Everything is a conspiracy against Tamil people. Even giving "Institute of Eminence" Tag and 1000 crores for upgrading #AnnaUniversity and giving it greater autonomy without affecting 69% reservation. It is a conspiracy to hire professors from abroad & frm industry.
It is a conspiracy to allow Anna University to tie up with foreign universities without Union Govt approvals. It is a conspiracy to allow students to study one semester abroad under exchange programs. It is a conspiracy to allow University to offer courses/programs of its choice
without approval frm Delhi. It is a conspiracy to make Anna Univ. free frm UGC inspections. It is a conspiracy to make Anna Univ the first TN State Govt run institution to be awarded IOE tag. It is a conspiracy to do this without changing administrative control from State Govt
State Govt will retain administrative control as at present. Existing reservation of 69% will continue. Both hv been clarified in writing by @EduMinOfIndia .Fees will be decided by State Govt. Yes,TN Govt has 2 make additional financial grants to Anna Univ for next few yrs.
But at the end of the day must all this be viewed as a conspiracy to rob the weaker sections of society of their due? Is it a wily conspiracy to cheat the Tamil people? If you believe it is,you are not very different from bhakts who believe Whatsapp forwards as gospel truth.
Our educational institutions need to get better and truly world Class. Not ONE Indian Univ is in the top 100 of the World University Index rankings.If we can get IOE tag without impacting social justice then we must grab the chance.Think logically.
If admin control was to be taken away from them wd private Institutions like VIT or Amrita Vishwavidyalaya queue up for IOE tag?When the best private Institutions are competing for it why should our Govt. Institutions be deprived of the same?TN Govt must sign up for IOE tag
and allot necessary funds.Not doing so is doing a great disservice to future students of Tamil Nadu &Anna University itself. And pls do not reply saying we are better than Universities in UP and Bihar.For our children Bihar shd NOT be the benchmark.@KPAnbalaganoffl @CMOTamilNadu

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9 Oct
What worries me about #Covid is the feeling we all have that come January the vaccine will become available and that will mean a return to normalcy. We only need to go back and look at the history of vaccines for influenza to realize what a fallacy this is.
Influenza vaccines have been available for over 70 years. The first vaccine was produced in the 1930's. Since then despite advances in our understanding of both viruses and vaccine development the newer vaccines have not been very successful in controlling Influenza.
It is believed that the efficacy rates of most modern Influenza vaccines is anywhere between 40-60%. Each year over 500,000 people die due to Influenza. Issue is not just about the availability of the vaccine. The virus is continuously mutating and so
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28 Sep
Have been talking to farmer representatives in TN over last few days on #FarmBill2020 . Thread...
1. Allowing farmers a choice as to where to sell was long overdue.
2. In TN such a system called Parallel procurement was introduced in 1991-92 when G.Viswanathan was Food Minister
and A.N.Swaminathan was the Secretary. This was welcomed by Central Govt and then PM P V.Narasimha Rao apparently invited them to Delhi to provide inputs for a parallel Procurement program for all of India.
3. Lobbies/Vested interests then got to work .Viswanathan lost his job
and PVN was persuaded to not proceed. However a parallel procurement system in some form ran in TN until 2000.
4. Farmer reps say that the majority of farmers in TN support the Bills. S.Ranganathan, Secy of Cauvery Delta Farmers Assn.told me,farmers want the freedom to sell
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19 Sep
The attempt to remove constraints on farmers as to where they sell their produce should in normal course be welcome. After all any move that could get them a better price shd be good. BUT in India anything privatized or where Govt cedes control means cronyism.
So a few big companies could soon decide among themselves the price and farmers may lose out as the APMC's lose their sheen and MSP goes out of vogue. So even a right step ends up with a wrong result. This is bcos of inherent lack of ethics in our big companies & Govt officials
Over a period of time thanks to the rampant cronyism, free market economics starts to look bad and Govt control over everything starts to look a better option than it really is. Unless cronyism is curbed and true capitalism is able to thrive our economy is doomed to struggle
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14 Sep
We speak about doctors and frontline workers who tested positive.What we aren't realizing is that the majority of them haven't had the illness. Maybe some were undetected but at any rate most haven't been very sick. To attribute this entirely to masks & PPE
seems naive. There are doctors I hv spoken to who say they have been exposed multiple times when masks slipped or when they dealt with patients they didn't know were positive.Some have even had #covid patients cough on their face. They didn't get the infection despite exposure
to high viral loads.Those working in hospitals are the ones exposed to the highest viral loads and most haven't had severe disease. Clearly there is something that renders many people immune to the infection even if they have never had it before.
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12 Sep
For all those saying TN is producing world class doctors it surely is but after they go abroad and get trained.The top doctors at most Corporate hospitals in the State are either trained abroad or have trained at AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER etc.These are the docs our netas go to
The training we get is patchy at best in most Medical Colleges and awful at worst. Bcos there are so few good teachers, doctors mostly learn on the job. When a person comes out with an MBBS he is ill equipped to handle really sick patients.
He or she then learns on the job or during PG by making mistakes that are never detected bcos no one is measuring quality anywhere. Do you know how many cases a doctor has messed up? Abroad you will, at least those who mess up big time. Here they go on & on in practice.
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12 Sep
Dear Students, #NEET is an exam that you can easily conquer. Last year 60,000 students from TN (49%) cleared the exam. Do not be misguided by politicians and media. Parents please don't put pressure on your children. Let them take this like any other exam.
Right now whether we like it or not the NEET exam is scheduled to be held. The way forward now is to encourage students to take it without fear and tell them it is not the be all and end all of their educational career. In no other State has NEET become such a big political issue
CPM ruled Kerala accepts it. So do Congress ruled States. All States have disadvantaged students. The fight against #Neet must not be fought over the dead bodies of our children. Headlining tragic suicides is wrong. Please read about phenomenon of Copycat suicide.
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