Woke people are liars.

They are blatant hypocrites. Always. Every time. Without exception.

The only reason she wants to "end civility" is when she wants to drag someone or do her bullying

If she gets dragged she will cry "this is harassment" and play victim.

Everything they do is like this. All of it.

All the little rules and conventions they try to make us adopt are just they attempts at making social rules that allow them to bully people. That's it.
Every one of their silly little social expectations, all their social memes are just attempts at justifying their power moves, treating people badly, or excusing their terrible behavior.
And all of it is laced with bitterness and resentment.

All of it...
"stay in your lane"
"Get educated"
"emotional labor"
"White tears"
"fuck civility"
"the audacity"
"Listen and believe"
"check your priviledge"
"take up space"
"read the room"
"White fragility"
"rethink this"
"This isn't a good look"
Woke Social Justice activists have created an entire dictionary's worth of social jargon as a way to cover up their power moves and justify their horrible treatment of other people.

It's as simple as that.
And they do this while engaging in the snarkiest, most passive-aggressive "Mean Girls" style bullying you can imagine.

They complain about "microaggressions" while they use every underhanded social maneuver you can think of get try to get one over on well meaning people
The entitlement is astonishing and surpassed only by the arrogance. They claim your ignorant, demand you get educated, talk down you as if you are stupid, and then act like they have done you a favor and demand you pay for the privilege of being treated like garbage.
And if you don't agree they have entire vocabulary dedicated to why you can possibly be disagreeing in good faith:
"White fragility"
"toxic Masculinity"
"implicit bias"

And I could go on, and on, and on

It's all so tired.
They go looking for things to be offended by and upset about so they can put on the cloak of victimhood and indignation and use it to grab power, usually by posting about it on social media for clout.
The result is that these people have the most elaborate set of social delicacies to be put into use since Victoria was on the throne.
I could go to Buckingham palace for tea with the queen and have fewer social delicacies to worry about then when talking with a woke feminist.
And it all exists for no reason other then to give them an excuse to pile on unsuspecting people who mess up.


Dismiss it. Rudely. And when they complain about that, and they will, just smile and say "civility is complicity"

and let them stew in the irony.


• • •

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Today Mazie Hirono said the term "sexual preference" is offensive. @SteveKrak showed as of September 28 Merriam-Webster didn't say it was offensive, but today it does say that.
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To understand why Social Justice (woke) advocates think the way they do, you need to understand that they have been completely poisoned with cynicism.

This is why they act like they "see right through your bullshit" even when you are being 100% honest.

Let me explain:
When I say poisoned with cynicism, I mean that woke people have adopted a worldview that says that the words and actions of other people are not to be trusted or taken at face value:
This means that the woke view every conversation or discussion with a person who disagrees with them like it is a conversation with a dishonest car salesman, and the goal is to unmask the "real motives" of the other person.

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This guy says anyone who doesn't agree with him is just dying to say the n-word.

Professors like this destory their fields of study because if ever a colleage disagrees with them, they accuse that colleague of hidden motives and arguing in bad faith...
If you're a moderate like me and have to take a class with a prof who acts like this, avoid getting noticed and avoid unecessary contact.

You don't need his mentorship or connections. There will be other mentors, I promise. He can't help you, and even if he could he won't...
he would just destroy your reputation with rumour and innuendo. Enforcing absolute political agreement and making sure everyone is as woke as he is is is first priority; medieval history is a very distant second place.

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The woke are trying to take over every business.

Companies like Coinbase and Trader Joes that reject wokeness thrive; companies like Yelp and Spotify that don't face backlash and woke employee revolts.

So, resisting woke take over tactics in your organization,

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The first thing to realize is the woke want to take every institution we have, whether it is a school, church, business or non-profit organization, and turn them all into vehicles for spreading wokeness.

They want every institution in society to preach their ideology.
The woke want wokeness to be baked into every single bit of culture that gets produced. So every movie must have a woke message, every song a woke theme, every church a woke sermon, every school a woke curriculum, and every sports league must have woke messages in the arena.
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The same updates from the same doctor
The same videos of Trump
The same photos of Trump
The same available facts...

Two totally different conclusions

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Each side has a story they want you to believe. So they take the available information, slice it up and edit it into clips, soundbites, and images; then they cherry pick the bits they like and reassemble them in a way that tells the story they want you to hear
Editing allows them to add or remove information, change the context, and decide which facts they want to FOCUS on (IE: using closeups to show one thing while leaving other things out of the frame).
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It's postmodernism mixed with critical theory. The only thing it takes directly from Marxism is conflict theory.

Wokeness/Social Justice is not Marxism. The only thing it takes from Marxism is conflict theory. The rest comes from Critical Theory and Postmodernism. To say Social Justice is Marxism is like comparing the current Ford Mustang to the 1930's Model T, or a computer to an abacus...
We are dealing with something new, abd acting as though we can treat it the way we treat Marxism is a huge mistake.

Social Justice and Postmodernism will eat us for breakfast if we do that.
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