Good morning to you all! Today is day 10 of the #AssangeCase extradition hearing. I was granted to the virtual room by a nice young guy working from his bedroom.
40 political observers who were revoked access by the judge still cannot monitor the hearings.
Professor Grotthoff takes the stand who will be looking at the unredacted classified release of cables.
Grottoff: the encryption was so that no one who did not have access to the date would not be able to open it.
Grothroff is describing the chronology & process of the unredacted cables, which picks apart the Guardian narrative & explains the technology to protect the material and how the Guardian password resulted in the material being published online by other groups before WikiLeaks.
Prosecution starts. In his normal manner he questions the impartiality of the expert witness.
Prosecution read a petition to #Trump to #FreeAssange that Grothoff allegedly signed.

Grothoff: I don't recall.
Do you think the prosecution, in America, is a "step into the darkness" (quoting open letter)?

I think it's dangerous for press freedom yes
Smith (prosecutor): says your biased.

Grothoff: No not at all, you have your technical details wrong, you haven't done your homework.
Smith: is saying that WikiLeaks gave all the unredacted cables to 50 organizations.

Grothoff: I don't know that they did.
Smith: Moving onto mirroring. Was the public encouraged by WikiLeaks to mirror the site?

Grothoff: WikiLeaks published instructions to how to mirror the website.
Grothoff: WikiLeaks encouraged mirrors to create a haystack. If there are mirrors that contained the file, then it was a very good idea to create thousands of mirrors that made it more difficult to find the file. As per the motivation, I don't know if this was the case.
Smith putting words into Grothoff's mouth by saying that WikiLeaks was deliberately hiding the encrypted file among thousands of mirrors.
Grothoff: Protests, I cannot comment on motivation but this certainly was the effect.
Smith: Do you know what the content of the cables on August 23rd-30th?

Grothoff: Yes, they were all unclassified cables.
Smith: WikiLeaks announces that searchability, do you accept that?

Grothoff: yes they did release them in searchable format.
Smith: You said that that Der Freitag downloaded from a mirror. There is no mirror being mentioned on the article is there?

Grothoff: They say it is circulating on the internet and that usually means mirrors.
Grothoff: We have 3 parts of cables releases:
1: Media partners releases with redactions or without redactions necessary.
2. The publication of unredacted cables.
3. The publication of secret cables by third parties.
Smith questions Grothoff if media partners were experts... "Who told you they were experts?" - wow!

Grothoff: Well when people work a journalistic organization the assumption is that journalistic experts.
Grothoff: I did not look at the cables labelled "strictly protect" my presumption is that if the US government labels something unclassified that it can be shared with a vast amount of people and is safe.
Smith: 31st of August you say publishes the password, later that day someone published the searchable cables online.
The court breaks for a tweet that Grothoff finds a tweet that is relevant to the case.

• • •

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6 Jan
#AssangeCase bail hearing Thread:

Ed Fitzgerald is in court. Julian hasn't arrived. The proceedings should start soon.
Judge comes into court. #JulianAssange walks in and identifies himself to court.
The Court will hear arguments against bail first.
Clair Dobbin: The high court can overturn the conviction, the court must be careful not to render the result academic.
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30 Sep 20
Day 17 of the #AssangeHearing, with three days left, open justice has not been done in these proceedings. The Judge blocked 40 political and NGO observers (including @amensty & @RSF_inter) from monitoring the most important #FreeSpeech trial of the century.
Defence is reading from/summarizing a witness statement from war reporter Patrick Cockburn. He was in Kabul when the war logs were released, and he says they confirmed civilian casualties he and other journalists suspected.
Cockburn's statement includes the importance of the war logs and Collateral Murder video to prove these incidents in the face of official denial.
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29 Sep 20
Day 16 of the #AssangeCase proceedings. By this stage it is very likely that the 40 political observers that the judge arbitrarily banned from the observing proceedings virtually will not be allowed to do so. 4 left & I feel the decision was made before we started.
We have Maureen Baird on the stand: 28 years experience with the Bureau of Prisons in various capacities, with her final positions as Warden and Senior Executive Service Warden at three various Federal Prisons.
Baraitser walks in. Baird takes the oath.
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28 Sep 20
September 28th, day 15 of the #AssangeCase extradition proceedings. 40 political and #FreeSpeech advocate observers including @RSF_inter and @amnesty are still banned from observing the most important trial of our lifetime by Judge Baraitser without any explanation.
Sorry for being a bit late, this morning the court heard from Yancey Ellis, US attorney, with experience of the federal prison system. He talked about how #Assange would be placed under a strict solitary confinement regime.
As a pre-trial defendant, Assange would be detained in the ADC for months or potentially years. Ellis: "I believe it's most likely" #Assange would be held in administrative segregation (ad-seg).
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27 Sep 20
The @DailyMailUK’s shameful regurgitation of 10 years of disproven slander against #JulianAssange comes at a rather interesting time.

1. There has been increasing reporting of the #AssangeCase, all positive and it Julian’s plight seems to be winning hearts and minds.

2. The @DailyMailUK might have come under political pressure after being at the forefront of the MSM in the reporting positive reporting of the #AssangeCase.
The political nature of the #AssangeCase does not make it inconceivable that at the highest levels the @DailyMailUK might have felt obligated to do a balancing act of its reporting of the case often often highlighting prosecution flaws, injustices & dangerous precedent being set.
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25 Sep 20
Day 13 in #AssangeCase extradition hearing. 40 political and NGO observers are still banned from observing the proceedings. Fitzgerald says that the prosecution sent a cross-examination evidence was sent last night at 11.30pm, it is 5am where he is and asks for an hour.
When he has had time to read the prosecution bundle, we expect testimony from Patrick Eller, digital forensics expert, on the computer crime charge and the alleged agreement between Assange & Chelsea Manning to crack a password in 2010.
Patrick Ellers will argue that the allegation against Assange regarding the password cracking issue is not possible, and if it were it was not used for the purpose the government alleges.

Judge grants 50 more minutes for Ellers to review.
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