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Maybe I’ll listen and live tweet this 🗑️🔥
Off to a great start with @joerogan wearing a "Black Rifle Coffee Company" shirt for this RFK Jr. interview.
Rogan says that if "The Real Anthony Fauci" book were not true, Kennedy would have been sued. REALITY: The book promotes unproven Covid treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Kennedy also misinterprets scientific papers. The book is not based on science/fact.
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#JoeRogan @joerogan and @DrAseemMalhotra misled you again, willfully, on vaccine myocarditis and statins, on the Joe Rogan show. Here, I explain how. 🧵
#vaccineswork #myocarditis #HeartDisease
One part of his presentation focuses on statins, and the controversy surrounding his project with Abramson/ Malhotra et al about the risk/ benefit ratio of statins. As a quick recap, statins are intended to lower cholesterol, and Malhotra's position is that...
as many people as possible should stop their statins and focus on exercise. This narrative is as usual based upon distortions of the evidence, and normal cardiologists don't need to distort the evidence to make their point.
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That is the question. I'm a Scouser with Scottish, Irish & Gypsy blood. That's not a question I need to ask myself. I will hold a grudge for this life and the next. I will curse your children and your children's children.

However... Image
...for more well adjusted, emotionally mature and even spiritually evolved beings, forgiveness is divine. With that in mind, I NEED you all to watch this @jimmy_dore segment featuring an incredibly moving statement by @joerogan and also extremely powerful words by Jimmy himself.
For those of us who managed to retain our senses & memory of high school level immunological scientific principles & for whatever reason were immune to the #MassFormation #MassHypnosis & #MassPsychosis #CoronaPanic phenomenon, we were maligned by not only casual acquaintances...
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An opportunity was lost with the collapse of the #IntellectualDarkWeb. Logic only travels so far in the absence of social trust, and building trust rich social networks across tribes is extremely hard to do.

This is part of what I argued to #SamHarris
We live in an era of echo chambers. I won't listen to your information because I don't trust your sources, because I see them as being ill-motivated and not just potentially wrong.

Wherever you stand on voter fraud, the Covid vaccine (both of which Sam and I get in to...)
...there is a need to sustain the attention of vastly different thinking people on a singular topic where information is being discussed that conflicts with their biases.

Most of us can listen to such information if it is coming from someone whose intentions we trust. If not...
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[1 of 3]

Joe Rogan responds to entrenched cult-like sentiments of people who double down on the promotion of recent Clinical Trials.

[2 of 3]

“The idea that you wouldn’t be upset that you were duped into injecting actual poison when you were thinking that this was somehow gonna save people and save the world is so insane”
[3 of 3]
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- #JoeRogan

- Mark Zuckerberg in surprise three-hour interview on controversial show

- #JoeRogan

- Rogan has been a lightning rod since his Joe Rogan Experience, the world’s most popular podcast, was bought by Spotify in a $100m deal.

- #JoeRogan

- Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who oversees Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and the Metaverse, is making a surprise appearance as a guest on controversial podcast host Joe Rogan’s latest show.… Image
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🚨Important thread 🧵

major collection of wisdom

You must dig to apply the knowledge you can gain

#FlatEarth #Christians #Jesus #christ #Truth #Trump #elon #elonmusk #joerogan

Hearts electromagnetic field

Important to understand how valuable this is.

Water 💨🧊💧and frequency amplitude reveal precise geometric expressions ❄️ of the Aether

Sound and light are the same, waves, distorted descriptions manipulate the unity.


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A quick 🧵 thread 🧵explaining why I believe $MRI will be the #1 traded #memecoin in 2022… 👇🏽
1. The Team : $MRI dev team has made it clear that Actions, speak louder than words.

They rallied a community of #Crypto investors OVER NIGHT towards one vision. #FightingForFighters Image
2. Community : in under a week the $MRI holder count went from 0-4000.

The $MRI Fighters have been attacking Twitter aggressively, making $MRI one of the most mentioned coins next to $LOOKS & $MCC

Let’s not forget, organically Trending on @DEXToolsApp every day since Launch. Image
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Sollte man das sogenannte N Wort nicht sagen?

#JoeRogan entschuldigt sich. Zu Recht?

Ich möchte gegen das Sprachtabu argumentieren.
1) Die psychologische Begründung

Die Diskurse von Kolonialismus, Sklaverei, Nationalsozialismus und anderen menschenverachtenden Systemen haben eine Vielzahl von Wörtern hevorgebracht, die mit schlimmster Herabsetzung, Misshandlung und Mord verbunden sind. Um die Erinnerung ...
an diese Verbrechen wachzuhalten (und auch den gegenwärtigen diskriminierenden Gebrauch dieser Wörter zu kritisieren), muss es möglich sein, die Wörter in Wissenschaft, Literatur, Journalismus, Kunst, Comedy und musealen Dokumentationen zu verwenden - in allen Kontexten, die ...
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A crise do Spotify ilustra bem minha posição pouco simpática relacionada a opinião de "#influencers" detonando a credibilidade de negócios.

As respostas inadequadas ao mercado na voz do CEO Daniel Ek tem oferecido praticamente nenhuma chance de solução sem perdas para a empresa.
A carta de #DanielEk aos funcionários do #Spotify foi a gota d'água para transbordar o balde.

Desde 2017 nado contra a corrente do "culto ao valor do influencer" e seu alcance para a construção de marcas, um mantra das #DNVB.
Sem medo de me repetir: TODOS os players online -incluindo #Spotify-, que suportam OPINIÃO sem curadoria são responsáveis pelos danos causados pelos influencers desqualificados.
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More on #Rogan, #Spotify blah blah blah

Where were we?

Oh yes. Cancel culture. It’s not real.

No one has lost their livelihood or been denied a livelihood due to an unruly Internet mob.

Can folks sometimes rush to judgment without having all the facts? Sure.

But what is usually labeled #cancelculture is just the hard fact of accountability in a society. Of their being repercussions for bad acts, and yes, for bad speech.

It’s a good thing.

Back to being open to opposing viewpoints and the theory that the best response to speech we disagree with being counter-speech, more speech, robust debate.

I used to believe that was always the case. I believed it when I graduated from Law School.

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My thoughts on and learnings from the continued conversations around the Joe Rogan, Spotify, Neil Young story including ‘tribalism, de-platforming, free speech, boycotts and battling disinformation.

It’s been both frustrating and fascinating to watch the Spotify/Joe Rogan/Neil Young story and the discussions around it wind it’s way through our society.

So many critically important and complex social, cultural, and legal issues are crammed up in there:

COVID, vaccines and anti-vaxxers, what to do about disinformation, tensions between (lower case) free speech and public health or other concerns, how or whether we assess racist or sexist or homophobic speech on private platforms;

#JoeRogan #Spotify #NeilYoung

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This was sent to me in an email earlier regarding the attack on #JoeRogan. I want to share it with you all and give credit to the guys who put together the pieces.

It’s a copy & paste but y’all get the overall point. Thread 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
This is a professional political attack. Three waves one right after the other is not a coincidence. Good spacing, good timing, so it's absolutely professional.

But who was it you ask?
The video compilation of Rogan saying the n-word was dropped by “patriottskes” 6 days ago. You see the video in the tweet in pic 1, (at the bottom) and patriottakes takes credit for "republishing" the information in picture two.
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This is a long thread... There's a very simple formula for making a post about contentious topics. Take an extreme stance--one way or another--and 50% of the people will support you. Posting about @joerogan these days fits the bill. #JoeRogan
Of course I'll break that wise rule and in the process of doing so, I'll probably upset everybody looking for a black-or-white take on the world.
On one hand, I disagree with lots of the choices Joe has made both in terms of the way he handled some topics and the kind of guests he has invited. I'll skip the specifics because they are tedious, and will try to make a more general point.
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#thread Racists & misogynists attacking me for exposing #JoeRogan's racism think this is my first rodeo w/MAGA misogyny. These are all from @micharcaputo when I called him out for lying under oath to Cong & exploiting his daughters for $. He thought he could get me to kill myself ImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/08/2022…
Airborne DNA From Plants Could Reveal Invasive Species, Impact Of Climate Change - WorldNewsEra…

#AirborneDNA, #PlantDNA, #InvasiveSpecies, #ClimateChange, #impact
The Mainstream Media Is Losing The Fight Of Its Life...All Thanks To Joe Rogan…

#MainStreamMedia, #JoeRogan, #ContentCreation, #FreePress, #IndependentJournalism
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Vaping Down Tobacco Road With Dr. Robert Malone (and his wife). #JoeRogan
Oh yeah, Callahan is big on tobacco vaccines too. ImageImage
Callahan using genetic mutant mosquitos that “drive or accelerate evolution” known as “gene drive” mutations in Africa may have been introduced in the Corona Bats in China as well. Along with the Chimeric Mutator Protein insertions, what could possibly go wrong? Image
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1/ Two quick clips from Bannon's War Room today:
Dr. Malone and Mass Formation Psychosis…
2/ Dr. Malone on Bannons War Room podcast today: "The federal policies are an abject failure."
#Pfizer #Vaccines #Omicron #Vaxxed #Variants #Covid…
3/ Here is the 8 hour broadcast by doctors with a New York Beth Din (Jewish law) in 2021. In the Joe Rogan show, Malone explained WHY the rabbis are concerned about the vaccines: +
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If you've just watched #JoeRogan interview #DrPeterMcCullough and done your own research / fact check
also true
clip cued up at

18:03 " fauci said "
sounds familiar huh?
lets end this for good
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WH liason, Peter Navarro, called Peter McCullough because hydroxychloroquine, which reduced replication of SARS CoV1, was being blocked for release. We had stockpiles. "Rick Bright and others seem to be colluding to block [Hydroxychloroquine].."
"Plant was burned down,"
and mercenaries were involved.
This is explosive.
This is why Democrats rallied around [Bill Gates & WHO -affiliated] Rick Bright, and submitted a "whistleblower" report. He's suing the govt for money! YOUR $$.
See below.
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Amazing @MikhailaAleksis Peterson had @slsatel & I talk about the opioid crisis, govs failed response💊

Mass patient abandonment via Opioid Prohibition🤯
#chronicpain #opioidcrisis #Dopesick #DopesickHulu #crime #JordanPeterson #JoeRogan @jordanbpeterson
In this interview @MikhailaAleksis:
Why are patients being abandoned en mass?

How did the opioid crisis happen?
Why are all efforts by public health failing?
@joerogan @dr4liberty @GhanaboyPharmd @sullydish @bdomenech @wil_da_beast630 @brad_polumbo @LPNH
We had 100K overdose deaths in 2021,
despite opioid prescriptions being at historic lows

Millions suffering & dying needlessly
How F#$% did this happen?😠
@ConceptualJames @thehoffather @bernybelvedere @SonnyBunch @CathyYoung63 @chadfelixg @DrewHolden360
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Saagar Enjeti claims the public health syst is contributing to "anti-vax" sentiment across the country. And at 5:08 in this vid, he attacks me. His claim? Masks & social distancing aren't key to lowering #COVID19 risk, mixed messages frm @CDCgov suck.
2/ Enjeti calls me "anti-science".
Self-described "populist right" advocate -- a politics buff, not a scientist or MD.…
He has never been a fan of masking and social distancing, and he argues that the plateau we've reached, downturn in many States..
3/ due to the #COVID19 #vaccines.
He blames @POTUS @CDCgov & #TonyFauci for mixed messages leading people to opt for masks etc instead of vax.
The problems w/his argument are many. 1: There is a large overlap between anti-maskers & anti-vaxers. In Dec2020 polls it was..
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Catching up on the Biden town hall now. Can't help but notice how often Guthrie on NBC interrupted and pressed Trump. George on ABC was a potted plant. As he was supposed to be. George often interrupted to help Biden make his point better. Pathetic.
Gotta hand it to the guy from Pittsburgh (my home town) asking Biden why he will raise his taxes. Biden's answer was a jumble of fog about plans that didn't answer the question. Oh, and a lie that the dude's taxes wouldn't be raised.
Let's be clear about the differences between the two town halls. Biden got a question from a self-identified "progressive Democrat" from Harrisburg. No "conservative Republican" asked a question to Trump.
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