I’m really stuck on this thing where FoxNews refused to cover the most significant story of the day—the most significant domestic terrorism plot *in years*—in prime time because it doesn’t fit the editorial narrative they are using to mindf*ck Americans toward political violence
It’s unconscionable what they are KNOWINGLY DOING to America by manipulating perceptions of reality.
I’m going outside to write, but in case you were wondering, so far this AM Fox & Friends have leaned heavy on hurricane coverage & “court packing” to avoid the Michigan story, with segments on one homeowner in Wisconsin “confronting” (non-white) protesters, and a cookbook. Really
There is no conclusion except that FoxNews refuses to cover this story because they don’t want to discourage other spontaneous militias actions by reminding them it is f*cking illegal and the FBI is probably already inside your group.
This is the only story on FoxNews’ homepage about the Michigan plot:
Breaking news on Fox: broadway shutdown continues through May.

Still not one word on Michigan terror plot.
FoxNews just ran a 2 min clip on Michigan terror plot, emphasizing one guy was a supporter of Bernie Sanders and that Whitmer is “so sad” for attacking POTUS, proves left us problem.

I guess they found their narrative. It’s the left.

• • •

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10 Oct
We need to pull out of this tailspin of the self-fulfilling prophecy of political violence during and after the election before it is too late.

We can start by understanding what “sow discord” really means.

My new piece for @SURfdn #defusingdisinfo /1

The motivations for trumpism are hard to pin down—fleeting, hyper-individualized, sometimes sounding as much far-left as far-right

A rejection of all systems, the embrace of the view that the center cannot hold, so why not accelerate the fragmentation, or at least not stop it /2 Image
There’s this idea of the coming need to defend some core set of beliefs by force.

Fight who? The answer isn’t clear. Whoever. Other Americans.

But why? For what? Not to build something, win something. Just to defend what you have through a time of inevitable unraveling.  /3
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9 Oct
I’m forcing myself to watch Fox News.

Tucker says Kamala & Joe only pretend to be people of faith and that Kamala “barks.” Keepin’ it classy!

Huge video montage to explain Pence isn’t sexist.

Zero words so far about domestic terror plot against Gov Whitmer.
Tucker thinks this is about “unhappy rich ladies whining about oppression” which is somehow about “identity politics”

Oh Jesus, he has Victor Davis Hanson madlibbing trigger words — AOC fracking Obama elites bankers green new deal — cannot. toggling to another channel.
Honest to god he is living angry far right word magnet art. It’s impossible to stop watching.

He says the working man is dying for “the zoom and the Skype class” and Trump is standing up to them by fracking and freeing Americans from wars started by Bay Area elites.

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8 Oct
Ok I’m disappointed the set doesn’t *actually* look like Tron, but I’ll get over it. Probably.

Another missed opportunity of 2020.

My VP Debate thread, such as it is, will commence below: /1
The bar is so low for Pence tonight, if his head doesn’t spin around like the exorcist, or he doesn’t collapse in covid-fever mid-debate, he’ll have passed (in very pass/fail sense) /2
Pence’s make-up is a fail; looks like mildly warmed death. Kamala, flawless.

Kamala writes down TUMULTUOUS on her pad.
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30 Sep
I am deeply, deeply worried about POTUS referencing the “Proud Boys” unprompted in the debate in the manner that he did. He is clearly waaaaaaaay more involved in the day to day management of relations with/winks toward extremist groups than he has thus far allowed to be exposed.
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29 Sep
Tonight is the 1st presidential debate. Likely there will be a lot of mis/disinformation + conspiracies thrown around.

How can you fight malign narrative & improve online discourse on social media during the debate?

Read my #defusingdisinfo latest: /1 standuprepublic.com/debate-night-p…
1- Don’t elevate false or misleading information or conspiracies from POTUS by reposting them in outrage.

When you post/reply/engage sub content, it amplifies them in algorithms/trends & helps them reach more people. It also pressures traditional media to cover these claims. /2
You should consider not engaging or posting them at all. Deprive toxic claims of the attention economy. Just leave it alone.

But, if you want to push back on toxic information, here are some ideas how to do it better: /3
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9 Sep
The Jade Helm 2015 conspiracy remains a concise example, from point A—> B, of how disinformation changes governance.

This takes on a new sense of urgency as lawmakers echo dis/misinformation about COVID-19.

My latest for @SURfdn #defusingdisinfo /1  standuprepublic.com/current-io-top…
My recent discussion with filmmakers @a_rossi + @NotTheATVRider reminded me what a powerful test Jade Helm was. From the time the conspiracy appeared, fueled by Russia, until the moment the governor of Texas responded was about 6 weeks total. /2
Six weeks from a random online document to angry locals calling a US Army officer a liar at a packed townhall meeting.

It was overlooked in the aftermath of 2016 in public — but not by the military. And not by foreign analysts of Russian disinfo campaigns. /3
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