[[1/19]] BACK TO THE [[BASICS]]

This is a tweetstorm mostly for new users of Roam, but something I take to heart as an experienced Roam user (Experience in Roam? Not sure what that means, we are all Roam babies).

So new or old - Go BACK TO THE [[BASICS]]

#roamcut @roamresearch
[[2/19]] Roam is a very powerful tool. Roam is feature rich & has MANY MANY hidden gems. Because of a lack of documentation & onboarding many users barely scratch the surface of Roam's potential. This will improve. Team RR has this on their radar.
[[3/19]] Roam requires time, practice & experience to master. There is a tendency at the start for the perfect system, to understand it all in depth before we really engage in using it. But this is not the right approach. With Roam, JUST START & use it as much as possible.
[[4/19]] Roam wraps itself around your content & as you gain experience, you will begin to mold it into your own. (You may not be a programmer, but with Roam you are "programming" your own network of thought tool - tailored to your knowledge realm).

[[5/19]] As author of Roam42, tools for power users, I am delighted others benefit from it. However, Roam42 & other CSS or JavaScript extensions should be avoided in the beginning of a Roam journey. Each of us should have a reasonable level of mastery of the basics before modding
[[6/19]] Start with the [[BASICS]]: Just start using Roam.

Crawl, walk, then run.

With many of Roam's built-in features you can solve most problems. ((Master the basics)), before you ((Master the complex)). Then gently bring in mods.
[[7/19]] go BACK TO THE [[BASICS]]: If you are "experienced", then it is also important to evaluate your Roam kong-fu skills (@Roamfu:-) & go BACK TO THE BASICS- I am doing over next few weeks. I want to untap Roam's potential, so I must understand even the small details of Roam.
[[8/19]] Here I propose a list of [[BASICS]] in no special order for the new to learn & for the experienced to revisit & relearn. (Roamans. Please add to my list)
[[9/19]] [[BASICS]]: Understand outlining your thoughts on a page using blocks along with formatting (Tab, shift-tab, **bold**, ^^highlight^^, ### headings, alignment) (Free excellent course by @Anonym_s3 at youtube.com/channel/UCS2Dh…)

Outlining is an art! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outline_(…
[[10/19]][[BASICS]]: Basic UI elements: Daily Notes, Sidebar for starred pages, Search bar (how to find what you have written & how Roam returns results). Right sidebar for viewing contents. Zooming in & out of blocks (See @shuomi3 vid:
& other vids)
[[11/19]] [[BASICS]]: Blocks, Roam's secret sauce. Creating references with [[]] and #. Creating links to references. Using block embeds. (Les Kristoff Vid: & other vids like making a chocolate cake: - these kids are amazing)
[[12/19]] [[BASICS]]: Backlinks, {{[[TODO]]}}, /Date picker, /Today, /Tomorrow & other slash commands (@RoamStack references for further help: roamstack.com/newsletter/, also @DrewCoffman )
[[13/19]] [[BASICS]]: Queries, Filters, Linked Refs/Unlinked Refs ( @RobertHaisfield content: )
[[14/19]] [[BASICS]]: Keyboard shortcuts. This is a notetaking app, if you use the mouse a lot, you are decreasing your productivity. (See Keyboard guide at roamresearch.com/#/app/roam-tri…, maintained by @CatoMinor3 & @rroudt & also Roam42 quick reference: roam-quickref.glitch.me)
[[15/19]] BUILDING ON [[BASICS]]: Delta feature (See articles from @cortexfutura cortexfutura.com/blog/prelimina… @elaptics elaptics.co.uk/journal/roam-r… )
[[16/19]] BUILDING ON THE BASICS: Tables, Kanban boards, Attributes, Code Blocks

roamtips.com/home/roam-kanb… via @marktraphagen
[[17/19]] BUILDING ON THE BASICS: Learn from others, but use Roam in your own way. Check out: @RoamFM podcasts, interviews at @RobertHaisfeild channel: youtube.com/channel/UCWA6a… & others on twitter @calhistorian @tracyplaces @brandontoner @thepericulum @Mridgyy @DharamKapila
[[19/19]] {{[[TODO]]}} #roamcult - what would you add to the go BACK TO THE [[BASICS]] list?

Roam alumni: If you had a time machine and could travel back in time, what advice about Roam would you give to the younger and less experienced version of yourself??
I have to add @gijigae to this list. I don't know Japanese so I can't read many of his posts, but I see he is doing amazing work with Roam and a true community advocate.

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20 Sep
Came across excellent presentation by @soenke_ahrens on smart notes.

True Nerd & Geek level stuff here. Not safe for note-taking wimps & wannabes.

My nerd notes follow

@RoamResearch #roamcult #zettelkasten

Notes are not records of our thinking, but we THINK in our notes.

Note sequences are about developing ideas, not just about storing data

Your system is Investing in yourself with compound interests as notes begin to mingle with one another & form new ideas (Believer program?)
Good note taking system allows us to move freely between tasks & develop our thinking long-term, NOT contained in just one project.

Our notes: we are building over time & to have an external space to think in.
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7 Sep
Beautifully composed visual explanation to Zettelkasten from @e_thomas_v. Lots of insights. Only 11 minutes. Many best practice concepts from Zettelkasten that can be mapped to Roam, without having to do Zettelkasten.

@RoamResearch #roamcult #roamosphere
Zettelkasten - Position of the note in the slipbox is not important

Roam: don't worry too much about a top down structure. Just make sure to create references (tags, page links) to other notes, or providing context of the current note
Zettelkasten - Quality comes from the network of links between notes, not necessarily the content of the note.

Roam: Big picture is to insure unexpected insights through the network. We don't know yet what we don't know, just know that you don't know & eventually you will know.
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