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Some thoughts on last night’s #January6thHearing: It’s always striking to be reminded of how leading GOP politicians like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy publicly acknowledged Trump’s culpability immediately after the attack. And look where the Republican Party is now.
It obviously wasn’t enough for them to actually impeach or break with Trump in any meaningful way. But there was a brief moment of uncertainty, of Republican leaders and conservative elites being rattled, immediately after January 6. So, what happened?
Republicans quickly rallied behind Trump: They first acquitted him, then they started obstructing every attempt to hold him accountable, and now many are running on his Big Lie. The few who broke with Trump have been marginalized, ostracized.
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In key #January6thHearing testimony, Joint Chiefs Chair Milley:

"No Call? Nothing? Zero?" from Trump to DoD.

But ask yourself: why didn't DoD call Trump?

@justinhendrix and my take on most plausible theory: DoD fear Trump use military to hold onto power…
2. Our analysis was in Dec 21 (addressing larger question what explained National Guard delay).

New reporting (@MarkMazzettiNYT @maggieNYT) is consistent with our analysis, though implicitly points to DoD concerns of "optics" more than actual use of Guard…
3. Nugget in NYT backs up Miller's earlier testimony:

"The president did tell advisers in the days before Jan. 6, 2021, that he wanted a National Guard presence, BUT it appeared he wanted the troops as extra protection for his supporters, his aides have privately acknowledged."
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During the #187Minutes, Trump and Giuliani tried to leverage the violent siege to extract votes.

Which senators objected to certify Joe Biden as president?

Joshua Hawley
Tommy Tuberville
Ted Cruz
Roger Marshall
Cindy Hyde-Smith
Rick Scott
John Kennedy
Cynthia Lummis
Which US House reps objected to certify Biden as president?

Robert Aderholt (R-AL)
Mike Rogers (R-AL)
Mo Brooks (R-AL)
Gary Palmer (R-AL)
Jerry Carl Jr. (R-AL)
Felix Moore (R-AL)
Rick Crawford (R-AR)
Paul Gosar (R-AZ)
Andy Biggs (R-AZ)
Debbie Lesko (R-AZ)
Ken Calvert (R-CA)
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Legally thinking about #January6thHearing - so obviously this Committee has done a herculean job (over 1,000 witnesses have been interviewed in past 14 months) but the criminal investigation is at Dept of Justice and that is gargantuan. FAR FAR larger investigation than this
So to be clear, the DOJ investigation will have interviewed at least 90% of the people who spoke to Jan 6th Committee but DOJ will have interviewed many TIMES MORE people than this committee, and probably have 3x to 5x maybe 10x more evidence than this committee has seen
But almost all that this Committee has shown us, DOJ already had, and will get all of it of course, and DOJ has much more that will only be revealed once the criminals are brought to court.

That said, 3 fascinating details about the criminal investigation struck me from today
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Thinking politically about #January6thHearing - the audience was not Trump supporters (are brainwashed, this won't help) or Democrats (would not vote for Trump anyway). It was for middle voters, IND voters. Very well arranged for prime time, using Trump own people & Republicans
The use of prominent Republicans & conservatives, Mitch McTurtle, Qevin McCoward in their own words condemning Trump; references to Nixon, Reagan & Margaret Thatcher. Only 2 Democrats mentioned President Biden & praising Al Gore's concession speech. All aimed at IND middle voters
And a systematic presentation to voters of military thinking & law enforcement (parts of conservatives and IND voters) so both panel members are ex military including one of two witnesses covering Air Force, Navy & Marines. Plus several quotes from senior military officers
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Pierre Poilievre is Canada’s Josh Holly

Change my mind.

#cdnpoli #January6thHearings
Complete with anti-choice creepiness.
Omg, Hawley, not Holly!! This is what happens when I watch hours of a #January6thHearing on not enough sleep.
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The proceedings are being chaired by a Republican

The witnesses have been Republicans

Most worked for Republican president Trump

The insurrection was planned & carried out by Republicans

And the dereliction of duty for 187 minutes was that of a Republican

Trump knew the coup was happening

He did nothing to stop it

On the contrary-he incited the insurrectionists even more

Instead of calling the Capitol Police, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security or even the FBI

Donald Trump called Senators-trying to convince them to delay certification of the election

While insurrectionists chanted Hang Mike Pence

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Cheney: "Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was scared."

Luria: Trump watched the attack in the WH dining room, ignoring pleas to stop the violence unfolding at the Capitol. "He refused to act because of his self desire to stay in power."

Kinzinger showing video of McCarthy denouncing Trump right after 1/6 and Milley testimony expressing horror at Trump's refusal to act. #187minutes
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Thompson opens "season finale" of #January6thHearing by talking about all the ways Trump was alerted it was over, but didn't act for 187 minutes on Jan 6 as his supporters sacked the Capitol
"there can be no doubt that he commanded the mob, a mob he knew was armed, violent and angry, to march on the Capitol to try and prevent the peaceful transfer of power," Thompson says. "There needs to be accountability"
Thompson, and other members, keep coming back Judge Carter comment in Eastman case that their effort was a "coup in search of a legal theory"
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So Department of Defense kind of released some emails from Jan6th after a FOIA request. Although the 48 pages were mostly repetitive with a lot of redactions ... they did reveal a few interesting tidbits.…
A few items on this report that are especially interesting. Reports of protestors with baseball bats were discounted apparently. Like this guy, who carried a baseball bat all day and was I believe the 2nd or 3rd person to break into the Capitol on #Jan6th on the west side breach.
Second item ... who the hell was operating a drone near the Washington monument on #Jan6th? #SeditionHunters
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I just spent the last six hours verifying with legal counsel and GoFundMe that these are legitimate.

Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman testified with incredible courage today. Their commitment to democracy is commendable, 1/3 #January6thHearing
2/3 I have personally donated $12,500 to each of them, and would encourage you to help right the wrongs they’ve experienced in whatever way you can. Here is the verified GoFundMe for Shaye Moss: #Jan6thCommittee
3/3 Here is the verified GoFundMe for Ruby Freeman, who says she doesn’t even want people she knows to greet her by name in public, out of fear for her safety. #January6thHearings

If you care about living in a democracy, now is the time to pay attention.
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Since he defied the Trump effort to assist in the theft of a second term in office, Rusty Bowers told the Jan. 6 Committee “it is the new pattern, or a pattern in our lives, to worry what will happen on Saturdays.”
On Saturdays, he said, groups have come by his house with screen-paneled vehicles and loudspeakers, declaring him to be a pedophile and leaving literature on his property and threatening him and his neighbors.
He recounted one instance in which an armed man “with the three bars on his chest” (perhaps a reference to the “Three Percenters” militia group logo) threatened his neighbor.
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Understand something, America:

The fact that Trump lost the 2020 Election and then tried to steal it, DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE OR APPROVE OF JOE BIDEN.

Trump lost the election. It doesn’t matter whether anyone was happy or unhappy with that result. That was the result.

And then Trump used the remainder of his time in office and the power of the Office of the President of the United States to try to steal the election anyway.
He lied. To the faces of millions of Americans and to the whole world.

He tried to steal the votes of 81 million Americans who voted for his competitor.

He endangered the lives of many people with his lies.

And failed to defend the U.S. Capitol, federal legislators and the VP.
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Shaye Moss, who we'll hear from at today's #January6thHearing is a former GA poll worker who suffered targeted harassment including death threats from the Trump campaign to steal the 2020 election. @mattshuham reported this in The Franchise last July…
@mattshuham Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman were poll workers in Atlanta on Election Day 2020. When the Trump campaign later attempted to steal the state’s Electoral College votes, their strategy included presenting a misleadingly edited video to Georgia lawmakers ⬇️
One that showed Moss and Freeman doing regular election work — and claiming that it showed a massive fraud operation. The campaign posted the same misleading video on Twitter, making public targets of the pollworkers ⬇️
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OK, folks, time for another #January6thHearing semi-live watch/reaction thread. Keeping an eye on the kiddos today so I'm going to watch behind by a bit and probably have frequent pauses
Schiff has the seat next to Thompson today, so he's going to be the one questioning these witnesses.
Thompson opens by recapping the last hearing and connecting it to today: pressuring Pence wasn't an outlier, Trump's plan relied on pressuring many officials to break the law.
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Donald Trump plotted fake electors' scheme; January 6 panel set to show

Committee also expected to probe Trump’s pressure on officials in crucial states to corruptly reverse his election defeat
My guess is that we might here a recording from this Zoom call.
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@January6thCmte "the world will not see an American vice president fleeing the Capitol"—Greg Jacob recounting Pence's thinking #Jan6Hearings
@January6thCmte tfg didn't check on Pence's wellbeing because he's a f-ing sociopath and 1/6 attack was his doing #Jan6thCommitteeHearing
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“President* Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election… Frankly there is almost no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American president.”

@Mike_Pence (on Feb 4, 2022) #LegitimatePoliticalDiscourse?
“If I run and if I win we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly.”
Donald Trump dangling pardons for insurrectionists, 1/29/22

“Lincoln said those who embrace sedition and turn backs on the Constitution threaten to ‘destroy the only democracy in existence and prove for all time — to both future Americans and the world — that a government of the people could not survive.’”@tribelaw
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“727 insurrectionists arrested… Who else should be jailed for this unsuccessful coup?” @colbertlateshow

“The threat to our democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills. Debate them, vote… If that bare minimum is blocked, we have no option but to change the Senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster.” @JoeBiden
“Our democracy has been declining over the last 5 years. In fact, right after January 6 of last year, our country was classified as an anocracy… The most important thing is for citizens to be aware of the dangers of democratic decline.”
@bfwalter @AC360
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“[President* Trump] was in the dining room, gleefully watching on his TV as he often did — ‘look at all of the people fighting for me’ — hitting rewind, watching it again…”
former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham to CNN

“We must decide what kind of nation we [will] be. Are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm? Are we going to be a nation where we allow partisan election officials to overturn the legally expressed will of the people?” @JoeBiden
“727 insurrectionists arrested… Who else should be jailed for this unsuccessful coup?” @colbertlateshow

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