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Our bodies are constantly at war, fending off pathogens at the microscopic level. The innate immune system is our body's first line of defense in this never ending battle. It is non-specific and fights anything that tries to invade. Let's dive in deeper!⬇️(1/6) Image
If a pathogen breaches physical barriers like skin or mucus, our Complement System comes into play. It identifies, tags, and even perforates pathogens! Tagged pathogens attract macrophages to engulf and destroy them. Complement helps distinguish self from non-self.⬇️(2/6)…
Another weapon in our arsenal is defensins, tiny peptides (short strings of amino acids) that imbed themselves in the membranes of bacteria and viruses, causing damage.⬇️(3/6) Image
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TW: Violence and torture

“My dad was kidnapped. It was traumatic.
Read more :

#Education #HeroesofHumanity #Inspiration #TheBetterIndia Image
For seven days, he was tortured, beaten and could only escape when he jumped from the third floor of the building where he was being kept hostage. He ran several kilometers to reach the closest railway station to reach home. This incident had a heavy impact on my brain.”
Though Ananya had grown up hearing incidents of people from local #tribal communities being kidnapped, she only realized the gravity of the situation when her father was abducted one day in 2002.
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Investing and Wealth Creation:
📚 When it comes to investing, education is key. Take the time to research and analyze before making any investment decisions. Knowledge and understanding of the market can greatly increase your chances of success. #Investing #Education
🎲 Investing should not be treated as gambling. It requires careful planning, patience, and a long-term perspective. The potential gains you can see over time are exciting, but they come with disciplined and informed decision-making. #InvestingStrategy #Patience
📈 MRF, a leading Indian tire manufacturing company, has delivered an exceptional return over the past 23 years. Starting from Rs. 1200, the stock price has soared to Rs. 1,00,000, providing investors with nearly 100 times their initial investment. #Investment #MRF
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"Traditional American Values and Principles of Justice".
The "Power of the People" is The Rule of Law and due process.
That is the ONLY power of the people.
#god #values #law #justice #America #education #commonlaw
American Justice Foundation® is a non-profit trust providing Justice Education for EVERYONE ... absolutely EVERYONE!
Common Law that protects the Common Man.
#god #values #law #justice #America #education #commonlaw
Rules that shield the innocent in court.
Knowledge we make easy to learn and use.
Knowledge you and your children have a God-given right to know!

"Tell Everyone to Tell Everyone"
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In 2018 I created an ongoing #ClimateEd thread about the #ClimateCrisis.

Five years later, it's time for an update.✅

This #ClimateAction thread has a TON of info to help EVERYONE get #ClimateBrainy about the #science and facts of #climatechange.📊

Save, share and visit often! Image
Here's the old thread, which I'll no longer be updating:

It still contains MANY informative articles and links from reputable sources, so it's worth revisiting, even if some info isn't all that up-to-date.

The old tag was #Climate_Ed.

New: #ClimateEd👍
This NEW thread will contain PLENTY of top-tier posts from MANY solid #climatescience contributors, so come back regularly to see what's been added.

#Climatebrawl folks especially, as you can use these posts to #refute #deniers handily.

Don't argue with any trolls, however! 🧌 Image
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Thread: The Transformation of Education: From YouTube to the Metaverse 🌐🎓

Apple Vision Pro news sparked my intrest again 🧵👇

#AppleVisonPro #Metaverse #EducationForAll #ai Image
1/ The release of Apple Vision Pro has really caught my attention. It got me thinking how education is evolving and how the #metaverse could be a game-changer. Just like YouTube transformed self-education, the metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the entire school system. Image
2/ YouTube made learning accessible to everyone, anytime, and anywhere. But imagine a metaverse where #education goes beyond watching videos. Picture yourself stepping into virtual environments, actively engaging with the learning material. It's like being part of the lesson! Image
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🔥 AI is changing the world faster than ever. Here are some of the most mind-blowing AI news from last week that you don't want to miss:

🧵 A thread
1/ AI Builder: a new app by Microsoft that lets you create and train AI models without coding. Use them for image recognition, text analysis, and more.…

#microsoft #aibuilder #windows #programming #artificialintelligence
2/ Neural Filters: a new feature by Adobe that adds generative AI to Photoshop. Apply realistic effects to your photos, such as changing facial expressions, hair styles, age, and lighting.…

#adobe #photoshop #neuralfilters #generativeai #photography
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Utah's Davis School District pulls the Bible off elementary and middle school shelves, citing "vulgarity and violence". The move is backed by a 2022 law that bans "pornographic or indecent" books from schools. #BibleBan #Utah Image
📚 The Book Ban Fallout: The decision follows a parental complaint, arguing the King James Bible holds unsuitable content for children. Notably, most books previously banned discussed sexual orientation and identity. #BookBan #Education
🚫 This Bible ban joins a larger trend across the US, with states banning teachings and books on controversial topics like LGBT rights and racial identity. Bans on books deemed offensive are in place in Texas, Florida, Missouri, and South Carolina. #Censorship
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🔛 DAY 2 of the final #SHERPAconference is here! 🙌

And we start with @occs13 and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys welcoming attendees and introducing the agenda of the day. Image
🌄 Mario Milouchev from @EUAgri is opening the second and final day of the final #SHERPAconference thanking the many platforms engaging in the project and implementing the #RuralVision.

🗣️ "It’s time to think outside of the box" Image
🎯 It’s time to discuss participatory budgeting and how #SHERPA can contribute with recommendations for future #rural policy. Our project coordinator Olivier and Elodie from @Ecorys are setting the scene.

Stay tuned! 👂 Image
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Women Can’t Be Forced To Choose Between Right To Education And Reproductive Autonomy: Delhi High Court @nupur_0111 #DelhiHC…
“The Constitution as adopted on 26th of November, 1949 served as a pledge that the citizens of India made to themselves. A pledge to disassociate ourselves from the parochial notions of society that prevented the ushering of equality,” #DelhiHighCourt #MaternityLeave
Court: It was without any form of equivocation that the people asserted their right to be treated equally. Irrespective of gender, race, religion or caste, citizens were to claim their opportunities.

#DelhiHighCourt #WomenRights #Pregnancy #MaternityLeave #Education
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Actually, it’s his Astroturfed “Moms for Liberty” that is rolling this out nationally at his direction. > #DeSantis inspires push to make book bans in Republican-controlled states easier…
1) Unmasking “Moms for Liberty” - a nonprofit claiming to advocate for “parental rights,” appears to be using parents as pawns to advance a far-right agenda.…
2) We must emancipate U.S. kids from groups like Moms for Liberty
Some media outlets tend to give the ultraconservative, book-banning organization a pass for its links to #extremism. Here’s why that’s a mistake.…
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China's President Xi Jinping's alma mater Tsinghua University just released a survey named "China Unfiltered: The Chinese People's View on National Security". (“无滤镜的中国”:中国人的国际安全观调查)

What did the survey find? A thread. /1🧵 Image
Tsinghua University is widely known as one of China's 'Big 2' universities (along with PKU), and is arguably the most politically connected one -- having produced 4 out of the last 6 Presidents and Premiers, including Xi Jinping (pictured in 1975 at his send-off to Tsinghua)./2 Image
This survey is done by Tsinghua's CISS (Center for International Strategy and Security), and has made 8 findings. /2

1. Almost 80% of Chinese people believe they have 'great' (36%) or 'good' (41.3%) understanding of international security. /3 Image
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#Ukraine Banning Pro-russian TV Stations and Political Parties - #Disinformation #Overview Image

“This is a recurring #disinformation narrative by pro-#Kremlin media about the West’s purported attempts to interfere in #Ukrainian politics and set the #political establishment there against #Russia.
In reality, neither pro-#Kremlin parties nor #politicians nor #media are #persecuted in #Ukraine as long as they obey the #law.
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Le colloque #CNIL45 « Agir pour un futur numérique responsable », c'est parti !
Suivez l'événement en direct ici👉
Suivez le thread 🧵⬇️
Merci à @XopheLachnitt , conférencier et fondateur de Croisens qui animera ce colloque
🗣️Marie-Laure Denis, présidente de la CNIL ouvre ce colloque :
"La CNIL recherche en permanence le maintien d’un juste équilibre entre accompagnement et contrôle, en vue de favoriser une innovation respectueuse de nos valeurs communes... ⬇️ Image
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Hello, Connections! Welcome back to my weekly column #ATHCOriginal #AskATHC. Today, I want to discuss a rather controversial topic—#Women.

#UnitedShowbiz #Gender #eqyality #Education #womenempowerment #TedTalk #Inspiration #Movies
Last week, I discussed #ContentWriting, but today's topic is different. Before going further, I want to declare outright that I am not a feminist or atheist. I am just a pragmatic, who sees a glass & water as two distinct things rather than seeing it half-empty or half full.
World has moved forward. Girls have gone to space! But culture, religion, ethics, & social evils continue to haunt girls worldwide. I don't want to talk about India, you've plenty of cases where women face atrocities almost every single day here. #RuralIndia #WomenLifeFreedom
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🚨 Stop giving smartphones to your kids! 🚨

A friend shared Sapien Labs' report that highlights a deeply concerning correlation between early access to smartphones (& tablets) to young children and the increased likelihood of suffering from mental disorders as adults. (1/5) Image
The numbers are truly shocking:

(a) ~60-70% of women who were exposed to smartphones before the age of 10 experience mental health issues as adults

(b) ~45-50% of men who got exposed to smartphones before the age of 10 also face similar challenges later in life. (2/5)
I urge parents to resist the temptation of handing over a phone to kids always - while crying, or eating food etc.

Instead, encourage real-world interactions, outdoor activities & hobbies.

As parents, we have a responsibility to protect our children's mental health. (3/5)
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Voici ce qui se passe aujourd’hui dans nos écoles. Ici une classe de 4ème - Ecole Alsacienne. Et la doc de l’association activiste en question. On va accepter ça jusqu’à quand ? Lisez. Informez-vous. RT et relayez auprès du Ministre @PapNdiaye #STOPwokisme #education ImageImageImageImage
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📚🌐#Web3 is revolutionizing the #education sector with its decentralized approach and groundbreaking technology!
🏫In this thread, we explore the potential impact of Web3 on the educational system. Image
1/7 🏫 Web3 and education in #Ed3 bring learn-to-earn models and personalized learning experiences, offering students more control and ownership over their data and learning paths.📚
2/7💻Web3 provides enhanced accessibility, improved traditional education, personalized education, and increased #transparency in the edu sector. 📢
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Confucius was a philosopher, teacher and politician who lived in ancient China over 2,500 years ago. His teachings continue to influence Chinese culture and society to this day. #Confucius #philosophy #China #history

Sound ⬆️

[Note, this is AI-generated content with images……
2/ Confucius emphasized the importance of virtue, education and respect for authority. He believed that rulers should lead by example and cultivate moral character in their subjects.

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #virtue #education #leadership A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...
3/ Confucian values continue to play a significant role in Chinese society, particularly in areas such as education, family relationships and business etiquette.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history
#Confucianism #culture #society Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...
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Michelle Obama was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, the daughter of working-class parents. She is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. #MichelleObama #Inspiration

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #MichelleObama A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A portrait of famous First ...
2/ Let's learn about Michelle Obama, her life and her accomplishments in this video.

Sound ⬆️

[Note, this is AI-generated content with images from #midjourney, script by #Bard, #ChatGPT and voiceovers by #11labs]
3/ After law school, Michelle Obama worked as an attorney at the law firm Sidley Austin, where she met her future husband, Barack Obama. #SocialJustice #Education

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #MichelleObama A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...
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Does someone get a dime every time the same old falsities about #education are published?…
This one is a real (and lengthy) hoot. Hits all the rhetorical sour notes. “scientists have discovered in recent decades that acquiring factual information isn’t a useless, soul-crushing exercise; it’s the prerequisite for higher-order thinking” 🤣
many elementary schools have marginalized or eliminated knowledge-building subjects like social studies and science. The pressure to raise reading and math scores is one factor,
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With all the rage about ChatGPT, have you ever wondered about the differences between AI and more classical technologies? Join me for a brief tour, with its relation to Aerospace. @RedDivulga, @filarramendi, @uc3m y @doctoradoUC3M.  @PhDAaeroUC3M #PhD #Aerospace #Engineering
ChatGPT, and its equivalents work like buttonsmashing. You have a bajillion buttons, and them you mash, tweak, and tune them randomly. Like this young Alien Stu is doing in the Pixar short movie Lifted.
Stu is trying to learn how to abduct humans. I know, a very Aerospace oriented scenario. Consider him as Chatgpt in its beginnings. He pushes random buttons, and not surprisingly, nothing really works. However, the more he tries, the more he learns the buttons
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1/10 Happy Red Day! 🔴 Hygiene during menstruation Image
2/10 Not all mothers can explain to their daughters the rules to follow and how to take care of themselves during menstruation, but it's very important! There are several essential principles to observe during menstruation: Image
3/10 Be prepared for the start of your period. Always carry spare pads and tampons with you. Many women always have everything they need with them - they may need it themselves, or for a friend, colleague, or even a stranger who wore white pants on the wrong day. Image
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1/8 Prior to marriage... Image
2/8 What tests should the bride and groom undergo before marriage to ensure a family life free of "surprises" and stress? Few people realize that infectious diseases can be contracted from their life partner. To prevent this, future spouses must undergo a medical examination. Image
3/8 By law, individuals entering into marriage must undergo medical examinations for mental health, drug addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. Image
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