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To all the media outlets around the 🌏, I know you see all the Anti lockdown & Vaccine Passport protest in #Canada, #Australia, #UK, #France & in #Italy, but you won't cover it b/c your masters won't let you. it's ok cause eventually you won't be able to ignore it.
#london #londonprotests #VaccinePassports #lockdown
#milan #Italy #VaccinePassports
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Links between the organisers &groups behind anti-#lockdown protests are VERY interesting.
Project Veritas is a far-right political dirty tricks operation &disinformation group linked to ultraconservative Republicans, mercenary head Erik Prince, a former MI-6 spy, &is well funded.
The right wing dirty tricks group #ProjectVeritas is cozy with Murdoch’s SkyNews:
“Isn’t it interesting how these revelations from Project Veritas are only being carried on Sky News Australia after dark and also in America on Fox News.”…
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Nochmal: Es ist so absolut offensichtlich, dass es hier nicht um eine gefährliche #Pandemie, ein tödliches Virus mit hoher Letalitätsrate geht, sondern um völlig anderes, wofür #SarsCoV2 #Covid19 nur Vorwand ist. #Panikmache #Propaganda #Manipulation #Bureg #btw21
- #Risikogruppen können sich selbst effektiv schützen (AHA und/oder freiwillige Impfung).
- #LongCovid ist ein Mythos. Stabile Immunisierung, Herdenimmunität durch Infektion: 80% milde bis symptomlose Verläufe.
- #Schweden zeigt nach wie vor, dass es ohne restriktive Maßnahmen,
#Maskenpflicht, #Testpflicht, #lockdown, #Impfpflicht etc. sehr gut geht.
- #Kinder, #Jugendliche, junge, nicht vorerkrankte Menschen sind nicht gefährdet, brauchen diese Impfung nicht.
- Widerlegt wurde, dass Impfung zuverlässig schützt, dass Geimpfte nicht ansteckend sind,
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#McAfee #WHACKD…
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🦠 A metà giugno, in Europa, i #VacciniCovid avevano già salvato almeno 113.000 vite.

A dircelo sono i dati ufficiali sull'eccesso di mortalità, se solo li leggiamo con le lenti corrette.

Un thread sulla più spettacolare "inversione di mortalità" in Europa di sempre.🧵
Da tempo #EuroMoMo pubblica i dati sull'eccesso di mortalità, per 23 paesi europei (inclusi i più grandi: Italia, UK, Germania, Francia, Spagna, ...) e Israele.

In tanti li abbiamo usati per descrivere la pandemia, in tutta la sua tragicità.…
Quello che però quasi nessuno sembra aver ancora fatto è guardare all'eccesso di mortalità suddiviso per classe d'età.

Non lo abbiamo fatto perché fino a febbraio 2021 ci diceva una cosa banale: che la pandemia uccideva soprattutto le persone più anziane.
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Yesterday, during a mammoth BBC TV interview, #DominicCummings said that anyone who was sure that #Brexit was a good idea had a screw loose. And then he went on to say that he thought Brexit was a good idea and was pleased that it had happened. Watch and share 1-minute video.
This time last year, #DominicCummings told an unbelieving nation that during the #Covid #lockdown he went for a drive just so he could test his #eyesight. Many of us then thought something was missing. Now we can be sure.
#DominicCummings had a lot to say for himself. But one question #LauraKuenssberg didn’t ask him is if he supports #democracy. Obviously, he doesn’t. He thinks it’s in his gift and power, not ours, not Parliament’s, to make or break, appoint or unappoint, a Prime Minister.
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1. Both #Boris & #DominicCummings wrong

Yes most deaths were over 80s who only just survived last mild #FluSeason

And wouldn't have survived next if lived that long

Death rates January to March 2020 & January to June 2021 BELOW 5 year average

And death rate 2020 only 4th.....
2. Population & age adjusted death rate for 2020 only 4th highest this century

ie THREE years since Millennium had HIGHER death rates WITHOUT #COVID1984

And EVERY year in 20th century had a higher death rate than 2020

And fatality rate FAR lower than SARS & MERS #CoronaViruses
3. No one dreamed of #LockingDown or even #MaskingUp FOR #SARS or #MERS

Despite much higher #FatalityRates

Or #ProfFerguson's wild scaremongering

But #LockDown will kill far more than #COVID1984 long term

But will kill young parents & breadwinners

Not old at death's door
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THREAD: Unfortunately, a new #lockdown means a sharp, inevitable rise in #domesticviolence suffered by women and children. ⁣

We have pulled together a Safety Planning Handbook for victim-survivors. Please share this where you can, we don’t know who it may help. 💜⁣ Image
THREAD: Having a code word allows you to raise the alarm to family, friends, carers, or support workers without putting yourself in even more danger.

#quarantine #dv #domesticabuse Image
THREAD: Notifying a trusted neighbour can allow them to alert the police if they hear any fighting coming from your home.

#SydneyLockdown #COVID19nsw #domesticviolence Image
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#SupremeCourt reproaches the #Kerala Govt over #lockdown relaxations owing to #Bakrid. SC calls it shocking state of affairs that the state government gave in to pressure groups.
SC adds affidavit by the #Kerala Govt is alarming & doesn't in real manner safeguards right to life guaranteed to all the citizens of #India.
#SupremeCourt underlines if there is any spread of the infection due to the relaxations by the #Kerala Govt owing to #Bakrid, any person can bring it to the notice of the court which will then take appropriate action.
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“Contagion”: How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses⁉️…
HORRIFIC! – FIVE Jet Blue Airlines Pilots DEAD, Media Intentionally Hiding Vaxx Fears‼️…
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The Health and Care Bill

* Scraps Gov responsibility to Healthcare
* Extends waiting time from 18 to 52 weeks
* Lets Tory Ministers control local NHS spending
* Makes #NHSPrivatisation certain

Act now

RT #ScrapNHSBill to MPs to stop #ToryCorruption #SaveTheNHS for our children The Conservative Party is trying to privatise our NHS by vot
Boris Johnson's #Covid_19 policy poses a 'danger to the World', international scientists warn. We have lost 152,856 of our loved ones.

And now the Conservative Party are trying to bring in #NHSPrivatisationBill. It's so close. After its third reading it will become law. Act now.
We spent £37 Billion on #TestandTrace and Tory MPs are going to #DeleteTheApp to avoid pre-holiday quarantine.

Our own MPs. Who are passing a law for #NHSPrivatisation, who won't give NHS workers a #NHSPay15 pay rise but just clap.

They will put our NHS under greater pressure.
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Ontario Canada: "The world's longest #lockdown will come to an end next week" (Step 3, July 16/21).

No. It's not over.

New chief medical officer of health, Dr Kieran Moore makes clear #endemic state will emerge in fall w/ Ont. "doing all the due diligence to prepare." Image
Let's explore numbers behind "world's longest #lockdown", Ont., Canada. Gov't of Ontario website updated July 11, 2021.

"Active cases" in Ont. as of July 11 2021 under 20 yrs of age: 0

Deaths under 20 w/ #COVID19 - 3.

Estimated pop. of Ontario: approx. 14.73 million people. Image
Under 20 yrs:

Jan 15 2020 to July 11 2021:

Resolved cases: 68, 280

Active cases: 0

Deaths (WITH #covid19): 3

[Keeping in mind that Covid tests are inaccurate (false positives) & largely meaningless as testing positive can mean mild to no symptoms whatsoever.] Image
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1/ #PrimeMinister & #HealthSecretary,

I just want to clarify how I can keep myself & my family safe from the #COVID19 surge in cases in our area?

I live & work in Newcastle, where cases are now well > 800 per 100,000, a real #COVIDHotSpot!

@BorisJohnson @sajidjavid
2/ How do you suggest advice to “proceed with caution” & “remain vigilant” will stop my #NHS colleagues & I from succumbing to #COVID19 as frontline HCWs regularly exposed to #coronavirus, now that 😷s are OPTIONAL in many places & virtually all restrictions will end in 7/7?
3/ Which exact bit of your roadmap/unlocking is still “following the science”?

The science that quite clearly says the best way to protect both health AND the economy PLUS prevent new #covidvariants arising is to KEEP COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION & CASES LOW?
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1/ #JohnsonAndJavid - a grim tale of ego & ambition driven ideology combined w/ lethal ignorance & #WorldBeating serial incompetence. @MattHancock was just the warm up act.

#Covid19UK is a grotesque & callous population “cull” without care or compassion for those most affected.
2/ #WilfulNegligence no longer adequately describes their modus operandi.

Everything about this phase is DELIBERATE…PLANNED…CALCULATED.
3/ Every life lost to or affected by #COVID19 in this #3rdWave is in the “reasonable collateral damage” group, chosen by the most brutal & self-serving government of my lifetime.

#HerdImmunityByInfection a strategy enabled by complicit medical/scientific advisors & a woeful MSM.
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I strongly urge all #scientists to return to their laboratories and conduct thorough #research on the topics within their purview.

#Health policy and #restriction decisions are the responsibility of the government and must consider multiple factors. 🇬🇧
#COVID19 #lockdown
In my opinion, Lancet did very poorly to publish the document accessible from the link:…

This is undue political pressure on the #UK government to try to prevent a return to normal life.
While I understand the scientists' concerns, it must be strongly stated that a #pandemic is not forever! 🤞🍀

#Vaccination of the UK population will provide adequate protection. 🛡️
#SARSCoV2 #healthcare #Health
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"I work in a specialist cancer centre.

I have seen patients pulled off chemo regimens half way through or not started at all because of Covid... otherwise curable patients now terminal.

The cancer tsunami coming will make Covid look like a walk in the park...

2/ "I work in a specialist cancer centre.

I have seen patients who have been pulled off chemo regimens half way through or not started on them at all because of Covid.

Unsurprisingly their cancers have progressed and in some cases they are now sadly palliative.
3/ "Lots of late diagnoses are now coming through - patients that would have been curable are now terminal.

Lots of DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) forms in patient notes that would never have even been discussed before this mass hysteria took hold.
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1/ THREAD – Il caos scatena tempeste... Image
2/ Fatto: #Israele è il Paese che più velocemente ha vaccinato la popolazione (siero usato: #Pfizer). Pochi giorni fa, proprio Israele avvisava (via Min. Salute) che, nonostante il vaccino, i casi sono in aumento precisando però che la cosa riguarda i contagi e NON i ricoveri. Image
3/ Dunque in #Israele (popolaz. largamente vaccinata con #Pfizer) risalgono i contagi (dovuti alla variante #Delta, ci dicono) ma non i ricoveri. D'un tratto,però, nemmeno due giorni fa, la situazione precipita e si inizia a parlare di protezione ridotta anche contro i casi gravi ImageImage
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Mit dem Virus leben ohne #Lockdown.

Forderung einer Minderheit? Nein.

Nicht, weil die, die das sagen, in Wirklichkeit eine "ungehörte Mehrheit" wären – das wäre eine unbewiesene Behauptung.

Sondern weil es keine Forderung ist, sondern eine Beschreibung der Realität.

Wir *können* nicht jeden Winter einen Lockdown mit geschlossenen #Schulen und #Restaurants, #Ausgangssperre etc. machen, ganz unabhängig davon, dass wir bei vielen Maßnahmen keine #Evidenz für ihre Wirksamkeit haben.

Aber selbst wenn sie allesamt hervorragend wirkten: Keine Gesellschaft hält das dauerhaft aus.

Es ist dann irgendwann auch völlig egal, was Karl Lauterbach, Klaus Stöhr, Viola Priesemann oder Wolfgang Kubicki oder sonstewer dazu sagen.

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#HAITI Investigation Underway Into Assassination of Haiti's President | 13 HOURS AGO
- Gunmen assassinated Haitian President Jovenel #Moïse and wounded his wife in their home early Wednesday, inflicting more chaos on the unstable Caribbean country.…
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@destatis veröffentlicht nun monatlich Daten zu den Todesursachen und liefert so aktueller wichtige Informationen zur Beurteilung der Gesundheitslage. Mit den Daten von 2020 können gleich zwei #Querdenker-Mythen relativiert werden 1/3
Mythos 1: man stirbt mit und nicht an #COVID19. Wie andere Studien auch, zeigen auch diese Daten, dass bei über 80% #Corona das Grundleiden war, die Personen also an #COVID19 gestorben sind @AndreasShrugged @MKreutzfeldt 2/3
Mythos 2: der #Lockdown und die weiteren Maßnahmen gegen #Corona führen zu einem Anstieg an #Suiziden, die Zahl an Selbstmorden ist im Gegenteil von rund 9.000 auf 8.500 gesunken. @APeichl ob die Zahlen die Diskussion versachlichen, ich hoffe es. @destatis 3/3
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"I volunteered for the Nightingale Hospitals but was never needed...

...but I’ve watched patients become so unwell due to being too frightened to come into hospital or due to treatments being delayed…

🧵 [Thread]
2/ "I've been a nurse for ten years and now work as a specialist in heart failure.

At the start of Covid we had to suspend all outpatient services, a few of my team stayed to perform telephone clinics and man the phones for patients but the rest of us went up to the wards.
3/ "We created a new coronary care unit staffed by specialists so that the current unit could be turned into high dependency to allow it to take more ventilated patients.
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#COVID19 - #GreatReset Thread

They say #WEF was founded to promote the concept to serve not only shareholders but all stakeholders of a company to achieve long-term growth and prosperity.

Why then when important decisions are taken in Davos, we only find CEOs and politicians?
They say #coronavirus pandemic is our defining moment - we will be dealing with its fallout for years, and many things will change forever. If you're pondering when things will get back to NORMAL, their "short answer is NEVER". It will be a "before cv (BC) & after cv (AC) era".
This is not the first time a tinkering of our TIME is being attempted. During the Council of Nicaea a monk named Dionysius Exiguus of Scythia Minor introduced the AD system, counting the years since the birth of Christ. Now #KlausSchwab introduces Before CV (BC) & AFTER CV (AC).
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The #UttarakhandHighCourt to hear a batch of #Covid-19 PILs.

Matter being heard by a bench of the #ChiefJustice and Justice Alok Kumar Verma.
Chief: If you read the newspapers, the reports are alarming.

We had 25,000 tourists coming to Nainital on the weekend. No one is wearing masks, hardly anyone uses sanitisers because sanitisers are not being provided.

#UttarakhandHighCourt #Covid19
Chief: Why are we not adhering to the Centre’s instructions?

#DeltaPlus variant is on the rise and the #thirdwave will strike us by second week of August according to WHO.
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"Poor process meant many clean wards became infectious as patients were moved before test results back…

Track and trace app forbidden in the hospital for fear of whole teams isolating…."

Thread 🧵
2/ "Throughout the pandemic the guidance on PPE changed several times, not for our safety but due to supply and what was available at the time.

Rest rooms and canteen occupancy cut by 75% and it was weeks before they opened up any other places to have lunch (one was the morgue!)
3/ "People went outside to eat and were disciplined for not being distanced enough. I saw other nurses perched on window ledges in the corridor trying to eat.

During the heat of the summer fans were banned and people were fainting and dehydrating due to being wrapped in plastic.
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