COVID Update October 9: It’s a bad sign that Trump couldn’t protect the single most important thing in the world from COVID-19.

Himself. 1/
Some presidents would be inclined to define their duty as to protect people around the globe. That’s not Trump.

Some would have cared about all Americans. Also not him we know. 2/
He casts aside “old people” and people with “heart conditions.”

Black and brown people people haven’t fared well. People with pre-existing conditions. 3/
I’ve always believed that there are two baseline qualities world leaders need to manage disasters: competency and compassion. 4/
Neither competency or compassion have been on much of a display here in the US.

It’s a big job. 5/
Many of us have been able to manage the more manageable job of keeping our own homes safer— provided we have enough room to socially distance. 6/
For most of us keeping our giant home staffs safe is also very important. I know most of you like me have butlers & chefs & drivers who we care about deeply. 7/
Now, I personally haven’t gotten 33 people sick who have visited my house so it’s difficult to relate. But we haven’t had people gather indoors due to the pandemic.

Trump has been much more careless & there’s a simple reason 8/
Trump— a known germaphobe— was presented with a strategy called “cocooning.”

By approaching the pandemic this way, Trump revealed a lot about himself— in some respects it’s a microcosm for how he handles everything. 9/
“Cocooning” they advised the president was an option to keep him and him alone safe the theory goes. Cocooning is when everybody AROUND you stays safe so YOU don’t have to. 10/
It’s like building a bubble with people. It has the benefit of putting the burden on other people. And when Trump first heard about it, he must have said “this is for me.” 11/
He believed he didn’t have to lift a finger to stay safe that other people would take care of everything for you.

“Mr President, you don’t need to worry about this. We have this.” 12/
This allowed Trump to jaunt around without a mask like he didn’t have a care in the world. Hundreds of people would take care of things for him. Things would happen magically.

Magic of course means based on other people’s hard work. 13/
Trump couldn’t be bothered to protect to the global effort on COVID. He didn’t bother to protect the country. He didn’t focus on protecting even white supremicists who he sent maskless to liberate states.

And he couldn’t bother to life a finger to protect himself. 14/
Compassion for others in his orbit we didn’t necessarily expect. Competence at self protection feels like the minimal competence he would show.

And if he can’t be competent at that.., 15/
Another president might have said let’s be an example.
Another president might have said let me show how to do it.
Another president might want to show how caring he is.

Trump heard “cocooning” and heard “I can ignore the pandemic entirely.” 16/
The fact that he couldn’t cocoon successfully is because it is virtually impossible.

It’s similar to the theory that many espouse— just hide the old people. It doesn’t work. 210,000 people are showing if doesn’t work. 17/
But it explains why he thinks he can walk into a crowded amphitheater, wink at people who don’t wear masks and wonder why people are making a big deal about this COVID thing. 18/
The truth is that as far as Trump’s concerned the number of people who died is equal to the number of people who have died who he knows personally. 19/
The last week and a half has been a masterclass in selfishness. As hundreds of people die EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY, he continues to view everything as a reflection on him.

It is. /end

• • •

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1. If your headline isn’t “Hey, I’m in charge of the racists,” then I’m not reading your summary.
2. Biden told Trump he was the worst president ever.
3. I wouldn’t let that guy in my house. I’d call the cops if he was in my neighborhood. And if he started insulting someone’s family in a bar in any local class bar, they’d have to intervene.
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