺🇸🫡

Chip in 💵➡️…

AI is showing us what we could have ⬇️🧔🏻‍♂️ ImageImage
Only $200 left to go to #BeardBackBetter

Senator Ossoff needs to #BringBooBeardBack 🧔🏻‍♂️🥵

Here is some thirsty AI created beardspiration to get you to chip in 💵➡️… ImageImage
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Let’s focus on #BringBackBooBeard because America needs to #BeardBackBetter 🧔🏻‍♂️

You have donated hundreds to see Senator My Boo’s beard and support #BidenHarris

@ossoff if we raise $250 to the $3500 goal some light stubble maybe?

#ThirstForDemocracy ➡️… ImageImage
#BringBackBooBeard 🧔🏻‍♂️

The donations are trickling in for the Thirst Drive for Senator My Boo Ossoff to grow his beard back!

Get ready for a Category 5 Thirstcane when you see what your donations could get you…

#BeardBackBetter 🥵 💵 ➡️… ImageImage
We are at $3290 for Operation #BringBackBooBeard

Keep going!!!

Chip in to #BeardBackBetter 💵 ➡️… ImageImage
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With Democracy still hanging by the tiniest thread, I will be voting for #BidenHarris in 2024.

Yes, VP Harris was my first choice for President back in 2020. When she dropped out, I was sad. However, I was still going to vote for whomever was the Democratic nominee.
It ironically happened that Biden became the Democratic Nominee & chose Harris as his running mate.

Three years later, the administration has made progress getting us out of this pandemic & much more. Do I agree with everything they have done so far? Not always.
However, it’s 1000 TIMES better than the previous “administration”… but this country is still politically & racially divided due to extremist which led to the brewing of Jim Crow 2.0. As a result, the GOP led House are passing draconian bills to take us backwards into a time…
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#BidenHarris #SOTU #Receipts
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#BidenHarris #BidenSecretGestapo Part 1 - Nina Jankowicz connected to George Soros through her deleted comments. She resigned two weeks from the Disinformstion governance board after I made this video. Michael Chertoff Replaced her and that will be part 2. Receipts:…
Nina Jankowicz was outed as a registered foreign agent this last month. Vindication. Image
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i'm embarrassed by my family.

yeah, MAGAt relatives.

over this man, our family has been disbanded.

F*ck Trump

Russian bots love me on this. lmao.

Notice the critics ... and how many followers. hahah.

many under ten, and not much more.

pathetic f*cking Russians & goober MAGAts.

hey, guess what? blow me.

#SlavaUkraïni #FBR #Resist #MAGAts #ArrestTrump

lots of orcs here.

go back to Russia, Putinites.

#FvckPutin #ArrestTrump #MAGAtsRTraitors
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Real-time tracking of #Republican progression:

First, they immediately questioned and denied the reports of a 10 y/o child in Ohio being raped and traveling to Indiana for an abortion. They immediately claimed it was a Democrat fomented lie. 1/⏬
Ohio AG Yost (@DaveYostOH) and Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) immediately came out swinging, not only casting doubt on the story--but also aspersions on every media source, every discussion, and every Democrat.

Irony that these two are Ohioans. Shocking, Yost is even the Ohio AG! 2/⏬
RWNJ media (e.g. Breitbart) still has the Yost story that states his office doesn't have any record or knowledge of such a victim. Despite some couching, this shows how shoddy Ohio's law enforcement is at the highest echelon.

Brietbart hasn't (even today) amended the story. 3/⏬
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Thank you, @POTUS, for fulfilling your promise & commitment to the Cuban-American community & our long-suffering families in #Cuba. The #BidenHarris Administration's Cuba policy remains firmly centered on #humanrights, & empowering the Cuban people to determine their own future.
While continuing to demand that the Cuban regime immediately release all political prisoners, today's announcement will increase direct support for greater freedom & expanded economic opportunities for the Cuban people.
First, @POTUS will reinstate the Cuban Family Reunification Parole & continue to increase capacity for consular services. Second, #BidenHarris Administration will strengthen family ties & facilitate connections for the American & Cuban people by expanding authorized travel.
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Para tener un poco de contexto: el #TPS está cancelado, la última extensión vence en octubre 2021. El rol del embajador León en los 90 y las gestiones del gob. de #ElSalvador ,de entonces, lograron que el #USCongress estableciera este beneficio migratorio para los #Salvadoreños
Las extensiones hechas para los salvadoreños entre los 90 y 2017 dependieron de la gestión y el lobby de los gob. y los embajadores de #ElSalvador Desde 2016 esta gestión las realizan en gran medida los mismos tepesianos agrupados en la @TPS_Alliance
Cuando 2017 la Administración #Trump canceló el programa, el gob. de #ElSalvador dirigido por Bukele y representado por la canciller Hill en #USA aceptaron el término del programa con una pequeña extensión, a cambio de firmar acuerdos de agenda anti inmigrante
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On this #IWD21, I'm thrilled to share a piece that @kwilfore and I wrote @BrookingsInst on why gendered disinformation is a #nationalsecurity problem, and outlining the 3 steps the #BidenHarris administration must take to get ready to tackle it:, namely:
1. Convene as soon as possible the National Task Force on Online Harassment and Abuse proposed by President Joe Biden on the campaign trail - as new regulatory approaches are devised on #BigTech, it's key for this taskforce to lead some of these conversations!
2. Ensure gendered disinformation is a a top priority the newly instituted White House Gender Policy Council co- led by @jenkleindc and Julissa Reynoso
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Here a Thread about #PertuRico #USA #BidenHarris #Democrats :
The admission of Puerto Rico as a full member state of the USA has been discussed for a long time.....
...Thanks to the current balance of power, the Democrats would now have the opportunity to implement the project and thus expand their power in the Senate.

#PertuRico #USA #BidenHarris #Democrats
The USA has several outer areas that belong to the state, but do not form any constituent states and also do not belong to any of the 50 constituent states.
#USA #BidenHarris #Democrats
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27 years ago on Feb. 28, 1994, the #BradyBill became law. It established our nation's background check system on gun sales.

This is the story of violence survivor Jim Brady — and how we have the opportunity today to strengthen the Brady Bill and save even more lives.

In 1981, @WhiteHouse Press Secretary Jim Brady was shot in the head during the assassination attempt on President Reagan.

He spent the rest of his life physically recovering — and fighting for solutions to prevent gun violence. #EndGunViolence #GunReform ImageImageImage
The gunman who left Jim Brady paralyzed would have been blocked from buying his gun if federal background checks had existed.

This tragedy — and so many more like it, which continue today — could have been prevented by common-sense gun reform solutions.…
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