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#BidenHarris #SOTU #Receipts
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#BidenHarris #BidenSecretGestapo Part 1 - Nina Jankowicz connected to George Soros through her deleted comments. She resigned two weeks from the Disinformstion governance board after I made this video. Michael Chertoff Replaced her and that will be part 2. Receipts:…
Nina Jankowicz was outed as a registered foreign agent this last month. Vindication. Image
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i'm embarrassed by my family.

yeah, MAGAt relatives.

over this man, our family has been disbanded.

F*ck Trump

Russian bots love me on this. lmao.

Notice the critics ... and how many followers. hahah.

many under ten, and not much more.

pathetic f*cking Russians & goober MAGAts.

hey, guess what? blow me.

#SlavaUkraïni #FBR #Resist #MAGAts #ArrestTrump

lots of orcs here.

go back to Russia, Putinites.

#FvckPutin #ArrestTrump #MAGAtsRTraitors
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Real-time tracking of #Republican progression:

First, they immediately questioned and denied the reports of a 10 y/o child in Ohio being raped and traveling to Indiana for an abortion. They immediately claimed it was a Democrat fomented lie. 1/⏬
Ohio AG Yost (@DaveYostOH) and Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) immediately came out swinging, not only casting doubt on the story--but also aspersions on every media source, every discussion, and every Democrat.

Irony that these two are Ohioans. Shocking, Yost is even the Ohio AG! 2/⏬
RWNJ media (e.g. Breitbart) still has the Yost story that states his office doesn't have any record or knowledge of such a victim. Despite some couching, this shows how shoddy Ohio's law enforcement is at the highest echelon.

Brietbart hasn't (even today) amended the story. 3/⏬
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Thank you, @POTUS, for fulfilling your promise & commitment to the Cuban-American community & our long-suffering families in #Cuba. The #BidenHarris Administration's Cuba policy remains firmly centered on #humanrights, & empowering the Cuban people to determine their own future.
While continuing to demand that the Cuban regime immediately release all political prisoners, today's announcement will increase direct support for greater freedom & expanded economic opportunities for the Cuban people.
First, @POTUS will reinstate the Cuban Family Reunification Parole & continue to increase capacity for consular services. Second, #BidenHarris Administration will strengthen family ties & facilitate connections for the American & Cuban people by expanding authorized travel.
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Para tener un poco de contexto: el #TPS está cancelado, la última extensión vence en octubre 2021. El rol del embajador León en los 90 y las gestiones del gob. de #ElSalvador ,de entonces, lograron que el #USCongress estableciera este beneficio migratorio para los #Salvadoreños
Las extensiones hechas para los salvadoreños entre los 90 y 2017 dependieron de la gestión y el lobby de los gob. y los embajadores de #ElSalvador Desde 2016 esta gestión las realizan en gran medida los mismos tepesianos agrupados en la @TPS_Alliance
Cuando 2017 la Administración #Trump canceló el programa, el gob. de #ElSalvador dirigido por Bukele y representado por la canciller Hill en #USA aceptaron el término del programa con una pequeña extensión, a cambio de firmar acuerdos de agenda anti inmigrante
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On this #IWD21, I'm thrilled to share a piece that @kwilfore and I wrote @BrookingsInst on why gendered disinformation is a #nationalsecurity problem, and outlining the 3 steps the #BidenHarris administration must take to get ready to tackle it:, namely:
1. Convene as soon as possible the National Task Force on Online Harassment and Abuse proposed by President Joe Biden on the campaign trail - as new regulatory approaches are devised on #BigTech, it's key for this taskforce to lead some of these conversations!
2. Ensure gendered disinformation is a a top priority the newly instituted White House Gender Policy Council co- led by @jenkleindc and Julissa Reynoso
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Here a Thread about #PertuRico #USA #BidenHarris #Democrats :
The admission of Puerto Rico as a full member state of the USA has been discussed for a long time.....
...Thanks to the current balance of power, the Democrats would now have the opportunity to implement the project and thus expand their power in the Senate.

#PertuRico #USA #BidenHarris #Democrats
The USA has several outer areas that belong to the state, but do not form any constituent states and also do not belong to any of the 50 constituent states.
#USA #BidenHarris #Democrats
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27 years ago on Feb. 28, 1994, the #BradyBill became law. It established our nation's background check system on gun sales.

This is the story of violence survivor Jim Brady — and how we have the opportunity today to strengthen the Brady Bill and save even more lives.

In 1981, @WhiteHouse Press Secretary Jim Brady was shot in the head during the assassination attempt on President Reagan.

He spent the rest of his life physically recovering — and fighting for solutions to prevent gun violence. #EndGunViolence #GunReform ImageImageImage
The gunman who left Jim Brady paralyzed would have been blocked from buying his gun if federal background checks had existed.

This tragedy — and so many more like it, which continue today — could have been prevented by common-sense gun reform solutions.…
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Providing #COVID relief should be bipartisan. But if Republicans decide to oppose this urgent & necessary legislation, #Democrats will have to move forward without them. 1
#AmericanRescuePlan #BuildBackBetter #ForThePeople
If #Republicans refuse to work to bring urgently needed relief to American workers and families..House Democrats’ proposed budget resolution provides an alternative path for the #AmericanRescuePlan. 2
Priority #1 is delivering vital #COVID relief ASAP. With @POTUS’s #AmericanRescuePlan We can finally say “Help is on the way.” 3
#BidenHarris #ForThePeople
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Oh, this is golden.
Who built the cages?
Who’s opening them BACK UP 13 days after being in office?!

Here is a little refresher.
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Esta é uma #thread 🧵🧵🧵 sb os anúncios da administração #BidenHarris sobre mudança do clima hoje.

Aqui vai a decisão de @JoeBiden e pq ela é BIG:
1 - Cria o Gabinete de Política Climática Doméstica da @WhiteHouse (um Depto p/ mudança do clima!)…
Isso é chave: os EUA só conseguirão, de fato, recuperar a credibilidade perante a comunidade internacional (nós!) se demonstrar que não vão fugir daquilo que se comprometeram a fazer - como foi com Kyoto e com Paris sob Trump. Os EUA precisam fazer a lição de casa!
2 - A nova ordem executiva indica a todas as agências federais que passem a consumir energia limpa e usar veículos elétricos em suas operações. Isto é, energia limpa e transporte limpo viram padrão de compra do gov. Isso é algo que pode ser feito por muitos governos mundo afora
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1 #astrologia #BidenHarris Me han preguntado sobre las tendencias astrológicas q de acuerdo a hora de inauguración (11:49 am) tendrá el Gob. de Biden-Harris. Voy a dar algunos detalles de su carta natal no sin resaltar q sus tendencias generales coinciden con este análisis 👇👇
2 #astrologia #BidenHarris Primero veamos sus Nodos. Nodo Norte en Géminis en casa 2- Nodo Sur en Sagitario en casa 8 con Juno. Esto nos indica una fuerte tendencia hacia la corrupción administrativa y negocios turbios. Siendo Géminis el área de los Medios de Comunicación,
3 #astrologia #BidenHarris hay una tendencia hacia el uso de estos medios para manipular y mentir y también para censurar. Los Medios informaran una cosa y el gobierno hará otra.
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#FDA's #VRBPAC doesn't meet until Dec. 10 on $PFE/ $BNTX & Dec. 17 for $MRNA/#NIH vaccines. Does Meadows think he can really push FDA to move the dates up sooner?
What is Meadows & Trump doing to ensure states have enough funding to actually distribute #COVID19 #vaccines?
Maybe Topol needs to ask his friend @SteveFDA if that meeting went so well yesterday & Hahn stood up for #FDA then, why is Meadows & Hahn doing it all over again today?

#COVID19 #vaccines
It was just last week when @SecAzar insisted the "proof was in the pudding" about Trump & pressuring #FDA.

So, two trips in two days to the White House for @SteveFDA.

What kind of pudding are they making at the White House @SecAzar?

#COVID19 #vaccines
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Last week, @SecAzar said the "proof was in the pudding" about Trump's political pressure on #FDA .

Yes, yes it is.

Reminder: Trump said he wasn't aware of #coronavirus until late January. $MRNA /#NIH launched their R&D mid-Jan.

#COVID19 #vaccines $PFE
#WarpSpeed Slaoui today at #PostLive on any tensions between Trump/White House & #FDA: "I don't know."
"I wouldn't think there would be."

And later Slaoui distanced himself from Trump, saying he's more aligned with #BidenHarris administration.

#COVID19 #vaccines
And if the #pharma #biotech, pharmacy & distributor execs are "irritated at pressure from the White House to attend an event they perceive to be largely political," they certainly don't have to attend. So, will they anyway?
$PFE $MRNA $FDX $UPS $MCK $WBA $CVS #COVID19 #vaccines
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Another 525,600 minutes, another #GivingTuesday thread. This year has been especially difficult for so many due to COVID. Find a cause that speaks to you and please consider giving, if you can. Here are some of the orgs we’re donating to: (1/6)
NYC’s 1st private orphanage started by Eliza H, @GrahamWindham continues to provide 4,000+ kids & families in NYC with food, mental health services, school support & more. These funds support gift cards so the kids can get what they need this winter (2/6)
.@classicalharlem is a Harlem-based theatre company that continues to give new life to the classics + create original works. They also provide theatre-based ed programs for the community and continues with amazing online programming during Covid… (3/6)
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There's a Venn diagram somewhere of folks who chain blocked me for not supporting Biden and who chain blocked me for not supporting Bernie. It's almost as if those folks couldn't read pieces I wrote endorsing a Harris/Warren ticket back in 2019. But Nov. 3, I voted #BidenHarris.
The false narratives that were spread throughout the primary about the women senators running for president were rooted in the systemic misogyny that helped elect Trump. And it will always be true that Biden and Bernie running sundered any real chances for Harris and Warren.
That same institutionalized misogyny has continued to stalk VP-elect Harris and now has bled over onto the women Biden has chosen for leadership roles in traditionally white male posts. It's stunning that there is more ire for those choices than for any of Trump's actions.
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There is a clarion call now to embrace the @GOP so the nation can "heal" and unify. Resist that. Resist erasing the history of the past 4yrs and what has transpired and how dangerous and damaging it has been to the fabric of this nation as well as to individual lives.
You may think #resistance is over because #BidenHarris were elected. But the same @GOP who elected and supported Trump at the expense of American lives remains in power. They still ensconced a judiciary that values a small group of religious extremists over public health.
Absolving criminals who tried to subvert democracy, erase the will of the people and invalidate Black votes in #Philadelphia and #Detroit cannot be sanctioned under guise of "unity." There can be no unity with people who are opposed to our core democratic values.
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2020 was a year of historic significance. A global pandemic. Economic hardship. Racial reckoning.

But it’s in these moments of consequence that we’re reminded govt *does* have a role to play. We need good public policy that actually *helps* people.

So what comes next? (Thread—)
First and foremost in my mind: we need policies that support our working families — who are struggling to keep their heads above water just trying to make it work. Particularly working parents.
And being hit the hardest right now? Working moms—who are having to take on so much all at once. So much that too many are finding it impossible to keep their balance, much less “lean in.” That’s why many are dropping out of the workforce. We must fix…
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"Rat's nest" indeed! (@JamesFallows describing our chart of fed programs #ruraldevelopment).

"...rgnl & locational polarization makes every other challenge for America more difficult." Yep.

Modernizing #ruralpolicy key oppty #BidenHarris @Transition46…
Here's rat's nest @JamesFallows is referring to. This is the universe of federal programs available for #ruraldevelopment. 400+ programs across lots of agencies & offices.

Imagine navigating as a local leader in a rural town seeking to strengthen your community. #PowerofRural Image
Here's a thread on the report itself and many of its key takeaways:


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The details of just a fraction of the #corruption here in @GavinNewsom's #MontereyCounty did not develop because one grifter real estate salesman from NYC was elected president.

It also is NOT a surprise to some local #journalists in my insular area. I've been helping

journalists in my area and elsewhere when they asked for help understanding something they didn't understand for years - or when I was backing a certain political candidate. In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 I was on the phone daily and in 2014 two or three times a day.


knew, they cannot say they were never told.

When you hear or read journalism it doesn't mean journalists are the end-all-be-all of information - that they know it all. No one does. They rely on a cadre of behind the scenes "experts" and sometimes those experts have
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🎶 Happy birthday to you 🎶

Baby #coronavirus is celebrating his first birthday in Great shape! Special thanks to Sturgis for a wonderful half million #superspreaders ... also Trump sabotaging the US pandemic response infrastructure, doing nothing to help, and his 50 rallies!
Trump continues to aid the #coronavirus in an effort to hand a half million dead Americans to Biden, BEFORE he even gets into office. That way Trump can spend 4 years blaming the millions of dead on the #BidenHarrisAdministration

As @GSAEmily aids Trump in his #Treason we wonder if Emily will be charged for the thousands of Americans dying unnecessarily ... due to forcing a 2 month delay on the #BidenHarris response to a deadly pandemic.
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