Here's how DC public schools are propagandizing 4th grade children to hate Christopher Columbus. This was my granddaughter's homework. Excerpts:

"Christopher [Columbus] does not deserve his own holiday because most of all Columbus killed and enslaved many people."
2) What my 4th grader "learned" about Columbus:

"I got this information by what did Columbus do it says he killed three million people and it says he enslaved women and children. This tells me he does not deserve his own holiday because he killed and enslaved lots of people."
3) Fourth grader, at the "best" public school in the capital city of the United States:

"In conclusion Columbus does not deserve his own holiday because he was a liar, greedy and most of all he killed and enslaved lots of people."

This is what she was "taught" in school.
4) Same 4th grader, different essay. This hate propaganda is being pounded into kids' heads:

"Christopher Columbus was a famous navigator who sailed to the West Indies. I think we should not celebrate Columbus Day because he made men, women, and even children slaves."
5) Pervasive through the history curriculum of DC public schools. More from the same 4th grade essay:

"He was also very greedy. Most of all he was a liar by saying he found India but he did not.

"Christopher Columbus should not have his holiday because Columbus was a liar."
6) More of the same "Columbus was a liar" theme, and then:

"Columbus was greedy in the video 'Where Do You Think You're Going, Columbus.' The queen said Columbus could go to find India and Columbus only wanted gold. It tells me he is greedy and not a good person. . . ."
7) Worksheet from the same 4th grade class in Washington, DC:

"Christopher Columbus should not have his own holiday.

"Columbus made men, women and children his slaves.

"Killed many people"

"... the text ... says I will take your women and children and make them slaves."
8) Learning through propagandistic repetition:

The assigned 4th grade text "tells me he [Columbus] is cruel and he should not have his own holiday because he made men, women and children slaves."

And so on.
9) The mother of the 4th grader complained to the teacher and the principal.

The teacher was overheard ridiculing the family to another teacher, laughing, "If they don't like how we teach about Columbus, wait until they find out how we teach about the American Revolution!"
10) Conclusion: President Trump's #patrioticeducation program is a blessing to the nation. No "educational" institution should receive any federal taxpayer dollars of any kind if it propagandizes children to hate our civilization and country.
11) This incident took place at the Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

My granddaughter no longer attends that school.

• • •

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