1) Incredible press conference today by Midland, Texas, Mayor Patrick Payton about what the mayor calls a long campaign by Guo Wengui (aka Miles Kwok or Miles Guo) of "harassment" to "terrorize" @BobFu4China.

Excerpts of Mayor Payton's comments follow.
2) Mayor Payton: "These are people who have been bought and paid for by Miles Kwok and those … associated with the Communist Party of China…. These people are bought and paid for, as you’ve already seen. They’re very well trained…."
3) Mayor Payton: "All of this noise, everything that is happening in front of Pastor Fu’s house is directly tied to Xi Jinping in China. Make no mistake about this. All of this makes its way all the way up to the head of China, into the Communist Party."
4) Mayor Payton: "All the noise and all the threats you see on Youtube and Twitter from Miles Kwok [Miles Guo] are all in his service and his commitment to the regime of Xi."
5) Mayor Payton: "They are out to create a diversion and to attack Pastor Bob Fu all in the name of the fact that the Chinese government, the Communist Party, Xi Jinping hate Bob Fu and what he does and for liberty…."
6) Mayor Payton: "All this noise of Pastor Fu being a fake pastor and an agent of Communist China is all smoke and mirrors while Kwok and his clan terrorize Bob Fu."
7) Mayor Payton says Guo Wengui's people make threats against him personally and against the city:

"They make threats against me. They make threats against this city. They make threats against our law enforcement. All of this is in service to the Communist Party."
8) Mayor Payton: "this has nothing to do with anything other than attacking and terrorizing someone who the Chinese Communist Party, under Xi’s leadership, despise, because of what a threat he is to who they are and what they do."
9) Mayor Payton: "The people we can see with our eyes today are not the real enemy. The real enemies are the ones making videos and posting them on YouTube and Twitter, and the real enemy is still the Communist Party of Xi Jinping in China who wants Bob Fu done away with.”
10) "There are people there who do want Bob Fu eliminated," Mayor Payton says. "But they aren’t the protesters. “They’ve been hired to do a protesting job. These are not the ones that we should probably afraid of...."
11) "... but there are others, that we haven’t been able to see, that we can’t see, that we’re worried about that might be in Miles Kwok’s gang and might be people who would come into town," Mayor Payton says.
12) Mayor Payton continues: "We haven’t seen those, we have no reason to believe those type of people are here. But make no mistake about it, on that second note, Bob Fu is correct, that there are multiple people who would like to see his life ended." @BobFu4China
13) Mayor Payton calls on citizens to contact their representatives in Washington:

"“Please do something in Washington DC to get President Trump or Vice President Pence, or even Pompeo to say something to the Chinese there in Washington to see that this has to stop.” @SecPompeo
14) Mayor Payton:

"He [Miles Kwok/Guo Wengui] seems to be by all indications the ringleader of every action. And when he posts his video, the flag that’s behind him is the flag that all these protesters are holding behind themselves as well."
15) Mayor Payton says the feds are watching Guo and his operatives:

“I cannot answer in the positive or the negative of what the federal government has done at this time, but I can assure you that at multiple levels there is involvement in what is going on in Midland, Texas.”
16) Mayor Payton: Protesters are paid by CCP interests:

"They have no connection to China other than they wanted to get out of China. And so they’re no longer in China. China knows where they are … knows how to contact them, knows how to hire them and knows how to pay them."

• • •

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2) He named many of his targets in the US and around the world, including Pastor Bob Fu and me, calling us "thieves."

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Police and federal agencies got interested in that...
3) ...so he renamed it his "global thief punishment movement."

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