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16 Oct, 27 tweets, 15 min read
Catching up on the Biden town hall now. Can't help but notice how often Guthrie on NBC interrupted and pressed Trump. George on ABC was a potted plant. As he was supposed to be. George often interrupted to help Biden make his point better. Pathetic.
Gotta hand it to the guy from Pittsburgh (my home town) asking Biden why he will raise his taxes. Biden's answer was a jumble of fog about plans that didn't answer the question. Oh, and a lie that the dude's taxes wouldn't be raised.
Let's be clear about the differences between the two town halls. Biden got a question from a self-identified "progressive Democrat" from Harrisburg. No "conservative Republican" asked a question to Trump.
Guthrie spent the first 20 minutes grilling Trump. Fine. Even if the Qs were on stupid shit like masks, QAnon, and the 100th time Trump denounced white supremacy. Trump handled the grilling well.
But considering the ENORMOUS stories that broke in the last 24 hours — Hunter Biden leveraging his father's VP post for the purpose of enriching the family — it was incumbent upon George to OPEN with that. He passed, of course. And the subject never came up.
And I noticed during Biden's answer to the "progressive Democrat" question, the old man started to ramble and talk himself into the wilderness. As he does. So George stepped in: "Did you get your question answered?" George was trying to help Biden.
And, because Biden is Biden, he didn't take the help. He rambled on and got deeper into the wilderness. But that didn't stop George from trying to cut Biden off to stop him from rambling. He did it several times.
There are many examples of when a real "town hall" moderator should have challenged Biden the way Guthrie challenged Trump. But, c'mon man! (As Biden says), how can you not challenge his statement that he doesn't want to defund police?
I previously tweeted that a fair dueling town hall set-up demanded that Dana Perino or Bret Baier handle Trump's side. Both would have been tougher than the tongue bath George gave Biden tonight. So ... Hannity handling Trump's town hall would have been most-fair.
DC Swamp Media gets OBSESSED when a politician deviates even a smidge from a previous statement. Biden now says he will give voters his view on SCOTUS packing depending on how the obvious ACB vote goes.
This is after Biden arrogantly said that voters "don't deserve" to know his view on fundamentally changing SCOTUS forever until after the election. An open and arrogant insult. George just lets it pass, allowing Biden to again deny he's for court-packing. 🙄
OMG ... 58 mins into Biden town hall, we get a Q on fracking from a voter from Western PA. And the question is not about sustaining the greatest economic engine for the region since steel's hey day. It's about how to shut it down. LOL. @TheFrackingGuy @JustinTHaskins
@TheFrackingGuy @JustinTHaskins And Biden's answer is about how many jobs he's going to create by shutting down the industry in Western PA. Surely a great comfort. I give credit for George saying many union members don't want fracking shut down. But he let Biden get away with a non-answer.
Props to ABC allowing a genuine conservative ask a question saying Trump deserves credit for his foreign policy with "peace breaking out all over." After brief Q, Biden critiques it dishonestly with no interruptions from George. Of course.
These town halls were more proof that the traditional way of handling public "debates" among our prez candidates is broken and must be discarded. The CPD @debates are done. Especially after the #ScullyLied debacle.
@debates Our legacy media has been in the tank for decades for the Dem side, and social media is, too. So it's time for Thunderdome! #JoeRogan is still young, so this will work for the next cycle, at least, to break this slanted and antiquated structure. @joerogan
@debates @joerogan No more presidential debates "moderated" by our corrupt legacy media. Their day is done. If the candidates can't agree on a true independent — not a fake one like C-SPAN former Biden intern Steve Scully, which the CPD @tried to sneak past us — then it's just 1-on-1.
@debates @joerogan @tried In fact, as much faith as I might have in @joerogan to moderate fairly, his facilitation of a fascinating discussion would not be without bias. Even #JoeRogan would admit that. So let's stop pretending that our media is objective and just get bias on both sides.
@debates @joerogan @tried Let's have presidential debates in which Biden picks his questioner for Trump, and Trump picks his questioner for Biden. The choice of questioners from each side would reveal a lot, even before the debate began. And their performance would reveal even more.
@debates @joerogan @tried Let's say Biden in this cycle picked Rachel Maddow and Trump picked @marklevinshow. That would say a lot at the drop, and we'd see how well each candidate did in judging questioners. The questions they'd pick would reveal a lot to voters about priorities.
@debates @joerogan @tried @marklevinshow Both Maddow and Levin would challenge their political opposites on the questions that ACTUALLY challenge their positions. And we'd see how well each candidate does with those challenges. Right now, only Republican candidates are actually challenged.
@debates @joerogan @tried @marklevinshow Wouldn't you like to see Trump take on Maddow? Shouldn't Biden have to take on Mark Levin? Shouldn't each side have to deal with the arguments of the other? That would be a real debate, and would do a lot more to clarify positions and competence than the rigged game we have now.
@debates @joerogan @tried @marklevinshow We could have parts of the debate in which the candidates question each other, as well, Lincoln/Douglas style. But having an advocate for each side also in the Q mix is a nod to the reality that we don't live in that world anymore. But this is the modern version of it.
@debates @joerogan @tried @marklevinshow Voters would learn so much more about who they are voting for and why with such debate rules. Partisans on both sides would better see what their candidate is made of. And independents would see the true measure of the candidate because he/she was truly challenged.
@debates @joerogan @tried @marklevinshow It would also be GREAT TV. Three runs in Thunderdome, with each side on equal footing. Two candidates enter (with their questioners), one candidate leaves on Election Day.
@debates @joerogan @tried @marklevinshow The legacy media will never go for it, so to hell with them. No more "partnerships" with legacy media. Do this online, and make the networks come to the event, begging to simulcast. It would be on all the networks at once.
@debates @joerogan @tried @marklevinshow Legacy media and antiquated CPD @debates (average age of board member is 71) need to be left behind. Dems still benefit from this broken system, but the next GOP presidential candidate must insist on this. Let's go around the "system," for the good of the American people. /end

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Here's why these national polls are garbage. Same reason the Electoral College matters — and why the framers of our Constitution established that bedrock of republican govt in 1789: so a few big, powerful states of 13 former colonies wouldn't dominate the rest of the nation. 1/8
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But we are "living in fear," or at least we live in a society of fear at present. The percentage of fatalities from this pandemic will be about what it is from similar ones. And unlike 1918 Spanish Flu, which killed the young, this one is only deadly to the old and infirm. 1/
Almost all the college kids who get COVID show no symptoms, but we act like (for them) as if they have Ebola. But the vast, vast majority of them will be fine. And even help achieve herd immunity, which is the only real weapon against a coronavirus. 2/
If this was Ebola, we'd have isolated the sick, not the healthy. This is the first time we've ever done that, and the economic damage has been incalculable. Many thousands of people have had cancer get worse because we are "living in fear." They will die now. What about them? 3/
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First post-COVID #lockdown haircut, three months in waiting. (You don't want to see the before photo.) Talking to my hairdresser was a new window into the pointless panic our gov't has inflicted on people over #COVID. 1/
Before I could enter the chain hair-cutting place, I had my temperature taken, and was asked if I had been sick, had a cough, or was sneezing a lot lately. I answered, truthfully, “no” to all questions. “OK. We’ll be right with you and let you know when you can come in.” 2/
Just at that moment (because it was in the 70s yesterday and the 90s today in Illinois) my nose was running from allergies. In a rush, I went back to my car to blow my nose. Whew! Mask on, I entered, and was invited to sit on the single chair in corner. 3/
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12 Feb
1/ Holy crap. Just heard on Fox that Bloomberg has already spent $350 million on his campaign. That’s insane! All that 💸 and he's a zero in the early Dem primaries. After he buys his way on the Dem debate stage, Bernie will certainly tear into him for that.

This just highlights America's stupid campaign finance laws designed to "get money out of politics." [Thanks, John McCain - and W for not vetoing that stupid bill.] Money will never be out of politics.
3/ And our campaign finance laws totally distort our politics, but not in the way the leftist crusaders think it does. At least it's "fully disclosed" who is funding Bloomberg's campaign. He's doing it, just like Trump largely did - at least in the GOP primaries.
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2 Feb
1/ THREAD: If Koch thinks Trump could lose but GOP could still keep the Senate, he’s nuts. If Bernie or Warren win, it’s a socialist revolution and there is no saving the Senate. cnb.cx/2GIeSPt.

But both Bernie and Liz have come out for a national ban on fracking, which means they can kiss Western PA (and probably the whole state) as well as Ohio goodbye. So Trump is going to win, by a bigger margin than in 2016.
3/ I think the Koch Network has been totally out of step with what’s going on, and it’s a class thing.
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14 Aug 19
Simple solution for @pgatour and a way to make it still a gentleman's game. Empower marshals/rules officials to keep serious time. 1/ -> Randall's Rant: Enough slow play; golf must act now to accelerate the game golfchannel.com/news/randalls-…
@PGATOUR This is a sport, after all. You gotta deal with the natural elements, and now a pretty strict time rule (hopefully). Players tee off. Never a serious delay there as they wait for group to clear. SMACK 2/
@PGATOUR In almost every situation, a pro gets to his ball while the group in front is still on the green. Plenty of time (several minutes) to assess the lie, converse with caddy on strategy, and pick a club *before group clears*. Marshal's stopwatch starts once he sees green clear. 3/
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