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IMPORTANT UPDATE from the #January6thCommittee materials: the good news for listeners of Charismatic Revival Fury is they did have the #WhiteHouse visitor logs that I ended the series pining for. The bad news is they only released select dates:…
They evidently decided to only release the logs from dates relevant to the material referenced in the #January6thReport (Dec 12 - Jericho March, Dec 14 - Electoral College, Dec 18 - nutjob Flynn/Lawyers meeting, Dec 21 - MTG, et al. meeting, & Jan 3-5 - leadup to #January6th).
So the Dutch Sheets prophecy meeting on Dec 29th isn't in there. For those coming in late to this conversation or who haven't listened to our Charismatic Revival Fury audio-documentary series (you should!), this is what I'm talking about:…
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The 800-page gorilla of a report from the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol seems strangely silent on a few matters that, apparently, were a bit too uncomfortable for them to take on...… #January6thReport
Yes, the #January6thCommittee did acknowledge our report, filmed by @ZDRoberts, that showed that BEFORE the #January6th storming of the Capitol, riot instigator and Trump ‘bro #AliAlexander declared: “We’ll light the whole sh*t on fire!”…
What the #January6thCommittee left out: We discovered that #AliAlexander was brought to Georgia by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Georgia Republican Party for their get-out-the-vote drive for the Senate runoff races…
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When I've given my book talks for Of Thee I Sing, I start with a quote from @AndrewMcCormck's vital 1/7/21 @thenation article.+…
When the police begin firing tear gas at the insurrectionists, McCormick reports: “This is not America,” a woman said to a small group, her voice shaking. She was crying, hysterical. “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.”
Just two days after #January6th, I gave the first such book talk, for Chicago's @GCELabSchool. That meant I immediately had to grapple with whether & how to think about those insurrectionists through the lens of patriotism.…
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Friday is the 2nd Anniversary of the 1/6 insurrection. While GOP House is in disarray, this is my periodic reminder that Mitch McConnell deserves a big share of blame. He condemned Trump passionately 2 years ago, but then folded; he thought Dems could fix his party for him. 1/
Did he matter? Yes. We forget how significant his condemnation of Trump was, and how deflating his eventual silence became. It took another 18 months for the #January6thCommittee to form and normalize a path forward (an off-ramping) away from Trump. 2/…
From the perspective of de-radicalization and the future of violent MAGAism, I generally like what I see. Events in the House are another sign that the movement is struggling to grow, Trump cannot get unity, and groups that should be aligned are now eating their own. It is stuck.
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Many of you may be wondering who Byron Donalds is? Let me enlighten you on my two time opponent.

Byron Donalds has an open rebellion among other Republicans in #SWFL for attacking women in public with him and his staff physically intimidating them (and me)…
Byron Donalds loves Donald Trump (and also DeSantis) and is playing them both. But he also loves being the guy that can say things other Republicans can’t.…
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1/ Announcing: Just Security will be expanding its #January6th Clearinghouse

@NormEisen @rgoodlaw @justinhendrix as editors of the repository

Now includes ALL #January6thCommittee transcripts

- Identifies each witness’s affiliation
- Uses perma-links…
- We use permanent links (@permacc) to guard against link rot and removal of content from the congressional site.

- All transcripts are text searchable (OCR)

- Coming soon: An interactive search function.

See below how we categorize all witnesses by relevant affiliations.
3/ Below is the list of 100+ new transcripts most recently released by the January 6th Committee.👇

We provide the affiliations of each witness (as identified in the #January6thReport, by the committee’s subpoenas etc).…
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A thread on #January6th transcript dated 1/21/2022🧵
#RayEpps repeatedly says he believes the violent agitators were Antifa.

So instead of trying to find those individuals,
the un-select committee focused on Trump and his supporters
Ray Epps describes Antifa & BLM member, John Sullivan: “the guy with the hat on backwards”

And said “These guys knew what they were doing. This wasn’t the first time they’ve done this.”

John Sullivan, the Antifa and BLM activist who stormed the Capitol on January 6 while disguised in Trump gear

-sold his video, which captured the Capitol Police shooting of Ashli Babbitt - for $90,000 and acknowledged Antifa and BLM were there.

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1/ #January6thCommittee latest release includes RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel.

Key: Two direct conversations with Trump setting up false electors scheme.👇

It is among areas Trump faces greatest criminal exposure.

Step 1: Trump and Eastman call McDaniel.…
2/ The scheme is for "the RNC helping the campaign gather these contingent electors."

Step 2: Following phone call with Eastman, McDaniel checks in with the campaign.

Step 3: McDaniel back Trump directly to inform him directly it's a go.👇
3/ Step 4:

What is Trump's response to McDaniel's phone call informing him the alternate electors scheme is now up and running?

"Just great."
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Two thoughts on sort of big picture takeaways from #January6thCommittee Final Report. 1)It is focused. You'll hear a lot about how detailed it is, but it is also focused, like a bullseye. It does not stray or get distracted with all the other Trump stuff. 1/
It is laser focused on the peaceful transfer of power, or lack thereof. 2)There is a theme that links all the chapters that can seem on different subjects; I had an editor once call it "connective tissue." That connective tissue is that all key players knew what the other were 2/
doing AND they all understood their piece of the plan. The fake electors, the lawyers, the violent insurrectionists. They needed TIME; that was what 1/6 was about. It was about giving them more time; the violence had a purpose and all understood that. 3/
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1/ #January6thCommittee’s Final Report is available in our Clearinghouse of all documents (listed under Congressional Documents).…

Direct link:…

Notably, the committee references several articles published by Just Security …
2/ The #January6thReport cites this Just Security article by @UChicagoLaw’s professor Albert W. Alschuler.

“Trump and the Insurrection Act: The Legal Framework.”…
3/ The #January6thReport cites this Just Security article by @nyulaw professor @rgoodlaw and @YaleLawSch student Josh Asabor.

“In Their Own Words: The 43 Republicans’ Explanations of Their Votes Not to Convict Trump in Impeachment Trial.”…
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My @TYTreports colleagues @jtlarsen @CandiceColeNews and I are publishing our ongoing analysis of the #J6Committee final report here:…
964 people have been charged in connection with the attack. Approximately 470 people have pleaded guilty to federal charges and 41 participants have been convicted.
Full #January6thCommittee report download link, just for completion purposes of this thread:…
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‘We were told to remove our lapel pins…on January 6, 2021, the pin that once was a badge of honor and distinction turned into a bullseye.’

- Forward by Chairman @BennieGThompson of @January6thCmte
"The President of the United States inciting a mob to march on the Capitol and impede the work of Congress is not a scenario our intelligence and law enforcement communities envisioned for this country." Image
"...the only advisor present who supported President Trump’s inclination to declare victory was Rudy Giuliani..." Image
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The 5 House Republicans who were rejected to serve on the #January6thCommittee have released their own response report today.

It's an obviously partisan document with 184 mentions of Paul Irving, the House Sgt. at Arms, and only 29 to the Senate Sgt. at Arms, Michael Stenger…
Needless to say, the Republicans had control of the Senate on 1/6/21 while Democrats had the House.

It's mostly a "Blame Pelosi" hack job that focuses almost entirely on the House w/only 11 mentions of McConnell and 36 of Pelosi.…
Falsely pinning blame on Pelosi is a Republican tactic beginning on 1/6.

The record shows, however that Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund called Stenger repeatedly to beg for a state of emergency, which Sund could not approve.…
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🧵 Elon Musk & his "Twitter Files" sycophants aren't genuinely concerned for free discourse. They never discuss how Fox routinely suppresses bad stories for GOP.

Example: 20 DAYS after Kanye said he loved Hitler, Fox filed ZERO stories on saying this.…
Fox never filed a story reporting on Donald Trump's seditious call to suspend or terminate parts of the Constitution to illegally install him as president. It only mentioned it at all after a tiny number of Republicans condemned him…
After news broke in free media that Donald Trump had a warm and friendly dinner with America's two most prominent antisemites, Fox never reported the story. Once again, it suppressed it until a handful of Republicans condemned Trump…
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Give a listen

To this deep discussion of the findings of the #January6thCommittee and expected follow-through by the Justice Department.

A conversation with leading experts:


Host: @pshah518…
2. Our expert panel discusses this article by @ryanjreilly @KenDilanianNBC

@rgoodlaw: "There's a really good piece in NBC News by [Ryan] Reilly and Ken Dilanian that walks through how the committee handled the FBI analysis."…
3. Pivoting off of @evanperez's reporting, @BarbMcQuade and @AshaRangappa_ discuss why the Department of Justice may have chosen to charge seditious conspiracy against the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, but consider Insurrection (18 USC § 2383) the proper fit for President Trump.
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Though they are slightly more vocal about January 6th and the role of the former commander-in-chief in the insurrection, the Senate GOP still needs to stop calling the committee politicized. (2/4)
Especially when Stephanie Murphy and Liz Cheney were at odds at how far to probe other factors. Likely there were other disagreements about how far to go into the GOP's institution. (3/4)…
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1/ Co-conspirators in efforts to overturn election identified in #January6thCommittee Executive Summary:

1 Trump
2 Meadows
3 Giuliani
4 Eastman
5 Clark
6 Chesebro

Individuals involved in obstructing J6 investigation: Many.

Tony Ornato needs a very good defense attorney.👇
2. "Again, as with Section 1512(c), the conspiracy under Section 371 appears to have also included other individuals such as Chesebro, Rudolph Giuliani, and Mark Meadows, but this Committee does not attempt to determine all of the participants of the conspiracy..."
3. “Others working with Eastman likely share in Eastman’s culpability. For example, Kenneth Chesebro was a central player in the scheme to submit fake electors ...”
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1/ #January6thCommittee's Executive Summary is available in our Clearinghouse of all documents (listed under Congressional Documents).…

Direct link:…

Note the committee references two analyses published by Just Security ...
2/3 The January 6th Select Committee's Executive Summary references this Just Security article by @UChicagoLaw's professor Albert W. Alschuler.

"Trump and the Insurrection Act: The Legal Framework"…
3/3 January 6th Committee's Executive Summary references this article by @nyulaw professor @rgoodlaw and @YaleLawSch student Josh Asabor:

"In Their Own Words: The 43 Republicans’ Explanations of Their Votes Not to Convict Trump in Impeachment Trial "…
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Alex Jones is my ex, and the unconstitutional efforts to silence me and Color of Law orders enjoining my free speech (that are hidden under a void seal) have been

This thread is about your Trump readmission poll & contemplation & National Security.
@elonmusk 2/I have been outspoken about what I know and understand to be true.

I met Alex Jones in 1998, married him in 2002, and our divorce was final in 2005.

This thread is about the Alex Jones/Infowars Russian connection & contains new revelations.

3/First off, I would like to say that America is a Nation, not a game and that the contemplation of readmission of a man under Federal Investigation for #Insurrection with dictator dreams, undermined our free press & has Russian ties transcends irresponsibility into endangerment.
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🧵NEW from me: Tom Fitton, the far-right fake lawyer who got Trump into legal jeopardy with NARA previously worked secretly with Trump to falsely declare victory in 2020 before a single vote had been counted… #January6thCommitteeHearings
Trump has had difficulty hiring good lawyers for some time because of his record of urging attorneys to commit crimes, his refusal to heed their advice, and the fact that he doesn't pay bills.

Because of that, he has leaned heavily on Fitton, someone who has never been a lawyer.
Like many people who became prominent Trump advisers, Fitton had existed on the margins of Republican politics, regarded by party elites as cranks who shook down the rubes.

As Trump sought to illegally remain in office, most of his legal & campaign staff told him to stop.
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Das #January6thHearing soll mindestens Geschichte schreiben. Beim heutigen "Finale" soll vor den #MidTerms einmal mehr ein #Trump angelasteter Plan entlarvt werden. Dazu gehören Einflussnahme und Druck auf Pence, das Justizministerium und Wahlleiter, sowie das Aufhetzen des Mobs. Image
Liz Cheney sagt, es sei viel passiert, seit man mit dem U-Ausschuss begonnen habe. Das stimmt auch für sie, die von ihrer Partei gestürzt wurde. Sie kann nicht mehr für den Kongress antreten. Sollte Trump wieder antreten, will sie die GOP verlassen. #January6thCommitteeHearings Image
Cheney betont, dass ausgerechnet der Mann, der am besten darüber Bescheid wusste, dass es keinen massenhaften Wahlbetrug gab, bis heute behauptet, die Wahl 2020 sei gestohlen worden: Donald Trump #January6thCommitteeHearings
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Watch the official feed here:…
Chairman Bennie Thompson says today's #January6thCommittee hearing will also be a business meeting and will present a fair amount of evidence that has already been heard.
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The Jan. 6 House committee is expected to unveil “surprising” new details about the US Capitol attack during its hearing today.

🔴 Follow our coverage live:…
The Jan. 6 House committee has so far held nine hearings.

Here's what you need to know:…
Today’s hearing of the January 6 committee is set to begin at 1pm ET.

📺 Here's how to tune in:…
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4667: Ginni Thomas and her creepy smile before her meeting with the January 6th Committee

#EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #GinniThomas #ClarenceThomas #January6thCommittee #Smile #CreepySmile #SmilingOutofContext
2/ You may have seen a short video of Ginni Thomas last week, on 29 September 2022, just prior to her approximately 4.5 hour closed-door testimony before the House Select January 6th Committee.

(Photo Credits: Annie Grayer/CNN)
3/ Although the video making the rounds on social media was relatively short, several details should have jumped out at you.
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