Online voting could be done w/bank SSO. You'd sign into a secure, private voting site using your bank's credentials, where you're already verified. Like Google or Facebook login on 3rd party sites. This can also be an opportunity to give accounts & benefit xfers to poor/unbanked.
This is not unprecedented. Companies like Intuit (TurboTax) and Yodlee access your bank, broker and ADP (paycheck) accounts to pull in W-2s and financial account data.
If done on mobile, additional sensors/camera can be used to aid in the verification/authentication process.
This doesn't all have to happen at once. Multiple systems can coexist at once (including existing ones) to test which are most effective and inclusive.

• • •

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16 Oct
Proposal: New Framework for Section 230 Protections

As social networks increasingly make editorial decisions, are they still "platforms" that should be protected from illegal acts by their users?

My 2 main criteria:
—banning people beyond legal requirements
—post selection

If banning people and choosing posts (whether human or algorithmic selection), they are publishers and should have comparable legal exposure.

Same even if they don't ban people beyond legal mandates.

If they do neither, section 230 should protect them.

Trickiest one is no post selection (other than user-controlled), but accounts are banned.

If there's clear banning criteria ("hate" likely too mushy & has no legal standing) AND clear path to redemption, plus some sort of follower portability, a version of 230 should apply.

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31 Jul
I'll double-down on my unpopular opinion on the "all-teachers-are-heroes" narrative.

I like heroes who don't let our kids rank 25th in the world on math, science and reading.

Earn your moniker.

#education #educators #school
To the HEROES killing standardized tests:
Instead of fixing kids' performance, WE SEE YOU burying measures of your massive failures!

I want 1000X MORE standardized STEM tests!
Get to #1, then you losers can improvise. Even Picasso had to draw fruit first.
And we don't need more arts & crafts. Americans will be plenty creative on our own.

Teach STEM. That's it.

If you can't, you're a babysitter. And you need to step aside.

"Educators" have failed this country. Now we need to find & mobilize real teachers.
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29 May
Profit-seekers can't be reliable truth-tellers.
And I say that as a capitalist.

TV News
BS corporate campaigns

Truth always loses to profit.
Sellers are compromised appeasers.

What makes truth possible?
-FU $'s
-meaty direct patronage
Whether you diverge from your employer's interests by organizing a protest or compromise the profits of a platform you're on, you're done. You are a dependent, bound to their interests, not truth.
Even wealth isn't a perfect buffer. Truth can quickly alienate you & your family from social circles. There's too much at stake. These become your boundaries for truth.

Anonymity can liberate, but it's nearly impossible to gain moral authority or build reputation behind a veil.
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28 May
Fuck it, let's do this. Let's talk about LIARS.

We have two flavors of people emerging on social media (the rest have the decency to shut the fuck up):
- Stupid
- Liar (and there are many flavors)

Let's discuss #StupidOrLiar.

First, Stupid.

I cut the ignorant, misinformed & stupid a lot of slack. Maybe life dealt them a bad hand or they're being used as pawns. It's only when they self-identify as smart, refuse to seek facts, are stubborn, incurious & LOUD that they become annoying - or ruinous.

The way to handle the stupid is educate, avoid, or give them something to do that they can handle without wrecking everything.

But it's the LIARS that are far scarier and they're multiplying, especially here.

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26 May
Interesting lesson today on how our society works. Having always lived in the city, I never needed a car, until my Great Escape into the burbs. Today, I drove out of a dealership with a new car, without handing them a penny. They checked my credit & knew I was good for it.

I've worked for some of the biggest consumer credit companies in the world but never had a moment where I felt the disparity between myself & countless others who could never walk out of that dealership without deposits, high interest rates & punishing monthly payments.
It hasn't always been this way. My immigrant parents never had credit & hated any kind of debt. They saved & paid cash, always. Not only did that mean crappy lemons like the Ford Grenada, but constant deprivation. It sucked then. Today, I see delayed gratification as a virtue.
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12 May
Killing standardized testing favors wokeness. It allows social engineers to bypass empiricism, make fairness fluid, grades into a feeling, and manufacture a world of their choosing.

Other than that, I LOVE IT!
BTW, eliminating standardized testing is not a "shock", but part of a steady a progression, diminishing the role of empiricism year after year in admissions criteria. It's practically at the point of total subjectivity already. See: Asians @ Harvard lawsuit.
There are legit criticisms of the SAT/ACT
-underperformance correlates w/race, but moreso socioeconomics
-the rich can afford prep to score higher
-parts are formulaic & can be gamed w/prep
-it's a 2-company monopoly
-some are not great test-takers

Read 7 tweets

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