Okay so @/StopTweetingMia recently tweeted a criticism of Futurama's transphobia and transmisogyny, and people showed up to deploy the everlasting favorite "it was a different time" canard. This assumes some weird stuff, like the idea that people have to learn over and over again
that they should find out what a demographic is like before writing about them. As if, back in 2011 no one understood this about trans people. Which is weird, because Neil Gaiman understood this in 1991 when he started the "A Game of You" storyline in Sandman. It's true that what
he wrote didn't appeal to a lot of trans people, but he did in fact consult trans people like @RozKaveney. The story covers trans fears (post mortem deadnaming, cruel exclusion) while showing that Thessaly's goddess is a transmisogynist twit, Death has no issues with transness.
I still have a lot of mixed feelings about A Game of You, but it shows that in fact people knew long before Futurama that it's possible to at least *try* to be sensitive to a marginalized group's needs and how to consult them directly before writing a completely uninformed story
that simply trashes trans people. This was 12 years before the Futurama episode "Bend Her" and 18 years before Family Guy's "Quagmire's Dad." People handled Christine Jorgensen fairly respectfully in 1952, although sensationalized as a novelty.
A few years later coverage of Christine's life shifted to transmisogyny - misgendering, treating her as "freakish," etc. That is, a deliberate choice to shift to attacking her and other tran people instead of trying to understand.
"They were a product of their time" is a nonsensical defense. Every time you care to look at, there were always people who knew better, who didn't support the awful things others were doing. When these awful things become the accepted norm, it's not because people were just
passively ignorant and didn't know any better. It's because these views and beliefs were deliberately disseminated and in many cases backed up by the law - such as the decision to allow slavery to continue in the newly formed United States and to give slave owners greater power
with the 3/5ths compromise. The so-called "founding fathers" *knew* that slavery contradicted the ideals they wanted the United States to embody, but they allowed it anyway. They *knew better*. These things aren't just passively like that until someone "fixes it" but rather
actively maintained and enforced through the status quo.

(broke @StopTweetingMia's @ in the first tweet so she wouldn't be spammed but I don't want to be like talking about her excellent tweets and have her not know)
Forgot to add that all these "they didn't know better" arguments actively elide the perspectives and knowledge of people in the affected groups. If you justify slavery with "Well they didn't understand it was wrong to do chattel slavery back then" you exclude the enslaved people
from that consideration, as well as the many many people who opposed chattel slavery. If you say that "people didn't know better in 2003 than to make a horribly transmisogynist episode of Futurama" you're excluding the fact that trans people had been working on acceptance for
decades and at the time we definitely knew better. The argument simply disappears us as inconvenient to the "product of their time" narrative that's strictly meant to shut down any critical discussion of everything from bad representation to outright genocide. It's bad faith.
And like everyone has different views on how to approach this stuff and whether to forgive or when and it's all valid. Except when it's denial that it matters at all. I agree with Shadi (although I'm more a case by case basis)

Also, critique of past work can get results in the present.
Since someone's already tried to yell at me about mentioning A Game of You, I clearly said it's not widely loved. My point was that Gaiman did in fact ask trans people for advice on writing this story, showing that asking trans people before 2011 was not in fact unthinkable.
But also hiring trans people, such as Rachel Pollack's run on Doom Patrol.

• • •

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In light of Dianne Feinstein hugging of Lindsey Graham and praising his handling of the hearing, I thought about suggesting the Senate needs term limits but then I remembered

The distinction here is, of course, that the people on the right don't really want to destroy the government. They want to strip away all limits to their power and have the government serve their needs while denying as many others as possible. They want a dictatorship.
Just so it's clear, I have no power to implement any of this so please understand that my political disdain for hierarchies isn't going to destroy anyone's civil rights.

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Trans women are just so darned patriarchal that every patriarchal institution wants to destroy us.

Yep, that take makes total sense.
Trans women's existence defies and ultimately breaks patriarchy. Not destroys it, but shows the foundation of lies it's built upon. Just the fact of being seen as rejecting manhood and voluntarily entering womanhood is transgressive and a violation of patriarchal norms.
So the backlash we get is staggering, from cis men, from cis women, from other trans people. So many people want us to be evil, violent, rapist, murderers, monsters, an explanation to prove we're outside womanhood and that who we are is mired in patriarchy's worst excesses.
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@/KrisandJoeShow and @/MightyKreskin are harassing and trolling in the #ActuallyAutistic tag. They're both allistic, and insisting as parents of an autistic child that it's their god-given right to invade autistic spaces. They're also mocking self-dx.
I blocked @/MightyKreskin for accusing Rebecca Watson of lying about a cishet man in an elevator inviting her to his room at an atheist convention. His reasoning was that if she were telling the truth, she'd name the guy. Google elevatorgate to see how disingenuous he was.
@/MightyKreskin also tweeted that anyone who can use Twitter isn't #ActuallyAutistic

If you see these two around please report them.
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No, let's definitely criticize her for wanting to establish a "Kingdom of God" in what was originally established as a secular nation. Dominionism is trash and we can say it's trash.
"No don't criticize the potential SCOTUS candidate for turning marginalized people's rights into a religious issue so she can justify stripping them away. That would be wrong."
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This is a bad take.

The second and third tweets are fine and there is a systemic issue, but this one is actually bad. I was gifted, and I am white, but I was working class. I also had autism and ADHD, and my scores during my evaluation were used to say I was too smart for those
There are a lot of problems with gifted programs, identifying kids as gifted or not, and how they're run, for sure. But there are a lot of other systemic issues here that just get erased by "you were labeled gifted because you were white and middle class."
It's possible to talk about the racist problems with this without being ableist too.
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