One for more time folks! It doesn’t matter if you think Cambridge Analytica wasn’t “effective” but it really does matter if they were an illegal operation. And ⁦@CampaignLegal⁩ now alleges serious illegal coordination in ‘16 via ⁦…
The new document trove that supports these stunning campaign violation allegations is available here. The Cambridge Analytica saga is not over yet even though so many really wish it would be over. It just isn’t.…
Here’s @brendan_fischer from @CampaignLegal on this important new complaint. He has been working on this for years. The reckoning has finally arrived.…
The new evidence clearly shows that the legally mandatory firewall between the Mercer PACs and the Trump campaign was a flimsy facade, as bogus as the distinction between Cambridge Analytica LLC and SCL Elections Ltd., the UK entity that processed our data unlawfully per UK law.
From the CLC complaint. Note how the bumbling CA/SCL employees are botching their sham firewall between Mercer PACs and the Trump campaign. Murtfeld was the SCL/CA operative who attempted to intimidate me at a Parsons event, pressing me to drop my lawsuit. It was sketchy AF.
WTF is this scheme to front clients the media buy and then get “made whole”’later? This is not how it works. In the industry, client buys media up front. This is mobster style. No one else does it this way. This was never a normal company. Folks who insisted it was were wrong.
You may recall the Mercer PAC ad included in @thegreathackdoc that shows Michelle Obama talking about running the White House. Brittany Kaiser’s book depicts how this ad was falsely captioned by CA, deliberate disinformation. Not just a “negative” ad. It was a microtargeted lie.
I know i know so many very smart people insist psychometric targeting is snake oil. But fear-based email subject lines were measured to boost open rates by 10%-20% which any digital marketer would admit is not nothing.
Yeah. I guess other PACs weren’t willing to used illegally obtained data to target voters with deliberately deceptive ads to demobilize them from participation because they were unknowingly segmented for “deterrence” by diabolical foreigners working for Trump and paid by Mercer.
“Hey guys this was illegal but let me just admit it in an email so it can be eventually released in a document dump to support an FEC complaint proving our guilt”
Love to read about Robert Murtfeld bragging about their Olgivy award…that was later rescinded in an absolute embarrassment for the advertising industry.
Neat. I just found a still-active Google Doc that compares the Koch Bros i360 vs Mercer Cambridge Analytica on who had more unregistered second amendment supporters.…
And that doc links to a still active PDF that boasts CA’s Evangelical database. Perhaps you’ve seen the documentary #PeopleYouMayKnow on @sundance_now which links CA to the CNP?
Feb 17 2016: CA/SCL Chief Data Officer on a new source of scraped Facebook Likes from company Bridgetree(?)

Jan 18, 2016: CA/SCL telling Facebook they deleted the Facebook Likes that Kogan/Chancellor deceptively harvested

So Kogan wasn’t the only one selling SCL Facebook data?
Well well well, look what we have here, the Ergen family, behind DISH Network. Chase Ergen is quite a mysterious character in all of this, aliased as “Chester Freeman” in Brittany Kaiser’s book.
More Ergen/DISH juice. They would want influence on FCC appointments because DISH is leveraged to the hilt on spectrum auctions and poised to benefit from the TMobile/Sprint merger. (And they did in the end! Go figure.)
Bekah Mercer meeting with the Israeli Ambassador ok sure I mean why not she basically owns potus at this point
Doing damage control for press coverage about Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica data sharing agreements. (Breitbart stories about Cambridge Analytica are hilariously bullshitty BTW but Breitbart readers don’t know about Bekah Mercer and they don’t care.)
Back to this Robert Murtfeld email on (rescinded) award. Note the Financial Times project (any data collected?) and the specifics on using psychological profiling for Trump. Channel4’s data leak indicated it was used for Trump. (“we don’t want to run around with this”)
SCL Group meeting notes, early Nov 2015: Apparently they were already pitching Trump, sorry Ted Cruz. Breitbart was already a client because Mercer synergy you know. Oczkowski & Schweikert join. NationBuilder?
What is this mysterious Hatton International Ltd, CA’s subcontractor for the Trump Campaign, and why are we learning about it 2 weeks before his potential re-election?
Of course Julian Wheatland’s mysterious Hatton International Ltd. that acted as Cambridge Analytica’s subcontractor for the Trump Campaign was set up by Mossack Fonseca. We would expect no less from our profoundly corrupt President.
The actual registered address of Cambridge Analytica LLC is redacted everywhere in the doc dump but they missed a spot. The secret Delaware shell company registration that the Mercers never wanted you to know about. Better late than never.
Hey so what was going on with Paul Singer? Argentina SCL?
Fans of #TheGreatHack will appreciate this rundown by @paulhilder prepping Brittany on topics and risk exposures for testimony to the SSCI. We can since read what the Senate used from her evidence in Vol5 of their Russia report, the section titled Influence for Hire.
Very legal and very cool.

(But nothing to do with Brexit nope no sir they said and so get ready to crash out with no deal)
Phew. Scrolled thru this mega-dump. I skipped all the disturbing NRA and gun nut stuff which is copious. Also skipped the wild México stuff. May need to come back to that or if someone else wants to dig in. Here is the archive source for all of the above.…

• • •

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14 Oct
“Ads advocating for or against legislation around vaccines are still allowed if they carry a 'paid for by' label”

Money talks. Freedom of speech with disclosure requirements. It’s the system we’ve built. My secret Delaware LLC can fund anti-vaxx ads.
And when I’m exposed and shamed, I’ll just abandon my secret Delaware LLC is bankruptcy court like the Mercers did with Cambridge Analytica.
I’ve actually abandoned a Delaware corporation in my career. I’m not just talking smack. It’s super easy!
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11 Oct
Guardian editorial sharply criticizes those who have almost hysterically downplayed the ICO’s letter about the Cambridge Analytica investigation, distorting the key findings to suit a particular narrative. I will add a detail……
The ICO is now re-analyzing the servers after I sent the data given to me on camera by @Channel4News which was much more expansive than what SCL provided and yet matches descriptions of Cambridge Analytica data perfectly, including exact data broker sources and other aspects.
Key reminder by Info Commish: “Cambridge Analytica has since collapsed; if it hadn’t, it would probably have attracted further regulatory action, she added.”

Because SCL committed mass data abuse against all US voters but it escaped liability thru insolvency/bankruptcy!
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7 Oct
ICO finally released details on its forensics of seized CA/SCL servers today. Skeptics will revel in these observations but even ICO fails to remind the reader here that they had previously determined that the company breached law, regardless of efficacy.…
Headline here is the UK authority is hinting in a most British way that the RNC's data operation could continue to be contaminated by the Kogan data. Unless we do anything about it, it will remain a dark cloud over the RNC Data Trust which is apparently a cybersecurity disasster.
ICO's forensics comports with my assumptions. 30 million US voters had relatively accurate predictions modeled from their direct Facebook data harvesting. All remaining registered voters (including me) had modeled predictions that were far less useful (but we didn't matter).
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28 Sep
The Cambridge Analytica saga breaks wide open again. The proof is finally being revealed. We always knew the truth was right there in the data. Image
You know who must have known about the RNC’s Black vote deterrent data structure as revealed by @Channel4News?

Jared Kushner. But is Brad Parscale the designated fall guy? #DeterringDemocracy Image
@RepSpeier asked the question. Parscale responded with a false statement that tonight’s @Channel4News exposé will clearly and unambiguously reveal.
#DeterringDemocracy Image
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26 Sep
I wonder if folks think I know about secret privileged information about Cambridge Analytica that makes me say the wild things I do. It’s true. And secret sources have never stopped feeding me proof that I’m not wrong.
I wish I was wrong about all of this. Then you could discount me as a partisan hack. Nothing would make me happier.
There are academic colleagues who were deeply apprehensive about contending with CA/SCL. I was ostracized for going there. They said we must downplay them or we would do their marketing for them. They said I would ruin my reputation for even suggesting CA was worth talking about.
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21 Sep
Tried to explain to my tween daughter that Oracle and Walmart taking over TikTok was the dorkiest most uncool companies in America taking over the coolest company and they will ruin it. Crony capitalism is hard to translate to kids but I tried.
Surely the company behind Java applets, arcane enterprise databases, and insanely privacy invasive adtech teaming up with Walmart, a cathedral of soul-crushing consumerism, will ensure TikTok remains the most relevant app of the moment. Trump donors say so so it must be true.
If any TikTokker was young enough to have to endure the trauma of installing Oracle Java to run some garbage applet then this deal would never had gone through. They would’ve killed it just like they killed Trump’s Tulsa rally. Just saying.
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