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Trump & @GovRonDeSantis

It didn't have to be like this. No plan = death

Disney workers lose jobs, free college education vanishes

28,000 US workers losing their jobs, 15,500 of those employees are in Orlando

And the superspreader rallies continue…
Trump is set to hold superspreader events in Lumberton, North Carolina; Circleville, Ohio; Waukesha, Wisconsin; Omaha, Nebraska after his superspreader event in Florida

Defying state orders & federal guidelines, leaving a trail of coronavirus outbreaks in his wake
Another record of 83,000 cases in a single day.

Meanwhile Trump is THE person who individually has done more to personally deliver coronavirus across the US

History isn't going to believe we just watched as Trump personally spread a deadly virus

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I finally totaled all the charges from Max’s birth. I had a failed induction, a csection, & follow up complications. I have what’s considered “good insurance” and an HSA. Im lucky to have a job & savings. But here’s an overview of the costs. 1/N
Failed induction charges were over $45k charged to my insurance. I’m responsible for ~$1,500. I went home, didn’t have a baby that day. 2/N
I went back two days later, had another induction (which also failed) & ended up having a csection. Three charges are harder to decipher from my insurance but from what I can tell we’re roughly $30.5K for me & $9k for the baby. 3/N
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PURE EVIL: Seattle Police Officer Injured after Democrat Antifa-BLM Thug Attacks Officers with Burning Spear -Thread 10.22.2020… #VoteTrump #SaveAmerica #VoteTrump #BackTheBlue
2. News: BREAKING: In an interview just taped for @OANN it is revealed Hunter laptop had 40-50 images of child endangerment on it that appear to include a member of his family — @JackPosobiec Oct 22, 2020… #VoteTrump #TRUMP #SaveAmerica #SaveTheChildren
3. News: EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Joe Biden Meeting with Hunter’s Business Partner Devon Archer in VP Office 5 Days Before Going to Ukraine to Sign Burisma Deal… #Biden #VoteTrump #SaveAmerica
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Towards end of the Obama admin I took my kids to protest his deportation policies. My (now) 11 y/o has asked me since why we went since Trump is much worse. I tell her we went b/c even if you like some things about a friend you still hold them accountable when they are wrong.
I know many friends, particularly immigration lawyers, are worried that if Biden wins the election, he will repeat many of Obama’s mistakes on immigration. I share this worry, but I am holding onto hope b/c I think that so much has changed. We are not the same country we were.
Elected officials who in 2004 I sat in mtgs where they said ‘asylum-seeking kids need to stop coming to the border b/c they are sabotaging chances for imm reform,’ now publicly commit to #EndMPP immediately, stop endless ICE cruelty, & lead with frame that #FamiliesBelongTogether
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I honestly forgot just how decrepit and dishonest Obama, Biden and their entire administration were. #BidenHarris would be far worse.
Remember video from Election Day 2008, with members of the New Black Panther Party standing outside a Philadelphia polling place wearing military garb making racial remarks and discouraging people from voting? A voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers began +
weeks before Obama took office. It was an open-shut case, & the New Black Panthers didn’t even bother to show up in court to defend themselves, assuring the government’s victory in the case.

Then in May 09’, the case was inexplicably dropped by Attorney General Eric Holder.

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1. News: “You’re So Handsome When You Smile” – NBC Town Hall Questioner’s Compliment Leaves President Trump Blushing ♥️ Thread 10.16.2020…
2. News: GOING VIRAL: Black Woman in Red Mask Behind President Trump, the ‘Nodding Woman’ Steals the Show at NBC News Trump Town Hall #Trump #NBC
#TownHall #NoddingWoman
3. News: REPORT: Swing Voters Standing By President Trump – They Don’t Blame Him For Coronavirus Pandemic… #Trump2020
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Wednesday is MY BIRTHDAY & y'all can make me this ⬇️ elated if you share/support my #MVPHarris fundraising drive! Contribute ANY amount using my link OR purchase a ticket to upcoming fundraisers using my links (thread ⬇️)
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Purchase tickets to the 10/13 Trek the Vote to Victory: Virtual Panel with 19 Icons from five Star Trek Casts & with special guests Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, & Stacey Abrams by clicking here:…
Tickets start at $25! #TrektheVoteToVictory
Purchase tickets to the 10/13 Virtual Reception with the Cast of Jagged Little Pill The Musical featuring #AlanisMorissette. Tickets start at $25.
Click here to buy:… #BidenHarris Image
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These PPL are stupid
Red ~ Green Alliance
Communists and Extremests working to destroy the west,
in NOT organic.
PLANNED And we caught you.

They thought BARACK O-SATAN Was the Choosen One.

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1. News: "I Didn’t Vote For Trump In 2016, But I’d Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote For Him Now" 🇺🇸 -Thread 10.12.2020… #Trump #Trump2020 #MAGA
2. News: Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings Begin this Morning at 9AM ET:

6 Things to Watch For...…
#Prayers 🙏
3. News: NYT Reporter Who Got Pulitzer for Trump Russia Hoax Investigates Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith…
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⚠️ CRUNCH TIME: Millions have already voted! If you've been waiting to donate to Dems, *NOW IS THE TIME*.

First, #FlipTheSenate! Some of these candidates are already flush w/cash; consider *OTHER* races like AK, GA, IA, KS, MI, MS, MT & TX: 1/ #DemCast…
This year has reminded us how vitally important GOVERNORS (#COVID19 response), ATTORNEYS GENERAL (defending the #ACA & voting rights) and SECRETARIES OF STATE (protecting voting rights) are! Donate to elect #MoreDemExecs today! 2/ #DemCast…
Democrats flipped the U.S. House in 2018. Now we have to make sure to KEEP control of it! These are the 40 most vulnerable House Dems; donate today to #KeepTheHouseBlue: 3/ #DemCast…
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.@LindseyGrahamSC refused pre-debate Covid test THEN had the mendacity to tweet @harrisonjaime of "putting himself above others." 😡

Jaime Harrison is black 1⃣ a group disproportionately affected by #COVID 2⃣ has a pre-existing condition 3⃣ has a family. #LindseyHasCovid
Dear #SouthCarolinians, vote early & show #LindseyGraham that his #racist #tribal #politics are not welcome to represent us anymore.

Bring #integrity -
🔜 to South Carolina & vote #JaimeHarrison. 🌴
🔜 to the #USA & vote #BidenHarris. 🇺🇸


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1. News: Deadline Retracts clearly unfinished draft! Headline “PREP. DO NOT PUBLISH UNTIL THE NEWS CROSSES. VP Mike Pence Tests Positive For Coronavirus 8 Days After Donald Trump” -Thread 10.9.2020
🚨🚨PLANNED INFECTION!?@SecretService… #EnemyOfThePeople
2. News: Thief Caught on Surveillance Video Grabbing Mail, Election Ballots From People’s Mailboxes in San Diego, California Mail-in-Voting safe? No way!! I'm walking in to Vote #Trump2020 In Person Nov 3rd!… #DemocratsCheat
3. News: Almost 1000 Arrested [Democrats], nearly 70% of charges against Portland rioters were dropped by progressive Democrat progressive District Attorney Mike Schmidt [Are they being paid to riot?]… #DemocratsCheat
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1. News: SHOCKING! Exclusive 🚨🚨🚨 Former Obama VP Joe Biden in a Recent Ad Disparages Police – Then Calls on Muslim Voters to Wage Jihad -Thread 10.08.2020… #Biden #BidenHarris
2. News: Joe Biden is named a CRIMINAL in the Ukrainian Court. Ridiculous he is running for our President of the United States!
3. News: Joe Biden Surrogate Hanoi Jane Fonda Celebrates Death of Americans, Calls Coronavirus “God’s Gift to the Left” (VIDEO)…
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Harris Lie # 1

Biden will eliminate #Trump Tax Cut.

Harris said no.
Biden said yes.

Tax cuts are not for the big corporates only. My family owns a small business and it definitely helped us.

Harris Lie #2

Will the #BidenHarris admin ban fracking.

Harris insisted they won’t.
Both Biden and Harris said they would ban fracking.

Harris Lie #3

Trump didn’t denounce the KKK & White Supremacy. He called them “Fine people” & “He told them to stand down”.

POTUS #Trump disavowed both groups numerous times.

He told the #ProudBoys to stand down. PB are multiracial.
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Hey y'all! I've assembled a collection of "how to fill out your mail-in ballot/ absentee ballot" tutorials for almost 40 states I found specifically for the Nov 2020 election. Please feel free to share with the disclaimers I've included here ⬇️. Make your vote count! #BidenHarris
Here is a tutorial video on how to fill out your Alabama absentee/mail in ballot. Ballot design/enclosures might vary by county WITHIN the state so follow all instructions enclosed with YOUR ballot even if they vary from the video. #Vote #VoteByMail2020
Here is a tutorial video on how to fill out your Alaska absentee/mail in ballot. Ballot design/enclosures might vary by county WITHIN the state so follow all instructions enclosed with YOUR ballot even if they vary from the video. #Vote #VoteByMail2020
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1. We all have our opinions of trump. In the last 24 hours I have found my mind going to dark places. I’m not proud of that. We all have right to be angry, frustrated, and scared. If we have learned anything it’s that this virus and the danger of it is real! Now the rest of the..
2. Of the world and other Nations are witnessing an unprecedented incident. The president is now hospitalized with this horrific virus. We need to all remember that this is a reminder to be thankful for the health of our own families and to continue to do what we all need to do..
To keep ourselves, our families, our friends, and each other safe. For the love of all human life and everyone from nations all over the world. Wear a mask, social distance, and do what the medical experts suggest. It’s the only way we can get through this. #StrongerTogether 💙
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Brief #Inshallah story. I went on a 2-week study tour of Egypt in summer 2008. At the time I was heavily involved in volunteering for the Obama campaign. The campaign was selling those rubber bracelets that were big then, with "Obama '08" on one side & "HOPE" on the other. /1
I took a bunch of those bracelets with me with the idea that I could give them out to Egyptians who were excited the U.S. might have a president who was the son of an African. Until I ran out, everyone I met in Egypt who mentioned liking Barack Obama got a bracelet from me. /2
We visited a perfume shop and I gave the owner a bracelet. He looked at it, admiring the "Obama '08", then looked at the other side. "What does this word mean?" His English was 1000x better than my Arabic, but he didn't know the word "HOPE". /3
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Trump never really wanted to be president. But he saw it as a chance to fleece the american people out of millions of dollars.

His theft using his golf resorts, his using Air Force 1 and the White House for campaign events are just the tip of his money-laundering.
He saw his “empire” crumbling, knew he couldn’t sustain his lifestyle, and literally sold out America to Russia, China, the saudis, and anyone else who wanted a piece of it.

He put the most incompetent, dishonest person he could find in each cabinet position, and turned them
loose to steal as much as they could, making sure he got kickbacks from them. Any place he saw the chance to make a million or two, he took it. Including selling out the PPE’s our health care workers needed to protect themselves from Covid.

He rolled back protections on our
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What part of we have it all do you not understand?
Incase you forgot
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I don’t understand how any person of color, black, Hispanic, Asian, could vote for Trump knowing what a racist, white supremacist he is.

I don’t understand how any LGBTQ can vote for trump knowing how against equal rights and same sex marriage, he is.
I don’t understand how any senior citizen can vote for trump knowing how he is trying to destroy social security and Medicare.

I don’t understand how anyone with pre-existing health conditions can vote for trump knowing how he is trying to get the Affordable Care Act thrown out.
I don’t understand how any self-respecting woman can vote for trump knowing how he has cheated on his wife, sexually assaulted 25+ women, AND children, how he denigrates women, how he calls strong women names, and lies about paying off porn stars.
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I see a lot of people regurgitating the $500B investment talking point in this bogus Platinum Plan but the DEVIL is in the details. $500B is a $60B increase in OVERALL infrastructure federal contracting & is NOT a set aside. $400B lending is the current level not a set aside.
PS- Trump glaringly Columbused parts of #Kamala's Black agenda plan from LAST year like credit reporting; her advocacy on addressing racial health disparities, etc. The #BidenHarris Lift Every Voice plan has for more SPECIFICS than the junk Platinum Plan. ImageImageImageImage
The Trump Platinum SCAM ain't even good enough to wipe my ass with. We have RECEIPTS about his hostilities towards the Black community and the detrimental impacts.
🔴 13% Black unemployment
🔴 40K Black Americans dead from COVID
🔴 88% Black businesses denied COVID funding
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#Philly is the poorest big city in America where nearly a third of residents live at or below the #poverty level. Nearly 70% of Philly is BIPOC. I live in one of the poorest zip codes in a 95% Black neighborhood. There are two public elementary schools nearby.
There is also a Black Muslim K-5 charter school, a Catholic K-8 parochial school and a pre-school at the AME church behind my house. Every day during the school year was punctuated with the sounds of kids yelling, laughing, playing. It has been silent since March. No kids.
For a decade before I was paralyzed, I ran a mentoring group at one school for middle grade students, focusing on reading and writing. Until they were in my group, not one kid had personally owned a book. All those kids have been in homes without books since March.
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Trump is TERRIFIED of losing.

He wants to make Dems think there's no point in voting.

Don't give in to it. Let's make sure he loses.

Sign up for training to volunteer for the National Voter Assistance Hotline!
1/5 #VoteHimOut2020
Volunteer to be a poll observer to help protect the vote at polling places!

This is what terrifies Trump - voters being engaged and involved. #Election2020 #polls 2/5…
Make sure you, your friends and family are registered to vote, have verified their info, and know where their polling places & voting options are.

Vote in person and early if at all possible.
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