After yet another incident with a rising education celeb, this time Emily Paschall, I realized it would be a mistake to just address this at a micro level...

The problematic educeleb that silences or ignores dissent is a macro issue

Which is why, I have decided to pull ALL the receipts and write a piece which has the current working title

Educelebrity and the culture of silence: why white educators and their institutions ignore and/or silence educators of color and their allies 2/
And when I mean I am pulling receipts I mean we are going full Bye Sisters/No More Lies/Breaking My Silence that will send your faves into a Shane Dawson spiral.

Shout out to my educators who know all that mess dram

If you don't know what that is then I would head to youtube and watch Deanglo Wallace's 3 part special on youtube 4/
I have been watching expert Deanglo Wallace and even though he is younger than me and this is not makeup drama, I have been aspired by his unwavering commitment to narratives that expose systemic patterns 5/
I will be taking my time to prove how some of your education faves systemically block, ignore, and exclude people from the conversation to preserve their brand and feel particularly empowered to do that when the someone is an educator of color 6/
And I have had enough. I don't do PD as I am a non-certified educator (with a JD- don't get it twisted), so I did not realize how many problematic people exist in the education world but are booked constantly. 7/
I don't need speaking gigs or to win favor or protect myself so I feel empowered to speak on this in ways others don't feel they can

Because I know the truth after Alice, those who do speak out receive professional consequences. I run my own company 8/
I am tired of is seeing white education celebrities have a culture where they feel they can spew toxic positivity, ignore comments that ask them to be accountable, delete without growth and YET STILL be recognized as a thought leader and be booked for the next key note 9/
I made time for Alice, I now realize the problem is SO MUCH BIGGER THAN. It is Witchia county schools allowing a white woman teacher to call my friend a Black queer and still have a job then booking a problematic edu celeb to reinforce the status quo 10/
The force-feed of problematic PD from problematic edu celebs gives the signaling you can be problematic and famous and unaccountable. In fact, that earns you a keynote 9/
It is edu celebs putting out hot takes, the internet telling them they are wrong, and the celeb knowing they are above it and world reinforcing this by putting your problematic behind on stage and forcing teachers to suffer through your PD 10/
It is a system that is based on school districts being the ones who get to decide who gets seen, conference organizers booking problematic people who have large follower count, and teachers being forced to suffer through 11/
someone please tag your friend Emily A Paschall who blocked me- thank you for the opportunity- you silenced me and 2 then hid my tweets saying it is inherently problematic to exclude educators from color from conversations at this time (a statement you blocked me for) 12/
I will expose you, your problematic educelebs friends, AND the entire community so it is a blessing for me we had this interaction. While I should not have it and did not deserve it, I will use it to call for systemic change and to disrupt your 15 min of fame 13/
I will make sure anyone who books you knows your M.O. and your friends M.O.- because enough is enough. It is time for the era of problematic education celebs to be done and for REAL EDUCATORS who care to take ya'lls place

Be blessed- you'll need blessings 14/
And if you are unsure, Emily, if I have this power or if I am bluffing... good. I am hoping you underestimate me on this.

TIME... IS... UP 15/
And I encourage others who have similar experiences to speak out. It is time for this to end #nomoreproblematicedcelebs


• • •

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20 Sep
I’m going to focus the early part of the week on affirming Black Educators but I AM COMING BACK TO @educationweek
more of Julie- this is the diversity @educationweek values. She has targeted this Black educator for MONTHS, told her followers to harass him and @educationweek gave her not one, not two, BUT THREE blogs

Black Lives Matter but Black educators can be HARASSED VIA EDUCATION WEEK
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Once again and for the record

There is no evidence in common data that when a test is removed an essay or a recommendation takes it place

The essay was always gamed... Before now... Pretending this is new is foolish.
Just because WSJ says essays weigh more because some college consultant making a buck claims it doesn't mean it is true
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@educationweek has not removed the article of Julie. Julie showed who she was- she moved on to defending TJ’s admission policy that excluded Black applicants Image
That’s right... Julie went from mocking a Black educator, being amplified by @educationweek on saying leave your life mattering at home, to siding with those defending a TJHS applicant process that produced no Black applicants this year
Meanwhile, as a direct result of my inability stay silent, I am now being targeted by the anti-w*ke (have to star it to prevent more) army whose views would be embraced by guess who (can’t say it because I’ll be targeted)
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These math gaps emerging will limit opportunities for underrepresented, ELL, rural, and first-generation students for SAT/ACT

Many of my students are starting the next math in the sequence with only 2/3 of their previous math- the order was no new content when moving to virtual
Rich students have tutors but those without tutors just have a gap that will either be filled by tutoring and enrichment or won't. The math tests for SAT/ACT don't truly measure ability but with this GAP and no modification we are going to inevitable see score depression
It would be a mistake to think a math gap will only last a year or two. Once a gap exist it tends to impact student efficacy which can lead to a spiral or a significant dent.
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Black women used math to get America to the moon. yet, you all hear inclusion and decide diluted standards

It statistically unlikely that EVERY BLACK STUDENT this year happened to lack merit. Low probability
Simple concept you advocating for TJ to remain are avoiding because you hear Black and assume inadequate so accept a statistically unlikely outcome as probable due to your racial assumption about Black ability
Let’s be clear. You all assume Black students are lacking which is why you say help the poor Black kids by giving them more “enrichment” opportunists- the underlying assumption is they are deficient.
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The open and clear anti-Black sentiment forming in supporters of TJ current system, which produced 0 black applicants is disappointing.
You all keep casually coming to the students that Black students just can’t cut while knowing many TJ have similar characteristics:

1. Their parents paid for prep and/or
2. They moved to high income homes to be zoned for particular middle schools known for high acceptance rates
It’s not that our Black students can’t measure up. It’s that the deck is stacked and the probability of a student who lacks inside information on the TJ process getting the right prep book, studying in the right way, and producing the same outcome is low
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